IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-04-28

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rxiprologic: beautiful soup fais to build on one of my boxes and theres a new version 3.0.4 works fine00:25
rxiversion bump only required00:25
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prologicrxi, thanks02:11
rxithank you :P02:16
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prologicrxi, the website incorrectly states a new version :/02:33
prologicit's the same version 3.0.302:33
rxiahh i checked the downloads section02:36
prologicyeah it's still the same 3.0.3 tarball02:38
prologicI'll wait a few days see what happens02:38
rxithe md5sum for 3.0.3 failed for me i think02:39
prologicI'll clean up my port02:40
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prologicand double check02:40
rxiwell it failed when i -im02:40
prologicit is a new version02:41
prologicthanks :)02:41
prologicnew footprint too02:41
prologicproblems with using a shared packages/sources mount point across all machines :)02:41
rxii use a shared source but not packages02:42
rxisince all my machines are completely different02:42
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prologicI use shared packages too02:42
prologicif it works it works02:42
prologicif it rebuilds it, then it rebuilds it :)02:42
prologick updated02:43
rxisomehow i dont think a ppc package will work on a x86 c2d :P02:48
prologicthat's why all mine are AMD machines02:48
rxilol the beauty of owning different arches02:48
Romsterrxi, hehe03:05
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kieselsteinihi dudes :)04:39
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kieselsteiniwhat is the name of the cool image viewer for linux, which is also capable of setting the X background?04:51
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mrkshi kieselsteini, do you mean feh?04:55
kieselsteinimrks, yes!!! Thanks mrks .... I forgot that name *g04:55
Romsteri use feh most of the time05:01
kieselsteinihehe feh is a cool program....05:02
Romstertoo bad it dosn't support multiple pictures with a forward and back cursor key, or not what i know of, and i don't see a auto zoom option..05:02
kieselsteiniI had to use a Windows system for the last I installed CRUX again and I forgot the name05:02
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Romsterah, prt-get dsearch image :)05:03
mrksRomster: feh ~/pics/*.jpg and cursor left/right works for me05:04
mrksi think feh also have a thumbnail mode05:04
Romsterah maybe i'll look into it more05:06
Romsterin kdea i slected a group of pictures then open with feh05:07
Romstermaybe it didn't parse all the pictures like $ feh i.png 1.png 3.png05:07
mrksautozoom is working in fullscreen mode too05:09
mrksbut for browsing pictures i am using gqview05:10
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diederickHi everyone05:21
diederickI'm having a problem upgrading to 2.3, which I can't seem to solve myself05:21
diedericksetup won't believe me when I tell it I mounted my Crux root on /mnt05:22
diederickit says it doesn't look like a Crux root partition05:22
diederickwhat exactly are the criteria?05:22
Romstermrks, but not in window mode..05:26
Romsterdiederick, do you have seperate partition for /var ?05:27
diederickI mounted it05:27
Romsterwas gonna ask if you mounted them all that it requires :D05:27
diederickI think I followed the instructions to the letter05:28
Romsteri haven't had this problem before you ran chroot-setup05:28
Romster2.2 -> 2.3 ?05:28
Romsterdon't know... has worked for me..05:29
Romsterwould have to look in the script too see its requiremtns i guess05:29
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diederickI think it expects /var/lib/pkg/db in $ROOT where $ROOT is the root parition05:31
diederickI see my fault05:31
diederickI mounted var in the wrong place05:31
diederickstupid me05:32
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diederickthanks Romster05:32
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Romsterdiederick, ah thats why i asked, useally it can't find /var/lib/pkg/db05:57
Romsterfrom forgetting var05:57
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Romstermount /dev/sda3 /mnt/var05:58
