IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-04-20

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thrice`anyone getting firefox errors?00:27
thrice`mine claims to be missing; after re-building it, still won't run00:27
luxhi'm not in crux right now, but a debian install here claims to have it located at /usr/lib/iceweasel/libmozjs.so00:30
thrice`yes, mine exists in /usr/lib/firefox/libmozjs.so00:32
thrice`I don't know why it won't run00:33
thrice`I type "firefox," and it does nothing; I try /usr/lib/firefox/firefox-bin, and it gives that error00:33
luxhhomer|luxh$ /usr/lib/iceweasel/firefox-bin00:36
luxh/usr/lib/iceweasel/firefox-bin: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory00:36
luxhldd lists it as not found too00:36
luxhanyway, i'm off to school00:36
luxhbtw, i think "firefox" is just a shell script00:37
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Soresomeone how Can I configure Crux  2.3 to connect ... which tool I use ?00:47
teKconnect what00:47
teKyour toaster? ;)00:47
teK(that was NetBSD, tho)00:48
Sorein the internet00:48
Sorewhich tool I use ? pppd ? wvdial ?00:49
SoreI will must re-edit the intel modem drive configuration!00:50
teKphu, I'd follow $TUTORIAL, there is probably a package for pppd00:50
Sorebut I can use only pppd if I want ? Don't have no problem ?00:50
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Sorebecause if true, for me a will looking for a tutorial about it ?Can I use only ppd then ?00:52
nipuLwhat god forsaken hell hole do you live in that you don't have broadband?00:52
nipuLcrux on dialup...ouch00:52
Soreno man here we have broadband but I change the place that I live and I'm waiting to install here00:52
nipuLwvdial would be the easiest option00:53
Sorebut wvdial use pppd tool, ins't it ?00:53
nipuL yeah00:53
Sorethan you nipuL00:54
Soreand teK00:54
nipuLsure, use pppd if you want to be hardcore, but it's not really worth the effort imho00:54
SoreI'm program ... I am customizing first my crux to be a developemnt plataform00:55
SoreI don't cara about pppd.00:55
pitillogood morning00:55
SoreIf I learn ... my I do a program better than wvdial !00:55
nipuLi doubt iy00:55
Soresorry for my english ... this keyboard f&*(&00:56
nipuLwvdial is pretty damn good, no point reinventing the wheel00:56
Soresomethings yes ...00:56
Sorebut how a program00:56
Soreto configure in hand somethings and others not ... forget ... I will use so00:57
Soreonly to connect ... update ;... customize my desktop ... to stay on in net and here ... to help00:57
SorenipuL .. Are you a programmer ?00:58
Soreor a system administrator ?00:59
Soresorry for my questions ! :)01:00
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SoreUAUAU about my seminary in Free Software and Linux introduction ... that I show crux ... It habe been the best presentation01:02
SoreUAUAU  :D01:02
Soreread this nipuL            I01:03
Soremy friends are talking about it today ... everybody is comenting .... my professor wants use crux now lol01:03
SorenipuL I don't see yeat, Is crux 2.3 coming with wvdial ?01:06
Soreis not I will compile and what is the better option to compile my sources01:06
Soremarch=i686 ?  --prefix=will be /usr or / ?01:06
Soresomeone can help me about this question01:07
SoreI want compile my programs but what is the default prefix that i use to let my system default ?01:08
pitilloSore, try to use pkg/prt utils to do that. Take a look to the handbook too, there you can found interesting info related to the CRUX way.01:09
pitillos/found/find sorry01:09
Soreoh ...... ok pitillo ... thank you !01:10
teKprefix is determined by the package's corresponding Pkgfile01:11
Sorethe crux is better that I imagine ....01:11
Sorethank you teK01:11
Soreif are you needin some help ... I always will be here !01:13
Soreonly one thing .. crux 2.3 come with wvdial ?01:14
SoreI am asking a lot sorry ..... thank you for your help !01:16
teKno problem as long as you read the docs beofrehand01:18
SoreI like read and leaning alone ... I some times asking what port I can go ... the rest I do !01:19
SoreI love help01:19
Sorein my class about unix-like ... c ... html ... lua .... and others !01:19
SoreI feel better helping and learning without take time of which one !01:20
