IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-05-12

prologichi 5s boot time cruxer :)00:04
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rxiprologic: hey00:42
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prologicrxi, hey, they charged my CC01:57
prologicbut not active yet :/01:57
rxiif you wanna email me when its all done02:14
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Romsterevening :D03:48
sepenvirtualbox released on my repo03:52
vektorixD xD03:53
sepenreally rocks!03:54
Romstersepen, throw it in contrib if oyu got access!03:55
sepenbut after some tests on my repo03:55
sepenI plain to released on contrib this week03:55
sepenafter week-end03:55
Romsteryeah k, I do that too test in my private repo03:56
sepenare you planning to install?03:56
sepenRomster, but note that virtualbox dependencies are not yet on contrib03:57
sepenI had port previously xalan-c (depends on jaeger: xerces-c), dev86, iasl, ...03:59
sepenis not too easy to put on contrib imo03:59
Romstersepen, maybe..04:05
Romstersepen, ask them to put there port in contrib and the ones that don't have contrib access, i grab there port and update it clean it up and then add it to contrib.04:06
Romstersepen, i think thw worst dependenyc port i've made so far is bmpx.04:14
sepenhmmm could be04:19
Romsterdunno who uses my private repo but it seems some trust it to all work, i know of a few ports i need to work on.04:20
sepenthe more ports you grab the more you mantain04:20
sepenand more time you need04:21
Romsterthat is true..04:21
Romsteri use ck4up so the checking for updates isn't too bad.04:21
sepenmmm I'll use04:21
Romsterand i use distcc and ccache to help too.04:21
sepenmaybe you should explain that ont
sepen*public isn't up-to-date04:23
Romsterlike i should explain how to set it up?04:25
RomsterHowToSpeedUpCompiling i should add.04:26
sepenor here and add a link to your HowtoMantainPorts04:26
Romsterunder Developer Documentation04:28
Romsteryeah sounds like an idea todo.04:28
sepenhow many contrib users are?04:30
Romsterare there04:32
Romsteri'm not quite sure..04:32
sepenyeah! we need the about page04:32
sepenafter that I think we should do the same tasks to mantain ports under contrib repo04:33
Romsterhmm i was wondering not sure if its a good idea or not having a check for updates and email to the ML once a day.04:34
Romsteras it is really upto the ports maintainer to keep things upto date.04:35
sepenyeah, I like prtverify mails04:35
tilmansepen: yeah, giving credit to contrib people would be good i think04:35
sepenand could be useful that clb reports also contrib timeline (imo)04:36
Romstermaybe the requirment of a romster-ck4up.conf and they all get merged and contrib checked for possable changes and sent to the ML.. that way its upto the maintainer to list there port on ck4up.04:36
sepenmaybe not here, but on #crux-contrib or something similar04:36
Romsterdunno about that sepen04:36
sepenwas only an idea xD04:37
Romsteri jsut do a ports -u, when i feel like it and and see when something changes.04:37
tilmani think it could update from ports/*.git04:37
tilmanexcept personal repos, like sip.git04:37
Romsteryeah all the big ones and gnome,ked,xorg,contrib04:37
sepenon a channel #crux-commits ???04:38
sepenor in this channel?04:38
RomsterI'll get a wiki account and add some pages sometime too.04:38
tilman#crux-devel seems appropriate04:38
sepenyeah +104:38
RomsterML commit list I think, #crux-devel dosn't need to be more clutered than it is now with users?04:39
sepen(wiki) Note on #crux-devel04:39
sepenThis list is primarily meant for developers, although everyone is invited to join and follow it.04:39
sepenRomster, I think irc is a better tool for show commits04:40
