IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-05-02

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prologichey guys01:41
prologicWhat driver should I use for an nvidia 7600 ?01:42
prologicthe nvidia port01:42
prologicor the xorg legacy port ?01:42
prologicnevermind :)01:44
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prologicI just need a better keybaord now03:59
prologicor maybe I should have two :)03:59
prologicone for each montir03:59
prologicme just purchased today 2 BenqQ FP222W 22" LCDs with an nVidia 7600 gfx card03:59
prologicso far so good in configuration - twinview, virtual res of 1600x1200 with physical screen res of 640x480 (for both)04:00
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rxiprologic: couple of nice logitech or ibm ones would do the trick :)04:08
prologiccan I have two keyboard attached tot eh one input ?04:09
prologicI can just see I'm gonna get sick of moving my one keyboard between the two monitors04:09
prologicthis is soo cool though04:10
prologicnever had two monitors before04:10
prologicwatching a dvd on the right atm04:10
prologicthe only trouble now is I have to re-configure things04:11
prologicas everything is new so I'm gonna have to find what I like :)04:11
prologicI've already figured out that I want any video played in mplayer to appear on the 2nd (right) monitor04:12
luxhwas it hard to set up?04:18
rxiyou can have 2 keyboard on the one system yes04:19
prologicthw twinview ?04:19
prologicno not really04:19
prologicI just kinda have a problem now04:19
prologicas I have them at an inner angle to eacher other04:19
prologicbut the desk won't let me get closer to them :/04:19
prologickinda sucks :)04:19
prologicneed a desk with a ^ angle cut out of the front :)04:20
nipuLheh, looks like digg has stabalised...for now04:23
rxisomeone should spoof it with a site called dugg :P04:24
prologicthat's actually a good idea04:24
* prologic registers :)04:24
rxiprobably already resgistered04:25
prologicyeah by me :)04:26
rxi*cable whores your internet* not anymore :P04:28
rxiim thinking i might register rxi as a business name so i can get :P04:31
prologicumm mate04:32
prologicyou don't need to04:32
prologicI'll register it for you if you like04:32
prologiceven host the zone files and/or any web04:32
rxisweet you will? how much /yr?04:32
prologicfor non-profit right ? just personal website ?04:33
prologiccool nps04:33
prologicfree :)04:33
prologicyou just cover the cost of the domain04:33
rxisounds pretty good to me04:33
prologicI'll register it tonight then if you like04:33
prologicjust transfer $40 into my paypal account04:34
prologicsame as my email address04:34
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nipuLyou can register a .au without an abn?04:40
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rxi_god damn vista04:44
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rehabdollhey prologic, why do you need a fancy screen? i thought you were blind :D06:46
prologicthat's why I need one06:50
prologicnipuL, I just happen to have one then don't i :)06:51
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namenloshi, anyone got a idea, how to import a single rcs file into git?09:21
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thrice`tilman: (w/ regards to your xorg-server comment) that makes sense.  I noticed the configure options of --with-os-name and --with-os-vendor, and figured they could be stuck in there; I never tried, as my linux box is aways away from here :)09:29
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j^2i tihnk someones connection is on the fritz09:30
espo_j^2: hehe :D09:30
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* j^2 gets his detective jacket and magifining glass09:30
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* Colombo lights a cigar09:31
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espo_hmm how to do a crux pxe installation :/ need the pxe file :(09:31
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jaegerespo_: try pxelinux09:32
espo_jaeger: where can i find this? or maybe im to stupid to find this file again on the cd :<09:32
jaegergoogle :)09:33
espo_*damn* im soo stupid *head table*09:33
jaeger <-- you can look at this for reference, though it's out of date. Also, I did NOT write it, I just kept a copy because I dunno where it came from09:33
j^2jaeger: always stealing other peoples work :P09:34
j^2ya bastard :P09:34
jaegerdamn straight09:34
jaegerbut only if it's good work, or useful09:34
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espo_thx jaeger :)09:36
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espo_hmm danm10:11
espo_whats wrong with this nfs line? because /etc/rc.d/nfsserver is making trouble :/10:13
espo_ /crux   *(ro,no_root_squash,async)10:14
j^2is there anything it /crux ? :P10:14
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espo_j^2: yes :) the hole installation cd10:15
espo_i got this message Unable to get nfsd port number from server, using default10:17
espo_portmap in.tftpd rpc.mountd mountd rpc.lockd lockd rpc.nfsd nfsd : LOCAL : ALLOW10:19
espo_looks like this10:19
espo_me hates nfs10:22
j^2took me a whole weekend to get nfs and pxeboot to play nice10:23
j^2i even got openmosix running on the machines too :P10:23
espo_pxeboot works it only hang on mounting my root system over nfs10:24
jaegeris portmap running?10:25
espo_jaeger: yes i started it with /etc/rc.d/portmap restart then /etc/rc.d/nfs restart and last /etc/rc.d/nfsserver restart and there i got this error:10:26
espo_exportfs: /etc/exports [1]: Neither 'subtree_check' or 'no_subtree_check' specified for export "*:/crux". Assuming default behaviour ('subtree_check'). NOTE: this default will change with nfs-utils version 1.1.010:26
