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pitillogood morning00:56
pitilloRomster, morning. Did you take a look to the quickcam kernel module instead of using spca5xx source module (like you did in the qc-usb port)?00:59
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pitillomorning luxh01:14
Romsterpitillo, i looked but dunno if its useable01:24
Romsterbeen using qc-usb since kernel version or what was on crux 2.101:24
pitilloRomster, I used it yesterday in ubuntu. Not sure if the spca5xx can give more quality or better performance.01:24
Romsterit worked on quickcams?01:25
pitilloRomster, yes, only modprobe quickcam and got it working.01:25
RomsterID 046d:0870 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Express01:25
Romsteryeah with qc-usb but the one in the kernel01:26
pitilloI can not make sure it is the same, is other computer and it pluged off, but seems the same01:26
pitillobrbrbr... I need a coffe. I lost some words at that sentece xD01:26
Romsteri'm on kernel atm haven't bothered to update it tis working ok.01:27
Romsterhehe, i just made a coffee and eating peanuts01:27
pitilloRomster, oki, I think I will read about. But was quite easy to setup01:27
pitillopeanuts? trying to translate....01:27
Romstertype of nut01:28
Romsterlike almonds hazel nuts, etc.01:28
pitilloyeah, monkeyfood01:28
pitillointeresting mix.... mix and peanuts...01:28
pitillopffff.... coffe and peanuts sorry xD01:29
Romsterlol yeah i got peckish and saw peanuts in the cubbard01:29
Romsterso i thought why not01:29
Romsteruseally nuts go good with beer.01:29
Romstergo get ya coffee hehe :D01:30
pitillogot it, but not sure if it will correct my spelling xD01:33
luxhbah, coffee machine is too far away :(01:35
pitillohere is near... next week will be far :(01:36
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Romsterluxh, thats a pain :/02:00
Romsterpitillo, not that far away really is thursday now :/02:01
pitilloRomster, for me this is a looong week... it will finish next week's friday :( ( the enterprise is moving)02:02
namenloshi, is here anyone using linux 2.6.21?02:09
Romster21 already O_o02:15
Romsterwonder that they have changed now.02:15
namenlosi only got an article on
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Romsterhi rxi02:37
rxihey Romster02:39
rxiyou play 2up yesterday?>02:39
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namenloshi, someone got an idea which devices alsamixer tries to access?05:45
rxicard 005:46
namenlosi've set the permissions of /dev/{dsp,mixer,sequencer}* to a+rw05:46
namenloshm, i got not /dev/card005:46
rxithere is no card005:46
rxialsamixer --help05:46
rxior man alsamixer05:47
namenlosyes, i overflight this one, but i think the problem is somewhere with the permissions...05:49
rxiwell running it as root you wont get a permission error05:51
namenlosyes, this is why i think that it's the permissions...05:51
namenlosis there a program which shows me which files another program ties to access?05:55
pitillonamenlos, strace or lsof ...05:56
namenlospitillo: thanks. i think, i found the problem...05:58
pitillonice :)05:58
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Romsternamenlos, all the stuff in /dev is set by permissions in udev06:41
Romsteralso you need a audio group06:41
namenlosRomster: yes, it was the problem with the audio group... it's now working.06:42
Romsterk :)06:42
Romsterbeen there before myself :)06:42
Romsterquite frustrating..06:42
Romsterspecasily when ya listen to music like i do06:43
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namenlosyes. now i'm fighting with mpd ;)06:49
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Romsternamenlos, good luck i have't messed with mpd07:33
namenlosRomster: well, mpd runs, but i don't hear anything...07:33
Romsterah output settings?07:34
Romsterset to alsa /dev/dsp ?07:34
Romsterhw(0,0) :/07:36
Romsteris in my player.07:36
namenloswell, i haven't set one, and mpd says it automatically detects one...07:36
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Romsterhmm does any sounds work?07:37
namenlosi installed mpd to test the sounds ;)07:37
namenlosok, next problem ibm_acpi... somehow i set it to mute, but i cant unmute it again...07:38
namenlosi start believing, my pc hates me...07:38
Romsterodd.. try cating a wav file to the sound device?07:42
namenlosman, i think, i stop for today... my sound devices are gone...07:47
Romstergone hrmm run /sbin/udevtrigger07:49