tilmanlol, runs their httpd in valgrind?04:40
sepentilman, Im using tracd on my server instead of webserver+trac04:41
Romsterhmm i got some html and css to finish off atm i'll get back to the wiki and ideas afterwards.04:42
sepenbut I think light* its a better alternative, also at office I mantain an apache2+rails app04:42
sepencould be good migrate my rails app for use fastcgi under light*04:43
tilmanrunnint it inside valgrind on a production site seems crazy04:43
Romsteri like apache2, seems bulky but its easy to setup.04:43
tilmansi teh slow, i'd think04:43
Romsteryeah it'll be slow..04:43
Romsterall those extra checks..04:43
Romsterthey must be really parranoid..04:44
sepenRomster, I have a server box at home running openbsd+apache1.3, it can't be able to run trac with dav ....04:44
tilmanRomster: well, it's a cool thing to test sanity04:45
sepenbut light* sounds great for me04:45
Romsterodd prologic is running trac on apache 2.0.49 or whatever version it is.04:45
Romstertilman, yeah but on a production server...04:45
Romstersepen, if you don't need the complexity of apache.04:45
sepenaccording to this04:46
sepenI recently update my virtualbox README file04:50
Romsterdo a diff :/04:51
sepenI replaced a mention to 'pre-install' script ->> 'postinstall'04:51
sepenonly that04:51
sepennot a serious problem04:51
Romsterthats a change...04:51
sepenyeah sorry04:51
* Romster hands sepen a coffee04:54
Romsterthink you need one :P04:54
prologicsepen, trac will run fine on apache 1.x04:54
sepenbut maybe I need some extra setting to running on chroot environment (default on openbsd)04:55
prologicno not afaik04:56
prologictrac doesn't care about that04:56
prologicyou can run it as cgi, fsgi, or through mod_python04:56
sepenmmm thanks for the info04:56
prologictrac can also be run as a daemon as it has a built-in http server04:56
prologicyou should try that too04:56
sepenIm running tracd04:56
prologicand just use mod_rewrite or mod_proxy to pass http requests form your web server to trac04:56
sepenon port 800004:56
sepenbut I'll reinstall it for use mod_python under 1.304:57
prologicit should work fine04:58
sepenthanks prologic for the explanation, Im very newbie on trac issues04:58
prologicI guess that's why I maintain it :)04:58
prologictoo bad your box is openbsd ;)04:59
prologicrm -rf /04:59
prologicinstall crux :)04:59
sepensome time ago it has crux2.104:59
prologicyou know xDDD takes longer to type than just :)04:59
prologicyou should try the :) instead04:59
sepenbut I install obsd only for test it04:59
sepenmore fancy imo05:00
sepenwell Im going to part to my contry, and return tomorrow at night05:01
tilmansee the other defintion:05:01
sepengood weekend05:01
tilman> 2. An internet expression that gets annoying if overused.05:01
tilmansepen: have fun05:02
sepenlater all!05:02
*** sepen has quit IRC05:02
tilmanhehe, that pumpkin pic is cool05:02
tilmanPERSON 1: Two hamburgers walked into a bar and the barman said, 'Sorry, we don't serve food.'05:03
tilmani want a hamburger now05:03
rxime too :(05:03
prologicI'm hungry now05:04
prologicstarving in fact05:04
tilmani apologize05:04
rxiso you should getting my bellys hopes up like that :P05:04
raw o___________________________O05:13
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FrankTMhello :005:37
FrankTManyone else having trouble accessing the hd within the installer in vmware05:38
prologicnot the last time I tried05:41
prologicthere is a bug for certain stat drivers for vmware though I think05:41
prologicnot sure05:41
prologictry adding an ide disk in vmware05:42
FrankTMat least vmware thinks its there :p05:42
FrankTMoh wait.. might me sci05:42
