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* rxi sinsk the bismark 00:43
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j^2fraking n00bs01:31
Romsterlol j^2 having a n00b issue are we02:00
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erixI have a question about one message (xcb_xlib.c:50: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion `c->xlib.lock' failed)04:00
erix from xcb in CRUX 2.3.04:00
erixMany precompiled applications (like amdcccle, vegastrike and others) doesnt works :(04:01
erixAnybody knows how I can fix this issue?04:02
RyoSerix: thats a bug with the xorg-whatever package04:02
RyoSupdate xorg, then try again04:02
tilmanprt-update xorg-libxcb04:02
mike_ktilman: should someone restore after the latest public wiki changes?
erixThanks! I'll try =)04:02
tilmanmore likely it's a bug in amdcccle, vegastrike or others04:04
tilmanbut updating xorg-libxcb will fix it anyway04:04
tilmanmike_k: yeah04:04
tilmanmike_k: feel free to do it04:07
erixtilman: I have same message from Qt 4.2.2 library, so I dont think so =/04:08
tilmanthe bug that caused qt4 to break was fixed in xorg-libxi 1.0.204:09
tilmantwo or three weeks ago04:09
tilman1.0.4, sorry04:09
erixWow! Thanks tilman! Issue fixed =)04:10
erixShould I restart my Xorg right now?04:10
tilmanthe server isn't linked to the libraries04:10
tilmanclients are04:10
tilmanerix: you probably should update your ports more often :D04:11
erixHeh! I have GPRS access to the Network =( So, I cant do it04:12
tilmanoh, i see04:12
erixNow I'll try to setup beryl with ATI drivers...04:13
tilmanmike_k: hehe, i'll do it04:13
erixS U latter =)04:13
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tilmantoo late04:13
tilmanerix: won't work atm04:13
tilmancrap, too late04:14
surrounderhi ladies04:14
tilmansup bitch :P04:15
surroundertilman: who yo biatch! \o/04:15
* surrounder gets tilman's newpaper04:15
surrounderbuh, gnome is still being unstable04:16
tilmancan't you fix teh bugs?04:17
surrounderwell, jaeger has more experience with that so I just tried out his 2.18.1 builds04:17
surrounderbut the same problem as with 2.18.004:17
surrounderno strange errors either04:18
tilmansurrounder: tried
surrounderhmm nope04:18
tilmando you know what process crashes?04:19
tilmanyou could try to run that app in gdb04:19
tilmanget leet, etc04:19
surroundernot that it is that important because I prolly will toy around with gnome for 5 minutes and then go back screaming to fvwm but its great to let wintendo users drool with beryl04:20
surroundertilman: I'm not that leet :(04:20
surrounderand I just woke up, might have something to do with it too04:20
surrounderwith clearlook theme it all works04:22
surroundernow I am confused :D04:23
tilmanmaybe the theme engine that you used is a pile of crap04:23
surrounder20:16:45  @   jaeger| which version of gnome? 2.18.0? might be the same problem  I've had with it, it flips out after changing theme/icon  settings sometimes04:24
surrounderah well, at least 2.18.1 build was succesfull04:25
* surrounder pets crux04:25
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tilmanugly font in the terms04:39
surrounderI know04:39
tilmanfix it04:39
surrounderor I could just use urxvt ;)04:39
tilmani think i'll add zooming to raktpdf now04:44
tilmansee Overview of changes between 1.16.2 and 1.16.304:48
tilmansurrounder: that might even fix your fonts in gnome-terminal o_O04:49
tilmanthat's a blocker bug for gnome 2.18.x04:50
surrounderhmm ok, interesting04:51
tilmanlol, lots of dupes04:51
tilman2006-10-19 mmh04:51
surroundertilman: you're one of the devs right? I'm currently rsync'ing to build a mirror for the ISOS04:52
tilmani'm one of the monkeys with the writable bit04:52
surrounderrsync'ing is rather slow though, will let you know when it's done04:53
surrounderI'm on a 100mbit line anyways so the traffic doesn't matter :)04:53
tilman148 duplicates, 68 within the last 30 days. blocker, GNOME target.04:53
tilmanwhy does nobody valgrind their gnome session there?04:56
tilmancan't be that hard to find the bug o_O04:56
tilmanor just nautilus, i guess04:57
surrounderbecause not everybody is a 1337 h4xx0r :(04:57
tilmanthere's a million of gnome haxors04:59
tilmanroug estimate04:59
tilmansurrounder: i have no idea of gnome/nautilus internals, but if you got a debug build of nautilus, and ran "valgrind nautilus" in the gnome session, you might be able to find something :)05:00
surrounderaah ok, will keep that in mind05:00
surrounderhasn't crashed on my so far though \o/05:00
tilmanWhat were you doing when the application crashed?05:06
surrounderchanged the theme (Y)05:06
tilmansurrounder: sorry, i was quoting from this bug:05:07
tilmani guess the guy didn't quite understand the question :D05:07
surrounderaah ok05:07
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surrounderhmm, couldn't the isos in /latest be symlinked ?05:31
tilmanlatest is a symlink to crux-2.305:31
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erixHi again =)06:21
erixDoes anybody knows how set up Beryl with fglrx drivers?06:22
tilman(11:13) <@   tilman> erix: won't work atm06:22
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tilmanerix: bad timing before06:22
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aon:D :D06:28
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espomorning i got a small problem during prt-get sysup pkgutils get an error something about archive.h No such file or Directory and then a lot of C errors06:30
tilmanprt-get install libarchive06:30
RyoSit lacks in archive.h appereantly06:30
espothx tilman and thx RyoS06:30
