IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-04-18

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eqweqwgive to me good luck , today is the day that I will give a seminary in my college about crux linux ...00:51
eqweqwI love the example the idea that crux is making to anothers linux ...00:52
eqweqwSlackware is one that is using now the programa CruxPorts4Slack .... great :D00:52
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Sourfgood evening to everyone and goos coding00:55
Sourfgood evening to everyone and good coding00:55
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pitillogood morning01:02
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jflashhey RedShift , do you know prologic?01:09
RedShiftjflash: a little bit, why?01:10
jflashwell i wonder what's happened to him. he has not been in IRC for 1 week01:10
jflashI'd ask Romster, but i lost him for 9 min.  ugh01:11
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jflashRomster: mate01:18
jflashi'm starting to worry about prologic01:19
jflashhe hasnt been in IRC for over a week01:19
Romsterwhy he is back online finally..01:19
Romsternot on here though but on shortcircuit01:19
RomsterRedShift, is on there too :P01:20
RedShiftjflash: shortcircuit is back online, maybe you should visit there01:20
Romsteri take it he got a phone line and dsl transfer now.01:20
Romsteri hadn't asked him.01:20
jflashshortcircuit IRC ?01:20
jflashoh f***01:22
jflashit's true01:22
jflashthanks man01:22
Romsteryour welcome01:22
jflashi  was trying it but the server adress i had was .com.au01:22
jflashok, thanks. ttl01:25
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Romsterwtf Re: [crux-contrib] MedHelp 8813902:44
pitilloRomster, there are some...02:45
Romsteryeah.. just go it since shortcircuit is back online..02:52
namenloshi, is there a port to view *.ps files? somehow i can't find gsview...02:54
pitilloRomster, I can look to the date for the first I got...02:54
pitilloRomster, 11/4/2007, 14/4/2007, 15/4/200702:57
Romstersome form of spam stopper is needed..03:01
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treachnamenlos: tried gv?03:07
Romsternamenlos, if you really like gsview make a port of it.03:11
treachor use ps2pdf.03:11
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namenlostreach: thanks a lot (somehow i always forget about the easy way...)03:31
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JKnifei really like xmms2.. :D i don't need a script to control it from irssi \o/04:13
Romsterabout: 'It only depends on Xlib at build-time and run-time.' wtf lol should jsut say it requires Xlib...04:21
Romstersilly freashmeat project04:21
JKnifeahh.. it doesn't depend on Xlib during the uninstall though XD04:26
treachalso, xlib isn't needed to occupy space on your hd. :)04:34
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rehabdollRomster: seems there's a fooprint missmatch with ntfs-3g04:42
Romsteroh i just updated that...04:44
RomsterJKnife, lol04:44
rehabdollMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/lib/libntfs-3g.a04:45
rehabdollMISSING   lrwxrwxrwx      root/root       usr/lib/ ->
rehabdollMISSING   lrwxrwxrwx      root/root       usr/lib/ ->
rehabdollMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/
rehabdollNEW       lrwxrwxrwx      root/root       usr/lib/ ->
rehabdollNEW       lrwxrwxrwx      root/root       usr/lib/ ->
rehabdollNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/
Romsterugh i didn't commit the .footprint04:45
Romsterthat many lines pastebin it..04:46
rehabdollyeah, sorry04:46
JKnifeo.O no more static lib?04:47
rehabdollmy bad, feel free to call me an ass04:47
Romstertilman, i hate git....
Romsterdon't need the static part wihen we are using a dynamic library..04:52
RomsterJKnife, did you use the static part of that?04:54
Romstersee not needed then :D04:55
Romsterwhy the f can i not commit a simple .footprint..04:56
JKnifebecause god hates you?04:56
Romstergit was behaving for me...04:57
Romsterdosn't a git pull do a fetch+rebase anyway?04:57
JKnifebrb gotta walk the dog04:58
Romstermy old way worked 100% and i didn't have to have all fiels added before i did a git push04:58
Romsterhave to wait for tilman to wake up later..04:58
Romsterrehabdoll, -uf04:59
rehabdollyeah, no worries here.. just thought i'd give you a heads-up04:59
rehabdollbtw, is xine-lib supposed to include arts, jack and esd in its footprint?05:00
Romsterthats jsut my desktop setup, no it'll only build whats on your system05:03
Romsterdunno why i got esd still but i use jack and arts05:03
Romsteri need to rebuild all my ports in a clean chroot05:04
Romsterto clean out stuff thats not ment to be in the .footprints05:04
Romsteri just hadn't got todo that yet05:06
Romsteralso shows me if i'm missing any dependencys.05:07
rxi_Romster: you mean build all your ports in a clean deptree?05:19
rxi_how do we trick prt-get to skip a dep?05:28
treachand that's an order, not a trick :)05:28
rxi_hehe thanks my lazy eyes missed that in the help05:29
treachdon't know why, but apparently a lot of people miss it.05:30
rxi_damn gnome and its firefox loving ways05:30
treachwhy not just damn firefox and be done whith it? :P05:30
treachs whith/with05:31
JKniferxi_: uxlrunner and epiphany05:31
rxi_cos i hate it05:31
rxi_opera ftw *hitler salute* :P05:31
syn_ThemeItem<Font>: Warning! Failed to load default value 'fixed' <- any ideas?05:31
treachMan I wish that webkit stuff could get ready for prime time.05:31
syn_happens when i want to start x05:31
rxi_treach: --ignore is the only entry thats split into 2 lines05:31
JKnifesyn_: not all the fonts are installed05:32
JKnifemissing font packages XD05:32
treachrxi_: this could get kind of interesting in time.