* FrankTM just woke up05:43
prologictry using ide instead05:45
tilmanraw: ahahaha, jesus, that's good05:45
prologicI don't think scsi works on crux's kernel05:45
FrankTMprologic: think it works.. :)05:45
FrankTMit does :P05:47
tilmanraw: :D05:47
prologicgood work :)05:48
prologic<-- genious :)05:48
prologicis raw writing in invidisable font ? :)05:49
rxiwhen did the eurovision semi's actually happen?05:54
tilmanwho cares05:55
* FrankTM is with tilman 05:55
tilmanwhy the hell would an aussie convict care?05:55
rxicos im watching them now05:55
tilmans/aussie/british/ i guess05:55
rxiactually im more scotish i think05:55
prologicaussie convict ?05:55
prologicI take offense to that :)05:55
prologicso am i05:55
tilman<@   tilman> s/aussie/british/ i guess05:56
prologicyou know how hard it is to get mesh wifi nodes oin this stupid country :/05:57
prologicnearly impossible05:57
prologicat any decent price anyway other than strix products which are >$5k05:57
rxitilman: dont you guys watch it?05:58
tilmanno o_O05:58
tilmanrxi: i think in germany, only old people care about it :P05:59
rxiive watched it for the last couple of years05:59
vektoriIt all went download from here:
vektoriUh, downhill.06:02
rxialthough crocodile dundee is on the other channel06:02
rxihard decision06:02
prologicI neither get it nor understand it :)06:04
prologicthe youtube clip06:05
vektoriNeither do I, but you gotta love the choreography. :)06:05
prologicfair enough06:05
rxireminds me of that song with the treadmills06:06
vektoriHaha, neat.06:10
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rawerr, am I retarded? this a=`expr $a + 1` gives me expr: syntax error06:47
*** mjeq has joined #crux06:47
prologic$ a=1; echo $(($a+1))06:48
prologicwhat's wrong with $((...)) ?06:48
*** mjeq has quit IRC06:48
rawexcept that ksh uses ((a+=1))06:49
prologicthen use that06:49
prologicmust write a python shell one day :)06:49
rawbut this doesn't work either if you don't initialize a beforehand ;)06:49
prologicwell of course not06:50
prologicwhy should anything work if you don't initalize something first06:50
prologicnormally you can't rely on a variable having any specific value unless you initialize it06:50
rawprologic: of course not. that was the reason why my expr didn't work07:02
aonj^2: yeah, i just copy and paste them from the irc client to the browser07:33
aonif i was text only i'd use emacs, where it's quite easy07:34
aoni have quite a bad hangover07:34
tilmanWHAT DID YOU SAY!?07:35
FrankTMi'd be surprised if my system would boot :p07:40
aontilman: x_x07:40
tilmanFrom: Ises Solar <>08:38
tilmanSubject: Geldverdienen mit Solartechnik08:38
tilman(earning money with solar technology)08:39
tilmanspam gets stranger every day08:39
tilmanah, there's an email address08:39
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jshm, I finally found the reason why Gnome 2.18 just crashes on CRUX09:21
jsglib has to be built with debugging support09:22
jswithout it, it will not perform the necessary checks09:22
tilmanthat indicates a bug in gnome09:22
tilmanand bugzilla agrees09:22
tilmanthey have one or two blocker bugs against 2.1809:23
jsyup. gnome assumes that glib will detect that NULL is passed and that it will print a warning.09:23
jsthis seems to be common practice in gnome09:23
tilmani think it rather assumes that it will never pass NULL09:23
jswell, it knows that this could happen09:24
jsg_object_unref(NULL) works with debug enabled (only a warning), but without debug, the app will crash09:24
jsI found out that most of the distros seem to built glib with debug support. Even ubuntu does.09:25
tilmanbut insane09:26
jswell, I see no reason for not using debug builds. They strip it anyway.09:28
