IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-04-30

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sepenhi all! Romster, lmms fixed03:05
Romsterhi sepen cool :)03:07
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erixDoes anybody have an ATI card?03:10
erixI have a couple questions about it...03:10
sepenerix, are you using contrib/ati port?03:12
erixI have question about FAN control for ATI cards. My cards so hot if I run games like Nexuiz or Prey after 40-50 minutes and shows artefacts. Under win32 no artefats...03:17
erixAnd fan on my video works "sometimes", I cannt get info about temp and set's fan rpm's under linux, so I want to find any tool which can help me.03:19
erixIf I try .aticonfig --lsp returned string's is03:19
erix    core/mem      [flags]03:19
erix* 1: 500/495 MHz  [default state]03:19
erixVideo: X1800GTO, fglrx-8.36.503:20
erixAnd only one profile for my video :(03:20
erixso, ati+linux = sucks...03:26
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tilmanwhat's that?07:26
tilmanshouldn't we rather set up a flappr group?07:26
tilmanor frappr07:26
jaeger-the map cptn set up, I believe07:26
jaeger-no reason we couldn't, I don't think cptn's has been maintained in quite a while07:26
mike_kmaybe cptn had some ideas on how to automate a map creation?07:29
rxi_geez you ukrainins taking over? :P07:29
tilmando you know frappr?07:30
tilmanit's super easy to add yourself07:30
tilmanotoh we could ask cptn for his map data07:30
rxi_tilman: were you talking to me?07:31
tilmanno, to the channel07:31
* rxi_ waits for tilman to paste the n00bs guide to frapper :P07:32
mike_kI'd like to see where all 53 irc bots reside )07:33
tilmanthe website requires flash07:34
rxi_fuck that07:34
tilmanwhat is "UNS" supposed to mean?07:36
jaeger-in what context?07:36
jaeger-oh, the ML. unsolved, perhaps07:37
mike_ktilman, is there a reliable way to send an X screen onscreen bitmap data (screenshot) to file,etc?07:37
mike_kI mean 10-20 shots in a second07:38
tilmanjaeger-: strange, what's his point?07:39
tilmani've seen people use "SOLVED", but ...07:39
jaeger-perhaps he wants it for filtering07:39
tilmanmike_k: you need a screen casting app?07:39
tilmani wrote a fast one that encodes the frames to theora07:40
jaeger-tilman: I could use something like that, actually07:40
jaeger-would be much nicer than vnc2swf, I think07:40
mike_ktilman: just out of curiosity... I'd like too see how big font text would appera after aalib encoding =) So, that app might be of some help07:41
tilmanfor gnome there's istanbul, jaeger-07:41
tilmanjaeger-: it's rougly equivalent to my app, iirc07:41
jaeger-ok, I'll check it out07:41
tilmanthat's mine07:41
tilmanyou can easily replace the theora code with an aalib module07:42
tilmanwonder whether i should install gnome and fix their strange nautilus bugs07:43
jaeger-surrounder: I'm not seeing the theme-change crash on gnome 2.18.1 on my laptop (that's the one where I did the fresh gnome build) - haven't tested on the other machine yet (removed all ports installed from the gnome repo and rebuilt them to 2.18.1) but I'll check it when I get home07:49
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espohehe lot of fun to read arch ml :)08:04
espothey made my day :)08:04
espofighting with Tuomo (ion3 developer) about a xft patch since 2 days now :)08:05
tilmanhi espo08:28
espohi tilman08:31
espohmm damn how to install crux on my laptop. without cdrom/floppy or chance to boot from usb drive :(08:31
espoi hate this thinkpad08:32
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tilmanyou can always run pkgadd manually to install it09:03
espodid you speak to me?09:04
j^2jesus arnuld is still going at it?09:04
j^2hey all09:04
espohi j^209:04
espotilman: i dont get it what you mean? On the Thinkpad at the moment is a ubuntu installation :)09:05
thrice`lol, I did 5 fresh crux installs?  man, he's not doing so hot09:06
tilmanyou'd need some kind of rescue system that doesn't depend on the partition you're going to install crux to09:06
