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tilmanoh man05:11
tilmanfreetype 2.3.4 changes rendering of vera sans mono significantly05:11
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tilmanwho needs gcc34?06:11
jjpkNot I.06:17
jjpkThat monologue earlier in this channel is disturbing. Too much information to complete strangers haha06:18
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tilmanjjpk: he changed his opinion on "speaking about it in public" pretty quickly06:20
rxilol what was with that guy?06:21
jjpkWho knows for sure, but that may be disbelief and desperation06:23
tilmanrxi: it's not funny, just strange. check the logs if you really want to know06:28
rxididnt say it was funny06:28
aoni wonder why he didn't use /msg06:29
tilmanrxi: why did you lolz then? ;)06:29
rxitilman: am i not the current record holder in #crux for the most lol's? :P06:29
tilmanno idea06:29
tilman<   Galisus> Vecchio: i just want to take some pills and pass out on my floor06:30
tilmanthat galisus guy was fucked up06:30
rxiyeah he's a retard06:30
jjpkAn identity crisis waiting to happen. miq0rz - Galisus - jali from what I last noticed06:39
jjpkUsually problems like those sort themselves out, hopefully :D06:39
jjpkReminds me of a saying. Some people are alive because they are too dumb to kill themselves, others are alive because it is illegal to eliminate them.06:46
rawit's the otherway around06:46
rawto eleminate themselves and it's illegal to kill them06:47
jjpkWhat's the difference? same shit, different asshole06:48
tilmani wonder why he added the visibility patch to gcc 3.406:50
tilmannobody dares to use that feature on gcc < 4 anyway06:50
jjpkWhat are you talking about tilman?06:52
jjpkoh ok.06:53
jjpkah, now I see why it is worrying :D06:53
tilmanbut if i tell him about it, he'll probably be offended06:54
aonthe pkgfile depends on prt-get and dynamically modifies the footprint06:54
aonand you could do the same evilness with pkginfo06:55
tilmanthat part is a bit lame, too07:02
tilmanif pkgmk decides to use SUFFIX itself one day, boom07:03
aonperhpas we should just to slap him07:05
tilmanRomster: you should make STATUS in gcc34/Pkgfile a local variable. "local status" inside the build function07:08
tilmanwhere's that slacker treach when you need him07:09
Romstertilman, you mean SUFFIX to be in the actuall function and local SUFFIX=... ?07:25
tilmanRomster: as aon pointed out, you should use pkginfo to determine if a port is installed, not prt-get :)07:26
Romsterprt-get is in core so its on all systems... hrmm..07:26
Romsterpkginfo -i would list distcc and dsitcc-monitor for example and it was easier to use prt-get then a complex awk grep sed method07:28
tilmanthere's a bug for this at i believe07:28
Romsteri can't see why i can not use prt-get..07:30
tilmanyou can07:30
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rawtilman: are you syncing -tilman with -devel?08:32
tilmanno, why should i?08:34
rawtilman: I dunno, is there a big gap between -devel and your version?08:34
tilmanraw: why are you asking?08:35
tilmanyou should follow -devel.git imo :)08:35
raw. o O ( I was using -tilman for the last month or so, because of the fixnum issue )08:35
tilmanthat has been merged to devel ~ a month ago08:37
rawI didn't checked ;)08:37
rawwell, I guess I stick to -devel now ;)08:37
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jjpkAnother cheer for reading the fine faq.09:03
aonwtf, complex awk grep sed method09:08
aonpkginfo -i|grep '^gcc '09:08
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tilmanRomster: why do you need gcc34 anyway?10:31
rehabdoll<Romster> i made it for qemu :)10:45
tilmani see10:46
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tilmantreach: did you notice that eg vera sans mono gets rendered differently with freetype 2.3.4?13:58
tilmanotoh i think rendering looks better now14:00
treachno, I didn't. I don't use that particular font. :)14:00
treachI generally use terminus for monospace fonts.14:01
tilmanhehe, dave jones <314:03
tilman"bad. as in ass."14:03
treach"offering an invitation to test some obscure 'security distro'."14:03
treachhmm, I wonder if we're familiar with that one.. ;)14:04
tilmanXtreemOS? :P14:04
treachno, Networsix or wtf it was called. :D14:04
treachyou know, the guy who basically ripped off crux and gave it a new "cool" name. :D14:05
tilmani repressed everything i knew about that distro14:05
treachyeah, too much stupidity to bear.14:06
tilmanany other people who have touched freetype before?14:10
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tilmantreach: for some glyphs, the rendering got worse actually ;(14:27
treachok. I haven't seen that.14:27
tilmani wonder why they release it like that14:46
tilmaneveryone on this planet (except you) uses bitstream vera14:47
rawzomg, quantumcryptography hax0r3d!!!oneoneleven14:48
treachI use bitstream vera, just not the monospace font.14:50
tilmanWTF, redhanded ceases to exist!?!?14:50
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tilmanrugek: omfg!!114:50
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Romstertilman, and one other port won't compile with gcc4.1.2 nipuL wan'ts to use it and plus he syncs with contrib.git so i added it.22:37
prologicpersonally I think it's pointless having old versions of software in ports22:53
prologiceither the port maintainer should patch the port in question or email upstream with a patch22:53
Romsteri was wondering about the fact its old too..23:00
Romster<Romster> i've been debating if i should put gcc34 in contrib..23:01
Romster<nipuL> it wouldnt be a bad idea23:01
prologickinda breaks crux's goals23:05
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nipuLlike distributing binary ports?23:48

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