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pitillogood morning01:19
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kikinovakHi. I'm a long-time Slackware and Debian user, and I'm currently discovering Crux. I'm currently at the "configure kernel" stage in the install. Q: did the Crux developers figure out a reasonable one-size-fits-all config for the kernel?03:25
kikinovakOr do I have to configure it from scratch?03:26
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Romsterkikinovak, copy over the config off the install cd.03:30
Romsteras a starting guide if you like.03:30
Romsterhi rauz03:30
Romsteri gotta goto darts later all03:31
kikinovakRomster when I launch 'make menuconfig' directly, is that Crux' default config? Or do I explicitly have to copy it over?03:31
Romsternot sure is there .config file in there already?03:32
Romsterls -la03:32
kikinovakI'll check that... 1 min03:32
Romsterif not copy the one over from the install cd or if you like you could get away witht he config of oyur debian or slackware maybe03:32
kikinovakOK thanks very much03:33
Romstersorry can't help you more atm i'll be back in like 4-5 hours03:33
kikinovakerm... the question may sound silly, but is crux still active despite the departure of its founder?03:33
Romsterkikinovak, very active.03:34
Romsterlook at the git repos on the site.03:34
Romsterlater all03:34
kikinovakI like very much the no-bullshit approach... I began on Slackware 7.1 in 2001, and I also used Debian quite a lot (but I prefer Slackware for its simplicity). Tried Arch a bit, but I miss a release. Now I stumbled upon Crux, and the first contact: I rather like it!03:35
kikinovakI tend to think that Vim is the main configuration tool in a machine :o)03:35
kikinovakRomster answer to your question before: yes, there is an existing .config during install.03:40
kikinovak... now let's see how bootable this is by default :o)03:40
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treachhmm, arnuld....04:31
nipuLdamn, so many emails in one thread. I thought something exciting was happening04:33
treach"i am just SHOCKED" ;D04:34
treach"Dude, so are we.."04:34
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treachoy, vektori, long time no see!05:27
vektoriHey. :)05:27
vektoriWhat's up?05:27
treachnothing much atm, you?05:27
vektoriHehe, killing time in school.05:28
treachheh, nothing like irc for that. :p05:29
treachI guess it's not business school you're attending at least, since you've got irc and everything. ;-)05:31
vektoriWell, business information technology. :)05:32
treachEither that or you're the biggest nerd on the compound. ;D05:32
treach"business information technology" ... yay for buzzwords. :D05:33
treachI hope they aren't refering to telegraphy and typewriters. :D05:33
vektoriHehe. Only old Cisco routers!05:34
treachwhee, that's a lot more fun. :-)05:34
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jjpkvektori: !!05:59
jjpkNow to see what the new uproar arnuld has caused.06:01
jjpkarnuld ftw06:06
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Romsterhi vektori ltns06:58
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jjpkLack of manners? :p07:04
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Romsterhi vektori ltns07:07
Romstergotta hate disconnections :/07:07
rxiecho :P07:07
jjpkYou said it already.07:07
jjpkYour problem would be solved the day you stop using tor for irc.07:08
prologiccan anyone browse ?07:09
jjpkUnknown host.07:10
Romsteryeah i didn't knwo if it got though07:10
prologicboth NS are down for that domain07:10
prologicit's hosted by
prologicstupid hosting company07:10
Romsterhrmm no dns recorld07:11
prologicA record07:11
Romstercan't even resolve or ya might of been able to find what ip tange it sues and get lucky guessing07:11
Romsterrange it uses*07:12
prologicyou can't generally access vhosts by their ips07:12
Romsterdamn some ya can.07:15
Romsterif they have a ip block07:15
Romsterand got them aassigned.07:15
jjpkI think you missed the point. vhosts map MANY to one ip address, and it relies on dns + www daemon to sort them.07:16
Romsterin most cases yes :/07:16
prologicin _all_ cases07:16
jjpkIt would not be a vhost if otherwise.07:16
prologicthis is how vhosts work .07:16
Romsterwouldn't some sites also haev a ip range assign vhosts as well as use there own dns name to there ip aswell or is that plane dumb to do both.07:17
* Romster walkes away from a dumb moment,,07:17
prologicumm no07:18
prologicmany vhosts -> one ip07:18
