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pitillogood morning00:58
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Romsterhi pitillo03:59
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pitillohey Romster :)04:05
Romsterwhats new?04:06
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pitilloummm working a bit... preparing a migration at work and keeping my few ports without review since last week04:07
pitilloand how are you?04:07
Romsterah k i'm good i've got ck4up setup to tell me when something needs updating when i check, saves alot of time.04:09
pitillosure.... I do it by hand... checking url to see if there are news04:10
pitilloruby deps.... taking a look to it04:10
Romsteryeah setup ck4up then i just run ck4up then if anything comes up as a diff then i check it out.04:11
Romstersaves looking at them all manually.04:11
pitilloI am installing it to take a look04:11
Romsterworks well :D04:11
pitilloI thought that script was yours... :)04:16
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Romsternah its not mine :P04:19
Romsternot that one..04:19
pitilloyeah I see it :)04:20
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pitilloanyone can recommend me some webcam well supported model?05:18
pitillowell, I think the logitec can be a good option. (only want to know if someone has experience with this, sorry if I bore someone)05:21
jjpkI have not used a webcam with linux, sorry :(05:21
pitillohere is the first time... and not for me. But I hope it can give me a bit of knowledge :)05:23
luxhbah. i hate sourceforge05:45
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jjpkluxh: let me guess, mirror hell05:58
luxh302 Found06:00
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luxhhad to download the tar ball manually06:00
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Romsterpitillo, i use a logitech too and there is qc-usb driver in contrib for it.07:19
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surrounderpkgutils 5.30.0-1 fails to build here, more people have that problem ?07:30
luxhdo you have libarchive installed?07:32
surrounderah no, will try it again...thanks :)07:34
surrounderluxh: works now, thanks :)07:37
mike_kshould prt-get have a 'dumbnslow' mode (enabled by default) to recalculate deps even before upgrading a package? =)07:39
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jjpkmike_k: :D07:51
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pitilloRomster, nice, I was reading about support and seems there is. I did not took a look to that port but sure I will do. I will not use it because is another distro but sure I can get help from it. Thank you :)08:43
Romsterpitillo, your welcome.08:44
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sepenViper_, thanx por the repo change!09:45
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tilmanarnuld again10:16
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tilmanand again10:27
aongod damnit, the place i use for hosting netpbm tarballs is down10:27
aoncouldn't we have a so normal people wouldn't have to see that stuff?10:28
tilmanis that a long term problem @netpbm?10:29
aonwell, they don't make anything except ultra-stable tarball releases anymore10:30
aonso i've been co'ing it and putting it on the school server10:31
aoni don't want stuff like that to depend on my own bandwidth10:31
aonbut the people there seem awfully reluctant to kick the server back up10:31
aonand i don't go there pretty much at all anymore10:31
tilmancould probably put it on
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tilmannow he's mailing me in private :x10:39
jjpkTo quote your infamous yell, jesus motherfucker!10:41
aontilman: is$user/ only for "platinum members"? ;)10:42
tilmanno idea10:42
tilmanaon: you don't have shell access yet?10:42
jjpkI love those footprint mismatch "problems"10:43
jjpkThe answer is almost right under your nose, but no.10:43
aontilman: n0pe10:43
tilmanjaeger: do you know what the policy is wrt shell access?10:44
aontilman: or well, i don't know, at least i haven't been informed where to login10:44
aon(obviously not
tilmanaon: "core" doesn't imply shell access, btw10:44
jaegerI'm not sure there IS a policy. not even core people all have accounts10:44
tilmanjaeger: could we give aon access so he can put netpbm tarballs on
jaegerI personally don't have a problem with it; I think sip is the person to talk to for the server stuff these days10:46
tilmangawd that arnuld guy10:50
tilmanreplies to my font stuff:10:50
tilmani have same settings: [different settings here]"10:51
