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pitillogood morning01:11
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erixHi again =)01:20
erixDoes anybody have fix problem with VMWare 5.5.1 and xorg-libxcb assertion?01:20
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mrksprologic: could you update your port of lirc to version 0.8.1? version 0.8.0 complains about missing linux/config.h, the newer version compiles just fine.02:10
mrks seems to be problem on some recent kernel versions02:11
mrksthank you02:12
prologicmy ports is already at 0.8.102:12
prologicfor some reason it isn't synced to contirb02:13
namenloshi, anyone ever used ncurses in his programms?02:32
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treachsepen: ;-)03:51
treachsomewhat simpler :P03:51
sepengreat! a really clock03:53
sepenI think that mine it's only a counter, not a clock03:54
sepennice, only 0.1 of mem are used03:56
treachlet's wait until someone with a working pc-speaker starts it. :P03:57
sepenwe can merge both scripts and create a real clock with counter functions03:58
treachheh, "the time is now blaha, this script has been running for blaha, beep!"03:59
sepenand install them in a watch with embeded linux03:59
sepenwell Im going to work for a while, Im at office04:00
treachhave fun.04:00
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diskuswhat to do when doing pkgmk -d -i in ports say that MD5SUM mismatch found?04:40
diskusit says even04:40
diskustrying to install mysql and same happened with lynx04:41
treach1. verify that you really got the appropriate file.04:41
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diskuswell it downloads it, and seems to be right version, but md5hash doesn't match04:41
treachsure, but is it *really* a tar ball?04:42
treachsourceforge for instance is infamous for spitting out crap.04:42
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diskusmysql is downloaded from sunsite.dk04:43
treachThat's not really interesting.04:44
diskusI guess I'll try to get it manualy from some other source04:44
treachThe question is: Do you have a real, uncorrupted tarball.04:44
treachWhere you got it from is completely irrellevant.04:44
diskuswell I'll try to get from different place now, and hope it will work04:46
treachis it that hard to find out if you really got a working tarball?04:47
diskuswell tar zxvf worked fine on that corrupted one04:48
treachok, then it probably wasn't corrupt..04:48
diskusnow I got different tarball from site and md5sum is fine04:48
treachah, good.04:48
treachthat kind of begs the question what the difference is..04:49
treachif you could unzip the one with the wrong md5, it probably wasn't damaged...04:50
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diskussame problem with lynx, but it downloads .bz2 file and seems to be official site (
diskustar jxvf works fine, and unpacks nicely04:56
treachif upstream md5 has changed, you should notify the maintainer.04:57
treachthen it's up to him to investigate.04:57
diskusagain, downloading from different place works fine04:58
diskuswell I just installed crux, so I wasn't sure what's the prob, now I know :P04:58
treachit happens from time to time that upstream makes "silent" updates to the tarball.04:59
treachthat's one of the reasons this might happen. but usually it's just sourceforge feeding you crap.04:59
treachI suggest you read the faq on that topic, or you'll see this error quite frequently.05:00
diskuswell I got it figured out already, so no problems05:01
treachthe faq is still recommended.05:02
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clarehi folks, I have a puzzle. Using final CD for 2.3, and doing the kernel compile05:57
clareI get errors clock skew, various files 4.e^04 in the future. I have had these before.05:58
clareThis time I got the source off the iso and undid it myself and no such problems.05:58
rxicheck your date/time05:59
rxiand your tz is right06:00
clareTHe problem seemd to be that the dates on some files had no times they just said May 11 200706:02
clarein particular .confiog as it wrote it and some in the subdir include.06:03
clarewhen i undu=id the tgz myself the dtaes on the spource files were all Mar 17. with times06:04
clareand since I did the compile some are chagned to may 11 with times.06:05
clareI have another install to do soon, I will look closely at the source as supplied.06:09
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jdolan_lmao @ arnuld taking "proper" literally.08:10
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jjpkAn odyssey in itself on the ml :D08:10
jdolan_hahaha this guy is hilarious.08:11
jdolan_wait, you mean compilation is not a measure of correctness!!??08:11
tilmani'm SHOCKED08:11
jjpkpaths of excess.08:11
jdolan_i'm almost glad i have 30 messages from crux@ to catch up on.08:11
jdolan_getting this all at once makes it that much funnier.08:11
jjpkTry wrapping your mind on those massive run-on sentences in the later mails :D08:12
jdolan_yea, not too many technical writers among us, huh?  ;)08:19
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treachYou don't have to be a technical writer to be able to construct proper sentences..08:42
treachor at least, you shouldn't have to. :-/08:43
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jdolan_i agree.  but what else would crux users write about besides technical issues?  ;)08:59
