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pitillogood morning01:01
pitillogood morning01:01
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sepenthrice`, what about your ati driver? xD05:11
sepenthrice`, Im using prt-get update -f `prt-get quickdep ati`; gl-select xorg; gl-select ati05:12
sepenit seems that all work fine05:12
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rxiprologic: what tv tuner do you have?07:59
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prologicrxi, I have a Hauppauge PVR-150 atm08:19
prologicI'll be purchasing a Dvico at some point though08:19
rxiprologic: sweet .. i just borrowed a pvr-150 just trying to get it workin in linux08:20
jaegerrxi: should work well, they're very popular08:20
jaegerI have a pvr-350, basically the same08:21
prologicyeah it should work very well08:21
prologicthey're wonderful tuners08:21
rxiyeah theres plenty of howtos out there08:21
deus_exjdolan: Do you still maintain jack and xscreensaver from opt?08:21
deus_exIf you do, I can send you diffs that update both to latest versions(current xscreensaver is quite old).08:22
rxiprologic: did you need to install the ivtv-firmware before you could get yours working?08:23
rxiahh thats the bit i missed then08:23
Romsterdeus_ex, jack is in contrib08:27
Romsterand xscreensaver is in contrib too since jue kicked them out of opt i've taken over of them in contrib.08:28
deus_exHmm... result of 'prt-get path jack' is  '/usr/ports/opt/jack'08:31
deus_exMy opt repo must be broken somehow, then?08:32
rehabdollare you still running on 2.2 perhaps?08:33
rehabdollin opt too?08:33
deus_exIt must be that hacked rsync driver I have(so I can run ports -u as non-root).08:34
rehabdolldoes opt/jack return if you delete and run ports -u too?08:36
* deus_ex does a sane thing, for a change, and reinstalls rsync driver08:37
deus_exLet me check.08:37
Romsterdeus_ex, well it arn't syncing why not jsut set the normal on to gid?08:38
Romsterdeus_ex, you'll have to remove jack and install jack-audio-connection-kit same thing right name.08:38
deus_exSince doesn't list jack in opt, I seriously fscked something up.08:42
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deus_exEven if I run ports -u as root, jack isn't removed from opt.Hm...I'll wipe opt and recheck it.08:46
Romsterits not in opt anymore...08:48
Romsterits in contrib as jack-audio-connection-kit08:48
deus_exYes, I know.08:48
Romsterdeleate your /usr/ports/opt and retry..08:49
Romsterrebuild ports if need be..08:49
Romsteror reinstlal the one off the install cd.08:49
deus_exThe one off..what from install cd?I don't understand what are you saying.I checked out fresh copy of opt, I'll check for orphaned ports, if any.that's it.08:53
deus_exI have updated jack port in my repo, anyway.08:53
deus_exRomster: Btw, latest xscreensaver is at 5.02, so you might wanna update your port in contrib :)08:54
Romsteri have O_o08:55
Romsterprt-get info xscreensaver08:55
RomsterVersion:      5.0208:55
Romsterdeus_ex, your pc is fscked up...08:55
Romsterlook in contrib git i've done it a few days ago08:56
deus_exI must've missed it, I don't update contrib daily, only core/opt.Sorry :)08:58
* deus_ex runs ports -u contrib08:58
Romsteri update all repos once a day.08:59
Romsteri use ck4up i see when all ports alter, but i missed one that jue pointed out yesterday as it wasn't in ck4up.conf :/09:00
Romsterhas since been rectifyed09:00
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tilmanj^2: listened to the new dark tranquillity yet?10:20
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j^2tilman: nope :(12:13
j^2but i did get Forever Faithless12:13
j^2dunno if it's any good12:13
thrice`jaeger, I noticed you added gimp-print to the deps list of gimp; a newer version is out, as well12:24
jaegerre-added, actually12:25
thrice`er, right :)12:25
jaegerI'll check it out, thanks12:25
rugekViper_: got my mail?12:28
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pT1Bonsoir, need to make room in my ports dir. Is there a way to (recursively) clean the ports-tree?14:20
teKfind /usr/ports -name '*#*.tar*' -exec rm {} \; ?14:21
jaegertry prtwash from prt-utils, or do it manually14:21
pT1Find with options is what I do. Prtwash sounds interesting. THx teK and jaeger14:23
pT1Oh, and another thing (compl. different) I notice on shutdown is a hangup notive (line 20) from rc.shutdown. Any ideas?14:24
pT1(f..k) hangup notice....14:24
jaegerno idea on that14:26
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pT1On a similar install (2.3) i do not get that notice...Have f'ed up something, I guess ;-)14:28
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jdolandeus_ex, i dont maintain anything anymore =/17:23
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Phoulhey guys17:54
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Phoulalsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device21:03
Phouldoes that make any sense21:03
PhoulI had to do a reinstall & now alsa doesnt like me21:03
PhoulBut now i know my ports work on a fresh install :P21:12
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Phoulhey, just a quicky. I submitted my crux ports tree 4 days ago & i still havent gotten a reply.... Is this bad?..22:23
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