IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-04-21

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rxianyone tried zfs-fuse?04:50
tilmanraw: screen? :P04:54
rawtilman: screens backspace key not working under lunix04:55
rawso I'm forced to use kde's konsole04:55
rawand what's even worse, if I click on 'configure konsole' nothing happens04:56
tilmancry me a river :D04:56
rawI'm beyond all reason anyway, I'm using kubuntu04:56
rxior chance to gnome04:56
raw...and removing all this superfluous kde stuff04:57
luxhtry dwm ;-)05:01
rawI'm using wmii since it was released05:02
rawand I'm not going to switch to dwm, no05:02
jjpkThe backspace has nothing to do with your window manager anyway.05:03
rawit's some weird ubuntuian termcap setting I suppose05:03
RyoSraw: this is #crux anyway05:04
jjpkThere goes arnuld again...05:51
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rxiprologic: you around?06:43
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treachany nvidia users who have tried the xorg upgrade with success?06:54
treach(using the nvidia driver, not nv.)06:54
tilmani feel a bit evil right now06:58
Romsternot yet06:58
* Romster backs away from tilman 06:58
rxitilman: how is that different from the rest of the time? :P06:58
treachOk. It's not really a problem. Just wanted to hear if it's a real problem or if it's just something our newcomer hit.06:58
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rxiRomster: trying to compete with han for the most ports? :P07:06
Romsternot really.07:07
rxijust wanted one of your ports so i figured id get to the lot .. so many to sync07:07
Romsterjust want to maintain what i use.07:07
Romsteryeah quite a few07:08
rxiyeah im going to need a repo again07:08
Romsteri might move some more to contrib.07:08
Romsteri'm gonna rearange my private one so that file is the master and i'll have sub sections too.07:08
rxidont spose you wanna move twisted?07:09
Romsterhrmm let me check07:09
rxifreevo2 needs it and its easier if you maintain it :P07:09
rxieasier for me that is07:10
Romsteryeah sure i'll do that, it dosn't hurt to sync my repo if your after any of the stuff i have.07:10
rxii figure ill probably need something one day07:11
rxiRomster: can you actually build twisted?07:11
rxiwait scratch that07:12
Romsteryes it builds fine..07:12
Romsteri'll move it now?07:12
rxii just nicked it07:14
teKdoe han maintain hist repo?07:15
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Romsteryeah i think so i saw a update to han a few days ago07:16
nipuLif you don;'t mind all the crazy modifications he makes07:16
Romsterlol yeah07:16
teKexample! :)07:16
Romstergziped footprints07:17
teKand in the Pkgfile he does a unzip .footprint.gz?!07:17
nipuLcvs ports up the wazoo07:17
aonprobably more of a gunzip .fooptrint.gz07:18
nipuLno he's patched the hell out of his copy of pkgutils07:18
aonnipuL: iirc he has sh-only pkg{add,rm}, too07:18
teKhis nick is three letters why's there no hanBSD already?07:18
aonor well, just pkgadd07:19
teKaon: _imho_ this is a good point ...07:19
teKbut we already had this discussion07:19
aonit's a rewrite already afaik :)07:19
teKI will state it one last time: I'd not cry if I would not have to have bash installed07:20
aoni tried to use it once on obsd but i was about to shoot myself07:20
tilmantreach: i pondered rewriting epdfview in c07:20
treachaon: maybe you could use the new pkgutils? :P07:21
treachtilman: I almost thought you'd do that some day. :D07:21
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treachI had that feeling. :)07:21
treachtilman: Tell me if I can help in any way, just remember that I'm totally incompetent wrt coding. ;)07:22
aontreach: i don't want to, the openbsd pkgtools are fine07:23
treachsure, it's not like I'm twisting your arm :)07:24
aonand the required number of packages is like 20 :)07:27
Romsterrxi, done07:28
rxiRomster: ta07:30
Romsternot to sure on pyserial and pyshadow as being necessary but what i use.07:31
