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Phoulanyone here know how to make a webpage to automatically show the contents of a directory to a webpage? Im trying to make a nice way to look at my ports from the web aside from just the directorys01:13
Phoulif that made any sence01:13
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prologicuse portspage01:45
Phoulwhich is what?...01:46
PhoulWhich options dude you use with that if you dont mind my asking01:49
prologicjust the default afaik01:50
prologiclemme check k01:50
prologic$ cat crux/update | egrep portspage01:51
prologicssh root@data "cd $REMOTE_PATH && portspage ports/ | sed 's:"ports\/:":g' > ports/index.html"01:51
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prologichmm smirnoff black01:52
prologicme should write a wiki page on about this01:52
Phoulmy ports collection is small right now :P01:53
PhoulBut it shall grow! buwhahaha01:53
PhoulSo far its got fluxbox,libsigc++,libtorrent,nvidia(edited to make geforce4 cards work),rtorrent01:53
prologichmm 161 ports here :/01:53
prologictoo many :)01:53
prologicseems we'll always have duplicate ports01:54
prologictill the very nature of crux and ports I guess :)01:54
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Phoulthats odd rofl01:58
Phoul <--- thats how it trys to open the flux port01:58
prologicyou might have to fix a few things01:59
prologiclike paths, etc01:59
prologicmine is simple enough01:59
PhoulI thought mine was pretty simple too lol02:00
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Romsterhi nezcaz03:06
Romsternot alot been cutting grass today.03:09
Romstercooch grass is the worst03:09
tilmanprologic: welcome back to the internets03:10
nezcazwell, coffetime.03:10
tilmani emailed ken the url for the listinterface and he still doesn't get it03:14
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treachprologic: among the things in your backlog I'd like to point out that dia no longer build since docbook-xsl has been removed.04:12
treachprologic: and btw, wb. :)04:12
tilmangit clone git://
tilmanif anyone wants to follow it04:33
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tilmanrendering can still be sped up btw04:52
tilmanno need to always create a new gdk_pixbuf_ for each page04:53
tilmanoh, that pixbuf is leaked, too, atm04:53
prologicbah humbug04:56
prologicyou people are annoying :)04:56
treachtilman: not bad for a few hours work. And I see the navig. buttons have been fixed. :P04:58
treachprologic: we are?04:58
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aonthe keybindings don't work, though :(05:03
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prologicjoke treach  :)05:12
prologicyeah it's been a while05:12
prologicglad to be back :)05:12
rxiprologic: im going to annoy you again with the ivtv port .. its up to 0.10.105:13
rxiivtv stable version 0.10.1 released (ChangeLog). This release is for kernels >= 2.6.18 kernel and requires the latest firmware.05:16
rxibuilds ok for with a version bump05:16
prologicI have a lot of catching up to do :)05:19
prologicbare with my guys05:19
rxihehe np05:19
rxinothing says welcome back like a long list of stuff to do05:19
treach"bear with me" I think it is - and that's the bare truth.05:21
rxi*puts his pants back on* sorry05:21
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prologicsorry hear :)05:31
prologicalready getting my english corrected05:31
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treachprologic: it was just too big to slip, if you pardon the pun. :)05:44
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maekiso like... does anybody use postfix xor esmtp?05:44
maekipostfixes smtp server just hangs when i connect to it and mail never gets sent.05:45
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prologicdid someone say psotfix ?06:15
prologicyeah it rocks :)06:15
* prologic looks across at his two mail servers06:15
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* blizz hugs his exim06:58
jjpkAll of the major mtas work if they are configured properly. To each their own.07:04
blizzunlike sendmail07:06
blizzmaster's thesis <<< proper sendmail configuration07:07
jjpkIn sendmail's case, yes :D07:08
jjpkI was not talking about ease of configuration, I simply meant that they all work when configured properly ;)07:08
jjpkThat is the major difference imo.07:09
blizzyeah, but then i brought sendmail into the discussion -- and THEN we have to talk about configuration. haha07:09
blizzerm. i never tried postfix anyway07:11
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rehabdollpostfix is nice07:43
tilmanaon: you mean keybindings in raktpdf?07:47
tilmanaon: in deed they don't. i think i have to set up an accelerator-binding thing07:48
aonyes, i do07:49
treachaon: those words should be spoken with care. ;)07:53
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tilmantreach: blah09:12
tilmannow i get your meaning09:12
tilmanaon: found out why our ld sucks for static linking? ;)09:14
aonme? no09:14
aoni don't really care, tbh :)09:14
tilmani thought i made you want to figure it out ;D09:15
tilmanor hoped maybe09:16
syn_fuckin' i810 driver09:17
tilmanyou should use "intel" now btw. they'll probably remove the i810 symlink soon ;)09:18
syn_tilman: that doesn't work09:19 -> intel_drv.so09:20
tilmani need a "recent files" menu badly09:37
tilmanstupid file dialog09:37
syn_tilman: Driver "intel" doesn't work09:40
tilmanlack of details makes tilman an annoyed boy09:41
rxitilman: obviously you failed your mind reading degree at uni too :P09:42
