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sepencore team, why isn't 'bcc' in bin86 port? any considerable reason?02:23
sepenbcc: Bruce Evans C Compiler; often part of the dev86 package02:25
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Romstersepen, i guess nothing uses it?02:26
Romsteri've never had the need for it, what are you trying to compile?02:26
sepenI ported xalan-c also previously, but now I need this compiler to build virtualbox02:28
Romsteranother window manager?02:28
sepenlike qemu or vware02:28
Romsteroh a VM02:28
Romsterhmm make your own binutils port i guess?02:29
sepenyeah I have it02:29
Romsteror a addon bcc port02:29
Romsteri'd submit a flyspray bug about it too02:29
Romstersee if they'll include it.02:30
sepenok and thaanks02:30
Romsterits jsut the bcc file itself right?02:30
sepenRomster, I did02:30
sepenone moment ...02:30
Romsteror a bunch of includes etc too.02:30
Romsterah and the library02:31
sepenthat's my port, which don't conflicts with bin86 files02:34
Romsterwell if they don't want to allow bcc then you could name that bcc i guess and add it to contrib if your got contrib access?02:39
Romstersee hwo the core team respond.02:39
Romsterlike i made fortran etc that add on top of the core gcc02:41
Romstersepen, ah its actually is named dev86...02:43
sepenI named it dev8602:43
Romsteras a seperate tarball archive. only just realised that now02:43
Romsterbin86 has the tarball names as bin8602:44
Romsterits a seperate archive so keep as it's named now and add it as a depends on. i guess, if the core team don't add it.02:46
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tilmanSubject: [ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-nv 2.0.9507:51
tilmanThis release adds experimental RandR-1.2 and EXA support for GeForce 807:51
tilmanseries GPUs.07:51
tilmanwow, acceleration in nv07:51
prologicstill have to use the nvidia port for my card :)07:56
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* sepen desktop at work
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plundraWhat the, is that your mother or something in the background?09:09
sepenplundra, parece mas bien tu madre, orejon!09:10
plundraI understood bien and madre, but not how they relate to each other in that sentance :)09:10
plundraI bet it was nasty.09:11
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tilmanshit, is that xmms1? :P09:14
nipuL1999 called, they want their mp3 player back09:20
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j^2openttd la la la is uberl33t :D11:27
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jjpkj^2: you missed that boat by two years :D11:47
j^2... :(... i'm "a late bloomer" :P11:52
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kikinovakHi. I'm a long-time Slackware and Debian user, and I'm curious about Crux. Is it still active?11:54
kikinovakI just took a peek in the ports database, and I see packages for XFCE are quite old.11:55
j^2i'm an openbox user, so i dunno :P11:55
kikinovakis the package database on tbmnet reliable?11:55
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j^2not at all11:55
kikinovakah... that's the reason maybe11:56
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kikinovakok 1 sec11:56
kikinovakThe requested URL /portsdb was not found on this server.11:56
j^2i never get it right11:57
kikinovakthis works... but is there a way to find out about package versions in this database?11:58
j^2check the pkgfiles that useally has it iirc11:58
kikinovakermmm... well, the thing is, I'm writing to you on a machine running Debian... I just wanted to gather a few general infos about Crux before diving into it.11:59
kikinovaklooks like I can't access pkgfiles via web interface12:00
jjpkThere is nothing preventing you from checking them out using rsync12:00
j^2jjpk: thanks :D didnt think of that :P12:00
jjpkNot the most elegant solution, but it works ;)12:01
j^2i'm playing *shh* openttd :P12:01
kikinovakI'll try that (never used rsync before)12:01
kikinovakj^2 heyyy... looks like it's the latest... stable.12:05
kikinovakj^2 are you a bit familiar with Slackware?12:06
kikinovak(just to have something to compare)12:06
jjpkcrux has many parallels with slackware.12:10
jjpkBy default, crux has less software available from the start.12:11
