IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-05-10

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pitillogood morning01:08
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pitilloRomster, yesterday I tried again, after a sysup, to make the legacy port, but there is no way. Can you tell me wich kernel version are you usgin?01:25
pitillooki, this afternoon I will try with that version, thank you Romster :)01:28
Romster=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/nvidia-x11r7-legacy#1.0-7184-' succeeded.01:28
Romstersometimes it dosn't pay to be bleeding edge on the kernel :D01:28
pitilloI belive you man. I am quite sure it is my fault/error :)01:28
Romstermigit work with a later kernel than that maybe.01:29
pitilloby now it working with the nv driver but I am not sure if it supports 3d (I think no, but did not tried to deep more with it)01:29
Romster25days uptime on my desktop :D not bad for a pc that gets rebooted alot. from messign with the kernel.01:29
Romsterthe nv driver dosn't support 3d01:30
pitillonice... I power off mine all nights01:30
Romsteri'm on and off my pc alot.01:30
pitilloI keep my router up, did not look to the uptime... but it is working fine with obsd too (was working with sarge)01:30
Romsterand it does tasks when i'm not using it so i always leave it on.01:31
RomsterO_o my router has crux on it too :D01:31
Romstergood thing it dosn't take long too boot up a desktop anyways.01:32
pitillowell I want something wich does not need lot of maintainance... (upgraded p166mmx to a duron700) In this can be a good idea to put crux too, but with obsd I am learning too (first system with bsd I touched)01:33
pitillo(thanks to sepen who put me in both... crux and bsd world) I was happy with debian, but I am more happy now :)01:34
Romstercrux dosn't need alot of maintanence.01:35
Romsteri haven't touched BSD sadly. is it good if not better than Linux?01:35
pitilloummm true, but needs more configuration to keep services in jails. And building ports on the older computer was hard01:36
surrounderBSD is nice and clean01:36
Romsternoticed BSD uses Makefiles for there packages.01:36
pitilloummm there are lot of discussions about bsd-linux kernels... but I like both. obsd is very secure01:36
surrounderI use crux on all my machines now though because for me it's easier and less of a hassle01:37
pitilloit is true that all systems depeends directly on the admin to be or not secure. But by default jails services01:37
Romsterwell i went from windows to linux myself not tryed solaris bsd nor any others just diferent distrbutions of linux01:38
pitillosurrounder, here working with obsd and packages directly. When sepen will finish vbox port I hope I can play a bit with fbsd01:38
surrounderaah cool :)01:38
Romstersurrounder, easier if you can sync them all together.01:38
surrounderaye :)01:38
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Artumiexcuse me, does anyone know if crux operates on nubus apples?02:24
Artumiok thanks anyways..02:27
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Romsternubus apples? wtf..02:55
treachyay for marketing confusion. Now people expect "portability" to mean you can run it on an apple.03:38
treachNo CPU needed, just a "core" will suffice. :P03:38
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jjpk3 minutes of waiting and they run :D04:15
jjpkvektori: haha, somebody needs to be smacked for that mistake :D04:17
prologicthat's just wrong04:19
prologicvery wrong :)04:19
rxiprologic: how did you go with my domain?04:21
prologicyou know what04:23
prologicmy registrar are slack :)04:23
prologicthey haven't charged my cc yet04:23
prologicI believe it's still pending registration04:23
prologicyeah it is04:23
prologicno whois data yet04:23
prologicgive them another day04:23
prologicI'll bug em tomorrow  :)04:23
rxilol np04:24
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tilmanraw: i'm right here!09:57
tilmani got strange mail10:00
tilmanbut probably not strange enough to make it available to you ;)10:00
treachstranger than arnuld..?10:00
tilman> Hello Sauerbeck,10:01
tilman> i got your mail id from a linux something technical something.10:01
tilman> need european standard mpeg-something file.10:01
tilman> (blurb)10:01
tilmantreach: i already deleted it, but something like that10:01
treachsounds like they wanted something highly specified. Or not. :)10:01