diederickyeah, I figured it out06:02
diederickI just misread the documentation06:02
diederickI read /tmp/var instead of /mnt var06:02
diederickad didn't notice06:03
diederickit's working now06:03
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rxigod i hate that .. any svn port that fails even if you use -kw you have to recheckout07:01
tilmandon't they check out into your source dir07:01
Romsterhmm rxi not ones i do i make a snapshot tarball.07:02
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rxitilman: dunno .. just trying to make a port build sucessfully and i have to recheckout after it failed07:03
rxiRomster: good idea07:03
rxiand since im on 64k atm checking out ~15mb is bloody painful07:04
tilmanthen this port is especially sucky07:04
rxiand since im writing it this suprises you? :P07:04
tilmanoh, it's yours07:05
rxihehe yeah07:06
rxiahh since ive put the svn co in the build section07:06
rxithats why it doesnt keep it07:07
rxiRomster: which one of your ports use svn?07:07
tilmanpushd PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR07:07
tilmanmkdir foobar07:07
tilmansvn co whatever foobar/whatever07:08
rxihmm thanks tilman07:08
tilmanplease use snapshots07:08
rxi*looks for another svn port for ideads*07:09
rxihmm han has a simple way of doing might steal his tho there is no snapshoting07:12
tilmanyou can do that07:12
tilmandepends on how lazy you are i guess ;)07:12
rxihehe he just does a test to see if the dir exisits then svn update else svn co07:14
rxiat 10:12pm on a saturday night so id say pretty lazy07:14
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rxithird time lucky i hope07:54
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XATRIX@seen mike_k08:08
clbXATRIX: mike_k was last seen in #crux 1 day, 23 hours, 16 minutes, and 8 seconds ago: <mike_k> nice08:08
clbXATRIX: Error: "maxus" is not a valid command.08:09
XATRIX@seen maxus08:09
clbXATRIX: I have not seen maxus.08:09
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kieselsteiniin which package is that dos2unix tool hidden?08:22
kieselsteiniI need this program for some shell scripts08:22
kieselsteinibut I've not found it08:22
tilmanalias dos2unix='recode ibmpc..latin1`08:22
tilmankieselsteini: so, contrib/recode ;)08:23
kieselsteinithanks man....I was searching nearly half an hour for that :)08:24
tilmancould also use perl instead of recode08:25
tilman#!/usr/bin/perl -pi08:25
Romsterrxi, look at my ffmpeg port thats how i do snapshots, or the file i'm about to send to you is my old method08:28
rxiRomster: cool thanks08:28
surrounderlemonjuice rocks08:31
Romsterrxi, thats my old way before i started todo snapshots like you can see with ffmpeg and x264 in my repo.08:32
Romsterthis is the way i generate a snapshot then jsut bump the version number in the snapshot package.08:33
Romsterthat pkgfile was my old method i went a but nuts with bash then lol08:34
rxiyeah im liking han's way tho .. nice and easy and i dont have to host a file08:34
rxilol yes08:34
Romsterwell that way is a bit mroe complex but it works it saves a tarball in the source directory instead of a directory.08:35
rxiyeah i could follow it08:35
Romsteri moved away to the generate snapshot script and having a saner Pkgfile.08:36
Romsterbut that requires hosting it.08:36
Romsterthe first attempt was a hack on hans method.08:36
Romsterit works quite well08:36
kieselsteinibrb reboot08:37
Romsterdespite the complex looking code08:37
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Romsteri oviously didn't keep the KISS on that one :D08:37
rxilol yeah i was going to say08:37
Romstermy intention was to make it a include file and leave the svn vars in the Pkgfile.08:37
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Romsterso it would work for all packages that need svn/cvs and the rest.08:38
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Romsterbut i never got that far with it, went with the hsot snapshots way.08:38
Romsterits preaty much hans method with a compressed source tarball, and even uses the tarball then does updates from the tarball and if the svn revision hasn't changed it'll use the tarball on its own08:39