jjpkI suggest you read about that at, it is well explained there.12:13
espo*grrrr* i love to have a gun at the moment12:33
esposhot the techno freak in his fucking head! Which is living in the appartment below of mine12:34
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tilmanespo: violence isn't the answer14:01
tilmanwhy do gnome people have to use gnome-vfs, gnome-this, gnome-that for every fucking program?14:32
tilman(oprofileui in this case)14:33
aonno idea14:42
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espotilman: you are right16:12
espohuu that was to much alkohol for me o.O16:12
rugeknever stop that feeling *sing*16:13
esposo no birthday is over going to bed gn8 all16:14
esponow not no16:14
rugekhappy bday, btw ...16:14
tilmanit's your birthday?16:15
espoyes :)16:15
tilmanhui, alles gute :D16:16
tilmantreach: wb16:16
espodanke dir :)16:16
treachor rather, was. ;)16:16
treachthanks tilman.16:16
esponun is der wein alle und ich mach mich in die haia boah das dreht sich hier alles o.O16:16
tilmanespo: hrhrhr :>16:17
espotomorrow i going to work on acpi :), i want to get it working today but didnt get time for it :)16:17
espo*roll away*16:18
treachtilman: well, isn't raktpdf better anyway? ;)16:19
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* tilman cranks up the techno music to annoy the drunkard in the apt. above him16:30
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treachnot to mention the old cranky woman beneath. :>16:32
* tilman 's attempt at a joke failed terribly, again.16:36
tilman.oO(if at first you don't succeed, wipe all evidence that you tried)16:36
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jjpkannoying neighbors++16:55
jjpkThey deserve it from time to time ;)16:55
treachlandLord(int eviction)16:56
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tilmanj^2: checked out 'meta' yet? pretty cool album :D16:57
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jjpktreach: depends how far away your landlord lived and how much the neighbors put up with :p17:00
jjpkWasn't too bad in my former apartment, quiet place anyway and it had thick walls.17:00
treachas long as the don't keep you awake with "turkhits 10"... :-/17:01
treach(happened to me once, but only once, thank $DIETY)17:02
rawdiety? is this some kind of anorectic?17:03
treach"A deity or god is a postulated preternatural or supernatural being"17:03
treachsee wp for more details. :>17:04
raw"thank $DIETY"17:04
tilmandon't pretend to be dumb17:04
treachyeah, typo, seen it before?17:04
tilmani'm sure you get his point17:04
rawof course I get his point but his typo is damn funny17:05
jjpkhaha, that would be terrible :D17:05
tilmani don't even see the typo o_O17:05
jjpkturkhits at full blast at the early hours17:05
tilmanokay, now17:05
jjpkEnglish is forgiving enough with spelling so it does not matter that much.17:05
treachtilman: ei ie... like cshiesse/scheisse... :D17:06
tilmani'm a forgiving reader17:06
rawthat's two letters turned around too much, buddy17:06
rawthe german spelling police will get you for this17:06
tilmani love when native speakers write "wierd"17:07
jjpktilman: you probably read about a study some years ago where you can mess up the inner letter order of words but your brain still corrects it.17:07
tilmanor "recieve" :>17:07
treachraw: I finished my studies in german more than 10 years ago buddy.17:07
tilmanjjpk: yeah17:07
rawtreach: oh the horror ;)17:07
treachI think I might deserve some slack on the spelling.17:07
tilmanjjpk: was it a real study? i thought it was some kind of fake :D17:07
jjpkI'm not entirely sure about that either.17:08
treachjjpk: it's a fairly well known psycological effect, where your brain fills in the things you expect to see.17:08
jjpkMy vague memory of it was some British university, but this was at least 3+ years ago.17:08
jjpkYep I have read a bit about that effect.17:09
treachjjpk: like I tried to point my brother to a typo on a newspaper webpage where they were speaking of auml lvmormord"17:09
tilmanlooks more like someone put his head on the keyboard17:10
treachbut with umlauts17:10
treachYeah, sorry, I haven't got the terminal settings right, I guess.17:11
treachjjpk: the thing was that they had written sjalmord. (still with umlaut on a..)17:11
