IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-04-19

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pitillogood morning00:51
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pitilloRomster, I got some /bin/ and /usr/man/ stuff missing in vcdimager. Can you give me a clue?04:14
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Romsterpitillo, let me check..04:16
pitilloRomster, ok thank you. I do not know if I am missing something, sorry.04:18
JKnifeXD <offtopic>Ubuntu release day and crashed hehe</offtopic>04:23
JKnifeso.. umm how is everyone?04:23
pitillodownloading feisty? xD04:24
JKnifeno.. you can't04:24
JKnifetheir server is down from the load XD04:24
* JKnife hangs out in Fluxbuntu but hates ubuntu04:24
surrounderah well, why hate it04:25
surrounderit isn't my cup of tea but I can imagine people liking it04:25
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JKnifehaha i was about to say it wasn't my cup of tea and i think the base is to bloated XD04:25
surrounderyeah that's true04:25
Roomsterpitillo, what are you actually missing? theres 7 binarys and 7 man pages assocated with them.04:26
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pitilloRoomster, all in bin and all in man associated to binaries...04:26
pitilloRoomster, can you build it correctly?04:26
* surrounder is listening to Sonata Arctica - Paid in full04:27
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Romsterpitillo, it builds fine..04:28
pitilloRomster, ok, thank you . I will review it.04:28
Romsterwhats the actual problem..04:28
Romsterlike whats it missing?04:28
pitilloRomster, missed that stuff... no bin and man associated...04:29
JKnifesurrounder: wanna see what you can do with IRSSI +XMMS2 +aliases?04:29
pitilloRomster, all 7 binaries and the 7 man...04:29
Romsteryou did do depinst?04:30
pitilloRomster, well, doing a xine-lib depinst got that... deptree shows all deps installed, so yes.04:30
Romsterlook at deptree you might be missing the dependencys.04:31
Romsterwell i got them all here... hrmmz vervy odd..04:31
Romsterdarn ICQ is acting up...04:31
pitilloI am thinking in force update for all deps04:31
surrounderJKnife: sure, show me04:31
JKnife-=XMMS2=-Is Playing->[0/222] Nirvana - Pennyroyal Tea (03:33)04:31
JKnife /alias playing exec - -o echo "^C14-=XMMS2=-^C15Is Playing^C16`xmms2 list | grep '>'`"04:32
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Romsterah an alias, was gonna say you typing that all the time04:34
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Romsterbut its not automated when you change tracks, like a listening socket is.04:34
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JKnifeno.. that annoys the channel if it is04:35
JKnifewell it annoys me04:35
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JKnifeohh fuck.. =\04:37
JKnife"*** 'pkg-config --modversion gtk+-2.0' returned 2.10.11, but GTK+ (2.10.9)"04:37
RomsterO_o rebuild gtk there is a new version you probbly didn't -uf04:41
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Romsterpitillo, i can't fault it... rebuild everything it depends on...05:00
pitilloRomster, prt-get update  `prt-get quickdep vcdimager` updated zlib and got the same...05:12
Romsteradd a -fr05:13
Romsterzlib O_o05:13
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Romsteroh thats from libxml205:14
Romsternot my problem..05:14
pitilloyeah, only tell that like a point... Forcing the rebuild...05:14
Romsterit builds fine here so i dunno.. what CFAAGS are you using?05:15
pitillostandard ones... I did not toueched anything05:17
Romsterwell i dunno..05:24
Romsterrecompile it and pastebin the log of it.05:24
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pitilloRomster,  prt-get update `prt-get quickdep vcdimager` -fr -> got the same05:26
Romsterpastebin the result..05:27
Romsteri dunno whats worng as it works for me...05:27
Romsterits not missing a dependency..05:27
Romsterfuck it i'll redo mine jsut to make sure...05:27
pitilloRomster, the log only shows missing files... for /bin/ and /usr/man/05:27
pitillothe footprint mismacht...05:28
Romsterpastebin the footprint would ya05:28
Romsterhow can you be missing all that...05:35
Romstergrrr i'll do it in a chroot..05:35
pitilloI am asking that to myself....05:35
