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pitillogood morning00:59
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Romserafternoon :D01:31
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namenloshi, how do i convince pkgmk to extract a .tgz file with compress instead of gzip?02:51
namenlosi mean not compress, instead of tar xzf <file> i had to use tar xZf <file> to get the content. and now i got to use the following in pkgmk...02:54
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namenloshi, anyone got an idea how to determine whether a tarball should be extracted with tar xzf or xZf? except trying, and the extension?03:42
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namenlosok, bsdtar(1) in libtar does the job.04:03
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luxhhm. why does opt/gimp list x11 as a dependency?07:23
jaegerprobably because I forgot to fix it07:24
jaegerthanks for pointing it out, I'll fix it today07:27
luxhglad to help07:28
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Phouljaeger: you around?09:02
roliveirahello people...09:03
PhoulHello clarice09:03
roliveiracan someone tell me why i don`t have a /dev/sda on my system?09:04
Phoulhey jaeger, I submitted my ports yesterday =)09:04
rehabdollroliveira: post your .config09:05
jaegerPhoul: great09:05
Phoulim just hoping they get added to the site =P09:05
jaegerroliveira: need more info than that, like rehabdoll says09:06
jaegerPhoul: I believe you'll get an email when he looks at the request09:07
roliveirajaeger: & rehabdoll:
rehabdollroliveira: enable scsi disk support09:08
Phoulthat looks like all the sata stuff is enabled to me09:09
rehabdoll CONFIG_BLK_DEV_SD is not set09:09
rehabdollthat's a no-no :)09:09
roliveiraok thanks rehabdoll09:09
roliveiraits done :D09:16
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roliveiradoes anyone know what this x problem is about?
aonseems that it's more likely a bug in whatever software causes that than in X09:47
roliveirai thought so too09:50
mrksarg :/09:51
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roliveiraor maybe it`s a problem with my graphics card
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pitilloI ask this before but I found a port wich uses a different dir for *.png (using /usr/share/icons and others use /usr/share/pixmaps) Wich one of those are better to use? (I personally using the last one)10:04
pitillos/I am using personally the last one10:05
sepenpitillo, Im usually use pixmaps to store .xpm files10:09
pitillooki, thanks sepen10:10
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yiphi! is it worth upgrading from crux 2.2 to crux 2.3?10:21
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jaegeryes, 2.2 won't be maintained10:23
yipwill my linux .config file work with linux
j^2yip: youll have to do a make oldconfig10:25
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tilmanaon: did jue mail you, too?10:29
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aonlet me check the spambox10:32
tilmanit boils down to: rommy confused you and me10:32
tilmanour dependency "fixes" are bad10:33
tilmanwe *are* supposed to list libraries that are linked in10:33
tilmanlike, curl. or perl10:33
tilmanthe rule just lets us omit crap like coreutils ;)10:33
aoni see, but perl isn't a library that is linked in at least in the case of sloccount10:34
tilmanit's a perl script?10:34
tilmanokay then10:35
aonit does seem a bit silly to me to remove the dep in that case, too, though10:35
aonas it's not really evident that it depends on perl (like from the package name or something)10:35
aon"run-time dependencies from core which aren't dynamically linked in are not to be listed, either"10:36
tilmansaying: "perl is an exception to that rule" is a bit lame though10:37
tilmanbut i agree that it's a bit weird10:37
aonbut putting it back would violate the guidelines :)10:37
aonp5-* seems to depend on perl, too10:37
aonin that case it should be rather obvious :)10:38
tilmanaccording to the mighty rules, git shouldn't depend on perl, right?10:39
tilmanno git binary is linked to libperl10:39
tilmansame reason as with sloccount10:40
tilmanmea culpa10:43