treachand he totaly couldn't spot it.17:12
treach(one means suicide, the other means "murder of the soul")17:12
tilmankinda cool that the words are so close17:13
rawinteresting, that both words are just one letter apart17:13
raw'sjal' translates as 'soul' I guess17:13
jjpkThere are several of those types in Finnish. sade = rain, säde = radiation or ray17:13
tilmanfinnish copycats17:14
treachraw: yeah, if you put umlauts in. otherwise it's a peice of cloth you wrap around your neck..17:14
jjpktilman: :D17:14
rawtreach: Some day I have to learn swedish17:14
treachmaybe, I think there's a lot of germans who do..17:15
tilmana guy in my class brought his swedish girlfriend along one day17:15
rawI've relatives living in sweden.17:15
tilmanwhen she introduced herself to the lecturer, he suddenly started talking swedish to her17:16
tilmanfor a good 5 minutes17:16
tilmanthat was pretty weird17:16
tilmanhe's a database guy17:16
rawswedish _girlfriend_?17:16
tilmannot the type of which you'd expect he knows swedish17:16
tilmanmore like, boring :P17:16
treachswedish, just like sql..17:16
rawI want one of those17:16
tilmanshe was cute17:17
tilmani talked english to her, and later found out she could speak german pretty well17:17
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treachmmh, lots of us speak at least 3 languages.17:18
tilmanraw: and she said like "jåjå" all the time :D17:18
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tilmantreach: her father is german or something. ;)17:18
rawI speak german, english, latin and spanish17:18
tilmanraw: check out that slayradio thing17:18
rawthe latter two rather bad17:19
tilmanthey teach you how to say "fuck a shy lapplander" et al17:19
treachraw: I was mostly thinking of our friends on the other side of the pond.17:19
rawbut it's enough asking someone out for sexual intercourse17:19
tilmanraw: in latin?17:19
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rawof course17:20
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rawI time travel on a regular basis17:20
tilmanraw: too bad you have noone to talk latin to? :P17:20
treachtilman: I guess you could at least pick up med students that way. :P17:20
brointhemixhave you ever tried to impose limits on users using /etc/limits in CRUX?17:20
tilmanDad, do sheep get sheep? No, sheep get lamb17:21
tilmanFar, får får får? Nej, får får lamm17:21
tilmansuch a great course17:21
rawanhoete anhote batote17:21
tilmanyou guys are totally insane17:22
tilmanTomten stod på tomten17:22
treachyou could try looking at the translation and prononciation for "soul", "reason", and "crossroad"... and the various meanings of these words..17:22
treachbtw, add "steal" to that soup.17:25
tilman"gift orm" vs "giftorm" <317:25
raw"the duck turning to the holy spirit"17:25
treachtilman: what about this one, from a menue some place:17:26
treach"Skivad kalv lever med kul potatis".17:26
* tilman goes nuts17:26
tilman"skit gott" vs "skitgott"17:26
tilmanyou're not seriously taking care of spaces like that?17:26
tilmanor not so good17:26
treachwhat I wrote above reads like "Sliced calf lives with funny potatoes"17:27
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tilmani almost guessed it's liver/to live17:27
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tilmancause lesson2 has that example, too :D17:27
tilmanDjupfryst kyckling[ ]lever17:27
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tilmanswedish cracks me up17:28
treachyou see that from time to time.17:28
treachit's hideous.17:28
treachand what's really bad is that word is priming everyone nowadays that it's wrong to run-together words...17:29
treachs word/Word17:29
tilmanyou mean winword? :P17:29
treachyeah. Winword.exe. Hellspawn.17:30
treachSee, the grammar controll is basically made for english, and that's a huge problem.17:30
treach"control" :/17:30
jjpkIt becomes hellish when you have to quickly move from English to Finnish or the other way around.17:32
jaegerFar, får får får? Nej, får får lamm :) Who writes this stuff?17:32
jjpkCompound words upon compound words argh17:32
tilmanreally? even if you speak both fluently? ._o17:32
treachjaeger: same person who wrote "Farär rar, mor ror." I guessss. :p17:33
jaegerthat's what I'm reading :)17:33
tilmanLesson 1 - Homographs17:33