treachwhat I am asking my self is why there is one port for ff and one for tb, and none for seamonkey..?05:39
treachseriously, people first build firefox and then happily proceed to build thunderbird..?05:39
treach@seen prologic05:43
clbtreach: prologic was last seen in #crux 1 week, 5 days, 15 hours, 11 minutes, and 17 seconds ago: <prologic> so it's possible to reboot into crux from X distro ?05:43
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sepen   serious problems with his .httpup-repgen-ignore05:47
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tilmanarnuld ftw13:01
tilman"attachment will be scrapped"13:02
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jjpkHave to love the reinstall mania13:13
rawcould be the name of a computer game aswell13:13
jjpkand since when are attachments removed on the list? o_o13:14
tilmandon't think they are13:15
aonhe could come and paste xorg.conf to irc13:16
aonlike someone on #ratpoison did iirc13:16
aonhm no, that was Xorg.0.log13:16
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sepenhi all13:27
RedShiftehlo sepen13:42
Roomsterhmm i can't get mod_python 3.3.1 to work on apache 2.2.4 looked at this url with no luck..13:57
Roomsterseems to wanan look in ~/ instead of in ~/www/ moving the file dosn't work either. yet php and html work just fine out of ~/www/13:57
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tilmanjjpk: thanks for trying (@arnuld)14:49
jjpkIt's hopeless :D14:49
jjpkAt least with that user :D14:50
tilmanhis nick name annoys me14:50
tilman(assuming it isn't his real name ;)14:50
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jjpkSomething tells me it's not.14:51
jjpkJust a gut feeling, nothing more so don't bother asking for proof ffs :D14:52
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jjpkI'm wondering how could you split large binary files into pieces that would fit into a dvd?14:58
brointhemixjjpk: zip14:59
tilmaneh, split(1)14:59
j^2jjpk: tar works too i thenk14:59
rehabdollarnuld is awesome!14:59
jjpkI was looking at split earlier, but it looked like it only splits text files o_o15:00
rehabdollArnuld Fraser15:02
* jjpk smacks himself15:09
jjpksplit/join are much easier than I thought...15:09
tilmanuse cat for the joining15:10
tilmanjoin - join lines of two files on a common field15:10
tilmandoesn't sound right :P15:10
* jjpk smacks himself again15:10
jjpkNow it makes sense15:10
jjpkTrying to make a simple script to create a working copy of my system and back it up on a few dvd's every now and then.15:14
jjpkThat's why I was asking :p15:14
RedShiftpoke *15:14
RedShifthey anyone able to do a small test for me?15:14
tilmandon't know!15:15
RedShiftcould you send a mail to mailto:glenn@opengate-ops.net15:15
RedShiftwithout the mailto: part ofcourse15:15
tilmanMail sent.15:16
RedShiftexcellent, spam filter passed15:17
RedShift(I wrote my own her her ^_^-15:17
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phouljust curious, Does anyone know where by default screen puts its logs of currently running screen sessions? I know in gentoo it was /var/log/S-$user & slackware was ~/.screen.... i cant seem to find it15:21
brointhemixphoul: nowhere, I think :)15:22
phoulDamn ><15:22
brointhemixyou need to tell it to dd os15:22
brointhemixto do so15:22
phoulIm not sure how =\15:22
phoulI know its a ~/.screenrc thing15:23
jjpkman screen ftw15:23
phoulBut i have never had to deal with one.... yay for learning i guess15:23
teKrun screen -ls15:23
brointhemixscreen -L ?15:23
teKThere are screens on: 6398.pts-14.archer      (Attached) 21998.pts-11.archer     (Detached)15:23
teK2 Sockets in /var/run/screen/S-tek.15:23
phouli dont even have a /var/run/screen15:24
teKrun screen -ls,  it will tell you.15:24
brointhemixjjp: what's "ftw"?15:24
jjpk= for the win!15:24
phoul1 Socket in /tmp/uscreens/S-phoul.15:24
brointhemixjjpk: thanks :)15:24
jjpknp :)15:24
phoulthx teK15:25
teKyou're welcome15:26
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phoulwow hey morlenxus =\15:27
morlenxusphoul: Yes? :)15:28
phoulGod i havent spoken to you in a long time lol15:28
morlenxuslol :)15:29
phoulIm a friend of kingrayrays / devilhorns15:29
phoulI had no idea you used crux ^_^15:29
morlenxusI do since a few years.15:29