Romsterthen check07:49
Romsterlsmod and see if alsa is loaded too..07:49
namenlosyes, i loaded them again...07:49
Romsterheh guess you got soemthing else not right :/07:51
namenloswell, somewhere there must be the failure (might be in front of the pc)... alsamixer is working, i'm in the correct group, mpd seems to be setup correctly...07:53
namenlosonly this ibm acpi shit pisses me off. a view months ago thest volume buttons where working...07:54
namenlosand now they don't do anything.07:54
namenlosbut thanks for your help. i think i got to find out on my own...07:55
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mike_kI'm trying to make an ssh login during instal,l just after "setup-chroot; passwd; nano /etc/fstab ;nano /etc/hosts.allow" commands08:11
mike_kand get "Server refused to allocate pty", which is related to /dev/pts (according to google)08:12
namenlosRomster: how it works.08:12
mike_khowever, devpts is enabled and bibded from the install iso. any ideas?08:13
Romstermike_k, update from crux 2.1 or 2.2 ?08:26
mike_kclean install (2.3)08:26
Romsterah clean08:26
mike_kon a qemu/kvm =)08:26
Romsterhrmm should be working...08:26
Romsterafter setup and editing you gotta reboot the qemu08:27
Romstershould just work then...08:28
mike_kI need ssh as qemu serial redirection (-nographic) makes editing configs a terrible thing08:28
mike_kit result in screen being filled with "serial8250: too much work for irq4"08:29
jaegeryou could do the entire install via ssh with the updated ISO08:29
RedShiftmike_k: use dmesg -n to control what messages get printed on your terminal08:30
mike_kRedShift: ah, nice!08:32
mike_kanyway, AFAIK I did such remote logins during install nicely with 2.208:33
mike_kjaeger: just to much work for this little experiment. and it doesn't solves the catch...08:33
jaegernot sure what you mean... how would that not solve it?08:38
mike_kI mean, I'd have possibility to ssh (after spending some time on modifying iso), but I would not have a possibility to use ssh with vanilla 2.3 instal iso (next time)08:40
jaegeryou wouldn't need to a) do any modification, or b) use the vanilla iso again08:41
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mike_ka) than I can not get what you mean by the  'updated ISO'  b) mostly true  c) the problem remains08:43
jaegerthe updated ISO is an ISO I maintain that has a few differences from the official one08:44
jaeger1) it has updated packages08:44
jaeger2) it uses an initramfs setup that allows ssh installs and unmounting the CD08:44
jaegerthose are the important ones, at least in this case08:44
mike_kjust can't get used to the new name/staus of your ISO08:46
jaegerif you want to see what I mean, I made a flash recording of the ssh install availability here -
thrice`jaeger: have you tried thunderbird 2 yet ?08:53
jaegernot yet08:53
thrice`alright; mine sorta lags when scrolling messages, and was curious if it was only my setup or not :)08:54
jaegerI'll build it and see08:55
thrice`no big deal; thanks though08:55
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namenloshi, anyone knows a console program to listen to webradio?10:46
namenlostilman: ok, thx, i'll try that one.10:47
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jjpknamenlos: cmus, mplayer10:56
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namenlosjjpk: i was asking on #mpd, and it seems, that it is supported...10:57
jjpkYeah it is. mpc add <url to .pls>10:58
namenlosjjpk: wow, this is pretty easy... thx10:59
jjpkThat is the only way I was able to get it working, no client worked for me.10:59
jjpkFound that information on mpd's wiki.10:59
jjpkEven then it was very unclear because they only offered a bash script, so I looked how it was done.11:00
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namenlosjjpk: wow, works fine. ripping the streams with streamripper and then recasting them locally and listening to them via mpc ;)11:04
jjpkHehe, as long as it works ;)11:05
tilmani started hacking an gtk app11:11
tilmanfound a bug in gtk11:11
tilmannow i'm hacking on gtk11:11
aonthat's what they want you to do :)11:22
tilmani already got 3 points in gnome's bugzilla ;)11:23
tilmantheir bugzilla setup is pretty cool anyway11:24
tilmangzid_proto.h   9 years11:25
tilmanalso, actually using raktpdf shows how sucky it is11:28
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jaegerhaha, nice11:31