syn_JKnife: i installed misc-misc adobe-75dpi adobe-100dpi05:33
syn_same shit05:33
treachearly alpha is too early for me though. :P05:33
rxi_treach: yet another compat issue05:33
treachit's basically the same as konqi / safari05:34
rxi_oh its a port not a fork my bad05:34
JKnifesyn_: i said missing font packages.. i didn't say which ones05:35
Romsteryeah preaty much.05:35
treachthat spelling ain't pretty. :P05:35
Romsterso they don't coompile agenst anything not in the depends on: line05:35
rxi_treach: dont like the fact its basically khtml05:39
treachwhat's wrong with that?05:39
treachkhtml is an excellent engine.05:40
rxi_might as well install khtml05:41
treachuh, no..05:41
treachI wouldn05:41
rxi_me either05:41
treachI wouldn't call installing everything up to and including kdebase "just as well".05:42
Romsteryeah but not when you pkgmk and other shit is on the system that configure links too05:45
Romsterhow do you temperorly disable all uneeded packages when you use ./configure all vary :/05:45
Romstereasier to use qemu or a chroot.05:46
rxi_didnt there used to be an empty tree option or am i dreaming?05:49
Romsteri use --ignore= a fair bit05:59
Romstersyn_, did you use --install-scripts when u added the fonts?06:01
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syn_Roomster: nope06:08
Roomstersyn_, then do so as there is a postinstall or run them commands in the post-install directory in each font directory06:09
syn_i'll try06:10
Roomsteror just reinstall them fonts with --install-scripts06:11
Roomsterprobbly easier06:11
Roomsteri'm gonna find something to eat06:11
JKnifebug in pkg_installed.. after it finishes running it doesn't add a \n so you don't get the shell on a clean line06:44
treachwrong channel?06:46
JKnifepkg_installed is in prt-utils06:46
treachah, ok. sorry.06:47
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aonhi st3709:34
st37i have a there anywhere a crux-forum?09:34
rawit sucks, use the ml if your life is worth something!09:35
pitillost37, take a look to the comunity section in the official web page... there are official ML's and channels09:35
j^2hey st3709:37
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st37i found a solution to rename the nic from eth0 to eth1 ,and i want to give it to09:38
aonput it in the open wiki09:39
j^2yep that's a great idea09:40
st37hmm.only a wiki is not realy nice.09:40
aonnicer than forums09:41
pitillost37, here and in ML... all ways can be good. That public section at thewiki is for that purpose :)09:41
st37i must use the gentoo-forum to find the solution for my problem .i thing it is the faster way to ask in a forum.and a good forum is sometims better then a RTFM09:44
aona forum is never better than rtfm09:44
aona ml isn't either09:44
st37if you thing so aon :)09:45
RyoSi agree with aon09:46
st37for a beginner its easyer to a ask in a forum09:50
pitillo(for a beginner it is easier to not use CRUX...)09:51
RyoSi was waiting for the punch line :D09:52
st37im start with ubuntu.but when is the rigth time to look over the table?09:53
pitillo(I can not wait, sorry)09:53
st37if i want to look09:53
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pitilloarf no time to answer... only when you feel prepared09:58
j^2thats me!10:07
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rehabdollwhat are you doing?10:08
j^2yep i love it10:09
j^2that was a little while ago, but i'm storting to document it10:09
tilmanpeople who forget that i'm german because we had german email contact before annoy me10:10
tilmanmy fault10:10
tilmanhe sent it to core-ports@crux10:10
rehabdollwell im off to collect my shiny new lian-li case10:11
rehabdollhardware porn10:11
jaegerI love lian-li cases, have a couple of them :)10:18
aoni have one compucase10:18
aonand "proprietary" cases10:18
tilmani have a case that's a clone of one of those popular gamer cases10:18
tilmanit weighs a ton ;)10:18
aonmy favourite is the one that says "assembled in finland" and has insanely sharp edges10:19
tilmanaon: i cut my finger really bad when i plugged in the graphics card :D10:19
tilmani was lucky that the whole mobo wasn't drenched in red10:19
aoni don't know where the side of my desktop machine's case is10:20
pitillo(I am a few seconds late.....)10:20
aoni took it off to install the firewire brace and it was around here for a month or so10:21
aonnow it's gone10:21
jaeger <-- there's one10:21
jaeger <-- there's the second one, but mine has no window in the side, just a solid black panel10:21
tilmanaon: hahaha10:22
qidI've had a PC-60 for a while now, works pretty well10:23
qidthe LEDs are retardedly bright though10:23
jaegerheh, yeah10:23
pitillohere a bit of wood....