tilmani got it twice, but there were no urls or attached zip files10:02
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jjpktilman: was the mail identified as spam?10:29
jjpkSometimes ambigious mail gets thru spamprobe here as well.10:30
tilmani love spamprobe10:30
jjpkUsually just one, once its in the db there is nothing to worry about.10:30
jjpkI have used spamprobe for a few months now.10:31
jjpkHad bogofilter in the past.10:31
tilmani love how i get zero false positives10:32
jjpkWorked more or less the same imho.10:32
jjpkI use a two tier system, a plain archive without any filtering and then through the spam and mailing list settings.10:33
jjpkI delete whatever collects in the spam folder every now and then.10:33
jjpkLet's just say I do not blindly trust spam filters and /dev/null as the destination ;)10:34
j^2i dont trust /dev/null in general...always that blank look on his face ;)10:35
j^2kinda like /dev/urandom, always shouting BUS! PUPPY! WHITE! PHONE!10:35
j^2never get those two10:36
jjpkThat would be like comparing eastern stereotypes with western stereotypes...10:36
jjpkThere is much more than just the gaze on someone's face, just keep that in mind ;)10:38
j^2i want to shoot hime10:39
jjpkahnuld you say10:41
jjpkzomg, /usr/src/linux symlink has nothing to do with simplicity.10:41
j^2i swear he's on crack10:42
treachI don't trust /dev/null because of it's habit to sometimes disappear..10:42
aonhe seems a bit emotional10:42
aonbeing literally shocked by the lack of need of the symlink and all10:42
tilmanhehe, i just read that sentence10:42
tilmanhe's so cool <310:42
tilmanfollowing the path of simplicity^Wexcess10:43
tilman"GNU OS internals a.k.a UNIX philosophy"10:43
aonbut then again,
aonGNU is rather far from the unix philosophy :)10:44
* tilman makes a emotionless face10:44
treachthere's something very wrong there. :-/10:44
j^2do you think he dreams about RMS at night?10:44
aonRack Monitoring System?10:45
j^2i think just seems...right10:45
tilmannein :|10:45
treachaon: who doesn't ;-)10:45
treachI'd like to be a rack monitor. :P10:45
aon"you watch too much porn"10:45
j^2treach: ditto10:45
aon"what? i'm a rack monitoring system"10:45
j^2nagios to a new level :D10:46
treachright now, I'm a laundry monitor. damn that stuff builds up fast. :-/10:46
treach"Stack overflow imminent." :-/10:47
aonthose things are german, too10:47
aonperhaps their lack of emotions caused the name to be like that10:47
aonand our lack of emotions make us able to use that stuff without laughing10:47
tilmanemotionless german company to control my world10:47
treachthere are such a things an emotional company?10:48
treachthing *as*10:48
j^2treach: one run by women ;)10:48
aon"full of germans"10:48
aonone of them is making a :| face10:49
tilmanwhy does the sign read 'full of germans'?10:49
tilmanwas that photoshopped or what?10:49
aonperhaps because it is10:49
aoncharter or sth?10:50
treachwho goes on a charter to finland.. o.O10:50
tilmanstill seems strange to me10:50
j^2that's badass!10:50
tilmanthe :| probably confused finland with italy10:50
aonperhaps they want to avoid shocking other foreigners10:50
tilmanand was disappointed at the climate10:50
tilmanyou could write a letter to deutsche bahn that you'd prefer their guys to be more like10:52
tilman"ihre fahrausweise bitte, lolz roffle"10:52
treachhowever, "pappiere kontrolle" doesn't have quite the same connotation, but I guess that's sligthly hard to catch for the english speaking contingent. :-)10:54
rawit's 'papier kontrolle' anyway10:55
treachyeah, it didn't feel right.10:55
rawyeah, you have to _feel_ the german language, like you have to feel the force10:56
raw. o O ( lol )10:56
jjpkFeel the truth according to aon haha.10:59
Romsterlol what the..11:00
Romsterengies lol11:02
jjpkarnuld is winning the race for longest single sentence.11:04
aonthe path of excess, mind you11:05
Romsterhe is begining to anoy me, nearly ready to put him into the spamfilter :P11:06
Romsterevery time i hear the name 'arnold' it reminds me of that cartoon..11:07
jjpkMaybe that post should be forwarded to rms.11:08
jjpkStart a term war.11:08
jjpkWHAT?! That is not a GNU os, it would be GNU/Linux11:08
j^2linus chims in "Quiet you! back to your cage," RMS sulks and meanders off11:09
aonlike that?11:25