Romsteri'll test it and move them to nice to have:07:31
Romsterif i find there not essental to build07:32
Romstercan always use the ignore option.07:32
rxifreevo uses them so if you dont want them ill take them07:33
Romsterk i'll leave them in.07:34
Romsterwhen i read freevo i was thinking freevoice :P07:34
Romsterthen festiva poped into my mind.07:35
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Romsterrxi, you don't liek myth tv?07:36
rxinah the 3 times ive tried it never got it working07:38
rxiand qt3 doesnt help it07:38
Romsterodd prologic uses it.07:40
Romstermaybe somethings altered and isn't compatable anymore.07:40
rxipylirc doesnt build07:41
rxiive tried it 3 times over the last 12months07:41
Romsteri'll give it a shot i got my chroot right here.07:43
Romsterlirc wont build with a depinst..07:43
Romsterhrmm lirc is missing a dependency dialog07:44
Romstergotta love my missing dep fiding method07:44
rxihehe yeah07:44
deus_ex"Building `/usr/pkgmk/package/pylirc#0.0.5-2.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded. "07:44
deus_ex(lirc pulled from cvs, though)07:45
Romsterusing out of contrib and see it it works for me07:45
rximust be just me then07:47
Romsterwhat the god damn fu&k07:47
Romsterlirc loads a ncurses menu...07:48
Romsterapon pkgmk07:48
Romsterthat souldn't be like that in contrib... breaks the automation..07:48
Romsterwhy can't they pipe 3 into it?07:49
Romsterfor readline or whatever its using.07:49
Romsteror sed it.07:50
rxii think i forgot a pkgadd in there somewhere07:50
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deus_exiirc, you can pass --enable-all to configure in lirc, and bypass setup menu.07:50
deus_ex /me checks07:53
deus_exgreat :)07:53
Romsterit does? email the maintainer.07:54
Romsterthe maintainer should of checked ./configure --help07:54
deus_ex--with-driver = all07:54
Romsterfor a possable way to automate it07:54
deus_exI maintain my own port for lirc07:55
Romsteryeah but the one in contrib...07:55
deus_exBuilding all drivers would be overkill, imho07:56
Romsterprologic, ....07:56
Romsterfor goodness sake..07:56
Romsterdeus_ex, yeah should only have whats needed..07:56
Romsteri just pressed 307:57
Romsternot worried i'm just seeing if it all compiles.07:57
rxiyou can run it later cant you?07:58
Romsterwhat alter?07:58
Romstererr later*07:58
rxithe ncurses config07:58
Romsteri odn't have any input device i should actualyl build one i do electronics after all07:59
Romsterah i think so..07:59
Romsternot sure if the port is hard compiled in..07:59
Romsterbe kidda dumb if it is.08:00
Romsteryeash soemone throw me some typing lessons :P08:00
rxiits 11pm it doesnt matter :P08:00
Romsterlirc even ignores CFLAGS....08:01
deus_exIt uses headers from kernel source, which is bad/insane enough...08:02
deus_exIs there a replacement for it on a horizon? 'lirc-ng.welcome to 21st century', or something...08:04
Romsterscrewy configure... dosn't even handle ./ CFLAGS="$CFLAGS" --prefix=/usr08:07
* Romster gives up on the montrosity08:08
Romsterseriously it shouldn't need the kernel headers just to access a rs232 or lpt port..08:09
rxiyeah its a dinosaur08:10
Romstershouldn't be too tricky to make something alot simpler that'll do that...08:15
treachyou've got all the tools you need. ;)08:22
Romsterdamn near.08:23
Romsteri'm not much of a programer though08:23
Romsteri can do almost anything electrical08:23
Romstermight give it a go, whats got to interface to?08:24
Romsternot sure if lirc also contains the IR codes too, to decode it.08:25
Romsteryeah for the input but the output of the code what it goto python?08:25
Romsterand wonder what its expecting for output08:25
Romsterbrb coffee08:25
Romsterbe an idea to googl aound first incase someone has made there own08:30
rxihehe good idea08:31
Romstertoo bad ya cant use the irda onboard conector..08:33
Romsterrxi, < too bad its not maintained..08:42
