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thrice`yeah, CRUX root=/dev/sdXX, or similar00:09
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pitill0good morning01:11
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tux_fanHa, i managed to bypass the kernel prob..01:14
tux_fanbut yet another prob.. its asking me for login and password01:15
tux_fanwat is it?01:15
pitillotux_fan, it is explained at handbook.... (if I am not lost, only readed the last 3 lines...)01:15
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tux_fanbypassed all problems. but still it syas install failed..01:49
pitillowhat says installation failed?01:50
tux_fani typed in setup01:50
tux_fanchose /var01:50
pitillotux_fan, did you read the handbook? understanded it? and followed it to install CRUX?01:51
pitillothen, why are you installing it under var? (did you mount there your / partition?)01:52
tux_fanplease tell me step by step01:52
tux_fanit's diffcult for me to interpret..01:53
pitilloread the handbook, understand it and follow it too to install your system01:53
pitilloyou need to mount your / partition under /mnt (like says the hanbook) before the setup step. (read the handbook slowly and understanding)01:53
tux_fanokay, let me read..01:54
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namenloshi, do you guys know a possibility to add the history of rcs files to git?03:13
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tilmanIf you need10:51
tilmanmore information about a specific program, other than information found10:51
tilmanon the man-page, Google usually knows all about it.10:51
tilmanshouldn't that be "_in_ the man-page"?10:52
tilmanotoh, jaeger reviewed and okay'ed it.10:52
tilmanso probably not10:52
treachwell, afaic it's a typo.10:52
jaegerwhat did I review and ok?10:53
tilmantreach's "why use crux?" blurb10:53
jaegerin would sound more natural but on is not incorrect in this case10:55
tilmani'll go with natural10:55
treachfeel free to change it, as I said, it's a typo.10:55
treachtilman: btw, if you're in debugging mode, I just added something I found slightly interesting to the black mesa repo. :)10:57
treachnow, all I have to do is to figure out how to use it. :P10:57
tilmansudo mv /etc/ports/treach.httpup /etc/ports/blackmesa.httpup10:58
tilmanoops, wrong terminal10:58
treachjust kidding.10:58
treachit's still the same name.10:58
tilmani know ;)10:59
treachmaybe I should rename it. :D10:59
tilmantreach: i've read about that thing some years ago, never got to trying it though11:00
treachwell, it's not exactly huge. :)11:01
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raw\int_0^\infty dj j^211:33
j^2....yes ... i totally got that :P11:33
rawthat's joice of nickname for you mat11:34
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aonj^2: omg@ shoes12:02
aon...somehow they don't look very cool anymore :)12:02
j^2haha so true12:02
treach <- gentoo rices will be mad about these.12:05
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jkrHi, is anyone seeding the CRUX ISO right now?12:52
jkrCould you please tell me the client of :D12:52
jkrI'm trying to find out the client identifier of rtorrent12:53
tilmanyou don't know which client you use?12:53
jkrI do, but I don't know if the others do :)12:53
* tilman checks the rtorrent manual12:54
rehabdollrtorrent is usually identified as libtorrent <version>12:54
jkrJuppieh, thanks :)12:55
jkrThat's exactly what I needed to know12:55
tilmanyeah, libTorrent
treachwho's port is that? :p13:00
treachit's outdated :D13:00
tilmantreach: i'm just updating with the blackmesa ports13:00
tilmanis the bad-ass segfault fixed with 2.3's gcc btw?13:01
treachwell, it never hit me, since I use Os. :D13:01
treachBut I think so.13:01
tilmanexport CXXFLAGS="-fno-strength-reduce -fno-thread-jumps -fno-inline -fforce-addr"13:02
tilmanthat's what i used13:02
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treachtilman: if you're using the "blackmesa(tm)" repo, I guess your prtdirs are playing tricks on you.13:03
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treachbecause it's 0.11.4 in that repo.13:05
treachand has been so for a while.13:06
tilmani used han's port before13:06
treachI nicked it. :)13:06
treachI decided I had had enough when he started to screw around with footprints etc.13:07
tilmanwe should have {lib,r}torrent in contrib, or opt13:07
treachtilman: any port you feel is useful in my repo is free for adoption. =)13:08
tilmanyeah, i wouldn't have any problem with stealing your stuff13:09
treachyou can't steal what's free. :D13:09
tilmantreach: i use the term losely for free code or stuff ;)13:10
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XATRIX!seen maxus16:06
-MelOne- XATRIX, you must introduce me to maxus one day, must be a great person!16:06
XATRIX!seen mike_k16:06
-MelOne- XATRIX, hmmm... mike_k, this name is not unknown to me, but I don't know, sorry.16:06
jaeger@seen mike_k16:07
clbjaeger: mike_k was last seen in #crux 4 days, 9 hours, 45 minutes, and 1 second ago: <mike_k> rxi: thanks16:07
XATRIX@seen maxus16:08
clbXATRIX: I have not seen maxus.16:08
XATRIXok..thanks fro the help16:09
XATRIXi couldn't find him.......16:09
XATRIXgoing back to gentoo :)16:09
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jjpkgentoo solves everything!17:00
jkrYeah, it even finds long lost people17:01
jjpkIf that is not magic, then what is? :)17:01
jkrIf there dharma initiative were running gentoo on their surveillance computers, those people would have never get lost17:02
jkrIt problably would also get them rid of the polar bears17:03
jjpkThe dharma initiative? o_o17:08
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predatorfreakjaeger: Next time anyone gets a chance, could I get my ports tree repruned?19:44
predatorfreakI noticed that somewhere along the lines it got readded.19:44
predatorfreakand I just nuked it permanently from my server.19:44
jaegerfrom the portdb, you mean?19:45
predatorfreakFor some odd reason it's still shown there.19:46
predatorfreakand hit regularly.19:46
predatorfreakI actually looked at my logs today and noticed that.19:47
predatorfreakI kinda passed everything I was maintaining over to lithium, so he should have everything of worth in his ports collection.19:48
jaegerok, no problem. I'll pass it on to viper19:49
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