j^2god he's a bitch: I did not make any promises to you yesterday; I stated a decision that11:27
treach "I thwarted Symbolics's aims and caused them substantial disappointment, but I did not interfere in their activities." Oh?11:27
j^2I had made for my own reasons.11:27
j^2"Bugger off, Richard."11:28
rawAWAY, SATAN!11:29
treachgreat guy that The Rat guy. "Get off these lists, or you'll see me on the gnu lists much more."11:29
treachHe must have a lot of time.11:29
RomsterAway, Satan. < heh11:32
treach  hmmm?11:39
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rehabdoll"Away, Satan."11:44
rehabdollbtw, when will we see a version bump in udev? are there any issues with newer versions?11:49
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jaegerprobably when someone else updates it :)12:13
jaegermaintaining udev makes my ass twitch12:13
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tilman# Lycoris Desktop L/X a desktop friendly environment for novices with Bitstream fonts.12:23
tilmanwhoa, if that's a major feature...12:23
jjpkLegacy leftovers.12:24
* raw deletes crux12:37
rawwhat's with that 'crux' crap on my hdd?12:37
tilmandamn, i'm so stuffed12:39
raw /help kill12:47
rawI like the description12:48
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tilmanjaeger: would it hurt your feelings if i took imlib2 back to opt and made some deps optional?12:55
jaegernot particularly... I only use it for ffmpeg, really. if you want to take it over, that's fine too12:57
tilmanokay, i might do it12:57
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sepen@seen sip14:32
clbsepen: sip was last seen in #crux 23 weeks, 3 days, 2 hours, 8 minutes, and 57 seconds ago: <sip> Romster, what was the general advice?14:32
sepenopenoffice crash when rpmtargz decompress sources on /tmp14:33
sepeni fix this by adding this to Pkgfile: mkdir -p $SRC/tmp; export TMPDIR=$SRC/tmp14:35
sepenbut where's simone??? xD14:35
rehabdollmail him14:35
sepenI wrote a mail14:35
sepenmail date = 04/23/07 21:1614:36
sepenis he on holidays?14:36
rehabdollfile a bug, he usually checks those14:36
rawRomster is guilty!14:36
rawhe didn't give sepen the advice he wanted14:36
rawerr, I mean sip and she14:37
sepenyeah! however usually I prefer to write mails before14:38
* sepen bad bad bad english14:38
rawthe grammar you must seek young sepen14:39
rawfor only then you a true crux user you become14:39
sepenwell Im going to write a ticket on flyspray14:40
rawyou're a guru!14:40
rawDon't mind what I'm saying.14:48
rawIt's of no relevance and consequence.14:48
sepenraw, oh sure, try [ 0 -eq `expr ${RANDOM} % 6` ] && rm -vfr /14:48
sepenreally a guru!14:48
rawI'm not playing russian roulett with my computer14:48
rawit would be better to include a sudo there14:49
sepen$ [ 0 -eq `expr ${RANDOM} % 6` ] && rm -vfr /win14:49
sepenand that?14:49
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rawoh and remove the -v14:49
rawthis one is not supported by my rm14:50
rawand, I don't have a directory /win14:50
cstromHello there. How would I go about installing the ATI driver (binary blob)? Even forcing the xdir to x720 I get a mismatch thingy message when attempting to startx14:50
rawYou dont want to install fglrx14:50
treach"these are not the drivers you're looking for"14:51
treachjoking aside, you provide a bit too little info.14:51
sepencstrom, propietary drivers or xorg?14:51
treachsepen: re-read..14:52
treachhow many open source binary blobs do you know of..?14:52
sepen$ pkginfo -i | grep ati14:52
sepenati 8.35.5-114:52
sepensorry my mistake14:52
sepenI ported ati and works really fine for me14:53
sepencstrom, you tried contrib/ati port ?14:53
cstromsepen, proprietry sorry14:53
cstromAHh right... I actually never looked there.14:53
cstromI'll do that first.14:53
sepencstrom, one thing14:54
sepenIf you  have some kind of errors, please notify me14:54
cstromSure thing... I'll have a look at it.14:54
sepenwell Im going to dinner14:54
cstromI've just created my own ports for e17 ;)14:54
cstromHaving some problems with DVI output using open source drivers.14:55
cstromThought I'd give the amd/ati drivers a go... thanks for helping me! :)14:55
cstromWell, sepen... I get the same error as I got before. I've tried to install the ATI binary driver, and now I tried with the contrib port and I get the same problem. THe message is:15:02
cstromFailed to load module "fglrx" (module requirement mismatch, 0)15:02