Romstertheres alot of old stuff floating about.08:43
rxilol 2.2.1308:44
Romsteryeah i know thats old...08:46
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deus_exUpdating xorg-server goes smoothly, provided I remember to rerun gl-select  :)09:08
deus_exCedega was not happy, I can tell you that.It crashed X several times before I figured it out.09:10
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prologicrxi, hi I'm here09:16
prologicyour mythtv isn't working because qt3 needs ot be built with mysql support09:16
prologicrebuild it09:16
jaegerand don't forget to put /usr/lib/mysql into /etc/ and have to rebuild qt3 more than once like I used to :)09:18
rxiyeah i ditched mythtv anyway09:18
jaegerwell, then that won't be a problem09:22
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root__hey can someone check http://www.basepair-redc.com09:30
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jjpkscholz part II09:30
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maekisame question different name09:30
jaegerseems to work now09:35
jaegerredirected to a page on 8000 that says "new distro"09:35
maekithanks jaeger09:35
aonand |\n-+-\n|\n| too09:35
maekii was worried that the dDNS server wouldn't get the update messages when i put a linksys router as the gateway09:35
maekibut it did. mystery left unknown.09:36
maekinow i just have to figure out how to get postfix working ><09:36
maekii caved in and bought windows vista.09:37
* Romster chocks09:41
Romsteri'll never buy vista, if i ever run it it'll be hacked :P09:41
Romsternot likely anymore linux is so much nicer09:42
* maeki is kind of enjoying it :).09:42
maekiit goes well next to my cruxbox09:42
maekilike a cat sleeping on a dog.09:42
* Romster shakes my head in disbeleaf09:42
maekibut this postfix! i can't seem to get the mail working.09:43
Romsterhaven't messed with postfix.09:44
maekiso i can't get -any- kind of mail to go around09:45
maekieven local09:45
jaegerI'll buy vista because it'll be dirt cheap as long as I work for the university :)09:55
tilmanbuying from the devil dirt cheap is still buying for the devil09:55
jaegerI don't hate windows like most linux users do09:56
jaegerit has its niche09:56
aonyeah, it's a lot better in running windows apps than linux09:56
RyoSaon: haha :p09:57
maekiit looks like sony did the for it.09:58
maekican i ask questions about mutt?10:01
RyoSin #mutt? sure :P10:01
RyoSseriously, i am not a mutt user, but some here are so.. maybe :P10:02
aonno, it's impossible to ask questions about mutt10:02
aoncome on, just try it10:02
maekiso i just installed the thing and when i run it it says there's no mailbox10:03
maekii've used pine before on external servers10:04
maekibut i don't seem to understand the local mail system well because i can't send mail between user accounts on my own machine - or at least i don't know where the mail goes or where the logs are10:04
tilmanhaha, libarchive's bsdtar is 59k10:08
tilmangnu tar is 221k10:08
tilmanwhat do you think:10:08
aon-r-xr-xr-x  3 root  bin   260K Apr  7 06:26 /bin/tar10:08
tilman* should core/libarchive install /usr/bin/bsdtar10:08
tilmanor should i make an opt/bsdtar port10:08
tilmanthat also uses the libarchive tarball10:09
aonopenbsd tar10:09
aoni'd make a separate port10:09
tilmangood, me to :D10:09
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tilmantreach: there's ruby bindings for poppler *mmh*10:10
tilmanaon: i wonder whether i can steal kientzle's pkg_add for pkgutils2 ;D10:12
aonwell, it should be bsd'd, so why not10:13
tilmani meant concept-wise, not the legal crap10:14
aonstill :)10:26
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tilmanour linker produces much bigger binaries than freebsd's10:59
tilmanaccording to kientzle's writings ;)10:59
tilmansomething's silly11:07
tilmanbsdtar is 4.6k, but my hello world (without stdio) is 516k11:07
jjpkerr o_o11:08
tilmaneh, not 4.6k11:15
tilmanbut 59k11:15
tilmanstill a huge diff11:15