treachWho knows? Love letters? :P09:01
sepenhi jdolan, what about your ypbind (NIS) ports?09:01
treachAnyway, time to further pop the laundry-stack..09:01
sepencan I adopt and mantain them on contrib?09:02
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jdolan_i would have said "of course"09:11
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DrNickHey Everybody!09:14
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treach@seen Everybody09:15
clbtreach: I have not seen Everybody.09:15
treachsorry. No luck.09:16
j^2no simpsion lovers :(09:16
tilmanHey, DrNick!09:16
j^2or should i say to tilman " :| ya"09:17
treachshouldn't that be  <-(:-|)  really?09:18
treach(wearing one of these
j^2it must have sucked to sit on it...09:21
j^2or awesome if you swung that way ;)09:21
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jdolan_sepen, yes you should adopt those ports if they interest you.09:26
sepenI need NIS authentication at offcice09:26
tilmantreach: ETOOMUCHCHARSTOTYPE09:26
sepenI migrated from fedora trash core 4 to crux in my work09:26
jdolan_sepen, are my ports too out of date to work?  or do you just want the latest-and-greatest?09:27
sepenwelcome home09:27
jdolan_sepen, either way, they're all yours if you want them :)09:27
sepenyeah! of course, is the first action that I should do09:27
sepenas packager?09:27
jdolan_i'm retired.  i just idle here because i <3 this group.09:27
sepen<3 ??09:27
jdolan_it's a heart.09:27
sepenwhat's that?09:27
tilmanjdolan_: we heart you too09:28
treachcould be an icecream cone too. ;)09:28
jjpkDEATH TO <309:29
tilmanwhy, it's cutte09:30
tilmandamn keyboard09:30
treach"sorry, you rate less than three". :P09:30
j^2i always saw <3 as an ass09:30
jjpkI don't see how that works out.09:31
j^2tehy are bending over09:32
tilmanit's a bitch from the 19th century09:32
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jjpktilman: makes sense after seeing the first picture here ->
tilmani'm too lazy to look at that article, but the name sounds like what i was thinking of09:40
tilmanbut i didn't know the word and was too lazy to look it up, too09:40
j^2you know i was thinking....bening we are kicking back url's left and right these days...aon, how do you check them? i thought you were always only text ;)09:46
tilmanhe uses ratpoison and openbox afaik09:46
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jjpkratpoison user xlib, any gui program will work.09:56
jjpkIt could be difficult to use some, gimp for instance does not fit too well with ratpoison :D09:57
treachany for any application that likes to throw up dialoge windows etc, "works" is only true for a small amount larger than 0..09:58
jaegerI love having a nice connection09:58
jaegerI don't know where is located but I love the speed09:58
jjpkLast night I was reading the Ion author's "non-blog" blog, very scathing comments about this and that.09:58
treachjaeger: too bad you usually never get such speeds. :-/09:59
jjpkNot bad :D09:59
jaegertreach: agreed09:59
treachI think my record is something like 1100KB/s, but that was a torrent. :p10:00
jjpkI agreed with tuomov about xft and its horrendous configuration files.10:00
treachmeh, add a zero to that, I guess.10:00
treach<- back to hauling laundry.. :-/10:01
jjpkThe guy's latest shines with rage at the linux kernel.10:03
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treachhm, someone should show him crux10:10
sepen@seen sip10:11
clbsepen: sip was last seen in #crux 23 weeks, 3 days, 21 hours, 47 minutes, and 30 seconds ago: <sip> Romster, what was the general advice?10:11
tilmantoo much text in that article10:12
tilmani've never seen an xft config file anyway :>10:12
* Romster kicks nick highlight..10:16
jaegerRomster Romster blah blah blah Romster10:18
* jaeger ducks10:18
Romstergood one..10:18
jjpktilman: oops, I meant fontconfig config files.10:23
tilmanfontconfig 2.4 is neat10:25
tilmancd /etc/fonts.d10:25
tilmanln -s ../conf.avail/10-subpixel-something.conf10:25
tilman^^^ that enables subpixel rendering10:25
tilmannot much different from saying "crisp=yes"10:26
jjpkPerhaps, I just find it silly to use symlinks for enabling features.10:29
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j^2how do i cancatonate sed commands?10:52
j^2no worries -e worked ;)10:52
tilmansed -e 'one' -e 'two' -e 'three' ...10:52
j^2nice thanks tilman10:52
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benoitcah internet time :)12:17
benoitcevening too irl :)12:17
benoitcis there a way to install crux to an encrypted disk ?12:17
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jjpkSure it is possible, but you probably have to make a custom cd of crux.12:18
jjpkI have never installed any linux distribution to an encrypted disk, so I can't say anything further about that :p12:19
benoitcno dm-crypt or lvm on iso ?12:19
jjpkI'm afraid not.12:22
jjpklvm is in the ports, but not in the cd.12:23
treachjaeger: got an opinion on that for your respins? Might be useful, imo.12:24
jaegerI'll look into it, can't hurt to check it out12:25
benoitchum too bad12:27
jaegerhrmm... ubuntu 7.04 still can't properly install grub on an xfs partition12:27
benoitcok think i need to install another linux before crux so12:27
treachbenoitc: not necessarily.12:28
treachit all depends on the layout you want..12:28
benoitcmm in fact i would like to have / encrypted12:28