j^2looks kinda fallac...granted i dont think a woman would ever use lisp11:33
jaegeraliens in my PC?!11:36
tilmanthat's almost as worse as spiders behind the desk!11:38
tilmaneek eek11:38
jaegeralienth! thpiderth! obligatory lisp joke!11:39
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jjpkGreenpeace protesting again? :D12:20
aonmaan ystävät, rather12:20
jjpkThe image is too blurry to read the sign :s12:22
aoni think one dude i know is in the pic now12:22
jjpkDoesn't look likt it has gathered much of a response out there.12:23
aonnothing does12:23
jjpkI think the current proposed alternatives to generate electricity are not really powerful enough.12:24
tilmanlike hamsters in a wheel?12:25
tilmaniirc that worked pretty well in DOTT12:25
jjpkSolar panels and wind turbine farms, for one.12:25
jjpkThey only work under the right conditions, and the necessary conditions can be too unpredictable.12:26
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Phoulanyone know a good place with some nice backgrounds that dont have a GNOME or KDE logo on it13:04
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RyoS20:04:05 < Phoul> anyone know a good place with some nice backgrounds that dont have a GNOME or KDE logo on it <- google =)14:04
aonxsetroot -solid black14:06
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luxhxsetroot -solid "#222" here14:09
j^2iptables line to drop/reject private addresses?14:22
aonluxh: nice, but looks annoying under the black terminals :/14:22
aonj^2: no idea14:22
j^2-s ?14:23
j^2aon: :( ok14:23
luxhaon: yeah, i have it as terminal background color too14:25
jaegerj^2: 10.0.0/8,,
j^2ah nice thanks14:29
surrounderjaeger: in your id3 port you should change 0.12 into 0.15, 0.12 is not on that site anymore :)14:39
jaegerdidn't think anyone actually used that, heh14:40
jaegerwhat do you use it for?14:41
surrounderno idea, was a dep for something14:41
surroundercdrkit I think14:41
jaegerupdated it14:43
surroundercoolcool :)14:44
jkrWheee! Updates!14:44
j^2seem some of my machince like sending packets to
luxhthat's an odd address ;)14:48
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j^2that's the best i can explain it with14:48
jkrHehe, are you watching CSI j^2?14:48
j^2jkr: hehe ->> telnet uberl33th@x.er14:49
j^2login: root14:49
j^2password: GOD14:49
jkrWhen they hunt l33t hackers, they always have IPs like 310.27.901.33.110914:49
jkrAnd they do cool things like ping/traceroute authentication14:50
j^2hey, nero did nmap :D14:50
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j^2that's the odd addy15:02
j^2queer ass windown15:20
luxhoutdated and expired :)15:22
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RedShiftOctober 28, 199915:56
RedShiftmicrosoft does employ something similar though15:57
RedShiftwindows workstations go look for other windows workstations and cache whatever they have shared like printers and shared folders15:57
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j^2715517 :D i just learned what it was :P16:15
Phoulenlighten me16:20
Phoulwtf is 71551716:20
j^2@google 71551716:22
clbj^2: Search took 0.05 seconds: 715517 .biz™ - Etusivu: <>; 715517 :: Ryhmän ohjauspaneeli: <>; 715517 ja bizit: <>; JGI T. (Fugu) rubripes v4.0 Browse: <>; Pennytel Call and Credit problems - PennyTel (1 more message)16:22
j^2it's boobies in l33t :D16:24
Phoulhow is a 5 an o16:24
Phoulthat doesnt make sense rofl16:24
j^2it's swedish :D16:24
PhoulHeres a interesting question16:25
PhoulIf your girlfriend kisses your eyes when you tell her they burn, Does this mean shes really kind or just flat out freak16:25
j^2...well if you say it burns when you pee...does she kiss it? :D16:28
PhoulI need to try16:29
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Phoulapparently atleast over the phone the answer is yes16:30
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Phoulyep :D16:35
PhoulIts funny to have people try and sell you on a distro16:36
PhoulA friend of mines trying to get me to join the green side =\16:36
j^2it's all a religious war... everyone has factions they asociatate themselves with16:37
j^2could be cars, could be distros, hell even beer16:38
PhoulIts still funny to watch16:38
PhoulThey are trying to bribe me with the mascot even xD16:38
Phoul"Its got a lizard!!" "Well crux has a blue penguin, Suck on that"16:39
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Phoulgod i need to get out more17:46
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