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pitillogood morning01:03
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Roomsterhi pitillo03:36
pitillohey Roomster03:38
luxhhm, eat now or wait 1,5 h03:39
plundraluxh: Are you located in Ronneby? Then please, do eat now and share it... :)03:51
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luxhhaha, i'm afraid i'm not ;)03:53
plundraDarn it :P03:55
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pitillothe best way to say things... good explanation at ML.04:21
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jjpkzomg, that ML poster just will not get it :D05:59
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onestephi everyone ;)06:35
onestepI need assistance :)06:35
onestephow to quickly update xfce4 and all of its dependencies?06:35
rxiprt-get update xfce4?06:35
onestepI'll try06:36
onestepno way06:36
onestepit just updates xfce4 metapacket06:36
onesteperr, metapackage :)06:36
jjpkprt-get update -fr `prt-get quickdep xfce4` might do the trick.06:37
pitilloprt-get install 'prt-get quickdep xfce4'06:37
rxiahh yeah good point06:37
jjpkNotice the backticks after -fr.06:37
pitilloummmm, yeah update not install, soory.06:37
onestepjjpk, tnx06:37
jjpkNo problem :)06:38
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onestepjjpk, -fr = force recompiling? :)06:42
jjpkI don't know, never used it myself.06:42
pitilloforce-rebuilding :P06:42
rxiyeah force rebuild06:43
onestepoops, this can take a lot of time :)06:43
rxiit will rebuild the deps if they are new or not06:43
pitilloIt is a good idea to see the quickdeps output... because you will rebuild  a lot... May be using it and rebuilding the necesary by prt-get update -packages-really-needed-to-rebuild can be a good choice, instead of the prt-get update 'prt-get quickdep xfce4'06:45
rxior you could use sysup06:45
onestepsusup is overkill :)06:45
onestepanyway, -fr is generally a good idea06:46
pitillobut take a look to the output of prt-get quickdep xfce4 .... you will see lot of stuff there06:48
pitillomay be is not needed all that stuff to be rebuilt06:48
pitillo(sorry but I can not explain it better)06:49
jjpkLook at the output of prt-get quickdep xfce4, then only update xfce4 packages06:49
jjpkUnless there are updated system packages, there is no reason to rebuild them.06:50
onestepok, that was the task :)06:50
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pitillojjpk, that is the point, sorry my shit explanation xD06:55
jjpkDon't worry about it, it made sense to me at least.06:56
onestephere come problems... :(07:00
onestepI've broken lots of stuff by upgrading expat07:00
jjpkYou have to recompile everything that depends on expat.07:00
onestepnot a pleasant perspective... but there's no choice :)07:02
jjpkTrue :|07:07
* rxi stabs freevo with a rusty blunt object07:12
rxiprologic: do you know where xmltvau stores the data file?07:13
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tilman"XtreemOS" o_O07:43
tilman> Just waitin' for the Full Metal Jacket Scheduler, where procs "are all equally worthless".07:50
jjpkSomewhat followed the heated discussions about schedulers.07:53
jjpkIt is getting overly territorial to say the least :D07:54
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onestepjjpk, full rebuild finished... :)08:15
onestepnow I'm gonna search for apps that use expat08:15
onestepBTW, I've got an idea - maybe ln -s is enough?08:16
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luxhhehe, the daily arnuld-mails :-)08:38
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Romsterarnuld... where did that person crawl out from..09:40
luxhthe dark and filthy gentoo cave i think09:54
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Romsterlooks like it..10:02
Romsterand i thought i was bad :/10:02
j^2maybe if we wish him away he'll be like...what his name, G-something or other..the guy why we made crux-ot10:26
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Phoul Ohh thats bloody perfect -_- just after i get my ports up i think the dude is changing his hosting plan rofl10:59
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aonj^2: galisus?11:11
j^2hey yep!11:32
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luxhjaeger: hi, i found another package depending on x11, opt/mplayer13:08