espohmm yes i thought about install it with qemu on a partition boot into crux and delete the old ubuntu system after booting09:07
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jaegercould try a pxe boot and nfs install or something09:10
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thrice`I just upgrade pkgutils, and have this:09:39
thrice`lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 6 Apr 30 10:38 /usr/bin/pkgrm -> pkgadd09:39
thrice`is that normal ?09:39
tilmanyes, what's bothering you about it?09:40
thrice`I just thought that meant it was a symlink09:40
tilmanit does09:40
tilmanpkgadd is the universal binary09:40
tilmanpkginfo links to pkgadd, too09:40
thrice`ok, I guess I never noticed before09:40
thrice`just seemed odd to me ;P09:41
thrice`thanks tilman09:41
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XATRIX@seen mike_k11:28
clbXATRIX: mike_k was last seen in #crux 3 hours, 46 minutes, and 35 seconds ago: <mike_k> thanks11:28
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j^2no love11:30
jaegerno time for love, doctor jones!11:30
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luxhhm. how should one tackle a footprint missmatch?12:49
j^2pkgadd -f12:49
tilmani'd start by reading the FAQ12:49
tilmanwhere did sanity go?12:51
* tilman looks under the table12:51
j^2out to lunch ;)12:51
luxhbut the "new" file is owned by the package. seems a bit odd to me :/12:52
luxhmaybe i'm just missunderstanding12:54
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luxhah, if i update the footprint and install, i suppose the "new" files get listed as owned by the package :)12:56
tilmanit just means the file wasn't known before12:57
tilmanso it was then "new"12:57
luxhokay, and now a ports update reverts the footprint update. so, am i supposed to always update the footprint when touching (in this case gtk) a package?13:01
Phouldid someone say a while back there where crux wallpapers? 0_o13:03
PhoulCuz i spent like... a weeek looking for some but i found nothing lol13:03
j^2if you are going to rebuild the pkg yes. but you only have to do that once13:03
luxhokay, thanks :)13:04
j^2Phoul: looks like they are gone13:06
Phoulawe man =(13:06
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Phoulall that art... not one with the penguin on it13:31
tilmanPhoul: nobody really likes the crux penguin13:37
tilmanwe wanted to have a new mascot some months/years ago13:38
PhoulThen why not make a new one =\ im sure it wouldnt be to hard to come up with one :P13:38
j^2raw: :D13:52
j^2rehabdoll: :D :D :D13:52
j^2tilman: it was the little raccoon or someting right?13:56
tilmanyeah, and a moose iirc13:56
j^2i really like that "lacking the basics"13:57
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erixWatz UP :) !!!13:57
erixI like crux 2.3 =)13:58
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luxhbah. 3 GB / is too small14:17
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rehabdollim using ~300mb in / :)14:42
jaegerI'm using 101G in / :)14:43
jaegermost of that is snapshots of a server, though14:43
luxhhehe. my problem atm is the disk space firefox needs to build14:44
j^2grab the binary ;)14:45
j^2from the cd14:45
rehabdollI just became a track & field fan14:46
RyoSmh.. me too14:47
rugeki'm in ..14:47
jaegerthere's track and field in this picture?14:47
jaegerI'm not seeing it14:47
tilmancan she be the new crux mascot?14:48
aontrack and field!114:48
rugeki'm making the pics ;)14:48
luxhj^2: is there an updated cd?14:48
tilmanaon: is that mario and luigi?14:48
tilmanexcept that neither mario nor luigi are black ;D14:49
j^2luxh: yeah should be14:49
j^2i dont have the link though :P14:51
luxhhehe. i recall someone talked about it here on the channel a couple of days ago14:53
* rugek is still looking at the advertisement14:58
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luxhcool. it did install now. took like 400 MB to build15:00
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j^2if i have a frozen steak, and i dont hove time to thaw it out, can i just cook it on the grill?16:28