Romsterhence my way to avoid redownlaoding all the time and save time with only have alterations from the last revison that was checked out.08:39
rxigod that last svn co was 57mb over 64k :(08:40
Romstertake ya pick what you do. don't know if i should polish it up as a seperate file and incorapate it into pkgmk :/08:40
Romsteromg then use that pkgfile that saves alot of effort.08:41
Romstershould only haev to edit the bits at the top iirc08:41
Romsteryeah edit the rest to make it how you do, and just alter the svn= line08:41
Romstershould work as that i made it to work off the vars.08:42
Romsterso it was as generic as possable.08:42
Romsterthe only thing i didn't finish was select the closeist revision match to use as the base and then checkout updates to what revision you want to use. i probbly could of made it like the kernel does and keep the main and make diffs.08:43
Romstermight even finish that code off and put it as a include, if you think its worth it.08:44
rxiill just use hans one for the moment08:44
Romsterrxi, another option make a copy of the CO and use the copy to make from :P08:44
rxiyeah i did a co just then manually08:44
Romsterrxi, yeah k, that works i've had it in use.08:44
Romsteri just don't know if its got any practicly vale to finishe it and clean it up.08:45
Romstergod my typing and spelling suck...08:45
rxiim sure it would08:46
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Romsterrxi, like i was going to extend it to cvs and what ever else thats used to get files from. the snapshot way is simpler and ports should be checked anyways.08:52
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rxiits getting too late for this stuff08:57
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Romsterheh i do this to like 4am :P09:19
rxiyou werent up at 8.30am09:19
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diederickHi again, after upgrading 2.2=>2.3 I'm doing a prt-get sysup but about two dozen packages fail to compile now09:34
diederickthey all end after error: expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute' before 'extern'09:35
diederickwhat could be going on here?09:35
tilmanwhat packages are those?09:37
diederickall of the xorg packages, firefox, gimp, mc, k3b, netbm, to name a few09:37
diederickthat's netpbm09:37
tilmando you use strange CFLAGS?09:37
diedericknot as far as I know09:38
diederickwhere do I find out?09:39
tilmangrep CFLAGS /etc/pkgadd.conf09:39
tilmanerr, pkgmk.conf09:39
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diederickCFLAGS="-O2 -march=i686 -pipe"09:39
tilmanokay, that's not strange09:40
diederickI'm using gcc from core09:41
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diederickI rejected during update, was that okay?09:41
tilmanof course09:41
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tilmanyour problem has nothing to do with ld09:42
tilmandiederick: can you pastebin the error message?09:42
diederickwhat's that?09:43
diederickpastbin has problems :-(09:48
tilmanuse the one from the topic then09:48
tilmandiederick: /topic :)09:48
tilmanmy point was just that you should use a web based paste service09:49
tilmanrather than paste the stuff into irc09:49
jaegermissing includes09:52
diederickbut ./configure doesn't give errors09:52
tilmanyay for not asking for the complete log immediately09:53
jaegerxorg-xproto, xorg-libx11, xorg-videoproto, looks like09:53
tilmannot your fault, but mine09:53
jaegerand xorg-libxv09:53
diederickshouldn't prt-get sysup sort that out automatically?09:54
tilmanthe drivers don't have dependencies09:54
tilmandid you remove opt/x11?09:54
tilmanit's gone in 2.309:54
diedericknot installed09:54
diedericksays prt-get remove09:55
tilmandid you check that you have the packages jaeger mentioned?09:55
diederickI'll try to compile them09:56
tilmandid you install the xorg/* ports when you were still on 2.2?09:56
tilmanyour system seems to be pretty borked09:56
diederickI did09:56
tilmanso where did xorg-xproto go eg?09:56
diederickwhat's "borked"?09:56
jaegeryou might want to check your deps for xorg and see what else is missing09:57
tilmanoh shit, looks like i start to add dependencies for drivers at one point10:02
tilmanbut i didn't finish it10:02