jaegernice :)10:25
surrounderhehe looks great10:25
pitillowaiting summer... to see the temp :)10:26
j^2aon: nice clean setup10:37
j^2is that a sun machine i see?10:37
j^2what do you do with it?10:38
aonkeep it between the printer and the pa-risc workstation10:38
j^2hahah nice10:38
pitillolot of things....10:39
aonit's an SS510:39
aoniirc 110MHz, but sadly only 16M of ram10:39
aonor 32, can't remember10:40
tilmanyou could play tetris on it10:40
jaegergot a few old sun boxes lying around here10:40
aonmy boss said he could give me a toshiba t3100, that would be better for tetris10:40
jaegerultra 2, 2x ultra 5, 2x IPX :)10:41
aoni have an IPC somewhere in the garage10:41
aonand a PS/2 model 30 with a defunct hdd10:41
sepenI've an old olivetti philos 30 (notebook)10:43
aoni had a toshiba T1200 but it broke down10:44
aonno, T200010:44
aonactually i think i could try to buy a drive for the ps/2 from usenet :)10:46
aonand run minix on it10:46
aonperhaps to host my website10:47
aonvia serial lines10:47
tilmanjaeger: i'm a nagging bitch, but can you bump cairo?10:48
j^2aon: hehe, put snort on it and sniff packets...10:48
rehabdolli've got that PC-60 w/o window and also this one:
jaegerlian-li represent! hehe11:00
rehabdoll <- thats the one i got today \o/11:02
jaegertilman: sure11:04
jaegerrehabdoll: is that bottom panel hiding the power/reset/etc.?11:05
rehabdollnah, those are on top11:05
rehabdollwith usb, firewire, sound etc11:05
jaegerlooks like it has some nice features... I love my older lian-li cases but that one's probably quieter11:13
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PhoulHello, im currently a slackware user & ive been reading about crux linux for a while now. The install docs the package docs. But im wondering in a users opinion of the OS what you think of it as a whole.12:38
qidit works great for a server, I don't have much experience with it on a desktop12:38
tilman"the install docs the package docs"? whut?12:39
Phoulinstallation handbook & package manager handbooks12:39
tilmanoh, you've been reading those12:39
PhoulIm just more curious about a users opinon on the system12:40
tilmansorry, i'm a contributor12:40
qidwhat are you planning on running it on?12:40
PhoulWell... Okay i mean desktop users... people who dont nessisarly use it as a server only12:40
tilmanPhoul: i like it ;D12:40
tilmanon my desktop :P12:41
Phoulpro/cons to it?12:41
Phoulthe package manager reminded me of freebsd's12:41
tilmanit just works, doesn't get it in the way12:41
tilmanmakes it easy to run development stuff, if you want that12:41
Romsteri use it for desktop and server.12:41
PhoulAnd compared to other OS's what would be some pros / cons to using it as a desktop?12:42
PhoulSorry for all the questions, I just am curious ^_^12:42
Romsterpros good for testing new programs, cons takes awhile to build on a slow pc12:42
Phoulahh so its like gentoo? All source12:42
tilmanit's like gentoo without the crap12:43
qidit's probably a lot more effort to set up in the beginning on a desktop12:43
qidcompared to most other distros12:43
Romsteralso needs expeareance with linux.12:43
* tilman mods himself as +1, flamebait12:43
Phoulive used about.... 20+ distros12:43
Romsterthe install cd has compiled programs to get you started the rest is source12:43
Romstertilman, lmao12:43
* Romster raises my agility by 3 points12:44
RomsterPhoul, care to name some of the better ones :)12:44
Phoulim wondering what makes it good. I know its advanced. But if its so much harder then most what makes the extra work "worth" it12:44
Romsterand why you don't use them anymore.12:44
PhoulSlackware & Sourcemage are great12:44
PhoulI dont use sourcemage cuz i got tired of compiling & i currently use slackware12:45
Phoulslackware is simple ;)12:45
Romsteryou also learn more when there isn't automation and behind the scenes stuff going on. crux can be made todo what you want it todo.12:45
Phoulbut i dont understand how the distro is so complex yet its KISS12:46
PhoulLike slackware is considered advanced but its not difficult12:46
qidthe distro isn't complex, the software is12:46
Romsterabout covers it right everyone :)12:46
qidbecause you have to do the configuration yourself12:46
tilmanif you want the real KISS, go install LFS12:46
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PhoulFuck that?12:46
* surrounder is loving zhe crux12:47
surrounderactually a distro that listens to you without whining all over the place12:47
surrounderit's almost perfect *removes a tear from his eye in a really dramatical way*12:48
Romsteri'd say crux is as close to LFS without doing it without a package manager and a minimal setup system.12:48
PhoulI just dont wanna install crux just to see i might as well have not botherd =\12:48
Romstersurrounder, :D12:49
surroundercrazy Phoul12:49
surrounderit will change your life12:49
surrounderif CRUX were a woman I'd propose instantly12:49
Phoulif it changed my life the way gentoo did i will be very annoyed ^_^12:49
surrounderI seriously tried gentoo and lunar and sourcemage12:49
PhoulGentoo made my life none existent cuz i was always bloody fixing / compiling things >:012:49
surrounderall of them12:49
RomsterPhoul, if oyur happy with what you got why change but if your sick of stuffhidding on ya and wanna try something out new and not be behind 9depends ont eh active ports maintainers) then get into crux12:50
surrounderthey were all whining and problems all over the place except CRUX12:50
Phoulcuz the idea of a package manager that fetches / resolves dependencies is entircing12:50
surrounderalthough I have to say I really like use-flags in gentoo12:51
Romsterreally depends what you wanna do with the linux system, intended use, is it worth waiting for compiling to optomise for that spefic machine...12:51
surrounderthe rest of the distro is not my cup of tea though12:51
* Romster barfs12:51
surrounderI don't optimize at all12:51
Romsteruse flags is complex try reinstallinga system from scratch again?12:51
Phoulim a desktop user / coder, I do web development & LaTeX coding for multiple online organizations. I dont really need the .001ms increase of optimizations =\12:52