tilmanah, it's not linked statically11:15
tilmanOn FreeBSD 5.1, this minimal program is * under 64k, statically linked.11:16
aonpoplar[~]$ echo 'main(){puts("hello, world");}'>hey.c|gcc -Os -o hey -static hey.c;strip --strip-all hey; ls -lh hey; uname11:20
aon-rwxr-xr-x  1 aon  users  69.6K Apr 21 19:20 hey11:21
aonbeech[~]$ echo 'main(){puts("hello, world");}'>hey.c|gcc -Os -o hey -static hey.c;strip --strip-all hey; ls -lh hey; uname11:21
aon-rwxr-xr-x 1 aon users 458K Apr 21 19:22 hey11:21
tilmanld --version11:21
aonGNU ld version 2.1511:21
aonCopyright 2002 Free Software Foundation, Inc.11:21
aonThis program is free software; you may redistribute it under the terms of11:21
aonthe GNU General Public License.  This program has absolutely no warranty.11:21
aon2.17 on linux11:22
tilmanwant to compare the object files that cc generates?11:22
tilmancc -c -o hey.o hey.c11:22
tilmanto make sure that it's ld that sucks here11:22
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nezcazlo *11:23
RyoS$ echo 'main(){puts("hello, world");}'>hey.c|gcc -Os -o hey -static hey.c;strip --strip-all hey; ls -lh hey; uname11:23
RyoS-rwxr-xr-x  1 ryo  users   26K Apr 21 18:23 hey11:23
aon30 bytes on linux, 68 bytes on openbsd11:24
tilmanactually i could google first before making you compare stuff11:24
tilmanmy box is somewhat unusable since i run rendercheck atm11:24
aonehm, 668B11:24
aonon openbsd11:24
tilmani used write(1, "hello, world!\n");return 0;11:25
tilmanand i get 2808 bytes for helloworld.o11:26
tilmanmaybe we should use size(1) though11:26
tilmanmaybe not11:26
aoni wonder what went wrong there11:27
aonactually, why the hell do i have '|' in that line instead of ;11:27
aon856B, then11:28
aonwith puts("hello, world");11:28
aonwith Os, though11:28
aonbut the difference is a lot smaller than in the linked binaries11:28
tilmanon crux 2.3?11:28
tilman5658 for me11:29
tilmanfor hw.o11:29
aonbeech[~]$ cat test.c11:31
aonmain(){write(1, "hello, world!\n");return 0;}11:31
aonbeech[~]$ cc -c test.c11:31
aonbeech[~]$ ls -lh test.o11:31
aon-rw-r--r-- 1 aon users 864 Apr 21 19:32 test.o11:31
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tilmanshould be write(1, "hello, world!\n", 14);11:32
tilmanto make it work :D11:32
tilmanok, my hw.o is 860 bytes, too11:33
aon872, then11:33
tilmanwith -Os11:33
tilmanaon: ditto, without Os ;D11:34
tilmannot very surprising though ;>11:34
aonyeah :)11:34
tilmanthe executable is still 516k though11:34
aon5677 if i cc -o test test.o that 872b object11:35
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PhoulHey folks11:53
Phoulpkgutils update wont build =\11:59
tilmanworks for me and the rest of the planet :D12:00
Phoulim getting all these "was not declared in this scope" stuff12:00
tilmandid you install libarchive?12:01
Phoulapparently not =\ thx12:01
* Phoul smacks self 12:01
PhoulSorry ><12:01
PhoulRegardless..... Would it be possible for me to sometime get my port added to the crux site?12:02
PhoulSo far i have 5 thigns in it =)12:06
Phoulfluxbox,libsigc++,libtorrent,nvidia(for geforce4 cards which i will most likely remove cuz its pretty well a steal of jaeger's port) and rtorrent12:06
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Phoulanyone know what codec m4a uses12:25
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surround1rPhoul: mpeg4 ?12:36
syn_.m4b: ISO Media, MPEG v4 system, iTunes AAC-LC12:39
syn_.m4b is for audiobooks (bookmarkable, etc...)12:39
syn_but its m4a12:39
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Phoulfaac / faad got it ^_^13:20
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jiribhello all13:50
jiribi updated xorg-xf86-video-i810 and now it doesn't work, does anybody know what changed?13:51
jiribtilman: do you know if i have to do something with switching to xorg-xf86-video-i810 2.0.0?13:53
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tilmanjesus, what do you expect me to do about "doesn't work"?14:10