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rehabdolli should be offended by "borked". its called "trasig" in swedish! :)10:16
tilman"borked" is a swedish word?10:17
tilmani could spell it with a 0 instead, if you prefer ;)10:18
diederickxorg-server's ./configure complains I have no x11 installed10:18
diederickwhat provides x11 for xorg?10:19
tilmanprt-get depinst xorg-server10:19
tilmandiederick: it's probably after xorg-libx11....10:20
jaegerrun 'prt-get depends xorg-server' to see the list10:20
rehabdolli was refering to the "swedish chefs" :)10:20
diederickthings actually compile now10:21
tilmanrehabdoll: ah, wikipedia helped10:22
diederickI did a prt-get remove `ls` in /usr/ports/xorg/ to get rid of all xorg packages10:22
tilman# In Germany the Swedish Chef is Danish and his song is "Smørrebrød, Smørrebrød røm, pøm, pøm, pøm"10:25
tilmanwhacky germans10:25
jkrAfter I updated xorg and some libs, the ati drivers don't work anymore10:26
jkrIs this a known problem?10:27
tilmanrandom of xorg clue: drivers are build for the server. they have nothing to do with libraries usually10:27
jkrIt says "X version mismatch - detected, required
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jkrI already rebuilt the ATI drivers several times and toggled between xorg and ati with gl-select, but nothing helped yet10:28
tilman1.3.0 broke the ABI10:29
tilmanso proprietary drivers are SOL10:29
tilmanor rather, users with those drivers are SOL ;)10:29
tilmanshit out of luck10:29
prologicViper_, are you wanting to keep opt/pycairo ?10:43
prologicIf so, I'm happy to remove contrib/pycairo10:43
Viper_well you have to ask jaegor, he maintains it10:44
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Phoulomg i will never get this11:03
diederickwell, I seem to have deborked my system11:05
prologicViper_, ahh I didn't look to see who maintained it :)11:06
diederickthanks tilman for pointing me in the right direction11:06
tilmandiederick: np :)11:06
Phoultilman: dworak is werid!11:07
tilmanjesus uses qwerty11:09
tilmanif it's good enough for jesus, it should be good enough for Phoul11:10
prologicjesus didn't even have a computer!11:10
prologicbit before his time I think11:11
prologicstill making furniture out of wood :/11:11
Phoulhe had the best puter!11:11
prologicwho needs a computer when you're god!11:12
tilmanjesus isn't god, duh11:13
Phoulhow will i ever get this ><11:14
diederickyou know what's not a good idea?11:15
diederickupgrading crux and taking apart the plumbing of our kitchen on the same saturday11:16
PhoulWhy the hell am i bothering with dvorak =\11:19
PhoulI can already type qwerty fast enough to make up for the fact its a shitty keymap11:19
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jaegeran optimus keyboard would be great for learning dvorak11:41
jaegertoo bad the price is completely insane11:42
Phoulmeh i still wanna get a HHKL211:46
Viper_ Phoul: if you like the HHKL2 try out the Cherry 84-410012:01
Viper_it's cheaper and better in my opinion12:01
jaegerkinda expensive12:02
jaegerbut cheaper, as you say12:02
Viper_yeah more expensive than a normal keyboard :)12:03
jaegeryeah, that's what I meant12:04
jaegerI suppose I can't really complain, though, since I bought that dinovo edge12:04
* surrounder pets his model m12:05
jaeger <-- this is what I usually use, though12:06
surrounderhad that one for 3 years12:06
surrounder - <#12:07
surrounderlike this one a lot better12:07
surrounderultrax is really fragile12:07
jaegerI've never liked model Ms much12:07
surrounderyou have to get used to it indeed12:07
jaegervery solid but I hate the noise12:07
surrounderhehe I love it12:08
jaegermost either love it or hate it, it seems :)12:08
jaegernot many in-between12:08
surrounderindeed :)12:08
surrounderthey're quite hard to find here though12:08
surroundergot lucky with this one12:08
jaegerI really like the dinovo a lot, especially since it works on everything12:09
surrounderdinovo is nice indeed12:09
surrounderalthough I don't like wireless that much12:09
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surrounderah well, I have to admit...they look gorgeous ;)12:09
jaegerI've no preference for wireless over wired except in this case - needed it for my entertainment center12:09