Romsterwith crux you don't like a ports settings, you make your own port how you like it.12:52
surrounderthat's true12:52
surrounderPhoul: it's not about optimizations12:52
Phoulwhy compile from source if your not going to optimize?12:52
surrounderI don't optimize at all, everything is just i686 so I can just export the packages to my laptop12:52
surrounderPhoul: because you have control12:53
Romsterwell for coding packaging and not having to mess with *-dev pachakes as there arn't any in crux :P12:53
surrounderand well, it can be my feeling but CRUX feels like the fastest system I've had (including gentoo)12:53
Phoulmy computer isnt the best out there12:53
surroundermine neither12:53
Romsterhrmm glade isn't in pygtk footprint missmatch12:54
PhoulI have a intel celleron 2.40ghz proc12:54
surrounderxp2200+ with 512 MB RAM12:54
surrounderPhoul: that's more than enough12:54
surrounderI only have 220012:54
Romsterneather is this 1.4Ghz K712:54
surrounderand everything is blazingly fast12:54
Phoulthe thing that gets me is compile times though12:54
surrounderbig compiles or updates I do at night anyway12:54
surrounderPhoul: don't worry about it12:54
PhoulI hate waiting like.... 5 hours for xorg to compile12:54
RomsterPhoul, distcc, ccache12:54
tilmanthe speed of your desktop is more dependent on your graphics card :P12:55
surrounderPhoul: the nice thing about the CRUX install is that you'll have xorg as a package in your install12:55
Romsterxorg is on the install cd12:55
surrounderPhoul: so you CAN use firefox and some other apps while rebuilding/building packages12:55
surrounderin gentoo it can indeed take a shitload of more time to get something usefull12:55
Phoulmy gfx card is a nvidia geforce 4 mx440 its no longer supported but i have the for my card =)12:55
surrounderin crux you install the base, fire up X, install some apps you really need and later on you can do a sysup12:56
surrounderPhoul: aye, I had that card as well12:56
Phoulhow is it on the package end?12:56
PhoulLots of packages?12:56
surrounderwhatever you want12:56
Romsterprt-get depinst nvidia-x11r7-legacy :012:56
RomsterPhoul, seen the package database?12:57
Romsterknow how it works?12:57
Phouluhh yes but i didnt look much at it12:57
jjpkThe more common software probably is already packaged, but it is easy to make your own.12:57
Romsteri got the mx42012:57
surrounderPhoul: sh-3.2$ prt-get listinst | wc -l12:57
tilmanoften really useful/popular software hides in personal user repos though12:57
surrounderincluding gnome, beryl and a lot of other crap12:57
Phouli dont like gnome or beryl >_>12:57
surrounderme neither12:57
surrounderbut it's like to make wintendo users drool12:58
surrounderI personally use fvwm + mostly CLI apps12:58
Phouli use KDE cuz its faster then gnome & i like shiney >_>12:58
Phoulthat & its default with slackware =\12:58
surroundernothing like having choice :)12:58
surrounderwell, the KDE packages in crux are quite uptodate afaik12:58
jjpkcrux does not have defaults, that is why I have stuck to using this distribution.12:59
Romstersurrounder, 714 :D12:59
RomsterPhoul, then don't install them :P12:59
Romsteri got kde but i wanna move away to something less bloat maybe xfce i fi get used to it.12:59
Romsteryeah kde works great12:59
Romsterit's all about choice12:59
Romsterdon't like it change it :)12:59
PhoulThe only thing is.... =\ Slack works well for me. But the package stuff gets to me sometimes which is why i was looking at crux13:00
Romsterif your daring you can even do that to the core ports too at your own risk13:00
surrounderwell, if you can do slackware I think you'd really appreciate crux Phoul13:00
Phoulwhy is that?13:00
surrounderbecause it's KISS with a sane and fast packagemanager13:01
surrounderI've tried a crapload of distros but I keep falling back to crux13:01
Romstereven making a package is fast.13:01
surrounderyup :)13:01
Phoul& its logo is cute?13:01
Phoulthe only thing stopping me from installing it right now is this. The comunity seems kinda small?13:02
jjpkThe logo is terrible, but as the saying goes, do not judge a book by its cover.13:02
PhoulYou guys seem very nice but im sure your not all here al lday 0_o13:02
Romsterbtw new and improved xine-lib is in contrib.13:02
tilmanyeah, it's small13:02
surrounderit's small but very friendly13:02
RyoSfriendly? ;>13:03
Romsternot here all the time but some are more active than others.13:03
PhoulI guess my only question is13:03
RomsterRyoS, lol13:03
PhoulThis is going to sound creepy.13:03
surrounderRyoS: PWNFED!13:03
*** destruct_ has joined #Crux13:03
RyoSwho posted the new crux logo?13:03
Romsteryaah we do hang a bit of crap on some noobs that don't rtfm13:03
Romsterand just blantly ask silly questions13:04
PhoulWould anyone phone guide me through the install?... Ive never done a install like this cuz.... well... It kinda freaks me out 0_o i fucked up the gentoo install a bunch of times until the gui one come out 0_o13:04
RyoSsome weeks ago, the middlefinger :D13:04
tilmanor people who cannot type :D13:04
surrounderPhoul: read the handbook.txt and you'll survive, believe me13:04
jjpkRyoS: ask rehabdoll13:04
Romstertilman, lol13:04
surrounderPhoul: you won't need a phone for it really, it's so KISS it can't go wrong13:05
jjpkrehabdoll's logo is much more fitting than the legacy one :D13:05
PhoulYes but uhh13:05
Phoulwell bbiab lol13:05
RomsterPhoul, i've done a lot of installs and em on alot, maybe some others here will help, what country i'd be too far away to help on the phone i'd think13:05
Phoulgotta return to school to pick up the burnt iso >_>13:05
surrounderwhere's the new logo ?13:05
Phoulim in canada13:05
PhoulI can call US / Canada free13:05
RyoSjjpk: okay ;)13:05
Romsterget on irssi if you get stuck :)13:05
Phoulirssi is on install disk?13:05
surrounderPhoul: wouldn't work for mee at least13:05
Phoulbbiab school!13:06
Romster< australia13:06
jjpkIf you can get slackware going, crux is only somewhat less automated.13:06
Romsternot sureif its on the install disk but once you get the network working prt-get depinst irssi :/13:06
jjpkBesides, the handbook explains it fairly well.13:06
surrounderthe handbook is excellent13:06