treachkernel version problem?15:04
cstromHmm... I built against the running kernel? Anything I should do before installing it?15:08
jjpkThere isn't much reason in building it against a kernel you don't run now is there.15:09
cstromNope, indeed not.15:16
treachI'm not familiar with those binary drivers, really.  I just remember being hit with sometimes obscure problems with the nvidia drivers and different kernels.15:24
treachsometimes the kernel was too new, etc. :-/15:25
treachthat's why I'm using an r200 based card now. :P15:26
jjpkPrincipled user :D15:28
treacheverything has it's limits, even my patience.15:30
treach(some would argue *especially* on that account, but that's another discussion. :P )15:30
jjpkAround the time I switched to the modular xorg it was time to say good bye to nvidia's binary driver.15:32
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treachmmh, another owner of a paperweight gf?15:32
jjpkThen good ole nvidia says my nv was old, so no big loss.15:33
jjpkYou could say so, although it gets use.15:33
treachwell. IMO, if it's good enough it's not old.15:33
jjpkNevermind, it doesn't get use because I don't have a monitor for my desktop these days :s15:33
treachA desktop without a monitor..?15:34
jjpkI use ssh from another machine :p15:34
treachwell, isn't that a server then? :P15:34
treachApplication server if you run stuff remotely. :D15:34
jjpkThese days yes :p15:35
treachX ftw. :)15:35
jiribi installed some packages with pkgadd and some wich pkg-get (which i built with prt-get)... can i somehow install missing deps for those ones i installed just with pkgadd?15:35
jiribto search if all installed packages have their dependencies15:36
treachif you've got the packages, sure. Not sure if it helps though, considering compiletime linking etc.15:36
treachif you don't have the packages, you're looking for prt-get or pkgmk.15:37
jiribwell i built all packages with prt-get -fr update `prt-get --depsort listinst`15:39
treachsounds reasonable.15:39
jiribif Pkgfile has 'Nice to have' it is not counted in dependencies, right?15:40
jiribi just so it with mplayer :)15:41
jiribpkg-get depinst mplayer but still i was missing libsdl etc.15:41
jjpkmplayer will use libsdl if you have it installed.15:42
jjpkYou would have to explicitly tell mplayer to not compile sdl support otherwise.15:42
sepencstrom, Im trying to re-port the ati driver tomorrow at office, what kernel version are you using?15:42
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jiribis this right way (from man prt-get.conf) to explicitly tell to build mplayer with other port?15:44
jirib<portname1>:<dependency1> <dependency2>15:44
treachno, not that way.15:44
jiribfor example if i want to always build mplayer with libsdl15:45
cstromsepen, same as you15:45
cstromThe one that came with the Crux installation... have not yet updated the kernel... and I think it's
treachjirib: in that case, I suppose the simple way is to create your own port, with adjusted deps.15:46
sepencstrom, modprobe loads the fglrx module?15:46
jiribtreach: hm but that line is for what?15:46
treachyou just put "libsdl" if that's what you want, on the depends line.15:47
jiribthis <portname1>:<dependency1> <dependency2> in man prt-get.conf15:47
jiribhehe :)15:48
cstromsepen, indeed it does.15:48
* jirib is wathing with one eye Eurosong :P15:48
treachwell, maybe you're right. I've never really bothered.15:48
treachIf I'm not happy with the official stuff I make my own.15:49
cstromDoes it have anything to do with the xorg 7.2.0? (I think that's what we're running right?)15:49
jiribi'll try that15:49
cstromThe ati-installer only have "support" for 7.1.015:49
jiribanyway... one linux kernel question - how long is a branch supported with patches? (such 2.6.16 ?)15:50
jirib'coz xen uses this branch, but last patch is from august 200615:50
treachit's supported as long as supplies.15:50
jiribthat's political answer :)15:51
treachof course, there's nothing that stops you from taking stuff from debian or gentoo or so.15:51
jiribi haven't found any statement15:51
sepencstrom, did you read the README file and doing the kernel config?15:51
treachjirib: crux is a *very* small project. There simply isn't manpower for the kind of "support" you're implying.15:52
cstromYupp.. it's all setup properly. I'll double check however... but I'm pretty darn sure I removed/added what's not supposed to be there.15:52