jaegerso it does... thanks13:09
sepenluxh, you can use prt-get.aliases13:09
jaegershouldn't need to in this case13:09
luxhi already have a 'xorg: x11' in there :)13:14
luxhhm, shouldn't 'prt-get depends mplayer' show x11 as "provided by xorg" then?13:27
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ZarephathHow much trouble is Crux to install on a powerpc G4 dual 1ghz with a ATI 9600 64MB?18:06
ZarephathIs it pretty much hassle free?18:06
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Phoulconsidering crux is i686 optimized.... i would say it would go pretty much like hell18:19
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RomsterPhoul, there is a PPC version of CRUX on the site :/ in the links21:18
Romsterand afternoon all i just woke up21:18
rxihey Romster21:19
Romsterhi rxi21:20
Romsteri'm trying to make a policy of getting up at noon everyday :P21:20
Romsteri'm such a night time person.21:20
rxilol somehow my boss wouldnt see the funny side of that :P21:21
Romstergdk-pixbuf ..... diff < funky ck4up that hasn't changed since 2002 :/21:23
Romsterlol why not?21:23
Romsterwhat are you doing anyways rxi if you told me i probbly have forgot.21:24
rxicos i start at 8.45 and if i rocked up at 12.45 he'd be a little pissed off :P21:24
rxilocal pc tech21:24
PhoulIf i ever own a buisness im gona not have day shifts rofl21:25
Romsterrxi, ah21:25
Romsterwell i work with bands and useall start to setup wequipment at 2pm and after the show get home at 4am or so...21:26
Romsterand computer tech stuff i do self employed so i do afternoons to late.21:27
Romsterand i repair/build electrical gear and i do that when i'm most alert and can think.21:27
Romsteri'm mainly a electronics tech, but got more into computers over the years21:28
rxihehe yeah dont wanna play with 240v at 5am :P21:28
Romstergood at sound and lighting engenner too.21:28
Romsterno thanks :D21:28
Romsteri've worked on devices with upto about 27,000 volts in them but most are low current so would give a nasty shock but not fatial21:29
Romsterneeds the current behind it to be deadly.21:29
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Phoulperhaps i should have you speak with my father sometime rofl21:30
PhoulA while back he decided he would take apart a heater with it plugged in21:30
Romstermicrowaves are deadly for that 2000 volts at over half a amp is more deadly than 240v21:30
Romsterlol thats cleaver..21:31
Phoulno shit21:31
Phoul"no no son i know what im doing"21:31
Romsterdidn't goto the hospital?21:31
Phoulwasnt as bad as a shock as i thought it would have21:31
PhoulBut he never did it again21:32
Phouldamn stupid old man rofl21:32
rxiRomster: friend of mine accidently got hit by a flyback transformer21:32
Romsteri've had a few shocks nothing bad though..21:32
Phoulmy favorite thing about old people is how they talk about fixing things21:32
Romsterrxi, those bite...21:32
rxisaid it threw him across the room21:33
Phoul"first you put the dohickey into the thingamabob and presto lights on car starts"21:33
Romsterpicture tubes can store about 0.5 jule (half a watt for 1 second or more likely a few watts for a fraction of a second) at like 20,000 or higher volts)21:34
rxiyeah i know have a bit of kick21:34
RomsterPhoul, yeah thats funny when they talk like that21:34
Phouli need something to do rofl21:34
rxibut he's also the one who hangs onto electric fences21:34
PhoulRomster: lol its funny when they talk like that but they arnt talking about anything mechanical =\21:34
Romsteri heard one of the likes.. we'll put the antikabobulator there. pointing to a spot....21:35
Romstersome one might ask whats a antikabobulator?21:35
Romsterthere reply if they doanswer it, nothing21:35
Phoulold people are fun to laugh at, Dangerous to work with21:35
Romsterthere likely not gonna answer it so ya ask others and make yaself look liek a idiot21:36
Romsterwhen you do work it out. or get told later.21:36
RomsterPhoul, some are dangerious to work with, i've got a few mates that are well expeareanced.21:36
PhoulThats like... This kid i used to go to school with... we where fixing a mac and he decided to replace the ram with it running....21:37
PhoulDid somethin a little wrong and somethin caught fire while i was out of the room21:37