SoreMy work now will be download the modem drive and customize it to crux plataform ... I will try !01:21
teKmay I ask where you are from01:22
pitilloSore, I think wvdial is not provided in the official release. May be you need to ake a look to jaeger's updated iso.01:23
teKupdated in what respect?01:23
Sorefrom Brazil ... Capital of the Jungle01:24
Sorethank you pitillo ... My english is worth since my friend from boston came back to his town :]01:24
pitilloteK, updated version of packages provided, but I dont know if that provides wvdial, that is the reason I tell him to take a look01:25
pitilloSore, mine is worse, dont worry01:25
teKall of us non-english? Great.01:25
teKall three I mean.01:25
Soreha :D01:25
SoreI guess too01:25
SoreAfter I leanr english better ... I will leanr germany01:26
Soreand filand01:26
teKThe german language you mean?01:28
teKor the country01:28
Sorelanguage ...01:29
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teKbe warned: it's not that easy to learn as english :>01:31
SoreI know but I can read something01:34
teKdo that01:36
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nipuL*sigh* i have to stop introducing people to uncyclopedia05:17
nipuLit always results in half an hour or so of them sending me stupid links05:17
rxiwhats happenin nipuL?05:17
jjpkHopefully you learned your lesson :D05:17
jjpkDo not send something over to people you think cannot handle it ;)05:17
jjpkThey will damn well keep reminding you about it for too long.05:18
RyoSnipuL: thats so funny05:18
jjpkSee what I mean about constant reminders?05:20
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j^2heh09:03 down?09:05
j^2possibly... i'm not getting to it...oh wait there it goes09:06
RyoS here is a mirror09:06
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teKjaeger: someone told me 'bout an updated ISO but I couldn't find anything on your blog/ I'd be thankful.. :)10:12
jaeger - I have only tested it in qemu so far, that's why it's not published10:17
teKis there a changelog?10:22
jaegernot one that I've updated yet10:23
teKokay, thans10:23
jaegerbut basically it's 2.3 with yesterday's ports10:23
teKwhat is your motivation, btw10:23
jaegerupdated ports, network (ftp, http, nfs) installs, ssh installs, ability to unmount the CD, etc.10:25
teKokay but do you plan to package those things on a regular basis (don't think so) and if yes, why :)10:26
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jaegeryes, and why not? :)10:30
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teKhm. You did not do this before -- just beeing curious10:32
jaegerwhat do you mean by "before" ?10:32
jaegerI maintained updated 2.2 and 2.1 isos10:32
teKmaybe I'm just wrong10:33
jaegerguess you're behind, heh10:33
teKI never saw one of those updated ISOs10:33
jaegernevertheless, they were there10:33
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j^2@google 17.0L in us gal11:14
clbj^2: Search took 0.13 seconds: For the ImageMasterâ„¢ Phototooling System, Part of the Riston ...: <>; Yahoo! Answers - How many passengers can a 747 aeroplane carry?: <>; Boeing 747-400 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: (1 more message)11:14
tilmanj^2: you forgot the "calc"11:15
aon:D D11:15
jjpk= 4.49 us gallons11:15
aon@google calc 17 litres in us gallons11:15
clbaon: 17 litres = 4.49092487 US gallons11:15
j^2thanks aon :D11:17
aon@google calc 1200cc in cid11:19
clbaon: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.11:19
tilmani've got xorg-server 1.3.0 ready for the masses11:40
jjpk"masses" and crux, not a good fit :D11:43
j^2totally :D11:43
tilmandon't mock me, you lazy slackers11:44
jjpkThat was not an ad-hominen attack by the way.11:44
tilmanshould i rename xorg-xf86-video-i810 to *-intel _now_, or should i wait for crux 2.4?11:44
treachwell, it's ready for the masses, it's rather the masses that aren't ready for it. :p11:45
jjpkJust an observation at best ;)11:45
tilmanjjpk: yeah, no worries :)11:45
j^2tilman: which would be easier in the long run?11:45
tilmanthe masses are stubborn asses who prefer to use windows :/11:45
tilmanj^2: trick question?11:46
tilmanit has been renamed upstream, so *eventually* we have to follow11:46
tilman(or really should, so we don't confuse users)11:46