jsif glib does extra checking with debug enabled, then that's just fine.09:28
jssacrificing stability for speed is never a good idea.09:28
tilmanso gnome is buggy09:28
jsso is glib, so is gtk.09:29
tilmanhooray, let's work around their idiocy09:29
jswell, not only gnome is affected by this.09:29
tilmanwhat else is?09:29
jsa lot of gtk programs.09:29
jsmonodevelop. just crashes on crux.09:30
js(yes, I know, this uses C#, but the problem is with the Gtk# bindings)09:30
jswell, actually, monodevelop starts, but crashes as soon as you want to edit the settings.09:30
js(namely the editor settings)09:30
tilmani suggest to file a bug against monodevelop09:31
jswell, it seems like most apps are designed to have a debug built of glib09:31
jsand no, this isn't a monodevelop bug09:32
jsbut a gtk# bug09:32
prologicyeah actually I don't quite agree with enabling debug support on gglibc09:33
prologicthis "crashing" is new to me :)09:33
tilmanglib, not glibc09:33
prologicyeah that :)09:33
prologicgnome and gtk# are just stupid :)09:34
jswell, but they are the main usage of gtk and glib09:34
jsinteresting, debugging support for glib even fixes the irssi crash-on-exit09:34
tilmansomething's wrong09:35
tilmang_return_if_fail is a noop here09:35
tilmanoh wait09:36
jstilman: because you don't have debugging support09:36
tilmanthat's for G_DISABLE_CHECKS09:36
jsit seems like glib doesn't do anything on errors without debugging support09:36
jsbut the main problem is that all other distros come with debugging support and thus, developers think that these error detection features are always there.09:37
tilmang_return_val_if_fail works perfectly fine on crux09:38
tilmanis gtk# built with -DG_DISABLE_CHECKS?09:38
tilmanif so, they deserve to suffer09:38
tilmantakes 4s to find out :P09:38
jsi don't use gtk#09:38
jsi have it installed, that's all. but never wrote anything using it.09:38
tilmanoh my09:40
tilmang_object_unref needs:09:41
tilman  g_return_if_fail (_object);09:41
tilmanthey have:09:41
tilman    g_return_if_fail (G_IS_OBJECT (object));09:41
tilmanbut that macro will lead to a segfault when you pass NULL09:41
jsguess that's the problem09:41
jsand with debugging enabled, G_IS_OBJECT(NULL) will just throw a warning.09:42
jsnope, it won't even throw a warning. just tested it.09:45
tilmantsk, it survives the G_IS_OBJECT test09:49
tilmanmaybe glib itself is built with G_DISABLE_CHECKS09:50
tilmanwhat the fuck09:51
tilmanjs: if that behaviour is by design, then i agree we should build with debug=minimal09:51
jstilman: it seems to be by design.09:55
jstilman: otherwise, someone else would have already spammed their bug tracker ;)09:55
tilmanfedora uses minimum debugging too10:02
tilmanand their package is maintained by the glib/gtk maintainer10:02
tilmani'll talk to jaeger10:02
rawjust use kde or whatever and be happy10:29
rawno gtk no pain10:29
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tilmankde is > 20 kloc11:00
RyoS17:30:07 < raw> just use kde or whatever and be happy <- you cant be happy with kde..11:00
tilmanso it sucks by definition11:00
jjpkDepends which definition is used :D11:00
jjpkIf it's anselm's, then you bet it does.11:01
tilmanyes, i meant garbeams11:01
tilmanthat's why i mentioned the LOC11:01
jjpkSame person we're talking about :D11:02
tilmani know11:02
tilmanteh confusion11:03
jjpkIt happens ;)11:03
tilmanawww shit11:21
tilmanoprofile needs linux/config.h11:21
tilmani guess that one isn't installed anymore these days11:21
*** thrice` has quit IRC11:50
tilmanRomster: your glibmm port is out of date. 2.12.9 is the latest release12:04
mike_kRomster:  A wokaround preventing it from segfaulting with recent freetype.
