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Romsteryeah what about the fact the qemu atm is binary...00:10
Romsterwhy not my method i could include qemu package file and it would be all source then.. don't know why that wasn't done in the first palce than to include a binary qemu..00:11
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Romster seems dead...01:31
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rxi_giving you the raw end of the deal? :P05:34
rawah sod of05:34
rawit's annoying enough already :P05:34
rawyou <3 jack bauer?06:18
rxi_he is jack;s bitcj06:18
jjpktilman > jack bauer06:18
tilmanno, i <3 you and your pictures for various memes06:19
* tilman slaps around rxi_ with a whale06:19
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jjpkPlenty of those attention whores out there.06:22
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prologicwtf is and why is it down :/09:10 is hosted there and it's also down as a result09:10
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jjpkThe joys of centralized shared hosting :D09:29
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tillbhi everybody11:43
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loupgaroublondhi folks11:45
loupgaroublonddoes crux do a good job with LVM on root? or is that something I should hold off on for my first crux install?11:46
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tilmanhi tillb, loupgaroublond11:46
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tilmanloupgaroublond: there have been problems with lvm in the past, at least11:46
tilmanloupgaroublond: tbh i don't know whether that's still the case11:46
loupgaroublondwell, my main question is will mkinitrd realize i have lvm and friends, or will i have to spend some time rolling my own initrd + kernel tools packages (which hopefully will be easy too) which is something that can wait11:48
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loupgaroublondi guess it can wait a little bit11:49
tilmanloupgaroublond: i have no idea, really11:49
tilmanyou can try asking on the crux mailing list11:49
loupgaroublondoh well, thanks anyways11:49
loupgaroublondi could, but if i wait any longer to install crux, surrounder will probably beat me with a fish11:50
loupgaroublondwell, any way to make it boot up with dvorak from the CD? or am i stuck doing loadkeys in qwerty?11:51
tilmanthe latter :P11:52
tilman@seen sepen12:33
clbtilman: sepen was last seen in #crux 2 days, 3 hours, 23 minutes, and 32 seconds ago: <sepen> xDD12:33
pitillohe will be here in around 2 hours I think...12:35
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loupgaroublondis there a guide on /etc/rc.d/net compared to /etc/network/interfaces ?13:14
loupgaroublondnevermind, found it :)13:18
mike_k/etc/rc.d/net is 'do it as you like' thing. for example: or
loupgaroublondlooks good too :)13:22
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prologicmike_k, these pages are foocked :/14:55
prologicthe first one is anyway14:55
jjpkThe spammers at it again...15:03
mike_kprologic: at the time of writing - it wasn't.
jjpkNot the first time it has been attacked, then cleaned up.15:03
prologicsomeone have a weak password ?15:04
prologichow hte hell do spammers get a hold of any kind of auth15:04
mike_kafaik password is not needed to do that. try it yourself15:05
prologicI didn't realize the public wiki was completely open15:05
prologicperhaps becuase I have a user/pass login to the crux.nu15:06
prologicI always login15:06
prologicI agree with captchas, or email confirmation or something though15:06
prologicyou know if you had delayed-edits in the wiki engine, that would stop bots from editing and saving a page15:07
prologicby forcing the agent to only save a page's edit after x seconds preventing bots from saving anything too quick15:08
prologicspammers would have to re-write their bots15:08
prologicie: no user would edit a page, then save it within 5s perhaps15:08
tilmanneat idea15:08
prologicbut a bot might15:08
prologictimestamp the "time to click on edit", then compare with "save button clicked"15:09
prologicdeny anything within 5s15:09
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loupgaroublondprologic, why not make it ask for the text in one of those picture word art things only if the time delta is too short? normal users won't see it, but spam bots do15:20
prologicjust the delayed commit itself would stop spam bots from editing pages15:21
loupgaroublondi still don't see how a spammer can't just rewrite the bot?15:24
prologicbut why would he/she ?15:24
jjpkIt takes effort, and it is easier to use them on easy targets.15:24
prologicspammers will stop spamming once it becomes too time consuming or too costly to keep doing so15:25
prologicand if the spammer re-writes the spambot, then we change it slightly15:25
prologicand use random delayed commits15:25
prologicspammers ihmo give up easily if it becomes too hard15:25
loupgaroublondwell, in theory (and no i won't) i could write a bot that opens a page up, and makes a change an hour later15:26
loupgaroublondbut to be clever, i could open up 100 pages, and commit changes to 100 pages an hour later15:26
tilmanit won't accept the changes after an hour i think15:26
loupgaroublondwhat about the user who opens a page, starts writing, and gets distracted by lets just assume it's his girlfriend for fun's sake?15:27
tilmanhe's fucked15:27
tilmanhe has to start over15:27
prologicyeah it woudn't15:27
prologicyour edit would expire after an hour or less15:28
prologicI'm just tlaking about "denying edits that are too quick"15:28
prologicoften done by bots15:28
prologicor save the content and go back and re-edit and start again :015:28
loupgaroublondsuppose that would work15:29
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loupgaroublondhmm... no initrd support on the install CD? you guys like things simple, don't you....18:59
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rehabdoll"n recent CVS, Gnash will play YouTube and Lulu TV video flash movies."19:13
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loupgaroublonddoes the linux kernel in crux 2.3 do anything odd with the /dev names for hard drives? i'm getting some strange kernel panics where devices aren't being found that should be there20:47
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Romsterloupgaroublond, it's a stock standered kernel21:32
prologicloupgaroublond, crux doesn't do anything special with anything generally speaking21:33
prologicall youd hdds are /dev/hd*21:33
prologicthat is if they're ide21:33
prologicif they're scsi it'll most likely be /dev/sd*21:33
prologicor /dev/sg*21:33
loupgaroublondwell, sata, but i just copied the kernel off the CD, and that's working fine for now21:34
Romsteraon, oh i so never even thought of that...21:34
loupgaroublondthis way i can install mkinitrd, and roll my own kernel later21:35
prologicyou don't need mkinitrd21:35
Romsterspecialy the space at the end...21:35
loupgaroublondgenerally no, but i'm so used to using it21:36
Romsterhrmm i never read that yesterday, odd.21:36
loupgaroublondi guess it's part of the learning process21:36
prologicjust download kernel source, untar, make menuconfig && make all moduleS_install install21:36
prologicloupgaroublond, well don't :)21:36
prologicI think it's easier not to21:36
Romstersata and scsi fall under sd[a-z]21:36
loupgaroublondi like putting *everything* in modules where i can, if i feel like it, i can always unload modules online21:37
prologicthat's fine21:37
prologicthat has nothing to do with an initrd :)21:37
loupgaroublondwell, it's XFS on /dev/sda3, but i get kernel panic and VFS errors when booting up21:37
prologicjust build all yoru drivers as modules21:37
prologicahh you have to build file system drivers in21:38
prologicyou can't have them as modules21:38
prologicunless you do use an initrd :)21:38
loupgaroublondi built ext2 (for /boot) and XFS in21:38
prologicall essential file system drivers need to be built-in21:38
loupgaroublondi'm probably missing something that i never had to think about 4 years ago...21:39
prologicyeah but (afaik) unless your / is also ext2 it won't be able to load the xfs module to load your other partitions21:39
loupgaroublondno, that's XFS, but i built that in the kernel to21:40
prologicrxi_, you around mate ?21:40
prologicrxi_, I'll register your domain today if you like - if you wanna transfer $40 into my paypal account whenever you can21:41
loupgaroublondeither way, my box 'zen' has crux installed, it was anything but zen getting it there21:41
loupgaroublondwell, good night guys, thanks for the help all day21:41
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