prologichaving ip blocks makes no difference07:18
prologicI have 2 such /29 blocks here, but so what07:18
prologicthey're actually used for ssl vhosts07:18
prologicsince you can usually only have one ssl vhost per ip07:19
prologicat least on the default port07:19
jjpkIP blocks could be dedicated only to vhosts, but it would not make any difference if they are down.07:20
jjpkThat is way beside the point anyway.07:20
Romsterhrmm what about cache sites, if oyur after data look up google cache or some other web cache site.07:21
prologicyou could do that yes07:21
prologicwith google or IA07:21
Romsterwouldn't know how to use it lol :D07:28
prologicoh hrmm07:28
prologicI didn't mean to paste the /calc bit on the end07:29
prologicjust playing with CP and Mako there07:29
Romsteris mako nice to use?07:33
Romsteri haven't messed with mako just yet.07:33
prologicyeah mako ain't bad07:34
Romsterya pymills app has a Pkgfile get vars module?07:34
Romsteri'm in the process of making a nice parser and i read you have made one.07:34
Romsterto get the contents out of Pkgfile in python07:35
prologicreads repo structure and Pkgfiles07:35
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rxijaeger: dont spose you wanna rename firefox-flash-plugin to flash-plugins and put a test statement in so it can handle firefox and opera?07:38
jaegerwhat kind of test? does the footprint change as well?07:40
rxiusr/lib/firefox/plugins/ > /usr/lib/opera/plugins/libflashplayer.so07:41
rxiif you did a test to see of the firefox or opera dir's are there then copy the file to the right plugin dir07:41
rxiopera just needs that ligflashplayer.so07:42
prologicyeah that'd be great too jaeger07:43
prologicnormally we (i) have to symlink or copy it by hand07:43
rxiyeah would be overkill to make a opera-flash-plugin07:43
rxiand remove the firefox dep :P07:47
prologicit doesn't really depend on anything technically right ?07:47
prologicit's just a plugin that opera/firefox can use07:48
rxijust copies a file07:48
rxior 2 for firefox07:48
rxijaeger: want me to patch the Pkgfile?07:50
rxiok ill email it to a little later07:51
jaegerthanks :)07:52
rxiim sure its not top of your priorities07:54
jaegerI don't mind looking into it, just have a list of things already :)07:54
jaegerwork stuff, and gtk, and pidgin so far07:54
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rxinp im sure i can handle it08:00
jaegerno doubt there08:00
jaegerheyo, cptn08:00
rxihey cptn08:00
cptnjust as a sidenote on the opera plugin thing:08:01
cptnalternatively, the opera port could include /usr/lib/firefox/plugins as in its plugin config08:02
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rxicptn: yeah interesting point but i think the other way is more "politcally" correct08:09
jaegerit might be best to simply remove the footprint file from that port, anyway. it's not compiling anything, the footprint will always be one or the other08:10
rxii was wondering what to do there08:10
Romsterrxi, what about if firefox and opera are oth installed? install one copy and symlink it08:11
rxiRomster: cos that would be messy08:11
rxiwhat if you removed the first one?08:11
cptnrxi: well, it's the netscape plugin loader in opera08:11
cptnso it's not too bad pointing it to a netscape-compatible plugin dir08:12
Romsterhardlink it then08:12
Romsterto both locations if both browsers are installed08:13
cptngrep -i netscape /usr/share/opera/ini/pluginpath.ini08:13
cptn^ there are a number of (wrong) pathes in there anyway08:13
cptnwe may as well add the right one too :-)08:13
Romsterwhy cant the 2 pkgfiles for the browsers symlink from /usr/share/flash08:15
cptnbecause then couldn't install flash after the browser08:15
Romsteror someplace its installed too08:16
Romsterhmm good point..08:16
Romsterinstall to either location and if both browsers are instaled hardlink it to the other browsers location sounds like the way to go.08:17
cptnadapting opera's config sounds like the way to go08:19
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Romsterprologic, your pymills port needs a footprint update,08:25
prologicmy pymills port is out of date :)08:27
prologicdon't use it08:27
prologicuse git08:27
prologicI hope it's not in contrib anyways08:27
prologicit shouldb be only in my private repo08:27
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Romsteryeah it sonly in yoru repo, why not release a new version then?08:37
prologicbecuase no new version has been finsihed :)08:40
prologic3.3 will be ready soon08:40
prologicthen I might release that08:40