treachtilman: don't say that, ubuntu had enough people down loading to create some quite spectacular problems..11:46
jjpkMy suggestion, rename it and announce it on the ML.11:46
treachIIRC they even managed to overload the torrents. :P11:46
jjpkThen at least it can be pointed out ;)11:46
tilmanif some person installs crux 2.3 next week, he'll have the -i810 package on his box11:47
tilmanhe'll probably never read my announcement11:47
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treachwell... build {echo 'This isn't the port you're looking for.'}11:48
treachor something.11:49
tilmanecho '*handwaving*'11:49
tilmani think i'll ask simone or juergen11:49
treachjust an idea, anyway.11:49
tilman(18:43) <    tilman> eh, compositing in 1.3 final is notable faster for me than  in rc311:50
tilmanthis is so cool11:50
tilmanit's REALLY faster :D :D :D11:50
tilman(just for my config i guess, but so what!)11:50
roberthor build() { echo '--> other port'; false; }11:50
jaegerfaster is good11:50
tilmanroberth, treach: the thing is, $user might try to install the -intel port later. then he'll get funny conflicts, because he still has -i810 installed11:51
tilmanmaybe the server decides to disable some features11:51
treachit wasn't meant to be bulletproof, just trying to provide another angle.11:52
treachwhat happened to aliases btw?11:52
tilmani guess you could call the implementation "half-assed"11:53
tilmanit's not used much anyway11:53
treachok, just another attempt at finding something which could help.11:54
tilmanmaybe i'll rename it when xorg 7.3 releases11:54
tilmanwe could then decide to release crux 2.4 anyway11:55
tilmanor 2.3-updated111:55
tilmansame shit, with newer software ;)11:55
treach2.3.1 :)11:55
j^2i missed :P11:55
treachwell, btw, how large changes would be reasonable before you make it 2.4 ?11:56
treachnew Xorg, presumeably new kernel, where do you cross the line?11:56
tilmani have no clue about any real plan11:56
treachnew glibc?11:56
tilmantreach: users would probably appreciate "point releases"(?)11:57
jaegerpersonally, I'd prefer to do releases based on time... like every 6 months or something11:57
jaegereven if no huge changes have come in11:57
treachtilman: you mean like x.x.x ?11:57
treachjaeger: yeah, it's all about looking alive, I guess. :P11:57
jjpkSomething has to be done about that.11:58
jaegertreach: sorta the same point as my updated CDs... saves time building lots of updates after a fresh install11:58
treachyeah, agreed.11:58
jjpkProblem being they are not official, and that scares people :D11:58
tilmanjaeger: we could release 2..4 weeks after a gnome release eg11:59
treachIMO, your updated isos should go as x.y.z, but that's just my opinion obviously.11:59
treachmight take a little more work though. :/11:59
tilmanwell, that made sense if most of our users ran gnome11:59
tilmanwould make*11:59
jaegerwell, very little work for me, heh11:59
treachI was kind of refering to the rest of the crew..12:00
tilmanlooking alive, pfft12:00
treachtilman: I haven't used the updated isos for a while, anything gnome specific on it?12:00
tilmanno, i mean:12:00
treachI can't seem to recall that, but I usually just install the barest minimum.12:00
tilmanimagine 80% of crux users used gnome.12:01
tilmanthey'd probably appreciate if there was a new crux release closely after a gnome release12:01
tilmanif we'd release every 6 months, picking a date close to gnome would be good in that case12:01
tilmanknow what i mean? ;)12:01
jaegertreach: it might not be much work for anyone, really... after all, the modified makefile is already written... it just takes about 11 hours to build a new ISO12:01
treachtilman: in terms of visibility yeah. otherwise, no. :D12:02
treach"Latest gnome" is sooo buzzword compliant. :D12:02
tilmani assumed they have cool new good stuff in new releases :P12:03
treachhm, I think it has been mostly bugfixes lately.12:04
treachwhich I guess is just as welcome. :)12:04
jjpkI think the major difference between crux and the rest is the lack of a marketing team :D12:05
treachanyway, it's not my position to pimp stuff. I'll await the outcome of the meeting of the optimates. :p12:06
tilmanjjpk: you attend a business school, right? want that job? :P12:06
tilmantreach: >:12:06