tilmana little bit more info would help14:10
jiribdoes it work for you?14:12
tilmani don't run it14:13
jiribah :)14:13
tilmanjirib: pastebin the xorg.log and xorg.conf14:13
jiribsorry not right now 'coz i switched back to old version to have X Window running14:13
jiribi even searched net but i haven't found any big 'news' of the new driver version :(14:14
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brointhemixisn't there a bug in pkgutils 2.30.0-1 ?14:28
treachnot unless you're more specific.14:29
brointhemixjust a sec :)14:29
treachwtf is wrong with people? Does everyone think you get a crystal ball if you're a #crux regular?14:29
brointhemixdon't get angry treach, I was going to paste the compile output in a sec :)14:30
treachfor christ sake dont..14:30
brointhemixok, so I get this: error: archive.h: No such file or directory14:30
brointhemixand this: error: archive_entry.h: No such file or directory14:31
treachI wonder why...14:31
jjpkprt-get depends pkgutils ;)14:31
treachdid you check that you had all deps..?14:31
brointhemixand a whole bunch of error thereafter14:31
brointhemix[ ] libarchiwe14:31
brointhemixthanks treach :)14:31
treach"No such file" is usually a good clue to start looking for missing deps.14:32
Viper_and reading the mailing list is of help :)14:32
treachbrointhemix: btw, I'm not particulary angry with you, just generally annoyed with people who report problems along the line of "computer no workie, ehlp."14:33
brointhemixViper_, how to sing up?14:33
brointhemixtreach: I know, I know :)14:33
tilmanjesus motherfucker!14:35
tilmanjust read the backlog14:35
brointhemixIt was funny beacause I expected something like that in reply to "is there something wrong with blablabla" ;)14:35
tilmanwhat the hell is going on today14:35
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brointhemixok, now it build nicely :)14:38
*** rugek has quit IRC14:39
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*** rugek has joined #crux14:41
treachtilman: la-ti-do. ;)14:48
*** jirib has quit IRC14:50
treachtilman: I saw your note on ruby. I suppose it makes sense to anyone who is already using it.14:51
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tilmantreach: poppler api seems dead simple :)15:37
tilmanoh noes, another pkgutils bug report15:41
tilmantreach: 164 lines of c to load and view a page15:44
tilmanlots of that is comments15:45
*** bisco has quit IRC15:47
treachcool. :)15:47
aonint main(int argc, char *argv[]){return loadpdf(argv[0]);} ? :)15:48
aonehm, argv[1]15:48
tilmannot quite15:50
tilmanload pdf, get page (by number)15:50
tilmanrender page to gdk-pixbuf15:50
tilmanget gtk-image from pixbuf15:50
tilmanshow gtk-image15:50
*** bisco has joined #crux15:51
tilmantreach: it's fast as hell16:21
tilmani guess epdfview does bad caching :)16:21
Viper_is somebody familiar with all these burning tools?16:23
treachtilman: heh, wouldn't surprise me. :)16:24
jjpkViper_: not really, I have not done much dvd/cd burning, but cdrkit does its job.16:24
tilman*all* of them? no16:24
Viper_i am wondering why there are 3 dvd-burning-tools: dvdrecord dvdrtools and dvd+rw-tools and at least two 2 cd-burning-tools: cdrtools and cdrkit16:25
tilmanschily's stuff has been forked16:26
tilmanbecause he's a bitch16:26
*** rugek_ has quit IRC16:26
Viper_yeah i know that but why that many forks? :)16:26
jjpkWasn't he a solaris fanboy?16:27
tilmandvdrtools is the fork by bero, right?16:27
tilmanjjpk: yes16:27
tilmannot sure why dvdrtools wasn't good enough for the cdrkit (debian) guys16:27
treachCCDL mess.16:28
Viper_btw why are we still offering cdrtools?16:28
treachoh, sorry, split up atm..16:28
tilmanbecause aon hasn't spoken up16:28
tilmanViper_: you can send him mämmi16:29
treach(trying to teach someone with limited experience to use wine..)16:29
Viper_tilman: what should i send him? :)16:29
tilmanstrange finnish food16:30
tilmanmaybe cookies will do16:30