Romsteryou do know how to compile a kernel copy your kernel .config file to use.13:06
surrounderI never fscked up a CRUX install (loads of other installs though)13:06
Romstersurrounder, i have, forgot to run lilo after editing lilo.conf, also forgot to set the boot flag in fdisk rofl :P13:07
Romsterother than that its been fine.13:07
surrounderI never set bootflags13:07
surrounderand use grub ;)13:07
Romsterheh well crux uses lilo but you can optionally use grub13:08
surrounderindeed, never been a fan of lilo though13:08
Romsteryou'll have to play around a bit more maybe i'm not a grub fan.13:08
surrounderaye, I like the commandline functions13:09
surrounderif you know your way around on your PC you can always boot anything you want13:09
surrounderwithout having a readable grub.conf13:09
Romsterah well jsut remove lilo install grub edit to your liking.13:09
Romsteri love the prt-get sysup to updatea system :P13:10
surrounderand --test before hand :)13:10
Romsteroh and don't forget the rejmerge after do updates :)13:10
surrounderit's really fast13:10
jjpkYes and no, depends what needs updating, how much processing power you have and how fast/slow your network connection is.13:11
surrounderah well, works great here13:11
surrounderI just use binaries for my slowass laptop anyways13:12
Romsteror compile on the main pc then install them on the desktop13:14
Romsteror distcc it :D13:14
surrounderindeed, all works good enough13:15
Romsterpleanty of options thats the only drayback of crux compiling time.13:15
Romstererr drawback*13:15
surrounderif even I can enjoy crux with my slowass hardware people with a more recent machine would have no problems at all13:15
Romsterlike others have said compile then goto bed :P13:15
Romsteror even nice it and leave it run in the background.13:15
surrounderfor example13:16
surrounderI don't have any problems with compile times13:16
surrounderI just really like the KISS in crux and the control you have13:16
Romsterbewing a ports maintianer compile times anoy a bit but thats expected, compile do osmething else :P13:17
surrounderI think you have typing-disease Romster, sorry I have to tell you this13:18
Romsteryeash and i'm typing fudgly again, suprised no one has picked on me yet :D13:18
surrounderif have big shoulders to cry on13:18
surroundergreat timing for that sentence13:18
Romsteri used to type good i've gone down hill.13:18
*** destruct has quit IRC13:18
Romsteryeah really lol13:18
surroundermye toosdf13:18
Romstertyping-disease is there such a thing.13:19
surrounderit's a secret government thing13:19
surrounderotherwise nerds would type faster than their core 2 duos could process13:20
Romsterno more updates to do ;/13:20
Romsteramazing lol13:20
Romsternar i've picked up bad habbits of typing i used to be preaty good but my spellin always sucked13:21
surrounderIy kan cee taht13:22
surroundernver had problems with spelling really13:24
* surrounder runs13:24
* Romster slaps surrounder with a old crux cd13:27
Romsterdidn't need that 2.1 anymore :P13:27
Romsterhrmm that reminds me a i586 crux 2.3?13:27
Romsterso ic an run on my k7 :D13:27
Romstererr K613:27
Romsterah there is one on the download page sweet13:30
surrounderah nice13:35
surroundernever noticed that13:35
surrounderI could setup a mirror13:36
surrounderonce I reinstalled my server I will13:36
surroundertilman: I can setup a mirror soon for the isos, I'm on a 100mbit line13:37
tilmando it!13:38
surroundercool, first need to upgrade/reinstall the box though13:39
surrounderwill be done prolly this week13:39
Romsterrightio i'm off to bed13:48
surroundernn Romster13:48
Romsterlater everyone :) let me know if theres any problems with updates :P i'm sure you will :D13:49
*** mrks_ has joined #crux14:17
*** mrks has quit IRC14:22
*** the-ruediger has joined #crux14:49
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux14:55
*** treach has joined #crux15:00
treachman, these cairo optimizations really has made a world of difference with our dear epdfview.15:08
*** pitillo has quit IRC15:09
tilmanreally? :)15:09
treachyeah. :)15:09
treachat least for me.15:09
tilmantheir changelog looked very promising anyway15:09
tilman50% less malloc's or so15:09
treachcompared to the previous version, which was quite an improvement in itself.15:10
jkrWhat's up with that epdfview thing at all? You're talking about it all the time15:11
tilmanit's like evince without the gnome dependency15:11
tilmanbut slower and more bugger15:11
treachevince or xpdf, pestilence or cholera.15:12
treachand with the recent cairo improvements, it feels quite useable to me.15:13
treachno more ancient deps or ugly gnome deps. :D15:14
jkrHrm, depends on cups :(15:14
surrounder--disable-cups ?15:14
treachjkr: no.15:14
treachpoppler and gtk.15:14
treachnothing else15:14
jkrYeah, put that into the Pkgfile :)15:14
jkr[boredom:~]# prt-get depends epdfview | grep '^\[ \]'15:15
jkr[ ] cups15:15
jkr[ ] ghostscript15:15
jkr[ ] t1lib15:15
jkr[ ] poppler15:15
jkrHrm, sorry for pasting in advance15:15
treachwho's port is that?15:16
jkrSimone Rota, sip at crux dot nu, from opt15:17
tilmanwell duh15:17
tilmanmaybe you should actually read the pkgfile15:17
treachI wasn't aware he had put it in there.15:17
tilman[i]     ghostscript15:18
tilman[i]       cups15:18
tilmancups is optional for ghostscript15:18
jkrThen it shouldn't be in the Pkgfile15:19
jkrOr should it?15:19
tilmanyou can argue about it15:19
tilmanjue wants it to be printing-enabled15:19
jkrIf I want to print then I have cups installed anyway and configure will find it15:20
jkrBut depending on it by default isn't nice IMO15:20
tilmandamn copyright crap15:21
treachwell. cups isn't a big deal, and it adds various nice capabilities, not only for printing.15:21
treachand if it really bothers you, there's always "--ignore=cups"15:22
*** pitillo has joined #crux15:25
*** pitillo has quit IRC15:30
Phoul tilman where are you from?15:33
Phouldang =\15:34
brointhemixGermany is nice :)15:34
brointhemixAutobahns! :D15:34
treachyeah! Staus ftw.15:35
PhoulI was looking for someone who could guide me through the install... i spent a lot of time reading the docs but it still kinda scares me <_<15:35