jjpkHaha Haha. fuck marketing, it's one the evils.12:06
jjpkI classify marketers in the same boat as religious clergy = bullshitters.12:06
jjpkThey do that rather well. It's all about creating a myth, a myth that you NEED, even if it is just a want.12:10
jjpkLook around, they have succeeded amazingly well.12:11
treachThe only thing they do is make people aware of a product, but that's all.12:11
treachat least among the people I know.12:11
jjpkIn particular, people seem to have a painful time differentiating between wants and real needs ;)12:12
jjpktreach: fundamentally yes, the methods kill it.12:12
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treachlie enough and people will be aware of you - as a liar.12:13
treachand that's what marketers are known as. what a coincidence. :>12:14
jjpkIndeed :D12:16
jjpkI think marketing is one of those areas where the nice ones finish last.12:17
treachmarketing is the area where pathological liars, psycopats and all other kinds of trash goes.12:18
*** destruct has joined #Crux12:27
jjpkI wonder where the transformation happens, most of the marketing students do not seem so :p12:27
jjpkbut then again, liars. It's what they do.12:27
treach'tis a clever disguise, 'tis.12:27
PhoulIm fully aware this isnt the place to ask12:46
PhoulBut does anyone know of cheap pain killers12:47
*** mike_k has joined #crux12:50
treach9mm parabellum. one will last a lifetime.12:52
jjpkQuick fix even.12:53
*** lasso has joined #crux13:03
jjpkAnother one who has not read the instructions on unsubscribing :p13:08
jjpkand uses html formatted mail...13:08
tilmani replied to him13:11
tilmani'm such a nice guy when i'm not an asshole13:12
jjpkbut I'm not :D13:13
Phoulhey tilman =)13:15
tilmanhello funny person :)13:15
PhoulHmm... Would you be willing to *sometime* teach me how to write a port? Wheres a few things i havent found in ports i would like to add..13:15
PhoulBut i tried on my own and failed... horribley13:16
aon o'rly13:16
Phoul-_- i enabled contrib13:17
Phoulmorlenxus: ping13:24
*** loophole is now known as laod13:25
Phoulthe new xorg doesnt compile btw...13:38
PhoulRequested 'randrproto >= 1.2' but version of RandrProto is 1.1.213:38
tilmanoh crap13:38
Phouljust figured i would let you know =P13:39
tilmanmea culpa13:40
Phouldo wha?13:40
rawaon: the owl peeping up scared the shit out of me13:43
tilmanPhoul: ports -u xorg and try again :O13:49
Phoulk =)13:51
Phoultilman: may i pm for a quick moment13:52
rehabdollshouldnt the disclaimer bit on the ports-page include xorg?13:52
tilmanPhoul: please, god, no13:53
Phoulokay =)13:53
tilmanrehabdoll: yeah13:53
tilmanwhere's tillb13:53
Phoulwell... im looking for someone willing to teach me hwo to write a port (prefrebly someone with patience)13:53
Phoulive read guides etc13:54
PhoulJust everytime i try i mess it up somehow13:54
RyoSPhoul: look into others.. its not that hard :P13:54
rehabdolllook at an existing Pkgfile13:54
aonraw: :-(13:59
j^2anyone use as dns?14:00
jaegernot I14:02
j^2i think it broke :P14:07
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*** mrks_ has joined #crux14:20
treachno, it didn't break, *you* broke it. ;)14:28
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tilman# Description: Free (crippled) Nvidia video driver14:33
tilmanis that okay for the "nv" driver?14:33
jaegeryou'll get a flood of "what does crippled mean" questions14:34
*** mrks has quit IRC14:34
tilmani just wonder how the description should differ from nouveau's description14:34
tilmanthey are both free14:34
tilmanbut nv just sucks, because nvidia wants it to suck14:34
treach"Freedom-enhanced xorg 2d driver for nvidia" :p14:34
jaegerI'd just say non-accelerated, myself14:35
jaegerbesides, doesn't matter, people won't read that anyway :)14:35
tilmanhahah, it has no acceleration whatsoever?14:35
jaegerwell, it has 2d, I think14:35
tilmani thought it had at least some xv bits :)14:35
treachit does 2d.14:36
tilmanspeaking of 2d isn't accurate btw14:36
tilmanor is it?14:36
tilmando they have full xrender acceleration?14:36
jaegerno idea, here14:36
jaegerI use the closed drivers14:36
tilman"somewhat non-accelerated nvidia driver"14:37
treachit works just fine for everyone who doesn't do games. Not sure where cario and friends land you.14:37