rawnp: Knorkator - Ich verachte Jugendliche on TRIBUTE TO UNS SELBST (4:19)12:22
tilmanRomster: same for gtkmm12:29
tilmanraw: hehe, knorkator ftw12:30
*** Romster has quit IRC12:33
rawRyoS: well, I don't use kde either12:34
rawRyoS: but I use some qt applications of kde12:34
RyoSand no gtk apps? :p12:34
rawRyoS: while gtk is usuably slow as shit after too much chocolate, kde is at least in an usable state12:35
rawRyoS: not that I'm aware of12:35
RyoSwell, thats your point of view12:35
RyoSeveryone's got different taste :p12:36
rawRyoS: that's not a point of view, it's a fact that gtk applications are too slow to be usable12:36
rawfor example, if I click in the firefox mainmenu, it takes like 10 seconds till the dialog pops up12:36
RyoSwell... if you say so12:37
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RomsterClosing Link: gateway/tor/x-78913ad411d2e983 (Excess Flood)12:39
Romsterwtf... i wasn't doing jack...12:40
tilmanRomster: did you see my messages?12:44
Romsterthere in my private repo not in contrib O_o12:44
Romsteryour using my private repo too?12:45
tilmani didn't have that much choice12:45
Romsteri see maybe i should sync them to contrib.12:48
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > ports -l|grep -ce 'contrib.*libsigc\+\+'12:49
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >12:49
tilmanugh, and cairomm12:52
tilmanurxvt and openbox eat my memory13:42
Romsterk and cairomm, i'll ge them done soon busy atm.14:37
tilmani need a perl monkey for a quick job14:40
tilmanany available atm?14:40
RyoScome here perl monkey *strays some bananas around the chan*14:44
FrankTMshould be in /boot or in /14:55
tilman /boot14:56
FrankTMim seeing that in the guide now too, hehe14:59
* FrankTM slaps himself14:59
aontilman: so what kind of perl do you need14:59
tilmani have an array of strings15:00
tilmanand need to generate c code from it15:00
tilmansay, for the array [foo bar baz], i want:15:00
tilmanstatic const char name[] =15:00
tilman  "foo\0"15:00
tilman  "bar\0"15:00
tilman  "baz";15:01
tilmanand then i need to generate an array that contains the offsets into that string:15:01
tilmanstatic const unsigned short offsets[] = {15:01
tilman  0,15:01
tilman  4,15:01
tilman  815:01
tilmanaon: i have a ruby version. but the world hates ruby.15:01
tilmanaon: want to waste 5 minutes on it?15:02
tilmani think there's a bug in my script15:03
tilmani changed libXcursor with this15:03
tilmanand suddenly my cursors are acting up15:03
jkrtilman: Still need a perl monkey? :) I'm somewhat bored currently15:04
jkrWhat do you need?15:04
tilmansee above15:05
tilmanfor the input data and ruby code15:05
aoni'm sort of working on it, too15:05
jkrWhat das "p" do in Ruby?15:10
tilmanthat's just for debugging15:10
tilman"p foo" == "puts foo.inspect"15:10
tilmanjkr: feel free to ignore my code and just spew out what i described15:10
jkrWait a sec15:12
jkrWhere do you want it?15:12
jkrI mean the script15:13
tilmani don't really care15:13
tilmanjust paste it somehwere?15:13
jkrDo you really want the \0 in the strings?15:14
tilmansee, the original code looks like this:15:15
tilmanconst char *moo[] = {"foo", "bar", "baz"};15:15
tilmanthat's not optimal for code in a shared library15:15
tilmanconst char moo[] = "foo\0bar\0baz"; is better15:15
tilmani'll spare you the details ;)15:15
jkrOh, wait a sec15:17
jkrOk, now :)15:17
jkrI put { } around the string list because I didn't know what you wanted15:17
jkrBut now it makes sense to me :)15:17
tilmanthank you15:19
tilmanaon: thanks to you too15:19
jkrOk, now I'm bored again ;)15:22
tilmanunfortunately i don't have any other perl jobs :(15:22
jkrWhat about C jobs? :)15:22