espoone last question i miss the folder /etc/X11, and prt-get install xorg-server told me that its installed what went wrong?07:10
tilmanxorg-server installs /usr/etc/X1107:14
espolittle bit confused07:15
tilmani need to fix that07:15
espohi tilman first ;)07:15
espolong time not seen :)07:16
tilmanwasn't sure whether it was you :p07:16
espohehehe ;)07:16
tilmani wonder whether our server tries to read /usr/etc/X11/xorg.conf07:16
espobrb test X on the pc :)07:17
espohmm damn hat my intel card :D07:18
espogot a nice backtrace and X is going down07:19
tilmanwhat versions of xorg-server and xorg-xf86-video-i810?07:19
tilmanyou need to rebuild the driver(s) after upgrading to xorg-server 1.307:20
espoi installed crux yesterday with the 2.3 iso and made a port -u and then a prt-get sysup07:21
tilmanxorg-xf86-video-i810 < xorg-server07:21
tilmanso it got the order wrong i guess07:21
espohow to rebuild the packages? then i will try this first07:23
tilmanprt-get update xorg-xf86-video-i81007:23
espodamn :D forgot to delete the old tgz file07:25
esponow its working :D07:25
esposo only install 915resolution and it should work07:26
tilmanespo: maybe that's not even needed anymore07:26
Romstershould add if prt-get listinst libarchive > /dev/null; then echo "libarchive missing"; exit 1; fi to pkgutils :)07:26
tilmanRomster: no, wtf?07:26
espotilman: hmm?07:26
espoyou mean use virtual not modes?07:27
rxiespo: using the new intel driver you dont need 915resolution07:27
Romstereveryone asks why pkgutils won't build and yet do they ever do a prt-get deptree pkgutils, to see if they where missing anything :/07:27
esporxi hmm here i got a strang resolutin when starting with modes "1680x1050"07:28
rxiusing the intel or i810 driver?07:28
tilmanrxi: they are the same, no?07:29 -> or somesuch07:29
esporxi using the i810 driver :)07:29
rxitilman: not sure .. i810 didnt work for me but intel did07:29
tilmanrxi: see the footprint07:30
rxiyeah weird07:30
tilmanespo: anyway, use "intel" in xorg.conf07:30
rxii cant remember07:30
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esposame thing ugly resolution on the right tft07:31
rxiespo: what graphics chipset?07:31
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rxime too07:32
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espohmm strange07:33
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rxiuse intel and you should be in business07:34
espoi use intel in Driver section at the moment :(07:34
rxiid paste my driver bit but im in windows atm07:34
espothe screen on the pci ati card worked great only the screen on the intel card wont work, rxi do you set any modelines or something?07:36
rawI have an i945GM and use i81007:37
prologicanyone any good at probability theory ?07:38 -> intel_drv.so07:38
rawwho was in charge at renaming i810 to intel?07:41
rxiespo: yeah i think so07:41
* raw graps his pumpgun07:42
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luxhahh, coffee08:46
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surrounderheya jaeger11:07
surrounderon clearlooks it still works @ 2.18.1 but still problems with changing themes11:08
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jaegerok =/11:10
Phoulhey hey11:13
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Viper_jaeger: can you please explain me why you need to do "./regxpcom" in thunderbird?13:04
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ORBiTrusCan someone tell me how to get ACLs working over NFS?  I've build acl from yhafri's package, and the kernel with ACL on NFS, but I cannot see my default ACLs on the client.  I can see them from other servers.14:12
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rugekis it okay for a port to store a config in /etc/sysconfig ?16:45
tilmannever heard of that o_O16:46
rugekit't a common path for configfile on rh based systems16:46
tilmanwhat problem are you trying to solve?16:47
rugeka port creates the sysconfig directory16:47
rugekwhich doesn't exist yet16:47
rugekbut it works without this dir too :)16:48
tilmancrux config files to to /usr/etc usually16:49
tilmanand /etc for system stuff16:49
rugeknah, /etc/sysconfig is the location for system configs on rh systems16:50
tilmanawesome, but this isn't rh16:50
rugekbut, it works without this anyways. solved16:50
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thrice`anyone used gtk-chtheme before?  I can't figure out where I should put gtk+ themes for them to be found20:16
thrice`er..nevermind; forgot to pkgadd clearlooks after building20:21
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ORBiTrusEureka!  Thanks everyone for the help (yah, I do IRC with dead people).  So, kernel won't do NFS ACLs - but does.  Wierd.21:29
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thrice`anyone know where the page went with crux wallpapers ?22:19
Romsterwe have wallpapers?22:26
prologicwe do22:31
thrice`used to, I think22:35
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prologicdo you guys recommend this video card at all ?23:05
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nipuLif you only intend to use for desktop related pouposed, yes23:15
thrice`ew, xmms2 needs sqlite3?  that's odd23:15
nipuLi think it just needs a database connection23:17
prologicnipuL, *nods*23:38
prologicI do23:38
prologicjust want a decent video card with dual monitor support23:38
prologicthrice`, why not mpd + <fav mpd client> :)23:38
thrice`prologic: oh, I use ncmpc currently :-)23:44
prologicso do i :)23:52
prologicand gmpc23:52
thrice`i finally realized you can use gtk+ themes in fluxbox, so I'm pretty satisfied23:54
thrice`anyways, I'm off to bed - g'night23:54

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