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williamhi, i'm using crux 2.3. I'm trying to figure out why my sound isn't working. i need the snd-hda-intel module... it is loaded and everything seems to work... mpg123 "plays" mp3s but no sound comes out. i have adjusted volume in alsamixer00:13
williamany pointers would be greatly appreciated00:13
thrice`you are a part of the audio group?00:14
williamlet me check... i never actually do anything with the groups00:15
williamthere isn't even an audio group... is this the problem? i would think there would be some kind of error00:16
thrice`if everything else seems alright, it's worth a shot00:17
thrice`the volumes are unmuted as well, correct ?00:17
williami edited /etc/group do i need to logout and login to try it again00:17
williamalright... i'll be right back.. thanks for your help00:18
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williamok it was muted...00:20
williami didn't realize it was muted because i was using alsamixer00:21
thrice`yeah, it's the default, oddly00:21
williamif you're not too busy, do you think you could help me with another more tricky problem00:22
williami've done some google searches on this one and i haven't been able to figure it out00:22
thrice`i can try :)00:22
williamok, when i use the nvidia driver and i exit X the screen doesn't really switch back to the console, it fades in a really weird fashion00:23
williamif i use the nv driver it works fine00:23
williami don't really mind using the nv driver except it has buggy 2d on my card00:23
thrice`ah; I have an ATI card, unfortunately00:23
williamah ok00:24
williamit's ok00:24
williamyou've helped a lot already00:24
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tilmanthrice`: mmh, good point04:27
espohi tilman04:28
esposomething like that yes ;)04:29
espoim totaly destroyed04:30
espoi never help someone to setup a "maibaum" again04:30
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espomy friend is totaly crayz he want to setup a tree with a length about 15meters :p04:31
espo:) yes the only problem was the "stromleitung" we hit with it :) when we try to pull it up04:33
aonwas your maypole metal? :)04:34
tilmanwho's stupid enough to do that near a power supply line?04:34
tilmanaon: :D04:34
espoaon: hehe :)04:34
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tilmanthrice`: it's broken upstream. i'll fix it, but i won't work around the bug in the port05:37
tilmanthrice`: it's not really worth it imo :)05:37
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tilmanthrice`: eh, the thing is. xorg-server would like to use 'uname -srm' for the os name. we could set it to CRUX instead, but what's the point? :D06:09
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j^2hey all12:00
j^2anyone a joost tester?12:08
tilmanhey slacker12:09
j^2what's up tilman ;)12:09
tilmani'm about to wreak havoc in libx1112:09
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j^2not much, litterally just got to work, been in the doctors all mornnig12:13
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muuh-gnuhello, can somebody tell me why there is no web access to the single port files in core, opt and so on?13:23
muuh-gnusome other ports offer direct access to the Pkgfile, but the offcial ones do not any more since 2.3. Can anybody tell me how to find them, without using the ports system itself?13:25
tilmanyes, hang on13:25
tilmanie, use gitweb for core/opt/xorg/kde13:26
muuh-gnuokay, I found what I searched for, thans very much. ;)13:30
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rawtilman: xine-lib of 2.2's xorg is missing mpcdec dependency15:05
tilmanxine-lib is in contrib, what does it have to do with xorg?15:06
rawI dunno why I even wrote that sentence15:06
rawIt's not what I wanted to say, anyway15:07
tilmanheheh, alright15:14
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jdolanhm.  can you guys tell me where ptrdiff_t is defined on your systems?17:43
jdolansupposedly, i can #include stdlib.h and get it.  but that is not the case.17:43
jdolani can #include malloc.h, but that's not documented as the standard.17:43
jdolanwondering if my headers are hosed.17:44
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predatorfreakjdolan: ptrdiff_t isn't in my stdlib.h17:51
jdolanpredatorfreak, just found out in ##c that it's supposed to be in stddef, and it is.17:51
jdolani'm all set.  the online reference i found was innacurate.17:51
jdolanthanks :)17:52
predatorfreakjdolan: No problem.17:52
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