tilmanaon: so, did Romster understand how it works or didn't he?10:44
aonuhm, ehm.10:44
aoni don't know10:44
aoni don't think he even talked anything about perl in the first place10:44
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tilmanthought he did, but maybe i'm imagining things10:45
aon14:19 < Romster> whats the status of core ports listed in packages? Are they forbidden still? libxml2 has zlib listed.10:45
aon14:40 < aon> Romster: and a lot of stuff has perl listed10:45
aon14:45 < Romster> k i'll contact the maintaners about that10:45
aondid he really do this?10:45
tilmani mean, not me!10:46
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Romsterno no tyet i did email tilman on another matter but the email didn't get to
tilmanRomster: did you read our discussion?10:49
tilmanit's correct that libxml2 depends on zlib10:49
tilmanbecause it *links* to libz10:50
Romsteryes the past screen full10:50
tilmanthis is so that revdep will do its magic10:50
Viper_hmm btw why do we have such strange rules?10:50
Romsteri thougth the rule was noting of core should be listed in other ports.10:50
tilmanthis is so that revdep will do its magic10:50
tilmanrugek: Viper_'s around!!1110:50
RomsterThis is the Postfix program at host
RomsterI'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not10:50
Romsterbe delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below.10:51
Romster<>: connect to[]: Connection10:51
Romster    timed out10:51
Viper_hmm rugek wants me to do something?10:51
Romsteri can never email the ML nor anyone on anymore its pissing me off..10:51
tilmanRomster: did you talk to your ISP yet?10:51
Romstertilman,  if you also do a remove on dependent it'll also remove zlib too.10:52
tilmanViper_: i think he's trying to request a contrib account for some time now ;)10:52
Romsterno its not responding at that ip so i should be talking to someone prologic said and i forgot to saveit as its now in a big long..10:52
Viper_probably his mail has been classified as spam *g*10:52
Romsteri can't mail anyone, nor have i ever spammed anyone :(10:53
tilmanwell, we can't help anyway10:53
Viper_hmm these strange rules mean that i have to ldd every binary of my ports, or?10:54
Romsterso any core library that has to be compiled in needs to be listed?10:55
RomsterWe list all runtime dependencies except for gcc (libstdc++) and glibc. < hrmm must of missed that bit... why not also binutils?10:56
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Viper_i propose to remove this line: "run-time dependencies from core which aren't dynamically linked in are not to be listed, either" :-)10:56
Romsteri had the impression all packages where not to lsit core ports on the dependencys line...10:57
Romsteri could of sware i read that the time when i started to build packages...10:58
Romsterthat was a long time ago now.10:58
Viper_well times are chaning :)10:58
Romsterand i never even went to re-read..10:58
Romsteras i knew it, or suposidly knew the rules...10:58
tilmanyou don't link to libbinutils10:59
tilmanso you don't list it10:59
Romsterand whats with the # Nice To Have: line10:59
tilmanViper_: remove that? so you want to list "coreutils" everywhere?11:00
tilmanRomster: nothing, obviously11:00
Romsterpkgutils dosn't use it.11:00
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Viper_tilman: hmm you're right11:00
Viper_these strange rules seems not be so strange at all :)11:01
Romsterthe rule as i knew it was /no core ports should be listed in packages, other than the ones in core/11:01
Viper_that is wrong11:01
jueViper_: the are consistent, and we have finddeps ;-)11:01
Romsteroh well i should re-read all the bloody stuff again.11:02
tilmanViper_: think revdep11:02
tilmanif curl has become ABI incompatible again, you can easily find the ports that need rebuilding11:02
Romsteras for my isp being blocked on xan anything be done about it?11:02
Viper_yeah it does make sense11:02
tilmanjue: thanks for catching that :)11:02
Viper_jue: you're right, thanks11:03
tilmandid you even check whether is in ____mavrick61's network?11:03
Romsterno i don't know where/how to..11:03
Romsternot a email expert.11:04
tilmantraceroute mx-gtw4.dnsnoc.net11:04