Romsterlol what the ...21:38
Phoulthats what i thought21:39
PhoulBut then i rememberd who i was working with =\21:39
Romsterfor one it wouldn't be hot swap ram in a mac...21:39
Phoulthis dude got fired from his job cuz he didnt unscrew the mobo before trying to take it out21:39
rxistill shouldnt catch fire21:39
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Romsterand 2 how did ya mnage to make it catch on fire..21:39
Romsterrxi, yeah :/21:39
PhoulHe kept pokin shit with the screw driver21:39
Phouli know it wasnt the hot swap21:40
PhoulBut like...21:40
Phouli remember him bringin the mobo in to school the day after he ripped it out of some poor persons computer by accident21:40
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Phoul"i forgot they had screws!"21:40
Romsterhe must of poked the 120/240 volts to the mobo somehow.21:40
Romsterthats just silly..21:40
Phoulhe might have even dropped a cigerette in the damn thing rofl, I donno i wasnt in the room. All i know is i came back and he had just got the fire out cuz it was still smoking a little21:40
Romsterif he of looked ya can plainly see them21:41
Romsterlol that would of been a classic...21:41
Phoulit was quite funny21:41
Romstereh pardon the pun21:41
Romstermac classic :/21:41
Phoulit was even funnyer tryin to watch him explain it to the teacher21:41
Phoul"well i like... poked something.... and yeah... boom"21:42
rxiits easy enough to make smoke come from the psu21:42
Romstersome people should not be let near such items.21:42
Romsterrxi, the 120/240 vole selector :P21:42
Phoullol its easy to make it smoke. But how do you fake scorch marks on the case21:42
Romsterlets put it on 120 while its on 240 :P21:42
rxiRomster: lol yeah .. i remember we got a bunch of psu's and the selector was on 110 by default .. took about 4 dead psu's to learn  to check first :P21:43
Phouli need somethin to do rofl.21:43
Romsteri'm actually glad they use ATX supplys now no more 240 to te switch..21:43
PhoulRomster: gimmie somethin to do21:43
RomsterPhoul, you bored?21:45
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Romsterwhat do you do work/study?21:45
Romsteror your inbetween stages for work and study21:45
Romsterhi jaeger21:45
jaegergood evening21:45
Phoulim actually young lol21:46
Phoulim most likely the youngest person in this room :P21:46
rxiRomster: your at portland right21:46
RomsterPhoul, ah and your using crux too21:46
Romsterrxi, in victoria yeah21:46
PhoulIm 15 years old, Highschool.21:46
Romsteri haven't seent he portland in nsw but one exists there too21:46
rxiRomster: hehe we should orgnise a :P21:46
Phoulbeen using linux since i was 921:46
RomsterPhoul, ah21:46
Phoulon and off of course.21:47
Romsterrxi, that would be cool wonder how many aussies there be into crux..21:47
rxinipuL_, prologic, clare, you and me :)21:47
RomsterPhoul, cool i had a commodore64 and apple ][e when i was like 1421:47
Romsterand got my first IBM clone in 1989 i think..21:48
Romsterah i didn't think of nipuL_ , knew of prologic of course, and clare i don't know.21:48
rxishe's in wa i think21:48
Romsterof course i kew your aussie rxi aswell.21:48
Phoulhas anyone here messed with dvorak?21:48
rxiRomster: cos ill be living in melb next year21:49
Romsterwonder if there are any others, not all would be on irc would they21:49
jaegeris this some kind of aussie takeover in the works? :)21:49
rxijaeger: lol no21:49
rxiwe havent got the numbers ... yet :P21:49
RomsterPhoul, no but i wonderif i'd type better on devork21:49
Phoulme too21:49
jaegerPhoul: used to use dvorak but I got tired of changing keymaps all the time since hardly anyone else uses it21:49
Romsterjaeger, nar, not yet lol21:49
rxiPhoul: ive tried the dvorak keymap its useless unless your using it all the time21:49
jaegerI typed much faster with dvorak21:49
PhoulI cant learn dvorak with his keyboard lol21:50
PhoulIts a m$ ergo21:50
Phoulit would be hard to do with this xD21:50
Romsterwe where talking about dumbarse people shocking and catching filre to electrica equipment just before you joined.21:50
jaegerI see the link to australians, naturally21:50
Romsteri might too if i tryed it i've memorised qwerty though.21:51
Romsterrxi sugeste a cruxcon for australia21:51
rxisince i use ~10 different machines each week it wouldnt work for me21:51