treachberyl et co probably sucks as well.14:37
rehabdollis nouveau usable right now?14:37
tilmansince they want opengl/mesa14:37
treachbut otoh, it does even if you've got a decent card so I'm not sure about the difference. :P14:37
treachrehabdoll: no, not afaik..14:38
treachiirc they were just getting started.14:38
*** jkr has joined #crux14:38
tilmanthey have somewhat working randr 1.2 support eg14:38
tilmanthey have exa support (not complete though, probably just the almighty Over op)14:39
tilmanthe DRI driver probably sucks though, not sure14:39
*** bisco has quit IRC14:48
*** bisco has joined #crux14:53
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scholzhello all15:40
*** scholz has left #CRUX15:40
jjpkoh I get it, one of those prank door knocks.15:41
jaegerknock knock... who's there? NOT ME15:49
treachsomeone should mail that guy a bag of patience.15:50
jjpkDon't bother, with the amount of A.D.H.D. people out there, you would just waste your own time :D15:51
treachI'd love to see the look of his face getting a bag in the mail with styrofoam chips, all stamped "PATIENCE".15:52
jjpkThat would be monumental :D15:55
j^2well at least he was polite ;)15:56
j^2i dont we'd pefer:15:57
j^215:38 -!- scholz [n=scholz@] has joined #CRUX15:57
j^215:38 < scholz> hello all15:57
j^215:38 < scholz> FUCK YOU AND YOUR MOTHERS15:57
j^215:39 -!- scholz [n=scholz@] has left #CRUX ["Leaving"]15:57
j^2that wouldnt be nice ;)15:58
treachwho cares?15:58
treachanother wacko to feed into the ignore-list.15:58
brointhemixwho takes care of ?16:01
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*** mike_k has quit IRC16:19
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Phoultilman: it compiles now ^_^16:53
tilmanhooray etc16:54
PhoulAnd it even works ! :016:55
*** laod_ has quit IRC16:55
rehabdollthe nvidia installer does not seem to like the new xorg-server :D16:56
rehabdollinstalls crap in /usr/X11r6 :)16:57
jjpkI've given up on the binary nvidia driver.16:57
PhoulNvidia works over here16:57
jaegergiven up on it?16:58
rehabdollwhat else is there?16:58
rehabdollnv is worse16:58
jjpknv :D16:58
jjpkSlow, yes, but it works.16:58
PhoulSo does Nvidia if you figure out which version to use16:58
jjpkBesides, nvidia already says my hardware is obsolete.16:59
rehabdollif i had the money i'd throw it at the nouveau project16:59
*** raw has quit IRC16:59
Phoul=\ im so utterly confused17:00
Phoulports -d says pycario is outdated. When i go to update it it tells me its up to date17:00
tilmanrehabdoll: they have more than enough money17:00
tilmandidn't even get the money from that ... thing.17:00
Phouljust out of curiosity does anyone else get that?17:01
rehabdollgood, then it might actually result into something17:01
PhoulAnyone know of a decent IM client aside from gaim ><17:02
tilmanrehabdoll: yeah, the plan is to buy some new hardware afaik17:02
brointhemixPhoul: ekg2 :)17:03
brointhemixa CLI gadu-gadu/jabber/IRC client :)17:04
Phoulokay i need more of a yahoo/aim/msn client >_>17:04
jjpkcentericq is decent, another option is to run bitlbee and use an irc client.17:04
Phoulperhaps "Pidgon" will release a actual release instead of betas17:05
PhoulOne can hope right?17:05
jaegerwell, you can still use gaim 1.5.0 if you want a "stable" release17:06
jjpkWho knows what is going on with Pidgin, they said it was ready but apparently the release of it stalled.17:07
Phoulim using the beta17:07
PhoulIts stable just ... Eh gaim/pidgon is starting to piss me off project wise17:08
jaegerI can't complain... they give me a free app that does all I want it to :)17:08
Phoulyeah i guess17:08
PhoulBut its been at beta for how long?17:09
Phoul2.0 was in beta almost two years ago =\17:09
jaegerdoesn't bother me if they call it beta, it works well17:09
treachViper_: ports -u17:18
Phoulnifty i just made my first port17:19
*** plundra has quit IRC17:22
Phoul=) and its actually building17:25
rxijaeger: have you changed the name to pidgin?17:26
jaegernot until there's another release... beta or stable17:26
Phouljust curious, Would i be able to submit this port to contrib seeing as fluxbox = popular yet non existent in contrib?17:27
jaegerPhoul: since contrib is a shared repository and you're new, I think it'd be nice to get some more experience before letting you loose in there, no offense17:28