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treachmmh, it' would be a bit of a pain, but you could probably do it with some smart partitionining.12:29
jjpkWell, if you have an unused ide disk, you could install crux there, then format the main disk, encrypt it and move everything there.12:30
treachlike you used have to do in the past if you wanted an all xfs system.12:30
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jiribhello all12:53
jiribjust curious... some ports are based on svn... but x264 doesn't work as configure scripts are not executable12:54
jiribi added chmod +x ./ but is there any better way?12:54
jaegernot really12:55
jiribi'm not familiar with svn12:55
jiribmaybe some option to keep permissions?12:55
jaegersvn isn't necessarily the cause, files can be executable or not in svn12:55
tilmanyou can tell upstream to set that svn flag on the flag :P12:56
tilmansvn:property-executable or something12:56
jiribuff uff :)12:57
jiribso it's x264 problem?12:57
tilmanjust chmod :)12:57
jiribproblem of x264's svn server...?12:57
tilmanit's not the server's problem12:58
jaegerit's the committer's problem12:59
jiribi'm trying to install vlc from yhafri, some deps tries to replace file which are owned by other ports :/13:00
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tilmanwhich file?13:00
jiriblibiconv libmpeg2 etc...13:01
tilmannever install libiconv13:01
tilmanit can mess up your whole system13:01
jiribso why is he doing it? :)13:02
tilmannobody knows13:02
tilmanmaybe he's strange13:02
jjpkMore than 1900 ports in his repository o_o13:09
jiribthat port sux anyway :(13:09
jiribit's old13:09
jjpkThe amount of ports he has, it is no surprise that there are outdated ones.13:10
jiribjaeger has vlc port too, i'll try this one13:11
thrice`no, dont' trust jaeger :-)13:13
jaegeryeah, that guy is useless13:14
jaegeroh, wait, that's me. crap13:15
jiribhow can i found if i have installed some ports from some repo?13:15
tilmanthe repo name isn't stored in the package database13:15
tilmanso there's no easy and reliable way to do that13:16
jaegerrepo info isn't stored in the package database, so you can guess by looking at prt-get.conf and using prt-get info or prt-get path13:16
jaegerbut it's no guarantee13:16
jaegerif you installed from one repo and then changed your prt-get.conf it won't give you the right info13:16
treachanyway, stay away from yhafri..13:32
treachthat repo should be tagged "dangerous" or something13:32
treachit's like a hone-jar. Lots of ports that seems useful for new users, and if your're not careful, WHAM!13:33
treachhoney-trap, I mean.13:33
jiribso just remove it from crux site13:34
treachnot my decision. but I'd consider it if it was.13:36
tilmanjirib: you could mail him, and ask him about the problem :)13:36
RyoSyhafari is really dangerous :D13:41
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sepencstrom, Im here now15:24
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jshi. has anybody had success using the gnome 2.18 port? Worked one time for me and after that it kept crashing and crashing and crashing on startup (namely gnome-settings-daemon)17:35
jsseems to be one setting17:35
jssince if I rm -fr .gconf* .gnome* everytime before startup, it works.17:36
treachhm, not a lot of cruxers use gnome. Not sure if anyone is around.17:37
prologicI have a few times17:38
prologicyou have have to talk to jaeger though17:38
jswell, I know someone having exactly the same problem on CRUX.17:38
prologiche's the maintainer and more knowledgable one17:38
jsI updated to 2.18 using sysup17:38
jsand then saw that gnome has new dependencies17:38
jsand added them17:38
jsand today I noticed it doesn't work anymore17:39
jsI tried removing those, but it didn't help17:39
jsdebugging it is useless17:39
jsall symbols are unknown, even if built with -g17:39
treachdid you try rebuilding the stuff that actually depends on the new dependencies?17:39
prologictried asking in #gnome too ?17:39
jsadditionally, the adress looks like code on the stack is executed17:39
jsprologic: yup.17:39
jstreach: funny thing is that it worked without the new deps17:40
jsbut I wonder why the hell code on the stack is executed?17:40
treachsloppy coders?17:40
js0xb6d94830 in g_object_unref () from /usr/lib32/
jsthis also appears when I want to change the background17:41
jshm, no, this isn't the stack.17:41
jsthe stack is at 0xbf17:41
treachjs: logically jaeger would be your man, as prologic said.17:44
treachseems like he's out though, so the ML might be an option, if you don't feel like hanging around.17:44
jstreach: I prefer hanging around :)17:47
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jsmeanwhile, I'll look for a newer version von gnome-control-center17:47
treachTeuffel Von Gnome-Control-Center? ;D17:48
thrice`i remember jaeger saying there was a weird bug with changing themes with gnome 2.1817:48
prologicarticle on /. about dell not shipping their linux PCs with wine17:55
prologicgreat stuff :)17:55
prologiccompetely agree and good on them17:56
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Invert314roughly how long does it take your CRUX box to boot from the boot loader to xdm/kdm/gdm?18:06
thrice`5 seconds?18:07
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nipuLthat long!?!18:47
nipuLare you running a 586 or something? ;P18:47
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prologictakes mine 28-30s23:22
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