treachbooze. :)16:30
*** rugek has joined #crux16:30
Viper_ah :)16:30
* tilman suddenly thinks of little red riding hood16:30
tilmanbringing booze and mämmi to grandma aon16:30
tilmanrugek: quick, Viper_ is here16:31
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Viper_does anybody know whether cdrkit can burn dvd-rw and dvd+rw?16:31
tilmancdrecord can do it16:31
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*** the-ruediger has joined #crux16:31
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*** sets mode: +o aon16:31
tilmani only tried dvd-r16:32
Viper_omg cdrecord is a dependency of dvd+rw-tools16:34
aoni have cdrkit and dvd+rw-tools and they work well together16:35
Viper_no cdrecord?16:36
tilmanViper_: right, cdrkit is a drop-in replacement for cdrtools16:36
tilmanthey just call their "cdrecord" binary "wodim" or so16:36
Viper_but there is no mkisofs in cdrkit16:36
aonehm, genisoimage16:37
Viper_ah and dvd+rw-tools is working with that, too?16:37
aoniirc, yes16:37
aoni don't have dvd+rw-tools installed at the moment16:37
aonbut i think it used to work before i had the compatibility cruft16:37
Viper_hmm then we could remove cdrecord *g*16:37
tilmanthat might be stuff for the next release16:38
aondepending on when it's going  to be16:38
aonif it's in a hour, no16:38
Viper_yeah it will need some testing :)16:41
Viper_will put it on my todo list16:41
aonactually if it doesn't work because of the binary needs to be called cdrecord, we could patch the frontends instead16:42
aonthe symlinks seem foolish16:42
Viper_hmm as far as i know dvd+rw-tools only needs mkisofs16:42
Viper_debian symlinked it to genisoimage16:42
tilmani wonder whether pkgutils-5.30 should have waited until crux 3.4 too16:43
aonor well, has havoc ensued?16:43
tilmananother person mailed me about "missing files"16:43
tilmanlike archive.h16:43
Viper_nobody is reading the mailing list it seems16:43
aonor the depends on:16:43
aonoh yeah, right16:44
aonoh yeah, no16:44
aontilman: deps in core shouldn't be listed *whine* *whine*16:44
jjpkIt was bound to happen when you change a dependency.16:44
tilmanaon: inside core you can list them :P16:44
tilmanrommy is taking things like that pretty seriously16:45
tilmani think he'd like a 200 page manifesto16:45
tilmanwith strict rules16:45
jjpkI think that would be a KISS violation ;)16:45
jjpkIt just does not seem right.16:46
treachtilman: well, some things would be good to have set once and for all.16:47
aonuh huh16:47
aoni hope he's not going to mail me about the one port i have that lists perl as a dep16:47
treachlike the naming of ports, since it's annoying with multiple ports just because someone didn't find the needed dep.16:48
tilmanaon: fix it now, then you can tell him you fixed it ages ago16:48
tilmantreach: what about the naming of ports?16:48
tilmani mean, was there a problem?16:48
treachI'm specifically refering to the speex/libspeex "fiasco".16:48
aontilman: i guess you're on the blacklist too, eg. git lists perl too :)16:49
jjpkRecently there was some mumbling about gstreamer + plugins.16:49
tilmaniirc i wanted it to be called "libspeex"16:49
treachbut the tarball says just speex?16:49
treachand iirc the prevoius "consesus" said "call your port what the project uses".16:50
tilmani think there was no previous consensus16:50
treachso, I can understand romster if he feels confused.16:50
treachthat's why I used "" :)16:50
tilmanaon: fixed git, hah!16:52
Viper_so we don't put core ports into the 'depends on' line?16:54
aonomg and for real, too16:55
tilmanwhy does gtk's file browser suck?16:55
tilmanthere must be a hidden "unfuck me" button16:55
tilmani enter a directory in the "location" bar, hit enter, and nothing happens16:56
Viper_hmm my ports's depend lines are full of core ports16:57
tilmanfix fix ;)16:58
aontilman: rxvt-unicode too16:58
Viper_was there a discussion of that issue last time?16:58
tilmani almost made epdfview obsolete17:04