tilmanaon: fixed all accelerators09:43
syn_meine ls09:45
syn_argh, sorry09:45
aontilman: nice09:45
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tilmanthat stupid crash when you click the "x" is annoying09:50
tilmanmaybe we should move /etc/X11 to /usr/etc/X11 :)10:32
tilmanpro: fits crux guidelines10:32
tilmancontra: omg, burn the heretic10:33
PhoulIs there a way to get my ports onto the crux page?10:33
tilmanregister your httpup repo10:34
tilmani assume you mean the ports database10:34
PhoulI have created my own ^_^10:34
Phouli do have one question though10:34
PhoulWhy is it ports -d tells me i have packages outdated but prt-get sysup tells me im up to date10:35
tilmanprt-get only looks at ports directories that are registered in /etc/prt-get.conf10:35
tilmanwhile ports(1) checks /usr/ports/*10:35
PhoulAye, I think i have them all listed...10:35
PhoulYeah they are all listed in prt-get.conf10:36
Phoulits tellin me my pycairo is outdated & libarchive is10:36
tilmanwhat exactly does it print for libarchive?10:37
Phoulcontrib     libarchive  2.0.28-1    2.1.6-110:37
tilmandoes contrib have a higher priority than core in prt-get.conf?10:38
tilmanif so, you should fix that :-)10:38
PhoulDoubt it10:38
Phoulnaw contrib is below my repo even10:38
PhoulCore is first10:38
tilmanmaybe ports -d sucks10:39
tilmanit probably uses the port it finds first10:39
tilman"contrib" < "core"10:39
treachprt-get {cache,diff} ftw.10:40
tilmanwe should either fix ports -d, or remove it10:40
tilmani guess nobody is using it anymore anyway10:40
PhoulDidnt know it was bad =\10:42
PhoulUsually tells me what i wanan know10:42
Phoulbtw i sent the email in with the info ^_^10:43
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tilmancrap, are there really pdf files where the size of a page can change?11:29
tilmanie, where page n can have a different width/height than page m?11:30
Phoultilman: if possible send me a PM or somethin when my collection is added =) i will be in and out all day & im kinda excited to have a chance to help a comuntiy such as this one11:33
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tilmanPhoul: the person who adds it will probably notify you12:16
tilmanand that isn't me ;)12:16
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tilmanto answer my own question: yes12:19
thrice`pdf's having different page sizes?12:19
tilmannot sure i can reveal the title12:19
tilmanbut it's from 199412:19
tilman(the document, not necessarily the pdf)12:20
thrice`seems like I've seen one before too12:20
thrice`I think it was one of my professors, actually12:20
tilmanthe page sizes are changing a lot12:22
tilmanyou could imagine that every odd page has another size12:22
tilmanbut nooooo12:22
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treachheh, I accidentally read that as 1944, I guess I should take a nap. :P12:28
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tilmancould it be that gtk internals suck?12:48
jjpkCould be12:49
thrice`did you try it on acroread ?12:50
thrice`or...something else, I suppose12:50
tilmanvalgrind reports leaks due to the file dialog12:50
tilmanbut i think i'm tearing it down correctly12:50
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maekiseriously this is killing me. i rebuilt postfix from scratch and followed all their instructions and the daemon still stalls when i connect to it13:27
* maeki /rename #cruxvent13:28
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tilmanbuilding gtk with a hot ccache still takes 6 minutes15:02
jjpkgtk, qt, they are both beasts.15:03
jjpkand tomorrow I get to go yell at my thesis supervisor...15:09
jjpkThis is the last requirement before graduating, but it is not going anywhere.15:10
tilmanwhy not?15:11
jjpkThe bastard is too busy to even be a supervisor...15:11
tilmanoh :x15:12
jjpkI'm about to rip my own hair out unless I get some answers tomorrow.15:12
tilmangood luck then15:12
treachjjpk: just bring a long morakniven(tm), a bottle of vodka and a molotovcoqtail. ;)15:13
jjpkI hate to disappoint, but I don't own a Mora knife :D15:13
treachjjpk: damn, you're no finn then. :P15:13
tilmandid you learn to prefer guns in the us?15:14
treachtilman: sure, I'm too tired to spell correctly.15:14
tilmanthou shall be forgiven15:14
jjpkNah, I am not a violent person so I don't need a Mora. :p15:15
treach"thank you master." :>15:15
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PhoulHmm, tilman do you know about how long it takes for a port thats been submitted to hit
tilmano/~ we are human, not machines o/~15:26
PhoulYes thats why i included the about word15:27
Phoulim wondering if its a few days, Weeks, Hours etc15:27
tilmangive them at least a day before you start to get nervous ;)15:28
PhoulOhh hey i forgot to ask this15:28
PhoulIs there certin uhh.... permissons the ports need to be?15:28
jjpkPiece of advice, just sit back and relax15:48
Phoulnaw i was just wonderin cuz im makin a few more :P15:48
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Phoulhey Romster =)17:03
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rehabdolli just deleted my kernel config :(19:07
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qiddid you use the option to make the kernel config accessible from /proc somewhere?20:56
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Romsterhi Phoul23:11
Romsterrehabdoll, $ zcat /proc/config.gz > /use/src/.config23:14
Romsteri always store a copy in /boot too23:14
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