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namenlosheh, i just found out how to delete all empty directories from a package (while creation): find $PKG -type d -empty -delete ;)08:58
jjpkfind is very useful indeed.08:59
namenloshad this problem when i was creating a view perl ports, and there where some directories left...09:00
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jjpkLook at that, pidgin is finally ready.09:01
jaegertook their time :)09:02
jjpkThey sure did.09:03
Romsternamenlos, yeah i use that method.09:03
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loupgaroublondgood morning09:12
loupgaroublondwhere can i find a copy of the kernel config used by the installer CD?09:13
Romsterin the kernel directory on the cd...09:13
loupgaroublondoh, found it09:16
j^2hey all09:18
jaegerheyo, j^209:19
Romsterhi j^209:19
j^2heey guys09:23
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tilmannamenlos: just how hard can it be to remember that i'm german? ;)10:02
namenlostilman: ok, ok ;)10:06
cptntilman = Till from germany10:09
prologichow much of kde am I going to have to install just to run a kde app ?10:09
tilmanthat's an excellent mnemonic trick!10:09
prologictrying to build Quanta Plus and it wants kde-config10:10
treachdon't call him till, then he'll turn into his evil twin, "tiltman". ;)10:10
tilmanprologic: prt-get fsearch kde-config? :P10:10
tilmani'd guess kdelibs, but who knows10:10
prologicdon't have the kde ports here atm10:10
treachprologic: you'll need at least kdebase10:11
prologichmm k10:11
prologicshouldn't be too bad then10:12
treachqt + libs + base ... I hope you have a lot of time. :>10:14
prologicI already have qt3 instlaled becuase of opera10:14
prologichopefully i"ll just need kdebase10:14
treachyou can't build base without libs...10:15
prologicfine fine :)10:15
prologicyeah I know10:15
prologickdebase will depend on other stuff too10:15
rauza short question i'm new to crux i want install kdebase i have set up a base install from crux und have update the ports10:16
prologicdownload kde.rsync from ports db on the website10:17
prologicplace into /etc/ports/10:17
prologicports -u10:17
prologicprt-get depinst kdebase10:17
tilmanprologic totally rushed him10:18
cptn(vi /etc/prt-get.conf)10:18
prologicinstlal prt-get if you haven't already10:18
prologicthat too :)10:18
prologicisn't this all int he docs ?10:18
rauzthx yes i have install prt-get10:18
prologic[ ]   imlib (not found in ports tree)10:19
prologicso who's the kde maintainre ?10:19
tilmanlike, imlib v1?10:19
tilmanhey, 99 called! they want their image processing library back10:20
prologicwell I dunno what's goin gon10:20
prologicbut the requireed dep doesn't exist10:20
prologichaha funny10:20
namenlosrauz: installing imlib2 might help you10:20
prologicI guess he forgot to update ot imlib2 ?10:20
tilmanimlib2 is a totally different library10:20
tilmani mean, it seems unlikely to me10:20
prologicthen kdelibs is/will be broken10:20
namenlosah, sorry, forget that again...10:20
tilmanprologic: care to file a bug against kde?10:21
prologicsure will10:21
rauzsry what ?10:21
prologicI don't think you're gonna get kde installed today :)10:22
prologictry xfce4 or gnome :)10:22
rauzbut i love kde :D10:22
prologicboo hoo :)10:22
namenlosrauz: for the wrong information10:22
* prologic grabs a tissue10:22
jjpkNonsense, it only takes a few hours to compile kdebase and its deps.10:23
rehabdoll"a few hours"10:23
rauzso i must compi kde from source ?10:23
prologicumm jjpk I didn't mean the time to compile10:23
prologicI meant that kdelibs has a missing/broken dep10:23
tilmanyou could find out right now whether they want imlib v1 or v210:23
jjpkIt works without that just fine.10:23
cptnrauz: crux is a source based distro, so yes10:24
tilmanif their configure scripts wants "imlib-config" it's v110:24
cptnrauz: it's just the base install that is precompile10:24
cptnupdates are always from source10:24
tilmanif it's imlib2-config, it's v2 (yadda yadda cptn obvious)10:24
prologicjjpk, without imlib* instlaled at all ?10:24
jjpkkdebase compiles without imlib, it is not an issue.10:24
rauzi mean must i compile with the code from kde.org10:25
prologicwell it's still a bug with the port :)10:25
prologicI'm still filing it10:25
treachpresumeably it's just some tiny peice of functionalty that depends on it.10:25
tilmanrauz: mmh yes, but prt-get will download the sources for you ;)10:25
prologicrauz, yes essentially, but the work is done for you in the ports10:25