jjpkhaha, tilman = the man17:04
tilmanno zooming, no searching, no fancyness yet17:04
tilmanand no name17:05
treachjjpk: or at least "almost" the man. :P17:05
Viper_tilman: should i replace x11 by xorg (in the depends on line)?17:05
tilmanViper_: yes. but ideally, you'd only list the libraries your port needs17:05
treachtilman: is it C or ruby?17:05
Viper_ah ok17:05
treach\o/ :D17:05
Viper_but that means i have to get familiar with the structure of xorg17:06
Viper_to do this :>17:06
tilmanViper_: what port is it?17:06
Viper_dwm and dmenu17:06
Viper_in my private repo17:06
tilmanViper_: "ldd dwm" ;)17:06
tilmanand then map the so names to the port names17:07
tilmanwhich should be easy17:07
tilmansince dwm is so elite and small, it's probably just libX1117:07
Viper_that's all?17:07
tilman"probably" :)17:07
tilmanbut that's the approach you'd take, yes17:07
Viper_haha dwm and it's elite feeling :)17:07
aonX is probably too consumer-grade for dwm anyway as it's configured through files instead of #defines17:07
treachlol. "Small elite community"17:08
Viper_but it's a nice window manager beside this configuration stuff17:08
aonand the window managing stuff17:08
Viper_and with crux it's very easy to get round it :)17:08
tilmantreach: gtk is a pain in c btw17:09
treachit is?17:09
tilmanwhen you compare it to python or ruby at least17:09
treachI always thought C and gtk was the original match..17:09
tilmanyou get to cast your GtkWidgets to GtkWhatever all the time17:09
aonusually stuff tends to be a bit more tedious in C that it is elsewhere17:09
aonexcept assembly and brainfuck, of course17:10
tilmanyep, and it really shows with gtk17:10
* tilman writes the about dialog :D17:10
treachViper_: I get elitistic dumbass bigot vibes from that guy all the way up here to the north pole. :/17:11
tilmandid you know he contributed a crux howto?17:11
tilman"installing on a ibook ..."17:11
tilmani make a surprised face everytime i see that in the wiki17:11
treachheh, osx probably wasn't 1337 enough.17:11
tilmanyeah, it's larger than 10k loc17:12
jjpkToo much eye candy as well :D17:12
jjpkThat's another no no ;)17:12
treachI wonder what he says about "linux" then..17:12
Viper_i am not sure whether he himself is believing this elitism17:13
jjpkHard to say what to belive about it.17:15
jjpkI was under the impression that the "elitist" banner was something of a joke, or even ironic.17:16
Viper_everbody knows that it's nonsense17:16
jjpkI used dwm for a while, but the source editing annoyed me too much :p17:17
tilmantreach: want to see the code?17:17
treachI doubt it would make much sense to me, but sure.17:18
Viper_hmm i configured it once and now i don't touch the file anymore :)17:18
jjpkI might use it again sometime, but not for a while.17:19
treachjjpk: it's so god damned stupid it's hard to take serious, granted.17:19
Viper_jjpk: what do you use now?17:20
treachreading. :)17:20
jjpkViper_: pekwm.17:21
tilmandon't try to do silly stuff such as clickign the "back" button on the first page17:21
treachtilman: send it to jordi, "Eat your heart out!" :P17:21
Viper_never heard of it17:21
jjpkIt's decent, but it has not been really worked on for a while now.17:22
jjpkThe only coder is too busy it seems.17:22
tilmanheh, it doesn't even die when you try that17:22
treach"gtk_show_about_dialog (GTK_WINDOW (window), \ "name", "wtf"," :P17:23
tilmancan't think of a name17:23
treachmonkeypdf, nitropdf. :p17:24
Viper_should i also remove openssl out of the depends on line?17:25
tilmanmaybe apapdf17:25
tilmanmy other apan project didn't survive long :/17:26
treachraktpdf? ;)17:28
tilmanwhy not, nobody will use it anyway17:32
tilmancould even call it cruxpdf17:32
jjpkgreat :D17:32
jjpkI might as well test it, my thesis is dead in the water anyway :p17:32
treachonly to be used by the krux-krux-clan?17:32
treachit doesn't like big pdfs yet.17:33
tilmanwhat happens?17:33
treach"Nothing" :)17:34
treachblank window and no activity in top17:34