Phoulaye i know17:28
PhoulI didnt mean i would put it in17:28
jaegerI'd recommend hosting your own httpup repo for a while and let people look at your ports17:28
PhoulI figured i would give it to one of you17:28
jaegerwell, that's certainly fine if one of the maintainers wants it17:28
PhoulIm also not sure how to have a httpup server =\17:28
PhoulI have a website but i donno how to set that kinda stuff up17:29
jaegerif you have a webserver available you can host an httpup repository17:29
PhoulI guess i should get myself a dedicated one cuz.... well i really dont have ssh access or anything only ftp17:31
jaegerftp would be sufficient.. you can create the httpup setup on your local machine and then upload it17:32
PhoulAhh k17:32
Phoul& fluxbox works :D17:32
PhoulJust makin sure it was workin lol17:32
jaegeralways good to test17:34
Phoulk so i got it setup locally, I got ~/build/upload/ then the flux dir, and i ran the httpup-repgen  & got the repo file17:40
PhoulSo do i upload the "upload" dir to my webserver?17:41
jaegerif that contains fluxbox and REPO, yes17:41
PhoulAnd how do i go about getting the port reconized?17:41
jaegercreate a .httpup file for it, see here for an example:
jaegerput your .httpup file in /etc/ports and add a prtdir line to prt-get.conf for it17:43
PhoulThis is a noobish question but im not used to uploading dirs with cli ftp", is there a special put command?17:43
jaegeryou might not be able to with just ftp... might have to use lftp or ncftp or some other client for that support17:43
Phoulaye i got lftp :P17:44
PhoulJust wasnt sure on the command fori t17:44
jaegerno idea, here17:45
____mavrick61Hi: Is there any need for an swedish rsync to the new ISO? I have setup rsync to an site in Stockholm.17:55
jaegerI dunno if there's a *need* but I don't think more mirrors could hurt17:56
Phouljaeger: it worked :D17:57
jaegerPhoul: good :)17:57
Phoul\o/ i feel useful17:57
Phouljaeger: after i get better at it can i talk to someone about putting it on the site list?18:02
Phoulno use for just a fluxbox port.... but later =p18:02
treachPhoul: sitecopy is IMO very useful if you have an ftp based repo.18:10
Phoullike... for
treachnot quite....18:11
Phoulohh you mean like.. a list of packages on the website that its hosted on?18:13
Phoulokay well clarify for my stupid ass18:15
treachyou keep a local copy of your repo. when you're satisfied with the state it's in you just sync it with the server.18:15
Phoulyeah i got that :P18:16
treachwell, that's all there is to it.18:16
jaegerI think the short of it is that sitecopy could do what you did with ftp, perhaps in an easier way18:16
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Phoulapparently the new xorg actually doesnt like nvidia18:29
Phoulit wont work for me nor will it build again18:29
Phoulwtf.... the kernels messed up 0_o18:36
Phoulthis = not good...... when i go to make a kernel it tells me theres no make file18:37
Phoulwtf... okay i guess im a total noob right now but this looks very very wrong to me18:38
PhoulMakefile:412: /usr/src/linux- No such file or directory18:38
Phoulconsidering thats not a offical arch that doesnt make sense18:38
Phouland all im typing is make O_o18:40
PhoulAny ideas?.....18:40
jaegerstart with a clean kernel source tree?18:42
PhoulI did =\18:42
PhoulI just grabbed that from kernel.org18:42
Phouland for some reason its looking in that weired ass arch18:43
Phoulohh wtf18:46
Phoulmy arch variable is i686.linux18:46
Phoulhmm nifty now it works... im wondering where in the hell its getting those export settings from though18:48
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Phoulhey, can someone quickly tell me the command to set the glx?19:41
Phoulx keeps crashing cuz apparently nvidias glx module isnt loaded19:41
PhoulAnd im not sure which is what loads it19:41
*** treach has quit IRC19:47
Phoulgot it :D19:48
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PhoulWhat torrenting program would you guys reccomend?20:44
Phoulbittorrent is rejected by this tracker20:44
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Phoulman the booster package is big21:47
Phouljaeger: you around?22:23
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