* jkr is also a C monkey15:23
tilmanread drepper's dsohowto.pdf15:23
tilmangood stuff15:23
tilmanand then this:
jkrHe, that's above my level of boredom :)15:25
jkrI'll better watch a hacker movie or something :)15:26
tilmanHACK THE PLANET15:26
jkrBtw, I've written a funky perl script last week that checks freshmeat xml feeds for software updates and updates lokal Pkgfile15:27
jkrMight be useful to maintain inofficial repositories15:28
jkrIt's not completely ready, though15:29
aonbetter test the updates before publishing, though :)15:43
tilmanit's not uber-useful imo15:44
tilmanwe don't have olol-we-dont-care repositories15:44
aonwe don't?15:46
tilmanwe do?15:46
jkrOf course it the ports need testing before publishing, but it's useful for being informed about updates15:49
tilmanwe use ck4up for that15:49
jkrWhat's that?15:50
tilmanit can query anything15:50
jkrAh, nice15:50
aoncrux-commits List-Id is incorrect, btw15:50
aonList-Id: Notification of crux subversion commits <>15:50
jkrHrhr, Hackers 2 is funny15:51
aonthere's a hackers 2? :o15:54
jkrIt's made from that Mishushursomething book about the Kevin Mitnick hunt15:55
Romsterwhat the pkgmk won't download a file...16:12
jkrpkgmk -d?16:17
*** brointhemix has joined #crux16:21
Romsterjkr, yeah i got the option on in pkgmk.conf16:22
brointhemixdo you happen to know how to make the standard core/shadow port read /etc/limits file?16:22
Romsterit won't work on cariomm16:22
Romsteroh hell think its my mistake...16:26
Romstertilman, "<tilman> ugh, and cairomm" < whats wrong with cairomm? i got  the latist tarball off that site..16:30
tilmanwho's up for a laugh?17:17
rugek_bring it on17:18
tilmanhang on, gitweb is having issues17:18
*** rugek_ is now known as rugek17:18
tilmanextract libSM-1.0.2.tar.bz217:20
tilmanopen libSM-1.0.2/src/sm_genid.c17:20
tilmanlook for hex_table17:20
tilmanit's used to convert an int to its hex representation17:20
tilman0xff -> "ff"17:20
tilmanraw: you're looking at the code, how could i pull your leg?17:22
rugekwho wrote this?17:22
tilmani should blog this17:22
tilmanthis is fucking hilarious17:22
tilmanrugek: no idea, feel free to try git blame on it :)17:23
rugeki guess he even wrote the table by hand ;)17:23
tilmanjesus motherfucker17:23
tilmanmade my night ;)17:23
rugekholy moly, I like this :)17:24
tilmanwhen i fixed it, the code size of the so dropped by almost 4k17:24
rawtilman: mail ;)17:31
tilmanor thedailywtf17:31
tilmanexcellent idea raw :)17:31
tilmanit's the same site17:31
* tilman doesn't visit that often17:32
tilmanAuthor: Ralph Mor, X Consortium17:32
tilmanmaybe he was it17:32
tilmank&r code ftl17:38
rawanisc is teh pwn?17:39
tilman_si_ teh pwn!17:39
*** mike_k has quit IRC17:40
tilmanthere's a hand-crafted implementatino of strdup, too17:43
rawmaybe he implemented correct errorhandling? ;)17:45
tilmanhe's dup'ing a literal17:45
tilmani guess you were thinking of arg==NULL?17:45
rawthat explains why x11 is a mess17:45
tilmanyes, it's horrible17:46
*** jaeger has joined #crux17:46
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger17:46
rawstrdup an interesting way when it fails ;)17:46
tilmanthis is sooo awesome, rofl.17:47
tilmanif (some memory alloc fails)17:47
tilman  *error_msg = strdup ("blabla"); return17:47
tilmannote that it only tries to alloc a low number of bytes17:47
tilmanso if even that fails, the chance is the 2nd malloc will fail,too17:47
tilmanbut ok.17:47
tilmanjaeger: can you please remove the line "--enable-debug=no" from glib/Pkgfile? we shouldn't mess with its default value for that. other distros (fedora, ubuntu, debian) do it the same way17:48
rawthat's not a reason to change it!! crux is revoluzzer!!1eleven17:50