treachtilman: do you want the file?17:36
aontreach: what's wrong with the current name?17:37
aonehm, tilman:17:37
aonperhaps wtfpdf :)17:37
treachthat's a great name imo. :)17:37
tilmantreach: yes please, i only have "normal" sized ones it seems17:37
treachit's not that big though, 1.7 MB17:37
tilmanthe one i'm testing with is 8.1 mb17:38
aonokay, so17:38
tilman8.9 even17:38
aoni opened a 28M pdf17:38
aonit's fine17:38
jjpkStill waiting on poppler to compile here, then I will give it a try.17:38
tilmanit's not the coolest thing ever17:39
treachtilman: you've got pm. :p17:40
tilmanworks for me17:44
tilmanpoppler 0.5.4-117:45
jjpkThis looks like it could have potential.17:45
treachmeh, I guess it's just me screwing up as usual then. :/17:45
tilmanjjpk: it's pretty amazing that epdfview is so slow :)17:45
jjpkYeah. PDF is a weird beast in the unix world.17:46
jjpkSupported yes, but the readers are all lacking :|17:46
aona bit like www17:46
treachwell, there is the 100 ton oxymoron acrobat... :p17:46
aonxpdf does the job, more or less17:47
treachnot always unfortunately.17:47
treachand it's arcane. :/17:47
aoni don't find that very problematic :)17:48
treachproblematic? Well, usually not. Annoying? Yes. Ugly? Bet'cha.17:50
tilmanit's the best we have17:50
tilmanotherwise poppler wouldn't have chosen it, i guess17:50
aoni can deal with ugly uis as long as they aren't all braindamaged17:50
aonxpdf isn't17:50
aonbut it does have some quirks17:51
treachwell, ugliness wasn't really my main complaint. but athena, motif and friends just should die some day.17:52
*** bismark has joined #crux17:52
treachthey've been outdated for *decades*.17:53
aonheh, yeah, perhaps17:53
jjpkI found that odd that they will just not disappear.17:55
jjpkThen again, it would be a unix legacy to remain stable with a look for years :p17:56
aonthat's probably because people keep using them17:56
treachfree software.17:56
treachfor good or ill, in this case.17:56
*** raw has quit IRC18:05
jjpkTo lighten the mood:
*** ingvildr has quit IRC18:14
*** acrux has joined #crux18:21
tilmantreach: is your pdf in a path with spaces or any special chars?18:21
tilmani'm supposed to pass an URL to poppler, but i just do:18:21
tilmanfile://<absolute path>18:21
tilmanwithout encoding spaces etc18:21
treachused the ~pdf-view/src/pdf-view <filename> approach18:22
tilmanthat's not supposed to work at all18:22
treachthat could explain it..18:22
tilmanuse the crappy open dialog18:22
treachsame result.18:23
treachoh, wait..18:24
treachI got tricked by the fact that the first page is blank for some reason, and there is no indication that there are more.18:25
tilmanthe code you have will also start page 218:25
tilman(zero-based index vs one-based index)18:25
treachso I see the blank page 2.18:25
treachwhich is why I thought it was "drawing a blank" :p18:26
jjpkI just noticed that by opening another pdf file.18:26
treachtilman: btw you've got the positions of the fw and back arrows mixed up. :p18:26
tilmanit didn't look quite right18:27
tilmanbut i couldn't point my finger at it18:27
treachtoo many "><" smileys? :P18:27
jkrIs this still about epdfview? :)18:27
treachjkr: no, it's tilman's substitute.18:27
tilmanresizing the window is terribly slow18:28
tilmanshould freeze the image or something18:28
tilmanall i need now is a "page x/y" window18:28
tilmanand a search feature18:28
treachhm.. horizoltal resize is fine here.18:28
treachvertical seems impossible. :/18:29
tilmanthere's always the chance that it's my x driver18:29
treachanyone who can make their window smaller than the page?18:30
treachthat seems to be the limit.18:30
tilmanthat's a one line diff, but i forget which18:31
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treach"", now, that's irony I'd say. :/23:23
*** Romster has joined #crux23:24
prologicrxi, you get my msg about mythtv ?23:52
rxiprologic: yeah23:58

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