RyoSdunno bout that16:28
j^2yeah i'm debating it too16:28
tilmanthaw it in the microwave16:28
RyoSjust do it (c) nike16:28
tilman*oven perhaps :P16:29
j^2i've always been paranoid about cooking it in the microwave16:29
tilmanjust *thaw* it16:29
tilmanbbq it afterwards16:29
j^2other then the microwve?16:30
tilmanyou could prepare pasta :D16:33
Viper__i thaw my steaks by cooking them in the microwave at 10 percent16:33
Viper__and then cook it on the grill :)16:34
j^2for how long?16:34
j^2and are they frozen?16:34
Viper__5 minutes to thaw it up16:34
j^2i'm gonna try it :D16:34
tilmancheck how it is after 5 minutes16:34
j^2...for dinner :P16:34
j^2nice thanks yall16:34
tilmanif it's not enough, give it another go :D16:34
Viper__perhaps you need 10 minutes if it's big :)16:35
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SourfWhere Can I take that program that help bsetbg put a wallpaper in my desktop ?  Display program, xsetbg or xv ? What is better to use ?16:57
SourfMay someone help me ?16:58
tilmanjust use Esetroot16:59
tilmani wonder why i don't have a port for it!16:59
Sourfesetroot I guess taht it is more easy to looking for ! thank you tilman17:00
tilmani'll whip up a port now17:00
Sourfyou ?17:00
tilmanyes? :)17:01
SourfI'm with some problems here I wait son to help too !17:01
Sourfyes ?! lol17:01
tilmanare you french?17:01
SourfI'll be back not for answer for help but to help too and develop something in C and lua17:01
SourfNo sorry17:02
SourfI'm brazilian17:02
Sourfwhy ? Are you french, aren't you ?17:03
tilmanjust curious :D17:03
tilmani'm german17:03
SourfI'm crazy to leanr german17:03
SourfI know english but I want to learn german now17:04
Sourfit's easy  guess17:04
tilmani think most foreign speakers think it's terrible17:04
surrounderit's "softer" than dutch though17:05
Sourflol :D17:05
Sourfthis people lol17:05
surroundertilman: "ich bin" compared to "ik ben"17:06
surrounderour K and our G makes it rather hard17:06
tilmanguess i'll just believe that17:07
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surrounderhehe believe me17:07
surrounderhad german in school :)17:07
surrounderand I'm still not on the mirror page :(17:08
tilmansorry, what's the URL again?17:08
Sourfrsrs lol :D17:08
SourfYou make alive17:08
* surrounder is listening to Gorgoroth - Wound Upon Wound17:09
surrounderhm ?17:09
tilman:[ grim black metal smiley17:10
tilmanthe classical immortal corpsepaint!17:10
SourfMan  must g my grl must be furious with me hauahu17:11
Sourfsee ya !17:11
surrounderlater Sourf17:11
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tilmansurrounder: alrighty, added your mirror17:12
surroundercool :)17:12
surrounderas long as I'm on this line I don't care about the traffic ;)17:13
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tilmanthat guy seemed a bit insane17:17
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rehabdollwow, the crux ml soon needs to be renamed to "arnulds personal mailinglist"17:59
Romsterugh that arnuld dude is starting to get anoying...18:16
j^2+1 totally agree18:48
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Romster____mavrick61, are you about?19:09
Romsterjaeger, you need to add -j1 to thunderbird make line. fails with more than 1 make job.19:11
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thrice`prologic: around ?19:30
Romsterhaven't seen any activity, think he as sold his monitor and getting 2 new ones this wednesday19:35
Romstercouple of 22" widescreen LCD's, i so want :/19:36
thrice`ah; figured it out anyways19:36
thrice`tilman should add CRUX to xorg-server so X -version doesn't show UNKNOWN operating system19:48
espogood evening19:54
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rehabdoll/sbin/mount.fuse: line 23: die: command not found <- does somebody recognize this?22:41
rehabdollmust have broken recently22:42
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rehabdollor if a patch is prefered:
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