tilmani'd rather have a speed limit15:35
treach"Who dares wins"15:36
brointhemixtilman: we have speed limits here and believe me, you wouldn't want them ;)15:36
rehabdollshitty car? :)15:36
*** maeki has joined #crux15:36
brointhemixPhoul: installing CRUX is a piece'o'cake15:36
brointhemixi was noob when I tried CRUX and it went easy15:36
PhoulNot for osmeone like me.... New stuff makes me nervous when iut comes to my puter15:37
Phoulsince i only have one15:37
maekiyeah i installed it twice in one day.15:37
tilmanrehabdoll: 150 km/h should be fast enough for everyone15:37
rehabdollall you really need to do is build & install a kernel, fix the bootloader and setup fstab15:37
treachPhoul: lots of cruxers are ex-slackers.15:37
brointhemixprint the two pages of CRUX Handbook that treat about installing the system and follow it to the letter15:37
PhoulYes but ive never had to setup fstab..... >_>15:37
treachif you're comfy with slack, I can't see why crux would be too hard.15:37
tilmanrehabdoll: just for the record, my car makes annoying noises at 140 km/h, so i don't drive faster than that15:37
treachtilman's car makes funny noises at 140Km/h, so nobody gets to drive faster than 150. :D15:38
rehabdolli dont think i've ever taken mine up over 130km/h.. but it's a french car so going faster would probably kill me15:38
tilmanrehabdoll: i've got a peugeot atm, too15:39
rehabdollit would surrender in the first corner, spin around and impale me on something sharp :)15:39
Phoulno one willing? >_>15:39
tilmantreach: yeah, it probably sounds egoistic15:39
brointhemixPhoul: willling to do what?15:40
PhoulPhone guide lol15:40
tilmandrive french cars15:40
treachPhoul: you don't need any handholding, just take a deep breath and be brave. :)15:40
Phoul=\ But its teh scary15:40
PhoulCuz i only have one box15:40
rehabdolli could do it for $100/hour15:40
brointhemixPhoul: not me, I would't afford the bill ;)15:40
Phoulrehabdoll: you know i would be paying the ld charges15:40
brointhemixPhoul: how many HDDs you have?15:40
Phouljust the one15:40
tilmanphone guide, ROFL15:41
treachPhoul: follow the handbook, that should at least get you to the console. there you can easily add anything in the ports, like irssi.15:41
treach</end hints>15:41
rehabdollyes, phone-charges are not included in my price, thats correct15:41
Phoulive also never had to configure stuff like.... my internet config >_>15:42
Phouli know its dhcp eth0 but thats about it ><15:42
brointhemixPhoul: does your CD-booted CRUX see your NICs?15:43
Phouldonno havent booted yet ><15:43
brointhemixtry and report :)15:43
Phoulis there a reason the online ports collection doesnt show what version of the program it is15:45
tilmanPhoul: yes.15:48
maekiPhoul: there's a section in the handbook on how to set up eth0 with dhcp15:48
tilmanthe current incarnation was to be light-weight15:48
maekiat the end. sec 6?15:48
maekiand it all works - i just did it a day ago.15:48
maekiunless you have a dsl. then it's a little more compilicated.15:49
maekidid i get squelched?16:07
maekioh. did i do something bad?16:08
treachwho knows. :p16:08
* maeki goes oops.16:09
treachj/k, I guess everyone thinks the topic is kind of exhausted.16:09
maekioh phew. i've been away from irc too long and am afraid of new powers that others might hold that i do not.16:10
jjpkThis is a small community so silence is nothing unusual.16:10
maekii'm still adjusting my correlation detectors.16:10
maekitalk talk talk *silence*.16:10
maeki"did i do that?" :)16:11
treachmaeki: If you were squelched, I'm pretty sure I couldn't have responded. :P16:11
maekilike i said, my magick is olde.16:11
maekii don't know how these things work anymore and i can do topology in my head kind of.16:12
maekii have a vision of the @guys sitting there with some gtk irc line of communication gui.16:12
* maeki *snip*s the link.16:12
treachgtk for irc..?16:13
maekiyeah so you see some crazy shtuff when you work in grad school and defense.16:13
* treach wonders what is up with this gui addiction people consistently display.16:13
treachgradschool and defense? Hm, do I sense a connection?16:14
maekiso the people next to me have a program that takes aerial footage and can extract cars and paths that they follow on the fly.16:14
maekiin matlab.16:14
treachthat's not bad, being able to extract a car from an arial photo.16:15
treachthe stuff they can do with computers these days. :O16:15
maekitinfoil hats man. i triple fold with 3 sheets.16:15
treachshould cut down on the logistics if nothing else.16:16
treach"Who do you want to invade today?"16:16
maekiwe have enough fun with the people at home :)16:17
treachjust send a guy with a laptop there, and he can extract the whole armada via his laptop.16:17
treach(sorry for the malformed sentence)16:17
maekiarmada!? we do rubber duckies in bathtubs for fun!16:17
treachDo a rubber duck?16:18
* treach steps away from maeki 16:18
maekierrr.. i meant doetect16:18
maekisee i make thme all the time.16:18
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC16:19
*** the-ruediger has joined #crux16:19
*** Phoul has quit IRC16:21
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC16:21
*** the-ruediger has joined #crux16:22
*** maeki has quit IRC16:27
*** sepen has joined #crux16:45
*** RedShift has quit IRC16:46
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC16:51
*** raw has quit IRC17:01
*** lasso has quit IRC17:24
*** acrux has joined #crux17:35
*** jaeger has quit IRC17:35
*** phoul has joined #crux17:47
phoulHey yall17:47
*** phoul is now known as Phoul17:47
Phouli just installed crux and i only have one thing to say17:48
PhoulThis is the only distro that has let me compile two things at once without freaking out on me & its going super fast out of box. Glib compiled in 2 minuits compared to 2 hours17:48
Phoulprt-get is great so is pkgmk i just love it ^_^17:49
Phoulbut i do have one question: Where is xorg.conf? I have X and all but i cant find xorg.conf 0_o17:50
treachyou create it.17:50
treachX -configure17:50
Phoulwhere though?17:50
PhoulYeah im already in X17:50
PhoulI didnt make a conf it just let me in =\17:50
