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nipuL2~/j #beryl00:30
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nipuLer the website is broken01:43
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prologichey guys, a decent clock for X that looks nice02:45
prologicmaybe even one I can position and display on my root window of some workspace ?02:45
prologiccrux ports db seems to be down atm :/02:45
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rxiprologic: apart from xclock i dont know of anything02:51
rxiyour wm/de should have one tho02:51
prologichaven't checked if xfce4 has a nicer clock02:54
prologicthey have a small one that sits on the panel02:54
prologicbut too small for me :)02:55
rxior you could go the warehouse and buy one for $2 :P02:56
prologicnah bugger that :)02:56
prologicwhere would I put it :P02:56
prologicpin it against my monitor ? :)02:57
rxiyeah bit of super glue should do the trick :P02:57
prologicI have 22" lcds for petes sake :)02:57
prologicsurely I could put a huge ass clock on one of them02:57
rxiwhy is it for my sake? :LP02:57
prologicI can just see it now02:57
prologicgf walks into my room and sees a physical clock glued to my monitor02:57
prologicshe'd be like wtf ?02:57
prologicyour name is not Pete is it ? :)02:57
prologicyou are kidding ?02:58
rxilol no02:58
prologichmm ok02:58
* prologic note to self, don't use that expression again02:58
prologicholy fuck03:30
prologicplease help! :)03:31
prologicthis is terrible03:31
prologicfuck'n beurocratcs03:31
rxiyeah the war is already lost tho03:32
prologicit is ?03:33
prologicfuck'n hell03:33
prologicwhat pricks03:33
prologicI lisetn to a lot of online radios03:33
rxiyeah they rules about 2 weeks ago that the royalty thing will stay03:34
prologicin other words "no more net radios"03:34
rxiyeah pretty much03:35
rxiwell any net radio in the us03:40
rxii think the bigger stations would survive03:40
prologicbut I'm listening to DI or now caled SkyFM03:45
prologicand heard the ad there03:45
prologicmy fav radio will die :/03:46
prologicfuck I hate this assignment03:46
prologicit's boring and repetitive03:46
rxii think will survice03:46
rxiits pretty big03:46
prologicI'm writing python scripts to help analyize some of the data03:46
prologicand prorudce a statistics summary for me!03:46
namenlosi heared about this before. anyone knows a good metal web readio (which might make it)? at the moment i'm listening to
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prologicI'm getting 5000 FPS :/05:45
rxiisnt that good?05:47
prologic$ java -jar weka.jar05:48
prologicjava: xcb_xlib.c:50: xcb_xlib_unlock: Assertion `c->xlib.lock' failed.05:48
prologichrmm wtf05:48
prologicanyone know why I'm getting that ?05:48
prologichehe I was kidding yeah 5kfps is great :)05:48
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namenlosanyone using the perl module Unicode::String?06:47
namenlosor made a port for it?06:47
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rehabdollnew gtk08:30
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onestephi everyone08:35
onestepI've found a bug while compiling subversion08:36
onestepit's better to change "sed -i -e 's|0.26.1|0.26.2|g' configure" to "sed -i -e 's|0.26.1|`pkg-config --modversion neon`|g' configure"08:39
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j^2hola como estas?09:13
rehabdolldonde esta la biblioteka?09:27
j^2donde esta cervasa?09:28
RyoScerveza! *_*09:29
rehabdollim afraid i've reached my limit :(09:29
j^2rehabdoll: :D09:29
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j^2hey all, i have three small isos that i'd like to create a bootable cd from, is there software to have the option of booting each?12:01
jaegeryou mean to put them all on one CD?12:02
j^2it's a bunch of hardware tools12:02
jaegerthe el torito spec allows multiple bootable images12:02
j^2this doesnt look like a 30 minute project :(12:03
j^2maybe i could boot into a small version of linux then boot into the isos?12:04
jaegeror perhaps you could combine the tools into one image12:05
j^2could i do that?12:05
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j^2jaeger: do you think i could get that going?12:07
j^2it's 3 isos, and i'd like to have an option of booting into any of them12:07
j^2all of them are like 2 mbs12:07
jaegerif you want to boot each of them separately, look into the multiple boot catalog stuff in the el torito spec. if you want to combine the tools into one bootable image, make a custom live cd12:08
j^2...i've got a feeling this is over my head, but hell i'm working on it :D12:08
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jaegerespo: get your NFS sorted out?12:09
jaegerheyo, aon12:09
espojaeger: yes :) all working12:11
jaegerwhat was missing?12:11
esposome kernel stuff12:13
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espoand now my laptop is working like charm :)12:34
j^2yay me :D12:34
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jaegerespo: good :)13:35
jaegerj^2: looks good13:35
espojaeger: yes indeed :) only thing which needs some work is acpi ;)13:36
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sepenjaeger, here?14:09
sepenIm porting xalan-c which seems to need the root directory of xerces-c14:11
sepenIm taking a look of your port, seems pretty good but I think I need more than declare the XERCESCROOT env variable14:12
sepenor if I use this variable, could be a good idea point this to /usr/include/xercesc ?14:13
jaegeris it only needed for the build or for runtime as well?14:13
sepenor it needs ... ahhm14:13
sepenIm trying to perform this at best way any idea? inside xalanc port?14:14
jaegerwell, since you didn't really answer the question, I'd say try it. if it doesn't work, uncompress the xerces-c source in the xalan-c port and reference it there14:15
sepenimo, Im disagree with this 'runtime' feature for build ports14:15
jaegerwhat feature is that?14:15
sepenuncompress sources inside14:15
jaegerwell, if you can avoid it, feel free. it's your port, your choice14:16
tilmansepen: hack the planet!!!1114:16
sepenthe only thing it's that xerces port could diff of my xalanc.xercesc14:16
sepenthx tilman14:16
sepenwell, could be I can't explain my question in english xDDD14:18
tilmanyou could try klingon14:19
tilmanor something.14:21
jkrMakla is way more easy to learn14:21
sepenKlingon, Star Trek, and all related marks are .....14:21
jkrIt's like english, but all words that have pontential to give the sentence a sense are replaced with "makla"14:22
sepenmmm, Im usually search at
jkrE.g. "I makla some makle, so makla can makla makla"14:22
tilmandoesn't sound like klingon at all14:24
jkrIt's not klingon, it's Makla14:24
jkrSpoken by the proud poeple of Makla14:24
jkrInvented by the glorious leader of the Makla named Makla, living on Makla14:25
tilmanthat's so dumb14:26
tilmanit makes me want to hurt you14:26
jkrThat's because you don't understand it14:26
sepenjaeger, finally using xerces-c only as dependecy works, I don't need any xerces-c env variable. I was confused due to  (step2)15:15
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sepenany idea in which package I can find 'bcc'?16:38
sepenj^2, I have an error when a configure tries to looking for bcc16:38
esposepen: binary?16:38
sepenit seems16:38
espoprt-get fsearch bcc tell me contrib/boost16:39
espobut its not a binary16:39
sepenprt-get fsearch bcc16:39
espoits in /usr/include/boost/mpl/aux_/preprocessed/bcc/16:39
esposo i didnt think its what you searching16:39
sepenthat's be ok for me thx!16:40
sepenI didn't have contrib on this box, Im an idiot xDD16:41
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nipuLsweet, the chinese restaurant next door does lunch time specials now, I'm in szechwan heaven :)22:40
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