phoulIve been using it since... yesterday15:29
morlenxusAnd do you like it?15:29
phoulGot tired of dep hell15:29
phouli was on slack... and i spent 4 days getting xmms2 working15:29
phoulso... i decided to give crux a shot15:30
phoulYeah i like it so far15:30
phoulIm not sure how to optimize stuff yet though =\15:30
phoullike custom cflags etc15:30
jjpkWord of advice, DON'T.15:30
phoulI figured15:30
jjpkThis is not gentoo.15:30
teKuse good software instead15:30
phoulthis is a noob ish question, But i havent used revdep in a long time. Whats proper syntax for it?15:31
jjpkYou mean sane cflags.15:31
phoulI remember something like revdep -cflags15:31
phoulrevdep -rebuild15:31
phoulmy minds on cflags lol15:31
phoulmorlenxus, e17 works on crux?15:32
jjpkrevdep does not build anything, it just lists installed ports that are broken due to updated deps or so.15:32
phoulI know :P15:32
phoulThats why i wanna use it15:32
j^2phoul: totally15:32
phoulI wanna make sure my system is correct15:32
j^2e17 works like a champ15:33
phoulSincei  just installed updated all that nifty stuff15:33
phoulthank god =) i would be pissed if it didnt15:33
phoulIm sitting in blackbox :P15:33
phoulWhich isnt all that bad15:33
phoulBut i miss e17 ;)15:33
jjpkif it worked on slackware, there is no reason why it would not work on crux.15:34
phouli didnt try to get it working on slack actually, I hardly used a desktop at all on slack15:34
phoulapparently revdep thinks firefox is broken =\15:35
teKdo you still have to get 17.000 of those cvs packages and libraries and stuff?15:35
j^2google desktop for mac BLOWS15:42
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jaegerteK: for e17?15:50
*** treach has joined #crux15:50
tilmanit's around 5 ports/packages i think15:51
jaegermorlenxus has made a great script for it, too15:51
jjpktilman: success, thanks again.15:51
jjpkNice watching my desktop crawl with nice -19 + gnupg :D15:52
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treachrule of thumb; if it moves, kill it. ;)15:57
* RedShift kills treach15:58
jjpkThat's not movement, that's just text.15:58
j^2but my text moves on the screen...up iirc15:58
RedShiftsee everytime I press enter, treach moves15:58
j^2like this15:58
treachtoo much damned strange belgian beer over there I guess.15:58
*** maeki has quit IRC15:58
treachwith mayonnaise, no doubt.15:59
RedShifttreach: woot, beer! woot, belgium!15:59
RedShiftbelgium is zomg16:01
phoulwanna know what else is zomg?16:01
treach"If it's organic, make beer of it."16:01
RedShiftoh canada, oh canada16:01
phoulour home and native land16:02
phoulfa la la la16:02
RedShiftthey got the same problem as us, bunch of lazy french socialists16:02
phouleh only in qubec16:02
phoulI love tetex16:02
phoulIts almost incredible everytime i look at ps ax theres nothing that i dont know why its running 0_o16:03
RedShiftphoul: same here16:04
RedShiftit's probably my second used command after dmesg16:05
treachand that's kind of sad, isn't it..?16:05
RedShiftno matter when, why, what computer, a dmesg is like standard procedure when opening a terminal16:05
RedShifttreach: it gives us the power to crush the opposition16:06
treachwell. that wasn't what I was talking about.16:06
treachand the only thing I've seen crushed today was the ubuntu ftp. :P16:06
RedShiftalways with their weird release names16:07
RedShiftwhy don't they just use the goddamn numbers16:07
treachnot relese16:07
treachthe releases *are* using numbers..16:07
RedShifteverybody goes like "hey I have a problem with ubuntu dapper"...16:07
treachit's the development releases that uses funky names.16:07
phoulgod i will idle in #ubuntu when gutsy gibbon comes out16:07
RedShifthow am I supposed to know what "dapper" is16:07
phoulJust to be like16:07
phoul"Hey i have a problem with my gutsy gibbon"16:07
treachRedShift: it's not that different from MS really.16:08
RedShiftIMHO ubuntu is teh suck16:08
treachthe question of corse in that case is what they talk about when they say "cairo"..16:08
qideh, I run ubuntu on my laptop, it works pretty well16:08
treachubuntu is fine for newbies.16:08
treachor people who're just lazy. ;)16:09
qidcrux is fine on a server, but I don't feel like having to build an entire X environment16:09
treacheh, anything but kde/gnome is fine.16:09