PhoulYeah... i need to modify stuff though17:51
PhoulIm wondering where i can put my custom xorg.conf17:51
treachput it in /etc/X1117:51
Phoulahh k...17:51
treachyou might have to create the dir though.17:51
Phouli wasnt sure if it should be /etc/X11 or /usr/etc/X1117:51
Phouland yeah i will ^_^17:51
treachhonestly, I'm not sure where the file is supposed to go, it's just that it has always been in /etc/X11 and that still works..17:52
treachso I don't see any reason to change.17:52
PhoulYeah thats default i wasnt sure if it should go anywhere else :P17:52
treachI think X looks in /root /etc/X11 and then in /usr some place, in that order, but I'm not sure17:53
treachnever had any reason to do any deeper form of investigation of the issue.17:54
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC17:59
Phoul>< why is it that nvidia is erroring out due to md5sum mismatch yet the md5 seems correct18:03
treachwell, if it errors the sums don't match.18:04
Phoul=\ ive dled it 4 times now18:05
Phouleach time it did that =\18:05
treachwell. maybe the md5sum has changed upstream? Or you get a corruped download?18:05
Phoul=\ i changed the version # in the port... im going to bet thats it18:06
PhoulBut i do need that certin version =\18:06
treachok, then I suggest you make your own port, if nobody else has it already.18:07
Phoulthis is like my first hour in this.... i donno how18:07
treachbascially, just copy the port you're using some place else, change the version and create a new md5sum.18:07
Phoulhow would i create the md5? ive never really had to do that before =\18:08
treachpkgmk -um18:08
Phoulcouldnt i run that on the current port?18:08
treachyou could, but then you lose it the next time you update your port tree.18:08
Phouli will just take that port and put it in /root ^_^18:09
treachok, just make sure you lock it afterwards, until you know more about how stuff works.18:09
treachprt-get lock <portname>18:10
Phoulugg now its having footprint mismatches =\18:10
treachyes. that's not so surprising is it?18:10
PhoulI donno much about crux =\18:10
PhoulWhat does that mean ohh guru of crux18:11
treachthat message is considerably less scary than it looks.18:11
treachjust have a look in the faq.18:11
Phoulcould you help me fix it first?18:11
treachjust look at the message, the part that tells you what went wrong.18:12
treachdoes it look fatal, investigate.18:12
Phoulits missing some things and has some things it shouldnt apparently18:12
treachkeep this in mind. the footprint is just a baseline.18:12
PhoulBut im going to assume thats because im using a slightly older version # then the port thinks it should18:12
treachthe footprint tells you what the packager got when he built the package. what you get might differ slightly.18:13
PhoulYes it would differ for sure since im using a differnt version18:13
treachrule of thumb; if you gain files ie, NEW files, things are just dandy.18:13
Phoulhmmm k18:14
Phoulso i can install it anyways?18:14
treachthe only time you really have to stop and look is when you're missing stuff that looks important.18:14
Phoulnaw im not missing anything the only difference is the version #18:15
treachgo ahead then.18:15
Phoul:) did18:15
treach<- not nvidia user18:15
PhoulAye i just looked and compared new & missing18:15
PhoulMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/
PhoulNEW       -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/
treachyep, that's the way.18:16
Phoulodd... i never thought i would use blackbox again... But this setups kinda nice ^_^18:16
treachfvwm ftw. :)18:16
treachand vim ;)18:16
Phoulgot a screenie?18:16
Phoulyes vim ftw18:17
PhoulBUt i would like to see your fvwm ^_^ havent seen a nice one before18:17
Phoul(nice == not vanilla default)18:17
Phoulholy shit 0_o18:18
PhoulYour gona have to send me your config for that sometime 0_o thats incredible18:18
treachheh, thanks. I'd be much more happy with it if I got the behaviour right, but I'm kinda sick of digging in the manpages currently.18:19
sepentreach, why you dont use transparent term ?18:19
treachI do.18:19
treachlook again buster.18:19
sepensorry, it's due to my monitor bright surely18:20
treachok :)18:20
sepenwhat term are you using?18:20
Phoullooks like xterm to me18:20
sepenI reported mrxvt as materm and works fine for me18:21
Phouland i loose18:21
Phouli like your irssi theme. Care to tell me which it is? I can hardly read mine on the account most everything is white18:21
treachxterm doesn't do transparency afaik, and it's dog slow.18:21
*** pell has quit IRC18:21
sepenusing 'urxvt' and 'materm'18:21
treachPhoul: it's called "crap" :P18:22
Phouloooo is urxvt in ports?18:22
PhoulI <3 urxvt18:22
treachsepen: that's some serious config you've got there :)18:22
sepenI thinking about to distribute it with my port18:23
sepenas a .sample file18:23
PhoulI think im gona have to do a bunch of work to get my keys to work properly =\18:23
Phouldoing alt + 1 isnt giving me act 1 its giving me something else18:24
PhoulThat to be exact =\18:24
treachwrong keyboard layout, I guess18:24
Phouli think im using US18:24
sepensee .footprint file18:24
Phoulyeah im doing keymap=us18:25
sepenI need utf8 support18:25
Phoulwhich should be right18:25
sepenbut materm it doesn't18:25
Phoulbah & hitting backspace sometimes gives me ^H18:26
Phoulwhat the hell =\18:26
sepenPhoul, look at your .inputrc also18:26
treachPhoul: Wild guess.. since I can't see your config, but..18:26
treachI guess Xorg defaults to pc101, rather than pc10518:26
sepenand set the TERM environment value to term=rxvt or term=xterm .....18:26
treachwhich is what I suppose most people use.18:26
sepenhmmm +118:27
Phoulohh yeah... i forgot about xorg manipulates the keyboard =\18:27
Phoulthat will be fixed when i copy my xorg.conf over though18:27
treachmost definitely.18:27
Phoulnaw i seriously forgot ><18:27
PhoulI like this comunity ^_^ in others i would have been told to RTFM atleast 10 times ^_^18:28
Phouleven if i only asked 1 question 0_o18:28
treachwell, you'll need to rtfm eventually, but some kickstart to get things running doesn't hurt.18:29
PhoulAye. Ive actually been around linux for a while =\18:29