Phouljaeger: could you do me a favor?21:51
jaegerI ran into a guy in london who thought I was australian... I don't sound it at all21:51
Romsterdon't really have the numbers though..21:51
Romsterjaeger, odd.21:51
jaegerI thought so, too21:52
Phoul <--- could you check there (its the local computer shop) i wanna get a keyboard that would work with dvorak if i rearanged the keys... i looked at a few but i donno what dvorak even looks like so i donno what style would be the best21:52
rxiPhoul: any "normal" 105 should be ok21:52
jaegeryou could even use it with your ergo... just don't look at the keys21:53
PhoulYes but its split21:53
PhoulWouldnt that make the whole thing pointless?21:53
rxiyeah just change the keymap21:53
jaegerPhoul: definitely not. you'll learn to type better if you don't look at the keyboard all the time21:54
jaegersure, you might need to as you start learning, but not for long21:54
Romsteryeah change th keymap and ignore the keys or pop them off and rearange them.21:54
PhoulWell yeah i dont look at they keys when i type but its the fact that since its a ergo its split oddly n such21:54
Romsteri've typed on a keyboard that i've rubed all the letter off the keys and it didn't bother me, anoyed my brothers though...21:55
rxithe split is just for ergonomics not qwerty21:55
Phoulahh yeah thats true21:55
Romstersplit should work on devork to.21:55
PhoulHow would i manage to learn dvorak without keys though xD21:55
jaegeraye, it does21:55
jaegerI typed on an ergonomic keyboard back when I learned dvorak21:55
rxiPhoul: just grab a $10 keyboard and learn with that21:56
jaegerPhoul: tape on letters? memorize the layout first? write on the keys with dry-erase marker21:56
PhoulI could always just print out the keymap and stick it on the wall above my puter21:56
jaegerwhen I was learning, I made bash aliases to switch layouts... asdf to switch to dvorak, aoeu to switch back to qwerty21:58
jaegerin windows, it's even easier - CTRL+SHIFT or something like that... been a while21:58
PhoulBleh screw windows21:58
Phoulcould you pass me those alias's? it would make things much easyer (espessially cuz i donno how to switch keymaps)21:59
Phoulright now im just using the us keymap21:59
jaegerI don't have them anymore but they were something rather simple, like 'loadkeys dvorak'21:59
PhoulLoading /usr/share/kbd/keymaps/i386/dvorak22:00
Phoulinput in flex scanner failed22:00
Romsterbe fun if you used zxcv in devork to switch back as there not in that order in devork :D22:00
jaegerthat was kinda the point of asdf/aoeu22:01
jaegerthe keys are in the same place22:01
Phoulwhats flex scanner =\22:01
Phoulcuz it clearly has a thing against switching22:02
Romsterjaeger, yeah i was jsut thinking of the 'idiot moment of osmeone using a qwerty row of keys to switch out of devork' :D22:04
Romsternot that i'd do that but someone might of.22:04
PhoulYou guys have any idea whats up with that though?22:04
jaegerPhoul: no idea here, sorry22:05
Phouldoes it work for you?22:05
jaegerseems to work by filename22:07
Phoulyet nothing changed?22:07
jaegernot sure. I'm sshed to another machine from windows vista22:07
jaegerso can't really test it adequately at the moment22:08
Romsteri could try but i don't have a devork layout i can use to know where each key is to switch back22:09
Phoulnone of mine changed22:09
Phoulit was still exactly like qwerty22:09
jaegerare you using x or console at the moment?22:10
jaegerloadkeys is for the console22:10
Phouli guess xterm still counts as x eh22:11
Phouli guess for x its xmodmap?22:11
jaegertry setxkbmap22:12
Phoulrtaf yday ,rpt.e22:12
PhoulI need to get the map :P22:13
PhoulIm supprised i could find the letters u & s22:13
jaeger <-- this is where I started years ago... some good links22:13
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Phoulthis is differnt lol :P22:30
jaegerit'll take some getting used to22:30
PhoulI Cant find the period ><22:32
* Romster looks at the site22:33
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Phouli found it!22:46
jaegergood deal22:46
Romsterlmao "<Phoul> I Cant find the period ><" < man thats funny22:47
Phoulthis is hard ><22:47
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Phoulhey morlenxus23:06
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