treachthe only thing that takes time is firefox. :/16:10
qidI did find it amusing that ubuntu supported more of my laptop's hardware out of the box than windows XP did16:10
treachhardly surprising, is it?16:10
RedShifttreach: KDE is teh win16:10
treachyeah, it's nice, but it takes too damned long to build.16:10
qidwell, people always talk about linux being hard to set up and use16:11
qidand it was easier16:11
RedShifttreach: yeah I don't really use crux, I use archlinux so no problems there... I just hang out here because there are knowledgable people here16:11
treachqid: people who say linux is hard to set up has generally speaking never set up windows..16:11
treachRedShift: as opposed to the dipshits in #arch?16:12
RedShiftqid: yeah, searching for drivers on the web is fun!16:12
RedShifttreach: not really, but alot of noise on #archlinux16:12
qidwindows may not be too difficult to install, but installing all the patches, configuring everything... it's easily an all-day job16:12
treachRedShift: ah.16:12
treachqid: setting up a windows box is a one week project.. :/16:12
RedShifta while back some guy was asking every 20 lines or so how to disallow ssh to be filtered16:13
treachand it still sucks when you're done. :P16:13
RedShiftofcourse he didn't read the docs, otherwise he should've know that /etc/hosts.deny contains "all: all: deny"16:13
treachit's much easier when you're not appealing to the unwashed masses. :P16:14
RedShifttrue, true16:15
RedShiftyou know what the best piece of software is?16:15
RedShiftapache's httpd16:15
RedShiftI love it16:15
RedShiftthe documentation is faboulous16:16
RedShiftkudos for the apache documentation team16:16
phoulyet it gives you stupid errors in hex ^_^16:16
* treach puts his money on vim.16:16
phoulso yeah i would say vim is the best peice of software :P16:16
RedShiftevery time I look something up, I'm impressed.16:16
RedShifttreach: you talk about dipshits in #archlinux, have you tried #php or #ubuntu?16:18
RedShiftnow those channels carry alot of cruft...16:18
treachno, it was sarcasm.16:18
treachI have no idea about the people in #archlinux either.16:18
RedShifttreach: oh because there are some dipshits over there...16:18
phoulname one place without dipshits16:19
RedShift#crux :o16:19
treachwell, presumeably even stabs in the dark might strike true.16:19
phoulyay im not classed as a dipshit i guess16:19
RedShiftI don't recognize you phoul16:20
RedShiftyou new here?16:20
phoulYep started crux yesterday16:20
treachanother slack refugee.16:20
phoulyeah i was on slackware16:20
RedShiftphoul: what made you leave slack16:21
phoulnothin really16:21
phouljust wanted to try somethin new16:21
phoul& i missed having a depencencie handling pkg manager16:21
phoulThat & i like having optimized code ;)16:21
phoulim actually doing a 1-2 week diary of my crux experience on linuxgangsters :P16:22
treachdamn, the site seems to be gone.16:23
RedShiftThis is a placeholder page installed by the Debian release of the Apache Web server package,16:23
treachkinda amusing though.. it used to be about gentoo ricers pwned by debian. :D16:24
treach"ricers, now"16:25
phoulPsychostick - Fake My Own Death And Go Platinum16:25
phoul"No body was found, But there was a note that said "If only someone bought the cd"16:26
RedShiftlet's write some invoices! wheee16:27
treachnp: Rossini - Moses in Egypt, Dal Stellato Sogilo16:27
jkrRedShift: You finally got customers? Congratulations! ;)16:28
RedShiftlol ;-)16:29
jkrRedShift: Did they found you through your website? :D16:34
RedShiftjkr: actually I got one customer via my website16:34
RedShiftmost of my other customers are via via16:35
jkrWhat did that one think you're offering? :)16:35
RedShiftjkr: he was looking for colocation in my area16:35
RedShiftjkr: my new website is up: www.opengate.be16:35
RedShiftit's in dutch though ;-)16:36
jkrAh, you finally got content :)16:36
RedShiftI miss the air of mystery the old website had though :-(16:36
jkrHmm, you could make a fake company with an empty website :)16:37
RedShiftofcourse you can16:38
RedShiftyou can tell people anything16:38
RedShiftbut that wouldn't be building a trustworthy business now would it?16:38
jkrI keep telling people stories from Seinfeld as if they happened to me :D16:38