PhoulJust not familure with the package management of crux18:29
Phoulwhy do i see firefox taking a super long time to compile...18:30
treachwell, it's one of the things that really sets us apart, so that's no surprise.18:30
treachtake a look at the size of the tarball.18:30
Phoulumm... in gentoo it usually took about 21 hours ish18:30
treachusually it takes something like an hour or so for me, but I cheat a bit.18:31
Phoullol... how do you cheat?18:31
treachI've set the build dir to a tempfs. :)18:32
Phoulmeaning what?18:32
treachIt builds on a ramdisk, if that term is more familliar.18:32
Phouli only have 512 ram... i could see that going very badly18:32
treachmost stuff would probably build even so, but not firefox, thunderbird and wine.18:33
Phoulor seamonkey :P18:33
treachsame shit.18:33
Phouljust its like 3 in one18:33
Phoulwhich would make it worse18:34
treachwhich it really doesn't, for some reason.18:34
treachI guess firefox just really sucks.18:34
Phoulk ^_^18:34
Phoulbrb shower18:34
Phoul back19:00
Phouland i come baring beer19:00
*** ____mavrick61 has quit IRC19:03
*** Dudde has quit IRC19:03
Phoulhmm, where is all the multimedia stuffs? 0_o theres none in /opt19:03
*** ____mavrick61 has joined #crux19:04
treachnow would be a good time to do some rtfm-ing.19:04
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:04
treachprt-get can help with a lot of things, like searching.19:04
PhoulYes.... only if the contrib port is on my ssytem no?19:04
treachyes, I assume you've enabled it?19:05
Phoulno lol19:05
*** JKnife has joined #crux19:05
treachand btw, some of the multimedia is in opt, just search.19:05
Phoulwell i mean like19:06
Phoultheres no media players19:06
JKnifeyes there is19:06
JKnifemplayer, vlc, xfmedia19:06
JKniferealplayer is in there also :)19:06
Phoulnot in /opt19:06
treachPhoul: try out the search function.19:06
treachdon't argue.19:06
JKnifemplayer real and vlc is in contrib19:06
treachJKnife: wrong.19:07
treach(look for yourself)19:07
JKnifeo.O i thought they were19:07
PhoulI am trying to figure out the search functions19:07
Phoulhey neat mplayer is there19:08
JKnifeohh mplayer is in opt19:08
Phoulbut nothing aside from that :P19:08
Phoulwell none that im looking for atleast19:08
treachsome of it migth be in private repos.19:08
JKnifeohh i had the yhafri repo.. XD19:08
treachfor instance, I've no clue where JKnife found vlc.19:09
Phoulits in yafari19:09
Phoulaccording to atleast19:09
JKnifeyeah XD19:09
Phoulor what ever its called19:09
treachyhafri is a minefield.19:10
treachnot to be used by the unwary.19:10
treachI'm not kidding you.19:10
Phoulwhat of contrib?19:10
treachit's supposed to be decently safe.19:10
treachBut wrt private repos, you have to be careful, and look at ports before you use them, unless your *really* trust the maintainer.19:11
treachI'm not kidding you, people have broken their system on yhafris ports.19:11
Phoul=\ ouch19:12
Phoulwell depending on how mplayer acts i might just use it as my media player19:13
Phouli just am semi obsessed with mpd ;)19:13
treachwell, there are people who have ports for that, I'm sure.19:13
Phoulits in contrib iirc19:14
PhoulI just donno if i wanna chance contrib since i heard some bad things earlyer about it >_>19:14
treachmight very well be, I don't use it.. :P19:14
treachcontrib generally works well. and any maintainer who puts crap there will get an earful.19:14
treachI'm sure tilman will implement floggings for bad maintainers as soon as someone comes up with a way to distribute it via tcp/ip.19:15
PhoulThat would be good ^_^19:18
Phoul"youve got mail" *THWACK*19:19
*** jdolan has quit IRC19:26
*** jdolan has joined #crux19:26
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan19:26
*** treach has quit IRC19:27
*** JKnife has quit IRC19:44
*** Phoul has quit IRC19:56
*** phoul has joined #crux20:02
phoulHello, Im having some issues with nvidia... it says it cant find the module yet it is installed =\20:02
phoulany ideas?20:02
*** phoul has quit IRC20:04
*** phoul has joined #crux20:05
phoulnvm i got it ^_^20:05
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC20:22
*** sepen has quit IRC20:27
*** laod has quit IRC20:29
*** loophole has joined #crux20:31
*** pell has joined #crux20:37
*** loophole has quit IRC20:55
*** loophole has joined #crux21:06
phoulis there a guide on setting up dbus?...21:14
phoulnvm just forgot about adding user >_>21:23
*** roberth has quit IRC21:26
*** roberth has joined #crux21:26
*** phoul has quit IRC21:38
*** jaeger has joined #crux21:40
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger21:40
*** phoul has joined #crux21:42
phoulDoes anyone by chance know how i can get the lfp fonts21:43
phoul -lfp-gamow-medium-r-normal-*-*-90-*-*-c-*-iso8859-521:44
jaegernever heard of it, here21:44
phouli checked the ports i had and didnt see it....21:46
jaegermake a port for it and publish it21:47
phoulIve never made a port before....21:48
phoultoday = first day in crux21:48
jaegerthey're pretty simple, you can look at any of the ones in the tree to see how21:48
phoullol the trick is finding where the hell they are ><21:49
phoulcan you pull a actual url from that for the source= for me?21:59
phoulI cant get that part to work ><21:59
phouljaeger: ?22:03
jaegersourceforge urls often work as<project name>/tarball.blah.tar.gz22:06
phoulits got its own compile script22:09
phoulshould i still bother with a port?.... i donno if that kinda stuff is excepted22:10
jaegerup to you whether you make a port or not22:10
phoulcrap -_- now i lost the bloody files ><22:14
phoulcd ../lfp-fix22:15
phoulecho "Done. The compiled fonts are in '../lfp-fix' directory."22:15
*** thrice` has joined #crux22:16
*** phoul has quit IRC22:17
*** phoul has joined #crux22:19
phoulOkay one last question22:19
phoulI think i got it but i dont remember how to regenerate the fonts cache22:19
thrice`fc-cache ?22:20
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux22:26
*** phoul_ has joined #crux22:35
*** phoul has quit IRC22:35
*** phoul_ is now known as Phoul22:35
*** Phoul has quit IRC22:37
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
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