surrounderaah yeah imaginable12:10
jaegerhtpc, media sharing server, xbox 36012:10
jaegernice to have no wires when I want to sit back on the couch but still control something12:10
surrounderthat's true :)12:10
surrounderI just use my laptop for that12:10
surrounderssh is a great remote12:10
jaegerindeed, hehe12:10
jaegerone of the best features of the dinovo is that I don't have to replace batteries... just put it on the charger when I'm not using it, and it's hidden behind the TV12:11
surrounderaah yeah that's great12:11
surrounderhave the same with my logitech mx900 mouse12:11
surrounderdidn't get the bluetooth dongle to work with my phone yet under linux though12:12
surroundershould dive into that someday12:12
jaegerworth a try, yeah12:12
jaegerah, debugging gnome build issues sucks. I think I've built evolution 2.10.1 6 times now12:16
surrounderI have bug buddy popping up everything I start gnome12:18
jaegerwhich version of gnome? 2.18.0? might be the same problem I've had with it, it flips out after changing theme/icon settings sometimes12:21
surrounder2.18.0 indeed12:22
jaegerI never solved that one, hoping it's fixed in 2.18.1, which I'm working on right now12:22
surrounderaaah ok12:22
thrice`how long do those generally take you to do ?  getting pretty efficient, I'd imagine12:24
jaegera few hours, usually... mostly the time taken to build all the ports but a small amount of time spent updating versions and tweaking configure options, occasionally patching bugs12:24
jaegerit's pretty efficient because the structure is already in place. I have to update a lot of versions and sometimes add or remove ports, but the hard work is done12:25
thrice`not as easy as sed 2.18.0 2.18.1, eh?  :)12:25
jaegernot quite12:25
jaegerargh... this is now the 5th day in a row the postal service has not bothered to come to my house12:28
surrounderjaeger: ah cool, so I'll be updated soon ?12:30
tilmanjaeger: did you get a dog or something? ;)12:31
jaegersurrounder: if the build finishes well on my laptop I'll test it on a fresh install and if that goes well, update the release. if you want to try it before then I'll probably update the trunk after I finish the first build on this system12:31
jaegertilman: nope, nothing's changed =/12:31
surrounderaah nice jaeger12:31
jaegerit's a good thing I pay my bills online, heh12:31
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thrice`and for your housemates? :-)12:40
jaegermy cat doesn't pay for anything, more's the pity12:41
Viper_is somebody interested in having mozilla sunbird in contrib or opt?12:53
jaegernever used it, myself12:54
Viper_well it's a nice calendar :)12:55
Viper_try it out12:55
jaegermight as well make it available, not like it'll force anyone :)12:55
Viper_ok but i think i will put it in my private repo first12:56
Viper_btw i've taken your firefox's Pkgfile as a basis for sunbird's Pkgfile :)12:57
jaegerI suppose I should look at thunderbird 2 today and see what needs to change in the guild process12:57
jaegerthat's fine :)12:57
jaegerwell, it looks pretty decent so far13:26
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jaegersurrounder: I've just committed the 2.18.1 changes to trunk... gonna do the full build test soon13:51
surrounderaah great13:51
jaeger if you're bored13:53
surrounderwill a prt-get update to the trick? or should I first remove everything that has todo with gnome ?13:53
jaegeron the phone, brb13:54
jaegerback; updates with prt-get *might* work, but if you run into weird behaviors after the upgrade, don't be too surprised14:03
jaegerI've never had a fully 100% clean gnome upgrade, too much going on at once, I guess.14:03
jaegerthat said, if you do run into odd behavior, it's worth trying to uninstall and reinstall all the gconf schemas first, then if that doesn't help, nuke your gnome profile14:04
surrounderaaah ok14:22
surrounderand how do I get something out of the trunk? git or something ?14:22
jaegeryou can check it out via svn or use the rsync driver file,
jaegerI don't advertise the trunk rsync file since trunk can get pretty broken sometimes14:24
surrounderaah ok, thanks14:30
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