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surrounderpst, wanna buy a netsplit?10:53
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tilmansurrounder: i'll take two10:53
surrounderspecial prize for you!10:53
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jjpkThis is just great. People might not be illiterate, they just do not understand what they are reading.12:37
tilman"i will try the solution proposed by "Mayer" [...]"12:39
tilmansays ""arnuld""12:39
thrice`on the crux ml ?12:40
jjpkReinventing the wheel is hot this season.12:41
thrice`man, arnuld is having lots of problems12:41
thrice`poor guy :)12:41
thrice`wow, that's terrible - he even quotes the answer from the FAQ!12:44
aondid you look at this already:
tilmanof course not12:44
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tilman"yes i came from selling into programming, the day i watched "Hackers" on HBO"12:45
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jjpkMaybe I should watch that film and become a C programmer overnight!12:48
tilman/nick acidburn12:48
aon/nick lordnikon13:00
tilmanfinally, i thought nobody got that13:00
aoni was watching the simpsons13:00
j^2 /nick crashdown13:00
tilmanwasn't it crash override?13:00
aonit's crash override!13:00
tilmanj^2: you fail13:01
j^2i fail at cursing too :(13:01
* j^2 goes to his corner13:01
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tilmanj^2: you can always claim that it's really early where you are13:05
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j^2aon: always undermining me eh? :P13:06
tilman1 pm *is* really early13:07
tilmanwow, my watch is late!13:07
aonmine is a bit early13:08
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j^2...i dont wear a watch :(13:08
aon :)13:09
tilmanBerlin, Berlin, Germany13:09
tilmanBerlin is the capital of Germany13:09
tilmanThe native name of Germany is Deutschland13:09
tilmanaon: but i guess it's helpful for strange cities in burkina faso13:09
aonOuagadougou, Burkina Faso13:11
aonOuagadougou is the capital of Burkina Faso13:11
tilmanmaybe not in burkina faso13:11
aonthe weather is "extremely hot" there13:11
aonin helsinki it's "cool"13:12
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j^2arent all fins "cool?" :P13:12
tilmanSunny. Mild. in berlin13:12
tilman"comfort level"13:13
tilmanWeather provided by CustomWeather, copyright 200713:13
aonfins are mostly underwater, so i guess they are rather cool usually13:13
tilmanhehe, customweather13:13
aonthat didn't make any sense13:13
aoni guess water is actually warm somewhere sometimes13:13
tilmanare you saying finnland is < 0m?13:14
tilmanwhy are finns mostly underwater then?13:14
aoni was making fun of the way some people put the wrong amount of n's in finn and finland13:14
tilmanthe inside joke failed13:14
morlenxustilman: You live in Berlin?13:16
RyoSmorlenxus: SIDO lives there :p13:23
tilmanmorlenxus: nope13:31
jaegerthat's funny, he mentions a book a friend of mine wrote on his blog13:36
mike_kI'm having trouble updating 'contrib.git' Even 'git clone' stops at indexing 51% (while core.git was cleanly cloned)14:20
mike_khmm, stoped 3 times at that point. is finally finished now.14:28
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Phoulnew irssi will be in my repo withen the hour if anyone is interested =)16:22
jkrThere's a new irssi??16:24
PhoulYes sir =)16:25
Phoul.11 fixes the segfaults n shit16:25
Phoulk its up ^_^16:29
jkrWhy don't you just wait for the opt-port to be updated? ;)16:30
PhoulCuz i didnt wanna wait and i had free time16:30
jkrIt's just renaming .10 to .11 and removing the patch16:30
Phoul& other things16:30
Phouli will most likely remove irssi and use the opt one when it gets put in16:31
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Romstermorning all17:32
RomsterPhoul, make a patch with $ diff -pruN irssi.orig irssi > irssi.patch; and email ehte maintainer if you like if its not jsut a version bump and removing the patch.17:40
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surrounderok, noobish question alert; how do I recompile everything that depends on gtk ?20:08
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Romstersurrounder, prt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep gtk`20:43
Romsteris mighty mena though might be best to use revdep and rebuild onle whats broken20:43
surroundergreat! thanks a lot :)20:46
Romstersurrounder, your welcome.20:48
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Romsterdosn't look like i can downlaod libpcre which should be named pcre as thats what the tarball is labeled as..23:43

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