jaegersure, I don't care... I don't think I was the one who put it there, honestly17:50
tilmanjaeger: the default value enables some sanity checks inside glib that are probably a good idea[tm]. i have more reasons if you really care about them17:50
tilmanjaeger: i'm not blaming you :)17:50
jaegerdidn't take it that way, just commenting17:51
tilmanthey didn't document that part very well, unfortunately17:51
jaegerwhat a surprise :P17:51
rawit's called _GNU_ libc for a reason.17:51
tilmanglib, raw17:51
tilmannot glibc17:52
jaegerGNU lib17:52
rawthe G is for gnu anyway ;)(17:52
tilmanthe G isn't for gnu17:52
rawgnu tool kit17:52
tilmangimp tool kit!17:52
rawI may be wrong here17:53
raw(GNU Image Manipulation Program17:53
jaegergreat tool kit17:53
raw(GNU Image Manipulation Program tool kit :)17:53
tilmani guess the G in glib is from gimp, too17:53
tilmanraw: okay.17:53
rawno, that one is definitely gnu17:54
tilmannote that i'm talking about GLIB, not GLIBC17:54
raw  GIMP17:55
rawScreenshot  Basisdaten17:55
rawEntwickler:  Das GIMP-Team17:55
raw  Aktuelle Version:  2.2.1417:55
raw (18. April 2007)17:55
raw  Betriebssystem:  Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, u. v. m.17:55
raw  Kategorie:  Grafikbearbeitung|Grafikmanipulation17:55
raw  Lizenz:  GPL17:55
raw  Deutschsprachig:  ja17:55
raw  Website:  gimp.org17:55
tilmanyes, i know that the G in gimp is for gnu17:55
raw  GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program, ursprünglich: General Image Manipulation Program[1]) ist ein Bildbearbeitungsprogramm, das als Freie Software unter der GNU General Public License (GPL) veröffentlicht wird.17:55
tilmani'm not questioning that17:55
rawwhoops, that's me c&p'ing17:55
tilmanlol, germany scored 19th17:55
tilmaneastern europe pwned, eh?17:56
rawwho won?17:56
* deus_ex hides17:56
tilmandeus_ex: are you from serbia or one of the other strange countries around it?17:56
tilmancongrats then!!17:57
rawstill the yugoslavia tld?17:57
tilmandeus_ex: shouldn't you be out and get really drunk to celebrate this awesome event?17:57
jjpkOld habits die hard.17:57
rawI though everyone got their own already17:57
deus_extilman: There is a riot in the city/country atm :)17:58
rawI guess they don't agree with the singer?17:59
deus_exraw: This area can't settle long enough to get proper tld ;)17:59
deus_exShe is fugly17:59
deus_exMost of Serbians prefer Macedonian singer :D18:00
jjpkhaha, she could pass as a he without much trouble.18:00
rawtilman: is cool, too18:02
tilmani'd rather not read libtool code :P18:02
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jjpkdeus_ex: it makes sense, all you need is one picture of each.18:02
rawit has a whole c program included!18:03
tilmanhave an url, jjpk?18:03
tilmannot sure i want to see the fugly one18:03
deus_extilman: ( needs flash, though)18:05
tilmandon't have flash18:05
tilmanoh well18:05
tilmani'll live18:05
jjpkIt must be busy because it is not working here.18:05
jjpkok, nevermind, just very slow.18:06
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rawwaf = woman acceptance factor18:11
raw./waf configure shines in a new light18:11
tilmanwhere does it say so?18:11
rawI just googled for waf out of interest18:12
jaegerI usually hear it as wife acceptance factor but either one's appropriate18:13
raw(I have a discussion about shitty configuration systems in another channel running right now)18:13
rawjaeger: Woman Approval Factor18:13
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jaeger@seen maro20:09
clbjaeger: maro was last seen in #crux 4 weeks, 6 days, 16 hours, 3 minutes, and 13 seconds ago: <maro> (finally...) :)20:09
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