jkrThey're so absurd that actually many people believe me16:39
treachgtk1 just w o n 't die..16:39
treachspeaking of absurd.16:39
RedShifttreach: hey xmms ftw16:39
treachthere are a whole bunch of alternatives.16:40
RedShifttreach: yeah I tried out alot of them... but still nothing beats xmms for me16:40
treachmost of them better than depending on some old and unmaintained lib.16:40
treachaudacious works pretty well for me.16:40
treachand when I feel too much abstinence for amarok, there's cmus. :)16:41
RedShiftaudacious? isn't that an audio editing program?16:41
jkrIt's like XMMS16:41
jaegerthat's audacity16:41
RedShiftah yes jaeger16:41
jkrOr like BMP16:42
jkrAnd all the others16:42
treachbmp is dead.16:42
RedShiftI'll try out audacious16:42
jkrtreach: Just like XMMS :)16:42
RedShiftnope audacious is still not what I want16:42
jkrI'll stick with CMUS forever16:42
jkrand ever and ever...16:43
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:43
jkrThe very most uber-greatest player in universe!16:44
treachso, why would anyone prefer crufty old xmms to something newer..? Makes as much sense as an elephant with a bicycle.16:44
RedShifttreach: first of all, it has an "Add directory" feature for the playlist16:45
RedShiftsecond, the next time you start xmms, the add directory dialogue will be at where you last left it16:45
treachand audacious does not?16:46
RedShifttreach: nope16:46
treachsomething must be wrong with it here then.16:46
jkrGood night16:47
treachgood night16:47
RedShiftjkr: bye16:47
RedShiftwoot New Wave teh pwown16:49
RedShiftWang Chung - Everybody Have Fun Tonight16:49
RedShiftwhat the hell16:52
RedShiftit's 23:5216:52
RedShiftsitting at your desk IRC'ing in the middle of the night is so 1990's16:53
jjpkYour point being?16:53
RedShiftTime for sleep!16:53
*** RedShift has quit IRC16:54
treachjjpk: that we are lamers who haven't "mastered" msn yet, probably. :)16:54
jjpkBeing a minority is fun in that aspect :D17:02
phoulice cream headache suck17:17
jjpkYou ate it too fast :p17:18
phoulyes i did17:20
phoulBut it still sucks17:20
*** jmvr has joined #crux17:22
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*** jmvr has quit IRC17:36
*** phoul has joined #crux17:36
phoullol well that bloody sucked... anyone got a working ~/.irssi/config that works with autiojoin? apparently my old one dont work anymore ><17:37
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*** the-ruediger has joined #crux17:40
phoulmorlenxus, ping17:52
*** phoul has quit IRC18:11
*** phoul has joined #crux18:17
rehabdollthe new ubuntu seems nice18:20
jaegeranything notable in the new release?18:22
* jaeger reads the release notes18:23
rehabdollnot so far.. its just very well polished18:23
treachnew xorg.18:23
rehabdollim putting together a box for my dad, even i think he will like it :)18:23
treachand new games! omg. gotta have! :D18:24
rehabdolland he calls everything that is not "windows" and "excel" just a toy :)18:24
rehabdoll"if you really want to work with computers, you need to learn microsoft excel"18:24
rehabdolland thats a direct quote :)18:24
treachwho can resist? :p18:25
phoulanyone here got a working ~/.irssi/config >_>18:25
treachI guess you can find a ton of them on google.18:25
jaegermight have to try 7.04 on one of my ultra5 boxes since they aren't doing anything18:25
jaegerphoul: sure, but what's stopping you from creating one?18:26
rehabdollyeah, i think it will be a real good install-&-forget desktop os18:26
phoulWell ive tried... i can get it only so far then it dont work =\ i need one that allows me to auto join channels in different servers =\18:26
phoulcuz i also chat in darkmyst as i am a admin of a couple rooms...18:26
jaegerphoul: check the help for /network, /server, and /channel18:27
rehabdollor just rtfm18:27
treachiirc there's even a howto on irssi.org18:27
phoulthat & i really dont have a lot of time >_>18:27
jaegeradd each network you want, then each server in those networks, then each channel (with autojoin as an option)18:27
rehabdollit would be faster than to ask in #crux18:27
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*** jdolan_ has joined #crux18:31
*** treach has joined #crux18:32
treachah. I finally got around to set up auto identification..18:33