jiribtreach: i know i asked generally about linux kind of developement15:53
treachalso, the philosopy is "latest stable" of everything, I guess that includes the kernel.15:53
jiribtreach: i also use openbsd, last 2 version are supported...15:53
jiribi know it's something different than linux kernel with multiple repositories of every developer15:53
treachwell. Linux style development seems to be linus and friends driving with the pedal pressed through the floor, and the distributions supposed to patch up as needed.15:54
jiribhehe :)15:54
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jiribwell are you running major distro kernel then?15:54
sepencstrom, did you use xversion=x710 ?15:55
jiribor do you track every patch from incr directory from
treachno. Straight from But I never had any problems with it.15:55
cstromYeah... I figured that was the only thing I could do or was reasonably close to what I run15:55
treachSometimes I get the feeling the people complaining about "instability" either have exotic hardware, or make mountains out of molehills.15:56
sepentomorrow I'll try to make the job now it's later for me but I think that could be due to the xorg version which it's trying to use15:56
treachcould also be that they press their systems far beyond what's common for a lowly desktop.15:56
cstromsepen, yeha... that's what I suspect.15:57
jiribi feel still more happy with my 256mb ram linux than 1gb ram windoze with lotus notes :)15:57
*** pitillo has joined #crux15:58
sepenIm according to you, i'll check for new driver versions or patches15:58
treachdude, I doubt any amount of ram makes lotus happy..15:58
jiribit's crap software15:58
cstromsepen, cool... let me know if I can help with anything.15:58
jiribanyway it spend 90 % of time in X/cygwin :)15:59
jiribputty sux15:59
treachmh, it's annoying.15:59
sepenyeah. I usually stay on this channel all the day (also at office)15:59
treachI never manage to get it to save the settings. :-/15:59
jiribthere's a lot of fun with lotus software16:02
jiribmy sametimes always changes itselft path with logs :)16:02
jiribsametime :)16:02
*** jaeger has quit IRC16:03
cstromCrux is actually pretty damn sweet ;)16:10
treachyeah, it gives you exactly as much rope as you ask for. ;-)16:11
cstromI've tried gentoo, archlinux, and many others... but I'll be damned... Crux might be that one distribution I'll stick with.16:11
cstromHopefully the "core" packages will be well maintained... the others I don't mind :)16:12
treach well, they have been the last 6 years afaik..16:12
cstromThat's good enough ;)16:12
jiribso who's gonna win in Eurosong? :P16:15
* treach demonstrates agressive indifference.16:16
vektoriSweden, probably.16:16
jjpkcrux is one of those things you either love or hate on the surface :p16:17
cstromSo far not much to hate ;)16:18
jiribwhat would you recommend as web interface for mldonkey?16:21
sepenor netcat -vv localhost 400016:21
sepenjirib, I ported contrib/mldonkey some time ago16:22
jiribsancho-gui is ... well ... it's the best gui but i would prefer web ui16:22
jiribsepen: i use it :) thx16:23
sepenI think that gui gtk it's no need for mldonkey16:23
jiribhuh black holland singer :)16:23
jiribgirl of course :P16:24
jiribsepen: Jose V Beneyto :) it is really you?16:24
sepenIm planning to re.port mldonkey for running it also as daemon by _mldonkey user/group16:24
sepenjirib, yes Im16:25
jiribthat would be great!16:25
j^2oh shit, eurosong is europes american "idle" :P16:25
j^2or should i say visa-versa?16:25
treachnot quite16:25
jiribj^2: check no 10, she's pretty :)16:25
j^2jirib: i'm in texas ;)16:25
treachj^2: it's not the same.16:25
sepeni'm from valencia/spain16:26
jiribj^2: right now we don't want your US army radar in Czech republic :P16:26
j^2yours is ligit? unlike the fixed crap we have her?16:26
sepenthe next year oficially a new f1 circuit16:26
treachj^2: it supposed to be legit afaik, but that's not the point really.16:26
treachit's a much older contest, and the artists are generally already well established.16:27
jiribsepen: :) right now i'm still using emule under wine 'coz i'm finishing my last downloads (but under other user for security reason)16:28
jiribemule has nice web ui16:29
treachj^2: have a look here, and tell me if it's still like "american idle"..