tilmanjaeger: alright, thought you might have missed the url17:33
jaegerit's hilarious :)17:34
tilmanBergsklättrare tycker det är toppen på toppen17:34
tilmanDet är botten på botten17:34
tilmanthat's just <317:34
treach"Kassa arbetare" :)17:34
treachSätt på en skygg lapp :D17:35
jjpkHaha skit gott17:38
treachjjpk: if you think it's funny look here ->
raw_fuck a shy lap17:41
treachhmm. "Blinder" not "blinker"...17:43
treachmastering swedish, eh?17:43
treachI guess they still have problems with english. :P17:44
treach"Ät pinnar" :D17:46
raw_ugly hag is shopping for love17:54
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treachnah, "Eat sticks" rather than "chopsticks". Otoh, i's not really like "chop sticks" would be much better..18:05
tilmanmmh, new freetype stable release series18:06
tilmani totally missed that18:06
tilmani guess it will break everything anyway :P18:06
treacheven though it has been in the black mesa repo forever? :p18:06
treachor am I missing something..?18:07
tilmandoes it work for you?18:07
tilmani'll give it some testing love tomorrow or so18:08
treachIt might very well break stuff, I really don't use that many apps.18:08
tilmanseems there's some new lcd-specific rendering code18:09
tilmanthat's disabled by default because of patent issues18:09
tilmane.g., the  TrueType loader is  now about 25% faster;  FreeType should use  less heap memory  under nearly all conditions).18:10
tilman:O :O :O18:10
treachyes. It's pretty good. :)18:10
tilmanmy desktop is pretty cool these days18:12
tilman24 bpp goodness, fast compositing, love18:12
tilmanbook, bed, sleep, night.18:12
treachheh, good night.18:13
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Vecchiojaeger, alive?19:52
Vecchiojaeger, I need to get in touch with either Cybo or dacoto! My mail is I'm back after being ill for over a year (don't wanna talk about it in public), but please help me....20:00
VecchioDidn't find them in #oklinux20:01
VecchioI'm up for about an hour or two, then back to the hospital. so if you can please help me...20:02
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Vecchioif not, give them my regards, and tell them I hope I will be back... but cancer is not the best freind you can get :)20:04
Vecchiowell, I hope you are well. and I hope you20:05
Vecchioll have a long good life20:06
Vecchiosorry for the typo...20:07
VecchioWell I guess I have to go without talking to dacoto or cybo. Plz jaeger, tell them I miss them20:09
Vecchiobye all20:09
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VecchioBut I don't think I have such a long time to live. because my stomach is all messed up, and I can't eat normally. My doctor have giving me about 6 month, but I am not sad... I have had my life, and it has being kinda good. I have a lovely daughter and she sorta understand (but she's sad of course).... dunno what to say... But thanks for all the good times, and jaeger, thanks for being a good learner20:21
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nipuLgot crux running as a domU on my pc at work :)21:33
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nipuLubuntu is nice and easy to use, but it's a pain in the arse waiting for updates21:40
PhoulGood luck waiting21:41
nipuLthat's why installed xen and the crux domU, ofr those edge cases where I can't/don't want to wait21:42
PhoulIm happy i use crux & smgl21:42
PhoulI can use what ever i want21:42
nipuLnever tried sourcemage21:43
nipuLi love crux, but sometimes it can be a pain in the arse timewise21:44
PhoulDont use smgl then21:44
PhoulIts even worse21:44
PhoulYou get the basics with smgl, No xorg no nothin. And as soon as you install you gotta rebuild what you already got21:44
nipuLas someone once said "fuck 'dat"21:44
rxinipuL: hows x86_64 going?21:45
rxihow are you doing the ports for it?21:46
rxicompletely seperate or integrATED with the x86 tree?21:48
nipuLi'm using the x86 tree as the upstream source21:50
rxiahh do many of the x86 ports need to be modified to work21:53
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nipuLonly 25 ports now that i've changed the lib64 simlink22:03
nipuLplus 55 compat32 ports22:03
nipuLbut that's not wha't holding back the release22:04
rxiahh ... bbl22:06
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