Viper_ok.. with finddeps it's easy to list the right dependencies.. sorry for the troubles :>11:04
tilmani'll clarify that port guidelines paragraph11:07
Viper_good idea :)11:07
Viper_please mention finddeps and revdep11:07
Viper_in a short sentence11:08
Romsterhop 15 gets to
Romsternothing after that.11:08
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Romsterand i can't resolve it to a dns name...11:10
Romstertotally stuck.. it used to work..11:10 is
tilmanso it's in the same network11:12
tilmanmy eyes are bad11:12
jueRomster: please update gpgme to 1.1.4, was a security fix ->
Romsterok strange why does it not show up in my ck4up...11:15
Romsteri ck4up every few times a day....11:16
Romsterbetter check that its in my ck4up.conf11:16
Romsterhell its not listed so i wouldn't know of new updates, thanks for pointing that out jue11:17
Romsteri thought i had everything listed in it.11:17
Romsterso it was a matter of ck4up to check everything..11:18
Romstertilman, i get to that ip above and thats it i can't resolve it to a dnsname.11:20
Romsteri could do a whois on it..11:21
Romsterbut i dunno what else i can do..11:21
Romsterother than contact my isp and say it don't work but it dosn't look like its the ips's fault.11:21
tilmanwhat computer is it that tries to contact that host and fails?11:22
RomsterReporting-MTA: dns; sv13.per.eftel.com11:25
Romsterso that isp could be in a blacklist?11:25
tilmanis your sorry ISP?11:26
Romsteryes :/11:30
tilmanmavrick isn't the most response person ever11:31
tilmanso i'm not sure what the best option is :P11:32
Romsterhow do i contact mavrick?11:32
Romsternot by a email i can't even send to :P11:32
Romsterprologic told me to contact mavrick too.11:33
Romsterno details though and i didn't persue it.11:33
tilmanyou could try irc ;)11:33
Romstermavrick :No such nick/channel11:34
tilmanyou're a bit lame Romster :P11:34
tilmanwhois yields:11:34
tilmanKalmar NDC11:34
tilmanwhich is ____mavrick61 company :)11:34
tilmanRomster: got it? ;)11:35
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Romstertilman, ah k.. was busy12:31
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schniggiehi all .)13:11
schniggieanyone tried buidling avahi with 2.3 ?13:19
schniggiei get: configure: error: Could not find Python module gtk13:19
schniggiebut pygtk is installed13:19
roberthschniggie: what does "pkginfo -l pygtk | grep 2.5" say?13:23
roberthAs in is there any output?13:23
schniggielots of output13:26
roberthThat is good13:27
roberthschniggie: It might be some lib that is changed, maybe expat.13:28
roberthSome of the gtk things don't show up on ldd, because they dynamically locates .so-files themselves.13:29
roberthCheck out the config.log in the work dir.13:29
tilmanRomster: np. good luck13:30
jaegerjdolan_: new project?13:31
jdolan_jaeger, yea, as of a few months ago.  you'd probably like it.  QW/Q3 physics in a dressed up and very fast Q2 engine.13:32
Romstertilman, thanks be nice to have this sorted.13:32
jaegerjdolan_: nice13:33
* tilman be nice?13:34
schniggieroberth: how can i build the package, that the work dir isn't removed ?13:42
jaegerpkgmk -kw13:42
schniggiethx, ok i be out for some minutes.13:44
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sepenhi! Im problems using rpm2targz13:53
sepenit seems that my /tmp after using rpm2targz has not space left13:54
sepenIm building openoffice which uses many times rpm2targz13:55
luxhjdolan_: the latest game data isn't on the server :/13:56
sepenor how can I resize my tmpfs?13:58
jaegerunmount it and remount it with a bigger size13:58
jaegersee mount(8)13:59
treach"dressed up"? considering the source, I bet the rest of us would say "cross-dressed". :P13:59
sepenI think I have the solution14:02
sepenmkdir -p $SRC/tmp; export TMPDIR=$SRC/tmp14:02
sepenI'll notify this to sip14:02
sepen$ ls -lh /usr/ports/opt/openoffice/work/src/tmp/14:04
sepentotal 79M14:04
sepen-rw------- 1 root root 58M Apr 23 21:03 tmp.AqJHrD834814:04
sepen-rw------- 1 root root 22M Apr 23 21:03 tmp.jTYvXr834914:04
jdolan_luxh, was misnamed, thanks!14:08
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Phoulanyone else notice the severe lack of crux artwork14:26