tilmanit's all automated ofc10:25
* prologic builds kdelibs10:26
*** cptn has quit IRC10:26
prologicthere's no category for non opt/core ports10:26
prologicie: kde/xfce/gnome/xorg10:26
rauzoh ok so i can make prt-get kdebase when i have rsync the kde.rsync10:26
prologicand told prt-get about it via /etc/prt-get.conf10:27
tilmanwell, you will want all of kde, right?10:27
prologicusually with a "prtdir /usr/ports/kde"10:27
tilmanthen it's probably prt-get depinst kde10:27
tilmankdebase is just the stuff that prologic wanted10:27
treachtilman: only madmen wants all of kde..10:27
tilmanisn't their a howto for kde?10:27
tilmantreach: well, he's austrian, so.10:28
rauzsry i have no browser i have irssi on my server via ssh :D10:28
tilmanokay, i was wrong anyway10:29
tilmanit says:10:29
tilman $ prt-get depinst --install-scripts kdebase10:29
prologicyeah there is no kde port afaik10:29
prologicjust kdebase10:29
tilmanbut then there's "kde recommended stuff"10:29
treachalso, it might be a good idea to check if all those deps are really needed.10:29
prologicperhaps there _should_ be a "kde" port10:29
prologica meta port10:29
prologicI think gnome has one10:29
treachie, building samba if you don't have any windows boxes is kind of stupid..10:30
jjpkkde is not a light install, kdebase is enough to get going.10:31
jjpkBesides, it does not take a genius to notice there are other ports that include extras.10:32
rauzfine it works it compiles kdebase :D10:32
prologicError when caching the feed: cache/ is not writeable.10:34
prologicsomeone should fix that :)10:34
prologicthe rss feeds on flyspray aren't working10:34
tilmanrauz: if you have a working system with a browser, check that howto again for optional ports that you might need10:34
tilmanlike kdegames ;)10:34
treachinstalling kde is piece of cake..10:34
treachit just takes time.10:34
rauzi have time10:34
jkrAnd I got cake10:35
tilmani've got waffles10:35
jkrHe, not bad either10:35
rawI've got nothing. \o/10:35
jkrNoted. tilman: waffles, me: cake, raw: nothing10:36
treachraw getting the raw deal then. How appropriate.10:37
rawtreach: don't be treacherous10:37
treachyeah, better watch your back.10:37
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*** rauz is now known as rauzAFK10:43
* prologic got rasberry jam sandwhiches and milk10:43
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sepenhi vektori! nice to meet you xDD11:30
sepen@seen vektori11:30
clbsepen: vektori was last seen in #crux 5 hours, 56 minutes, and 32 seconds ago: <vektori> Hehe. Only old Cisco routers!11:30
vektoriHey sepen.11:37
aonhi vektori11:37
tilmanvektori: hey! :)11:38
vektoriHey tilman, aon. :)11:38
treach"Am I suppose to mount root at /mnt before running 'setup'?"11:47
treachOh dear..11:48
jaegernah, just keep trying until it magically works11:49
sepenlater! Im going to home12:05
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tilmanViper_: does crux-contrib not send out mails for dupes anymore?12:11
Viper_well i don't know :-)12:11
Viper_that's something you have to ask simone12:12
Viper_there's nothing in the crontab12:13
Viper_of it12:13
Viper_btw my [notify] commit has not sent a mail to the mailing list yet12:13
tilmanworked for me on core 2 hours ago12:14
Viper_yeah i've seen that :>12:14
tilmanViper_: anyway, can you talk to sip about the contrib list?12:16
tilmansince you're the appointed contrib guru :D12:16
jjpktreach: worrying messages.12:18
*** rauzAFK is now known as rauz12:25
jjpkReading comprehension is really down the drain lately :D12:27
treachyep. :-)12:29
jjpkI just might give that person a break if this was a self-proclaimed beginner.12:30
treachIt's such a basic thing, and it's right there in the docs. :-/12:31
jjpkI probably fell asleep a while ago, because I have no memory of crux becoming the beacon of automation :|12:33
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sepenhey all13:20
tilmansepen: hey, did you see my msg about the xml output of the ports db search thing?13:20
sepenis it yet a ticket?13:21
tilmanit's in testing currently13:22
tilmanthere's a ticket, too13:22
tilmansepen: please try the xml output with the url above, and comment on it in the bug13:22
sepenreally nice!13:22
tilmanif there's anything else you need about it, put it in the bug, so it can be fixed13:23
sepenwhat do you prefer .. perl or shell script for the portsearch?13:23
tilmanbefore it's releaed onto the masses :D13:23
tilmansepen: doesn't matter. everyone has perl anyway13:23