jaegerthat's not an error10:26
jaegerthat's a warning10:26
espo_hmm :(10:27
jaegerwhat does rpcinfo -p say?10:27
espo_hmmm and during boot its searching for 1000002 or something like this :(10:27
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espo_he is looking up after RPC 1000003 where i have to change that he founds something on this port?10:31
jaeger100003 is nfs version 2 - do you have support for it in the kernel?10:32
espo_ill check it mom10:33
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jaeger <-- rpcinfo -p output for reference10:34
espo_hmm i added everything whats related to nfs to the kernel10:34
jaegerversion 2 or 3, I guess10:34
jaegerbeen a while since I messed with that stuff10:34
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espo_damn the same problem :(10:40
espo_looking up RPC 100003/2 and 100005/1 and then error and booting is finished :(10:41
jaegerare those both listed in the rpcinfo -p output?10:41
espo_thats the output of rpcinfo10:42
jaegerso yeah... there's no nfs in that list10:43
espo_got nfs-utils installed and startet all nfs daemons :(10:43
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jaegeris nfsd running?10:44
espo_on ps ax no and i dont have a binary called nfsd i see :(10:44
jaegerhow about CONFIG_NFSD in your kernel config?10:45
espo_in the kernel for the tftp boot its enabled in the kernel on my local maschine here its not10:46
jaegeris that rpcinfo -p from the server or local machine?10:47
espo_local maschine10:47
jaegercheck the one on the server10:47
espo_no confusen :) the local maschine is the server ;p10:48
jaegerwell, whichever machine the NFS share is exported from needs to have nfs support10:48
jaegerif that rpcinfo -p output is from the machine in question, you're missing something10:48
espo_yes found the problem and try to fix it now :)10:49
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* deus_ex kicks vlc 12:00
deus_exAnyone using vlc build against latest ffmpeg (8861) svn snapshot?12:01
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jaegerhaven't tried yet12:03
deus_exI keep getting ' no suitable decoder module for fourcc $foo' error.12:06
deus_exjaeger: It works with your ffmpeg port from contrib?12:07
deus_exHm, --enable-swscaler is only difference ( mine ffmpeg port and yours).It must be it.12:11
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jaegerthere could be a LOT more different than that if you're using a newer snapshot12:11
jaegerI haven't updated the snapshot I use because it seems very solid12:11
tilmanfeeling better now?12:21
jaegereveryone feels better after leeroy12:21
tilmanaha, seems to be a wow thing12:21
tilmani'll shut up now12:22
PhoulI just find it funny, First time i say it was yesterday rofl12:22
rawI don't play WoW and I know of leroy12:22
rawso it's bigger than that already12:22
tilmanraw: the jazz musician? ;)12:22
rawwell, this one too12:22
rawbut I was refering to leroy jenkins, in case it wasnt OBVIOUS ENOUGH12:23
PhoulI love how totally random it is though12:23
tilman For the jazz musician, see Leroy Jenkins.12:24
tilmanraw: so.12:24
rawthe jazz musicians name is leroy jones12:25
Phoul <-- im buying this tonight12:25
tilmanraw: are you calling wikipedia a liar? :D12:25
raweeroy Jenkins, sometimes mis-spelled Leroy Jenkins12:26
tilmanyou're an idiot who cannot read12:26
rawNo, wikipedia isn't lying but someone can't speel :PP12:26
rawoh, that would be me12:27
tilmanread further ffs12:27
PhoulLunar knights looks like such a kick ass game12:27
aonLeeroy Jenkins is like 200512:28
aonlast or third quarter, i'd say12:28
tilmanyes, that's what wp says, too12:28
tilmanOLD NEWS12:28
tilmanraw: if you wanted, you could have irc conversations just with your picture collection, eh? ;D12:45
rawtilman: you know nothing12:49
rawtilman: I can even have sex with my pictures12:49
tilmanthat calls for a socrates quote!12:49
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jaeger"I drank what?"12:50
tilmansweet, new cairo12:52
tilmani hope it comes with a few optimizations12:52
tilmana couple12:53
tilmanof performance optimizations, (one of which is very significant for12:53
tilmanusers of the xlib backend)12:53
tilmani anticipated that12:53
tilmanvery cool he got them so quickly done12:53
jaegeryes :)12:53
tilman"extreme zoom-in of vector-based objects"12:55
tilmanboring, i don't do silly stuff like that ;)12:55
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aonXtreme zoom-in?12:56
tilmanxtreem zoom-in12:57
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tilmanrofl, that video is funny13:19
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thrice`yay, just finished my undergrade degree :)14:00
thrice`well, assuming I passed the final exam this morning14:00
thrice`thanks :-)14:01
tilmanMiguel has had cameo appearances in the 2001 motion pictures Antitrust and The Code.14:04
deus_exjaeger: ( wrt vlc and ffmpeg ) --enable-swscaler was to blame for vlc not working.( #videolan was very helpful).14:07
deus_exAnd new transcode doesn't need ffmpeg to be built with it, so it's all good :)14:08
rehabdollvlc just segfaults for me14:13
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howl_123Hello guys.18:33
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howl_123I just noticed that is up and running again. Cool! But The link doesn't work. Anyone got a hint as to where to download 2.3 from? :)18:34
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howl_123It seems like the Wiki is down.18:36
howl_123Well, not "down", "weird".18:36
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howl_123Ahh, found the torrent.18:40
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