luxhdo you honestly need more then the blue penguin? :-)14:28
PhoulI just want a background with it14:28
Phoulis gimp print *needed* by gimp14:29
luxhnot if you sync with latest opt ;)14:30
Phoullol when did that happen14:31
jaegerI'm honestly up in the air about gimp-print... it's not *required* but it might be quite useful... don't know14:33
Phoulluxh: do you know where a blue penguin wally is? :D :P14:33
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jaegeror maybe it's build-time, I didn't check that14:33
Phouli dont want cups cuz i dont print things14:33
Phoulbut yea... someone needs to make a blue penguin crux bg picture so we can spam it on places like kde-look like all the other distros14:34
luxhdon't know if there is one14:35
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treachwe should replace that penguin with a simple stamp ->"esse, non videri"14:43
treachor something.14:43
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tilmanso i want to hack on gtk14:55
tilmanmeans i need gtk-doc14:55
tilmanit requires docbook xml!!14:55
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schniggieroberth: there ?15:01
tilmanokay, i butchered their autotools setup }:>15:01
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roberthschniggie: here15:10
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schniggieroberth: i did pkgmk -kw but i cannot find a .log file15:31
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roberthschniggie: it should be in work/src/avahi-*/15:43
schniggieroberth: you are right :) here is it ...
roberthDid you run the pre_install script?15:53
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schniggiei have runscripts yes in my prt-get.conf15:57
schniggieand the user is there15:58
roberthpython -c 'import gtk'16:03
roberth(should not print anything)16:04
schniggieTraceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 1, in <module> File "/usr/ports/gnome/pygtk/work/pkg/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/", line 48, in <module>16:05
schniggieImportError: No module named cairo16:05
schniggieok i think i should rebuild pycairo16:07
roberthIf that doesn't work, rebuild cairo and pango too.16:09
schniggienice worked16:12
schniggiethx roberth16:12
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seekwillHowdy. Was wondering if anyone was able to get vmware server installed in crux. It's not listed as a supported distro, so I figured I'd ask first.16:24
j^2yeah it's possible16:26
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rehabdollxv is b0rked on my tv with xorg-server 1.3 :(18:28
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Phoulis there a decent pdf viewer?... lol19:27
plundraxpdf rules!19:31
DaViruzi kind of like foxit reader. it's under a proprietary license tough19:31
nipuLi used epdfview19:36
nipuLit's like evince without the gnome dependencies19:36
rehabdollgod i hate cups deps. why does everyone assume i use a printer? :)19:37
jaegerwell, at least that's easy to work around19:43
jaegeryou can always overlay your own ports without the deps19:43
rehabdollyeah, i am19:43
rehabdollbut its annoying :)19:43
nipuLso is winging about dependencies19:44
* surrounder runs19:45
nipuLmake -DWITHOUT_CUPS all install clean19:45
surrounderrespect nipuL19:46
surrounderI wish I were you :<19:46
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PhoulI couldnt get xpdf to work. it kept erroring on compile20:29
*** ___mavrick61 is now known as ____mavrick6120:31
nipuLPhoul: what is the error?21:50
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PhoulnipuL: some shit about C stuff22:07
jaegerthat's not particularly helpful22:08
PhoulYeah i know, Im not worried about it cuz i removed it lol22:08
Phoulhow would i impliment the make -DWITHOUT_CUPS all install clean22:13
PhoulCuz i dont use a printer either & i hate cups =\22:13
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Phoulmeh nvm got it :P22:17
nipuLthat was just a joke22:24
nipuLin response to USE="-cups"22:24
Phoulyeah i know :P22:30
Phoulthats gentoo :P22:30
nipuLyeah and what I said was FreeBSD ports22:36
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