tilmansepen: xml parsing is probably much easier in perl :)13:23
sepenyeah! it is13:23
sepenalso I ported some many perl modules to use html tags (or xml)13:24
sepenin the next days I'll try to rewrite 'portsearch'13:25
sepenmany thanks tilman xD13:25
tilmansepen: thank tillb, he wrote it13:25
sepen@seen tillb13:25
clbsepen: tillb was last seen in #crux 1 day, 1 hour, 42 minutes, and 2 seconds ago: <tillb> hi everybody13:25
sepenhe's the wiki mantainer no?13:25
tilmanno, that's falk13:26
*** rauz_ is now known as rauz13:26
sepentilman, the next step may be to implement rss feed13:28
tilmanjaeger has rss feeds for core/opt/xorg13:28
tilmanbut i think they take their data from git13:28
tilmanso it won't work with httpup repos13:29
sepenalso supybot13:29
jaegerthey take their data from rss feeds13:40
jaegerer... damn enter key13:40
jaegerrss feeds from gitweb13:40
jaegernot git itself13:40
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jiribhi all15:48
jiribhow can i rebuild all installed packages?15:49
jiribi did prt-get -fr sysup but it is not probably what i want15:49
treachyou've got to feed it the packages you've got.15:50
jaegerprt-get update -fr 'prt-get listinst` ?15:50
jiribah great!15:50
jiribwhat about dependencies/order?15:51
*** thrice` has joined #crux15:51
jaegerupdate works in the order received15:53
jirib--depsort maybe15:54
j^2la la la15:58
j^2work sucks15:58
j^2la la la15:58
*** aon has quit IRC15:59
jiribtell me that, i did a typo: rm -r /usr/lib/* :)16:00
jiribyeah :(16:01
jiribhas anybody been successful with systrace on linux?16:01
jiribon crux of course16:02
teKjirib: why not?16:02
jiribwhy not what? :)16:02
teKah stop, that was on NetBSD for me, sorry16:02
jiribi read it can use (as little workaround) ptrace on linux16:03
jiribbut i haven't found how to compile it16:03
*** thrice` has quit IRC16:04
teKChris Evans from Google Security discovered an integer overflow in the Systrace kernel code. If an adversary can open "/dev/systrace", the bug can be leveraged to gain root access. Both OpenBSD and NetBSD current have been patched. Please, update your systems.16:07
jiribthat's old16:09
j^2AHHHH MY EYES!!!!!16:13
* teK blind16:13
treachcute.. it reminds me of.... gentoos site. :->16:17
*** jaeger has quit IRC16:19
j^2:D :D :D16:20
j^2<--- slow news reader :P16:21
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* deus_ex reads arnuld's blog16:31
deus_exwtf is 'path of excess'?16:32
treach"the way to ruin your liver"16:32
deus_ex"excess n. the state of being more than full"16:33
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deus_exDoes latest ghostscript (8.56) cause any major breakage, so gs from opt is still at 8.15 ? Or Jurgen just didn't have the time to update it?16:43
deus_exI haven't noticed any problems with it.16:44
deus_exBut, what do I know ;)16:44
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prologicI'm sure it'll be updated soon enough16:50
prologicit is a lot of work and time consumed keeping ports up=to-date and in working order ya know :)16:51
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deus_exprologic: So many ports, too little time :) ? I'll send diff to Juergen, since I already have updated port.16:57
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prologicgreat idea :)17:18
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger17:39
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Romsterprologic, kdelibs19:42
prologicwhat ?19:45
prologicI have either lost context or there is none :)19:45
prologicwtf you on about :P19:45
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Romsternevermind answering a previous question you had :/20:08
Romsteri have imlib so i sut added that to contrib so anyone can get kde with imlib working. i'm guessing it won't be needed on the next kde release though.20:09
prologicwhat question ?20:09
prologicumm no20:09
prologicimlib (or imlib1) I would imagine is oudated20:10
prologicand replaced by imlib220:10
prologickdelibs does not require imlib to compile successfully20:10
prologicand there is a possibility that imlib2 will work (but I have not tested it)20:10
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Romsterdunno i have both installed here.20:13
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Romsterimlib is outdated but isn't compatable to imlib220:15
prologicI woudln't imagine anything 1.x -> 2.x would be compatiable :)20:18
prologicwe're wasting #crux traffic and log space20:18
prologicshoosh :)20:18
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