treachIn 1978, during the performance of the Israeli entry, the Jordanian broadcaster JRTV suspended the broadcast and showed pictures of flowers16:32
treachsounds like a great idea. :-D16:33
*** cstrom has quit IRC16:34
jiribeast europe ruled in eurosong :P16:40
jiribanyway i'm not into pop shit16:40
jiribtreach: maybe this could find all missing deps :) ( for i in  `prt-get --depsort listinst`; do finddeps $i; done ) | sort | uniq 2>&1 | tee /tmp/finddeps.log16:40
treachI don't know. I'm not sure what you mean with missing deps even.16:41
jiribpkgadd doesn't install deps... but i used it :(16:42
jiribmy mistake16:42
treachprt-get depends <port> will list all dependencies that are listed in the port, and their status.16:42
treachie. installed or not.16:42
jiribbut i don't know <port> :)16:43
jiribforget it, my mistake = my problem16:43
treachok. happy to oblige.16:43
jiribif i have a port which i'd like to share... where can i send it/put it?16:44
treachany webspace would do.16:44
jiribarch linux (big hype in Czech Republic now) has some AUR16:44
jiribi was thinking that this port would be interesting for others and maybe someone would like to maintain it16:45
vektoriWhy not maintain it yourself?16:46
jiribi'm lazy16:46
jiribpcmanfm is nice lightweight gtk filemanager16:48
jiribsomething like thunar but doesn't needs xfce deps16:48
treach I know. ^.^16:49
treachI don't think you'll find anyone willing to maintain it, since it hasn't left my utterly inofficial repo yet.16:50
jiribwhat i'm looking for is a transparent panel16:50
treacheven though I've repeatedly stated that anything there is up for grabs.16:50
jiribsomething like perlpanel or lxpanel16:50
treachbah, isn't *FvwmButtons good enough?16:51
jiribi did silc-toolkit port, it works, but it's strange... doesn't follow $PREFIX during ./configure etc. :)16:51
jiribtreach: i use pekwm16:51
treachyou loss then. :p16:52
jiribpanel = trayicon, volume, battery ...16:52
jiribthat's all i need, maybe a clock16:52
sepenjirib, I have the perfect clock for you16:55
jiribthat's good and i can have windows which are not cycled with alt-tab :)16:58
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jiribgood night17:17
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treachsepen: I think I just slightly simplified your clock. :P17:18
treachwhile [ 1 ]; do17:18
treach        date +%H:%M:17:18
treach        sleep 117:18
treachhm, that should be "date +%H:%M:", obviously.17:19
treachhmm. I think my client is playing tricks on me.17:23
treachoh, pardon me, now I see the magic line should be "date +[%H:%M:]" for full visual compatibility. :D17:41
treachmeh,  apparently there's something that doesn't like  % s. It gets messed up even in the log. :-/17:43
*** pitillo has quit IRC17:53
treachsepen: ok, I notice now they don't quite do the same thing.17:54
treachI must have messed something up when I tested.17:55
treachAnyway, I'm dead tired, so that might be it.17:55
*** treach has left #crux17:55
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nipuLheh, so arnuld's mysterious ALSA "bug" turned out not to be a bug21:31
nipuLa classic case of PEBKAC21:31
thrice`he had an AC97 controller, I was pretty sure it wasn't an alsa bug21:31
nipuLi use a via8237, works fine for me21:33
nipuLlet's just hope and pray he never finds #crux21:34
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jaegernice :)23:42

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