treachI've been meaning to do that for about a year or so.. :P18:33
*** pitillo has quit IRC18:34
treach  show_away_once = ON18:39
*** treach has quit IRC18:55
*** treach has joined #crux18:55
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux18:56
phoulokay i really cant get my irssi config working... can someone plz send me theirs so i can figure out what i did wrong18:59
qidwhat's wrong with it?18:59
phoulwell i start irssi18:59
phouland nothing happens. Its like i have no config at all18:59
qidyou have to connect to things19:00
phoulthe config was *soposed* to do that19:00
treach@google auto identify irssi19:01
clbtreach: Search took 0.24 seconds: My New IRC Client - Irssi : Ubuntu (6.06 / 6.10) : Ubuntu ...: <>; Fun with irssi | Conan's free software adventures: <>; Conan's free software adventures: <>; Freenode NickServ and Debian (1 more message)19:01
treachyou could try the first one, I guess it's somewhat interesting even for you.19:01
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treachhi and goodbye. :)19:22
phoulI made a mistake19:23
*** Phoul_ has joined #crux19:23
phoulUmm.... not meanin to do that19:24
phoulsorry guys19:24
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Phoulthere we go19:25
Phoulgot irssi working with two networks19:27
*** the-ruediger has quit IRC19:28
qidit's pretty easy, just /connect and then /connect again19:29
Phouli mean with autojoin19:29
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*** Phoul has joined #crux22:01
Phoulis there a reason everytime i restart my computer i have to run alsaconf & alsamixer? its not saving on powerdown =\22:02
jaegersure, simple reason. there's no script that tells it to22:02
Phoulis there a package that has it?22:03
Phoulive never had to do that rofl22:03
jaegernot that I'm aware of22:03
Phouldo you know how to get it to?22:03
nipuLwrite an rc.d script22:03
jaegeryou could make a script in /etc/rc.d that does it22:03
Phoulive never actually done that... let alone anything to do with alsa....22:04
PhoulDoes anyone have one i can have possibley?....22:04
nipuLhave a look at the scripts in /etc/rc.d22:04
nipuLyou'll see it really quite easy22:04
PhoulYes but i dont know how to get alsa to do anything22:04
nipuLread the man pages then22:04
jaegeralsactl store, alsactl restore22:04
nipuLor if all else fails google it22:04
Phouljaeger: could you plz send me yours? I will google and stuffs nextime... i just really dont know shit all about alsa ><22:05
jaegerI don't have one, actually22:05
nipuLneither do i, my desktop volume applet takes care of that22:07
jaeger <-- there's an example22:08
Phoulapparently lazymans approach didnt work22:11
nipuLit really is quite trivial22:12
nipuL5 seconds22:12
nipuLalthough i did make one mistake22:12
nipuLif you want to use crux perhaps you should take the time to learn to read man pages, shell script, etc22:13
nipuLit's not a distro that will hold your hand through every step22:13
PhoulWell.... normally i can do stuff just i donno anything about rc scrips seeing as ive never had to write them22:13
Phoulespessially for alsa22:13
nipuLit's aimed at _experienced_ users who are willing to do things themselves22:14
PhoulIve been in linux 2 years =\ im experienced just not with rc scripts22:14
nipuLit's just a shell script22:14
nipuLlike i said, have a look at the rc.d scripts you already have22:14
nipuLit's all pretty much the same22:14
jaegeryou've said a couple times now you can do it but you don't know how... so learn. :) no better time22:15
Phoulim tryin :P22:16
nipuLdo or do not22:16
nipuLthere is no try22:16
Phoulwell okay im doing just unsucsessfully22:16
nipuLyou'll never save grandpa's farm with that attitude22:17
Phoul=\ hmm22:21
Phoulso far stop & restart do nothing22:21
Phoulwould someone be willing to give me pointers on what i did wrong if i paste bin it22:21
Phoul if yes22:21
Phoulno command alsactl =\22:24
jaegermake sure the alsa-utils port is installed22:25
Phoulwell i got alsaconfig so it must be =\22:26
Phoulyeah its installed22:26
jaegertry using the full path, then22:26
Phoulto alsactl?22:28
*** DaViruz has quit IRC22:29
Phoulahh got it22:35
Phoulhad to reinstall alsa-utils with the install-scripts =\22:35
*** jaeger has quit IRC22:45
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