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schniggiehi all03:16
schniggiei have problems recompiling kdelibs-3.5.6 with my updated crux 2.3, i want to recompile it cause of the libexpat change03:21
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rxilol sweden'd entry is a guy cross between marylin manson and boy george05:23
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acruxhi ppl06:01
schniggiehi acrux06:03
schniggiesomeone installed libcdio on crux2.3?06:06
schniggie weird build error i think ;)06:06
Roomsterschniggie, prt-get search libcdio06:11
schniggieand ?06:11
schniggiei try to install libcdio06:11
Roomsteroh you did find it and tryed prt-get depinst libcdio?06:11
Roomsterschniggie, providing you enabled contrib?06:12
schniggieand in the build it depends on files wwhich are in that package06:12
schniggiesure ;)06:12
Roomsterare or arn't?06:12
Roomsterpastebin the compile if it fails..06:12
schniggiewait i show you what i am thinkg about ;)06:13
Roomsterthen paste the link in here.06:13
schniggieand oh damn :D06:14
schniggienow is see is in vcdimager06:14
schniggielast time i think i checked it and it showed me libcdio ... mh now try to build vcdimager06:14
schniggiei am confused :D06:15
schniggielol ok worked :D but now i have second problem with kdelibs06:18
treachsolution ->
treachall the kde you can eat, and no need to build it yourself. :>06:22
Roomsterschniggie, what are you doing use prt-get depinst libcdio06:23
schniggieRoomster: that problem is gone ;)06:23
schniggienow the kdelib is the next06:24
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schniggieRoomster: is use prt-get depinst, vcdimager was already there but not updated and the on .so was missing, should i say that i updated from 2.2 to 2.3 :D ?06:25
Roomsterwell you should do a sysup and also deptree and rebuild anything thats broken..06:26
schniggieyou remeber the libexpat problems ?06:26
schniggiehehe ;)06:26
schniggiebut i cannot find the solution for my kdelibs problem06:27
Roomsterschniggie, run "RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep | tee revdeplist.txt"06:28
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Roomsterthen rebuild anything thats broken then do a sysup then try building kde06:28
schniggieah nice command ;)06:28
schniggiei think my afternoon is now gone away :D06:29
Roomstersoem progras will say there broken liek firefox and thunderbird adobe and java etc as theyre got there own shared librarys useally safe to ignore.06:29
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schniggieok nice to know :)06:29
Romsterheh shouldn't be too bad depends what needs redoing06:30
* tilman enables the romster-babelfish06:30
surelyuse-ally. ok..06:33
Romstersurely == trench?06:34
surely..not quite ;)06:35
Romsterbuilding boost is fun...06:37
tilmanboost blows06:38
Romsterthe joys of a package maintainer :P06:38
aonhaha, trench :)06:38
surelyRomster: don't worry, you can quit any time you want.06:39
surelyor at least that's what they usually say. :)06:39
Romsterlol, me quit nar..06:40
Romsteri'm just getting started :P06:41
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surelytilman: Pickelhaube mit Kerze? :p06:42
Romsterbloody germans :P06:43
Romsterneed a translator :/06:43
tilmansurely: nah, the candle is the point top of the hat ;)06:48
surelyyeah, that's what I meant. One other way to become a "brighthead" I guess. :P06:49
tilmanhey, vim 7.1 is out06:49
surely[11:15] <clb> Update from core: 13 May 08:45 - vim: update to 7.106:51
tilmani missed that06:51
tilmanand yet another wine06:52
tilmani love how they have this in every release announcement:06:53
tilman  #06:53
tilman# The usual assortment of Direct3D fixes.06:53
tilmanopen(FILE, ">", "strings.c");07:57
tilmanhow do i make it use stdout instead of that file?07:57
tilmani guess there's an easier way to do that07:57
* tilman o_O07:57
aontilman: print STDOUT08:06
aonor just drop the FILE from the print statements08:06
aonand the open08:06
tilmanthat's what i did08:07
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roberthor *FILE = *STDOUT;08:55
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schniggieRomster: you there ?09:37
schniggieok now some probs left ;)09:37
schniggiefirst package expect09:38
Romsterso what did you do and what did you fix.. and whats left broken..09:38
Romsteri've been compiling crap for hours... i so need a bigger computer farm here.09:38
loupgaroublondare there lvm startup/shutdown scripts for crux or do i have to roll my own?09:39
surelyloupgaroublond: presumeably you'll have to roll your own.09:40
loupgaroublondsurely, ok thanks, just checking jsut in case :)09:40
* surely prepairs to get a test-box rolling.09:43
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schniggieRomster: please help ;D09:44
schniggie but pygtk is fresh rebuilded09:44
acruxRomster: what's about your boost-1.34.0 port?09:47
schniggiekdelibs gives me still the  same error09:47
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Romsteri can't see why...09:49
Romsterwhay are you trying to use yahfri's expect for?09:49
schniggiei needed it for some reason cant remember ;)09:50
Romster$ prt-get dependent expect09:51
Romsterreturns nothing for me..09:51
schniggieah mozplugger depends on expect09:51
Romsterbut you might have more port repos in prt-get enabled09:51
schniggiei have some ;)09:52
Romsterah i see..09:52
Romsteracrux, i'm working on boost09:53
schniggiebut i think the expect is not so big problem, i can fix it, must look where it wants tcl8.4 and test it with 8.509:53
schniggiebut the kdelibs error is my biggest problem ...09:53
acruxRomster: great, then i'll transform it in ppc port09:54
Romsterschniggie, what CFLAGS do you have set in pkgmk.conf?09:57
schniggieexport CFLAGS="-O2 -march=i686 -pipe"09:57
schniggiei think this are the deaults09:59
schniggiecan't remember i changed them09:59
Romsteryeah thats defaults.09:59
Romsterhmm soem library issue won't build for me either.09:59
Romsteri use -O2 -mtune=athlon -pipe10:00
schniggiedamn with 2.2 i had a fine kdelibs :)10:01
schniggieand fucking mr. google will not help me :)10:02
Romsterschniggie, i'll look into it it works ok on 2.3 i'm on KDE10:05
Romster01:07:52 up 28 days, 19:44,  3 users,  load average: 1.47, 1.64, 1.5110:05
Romsterschniggie, on expect checking for Tcl configuration... configure: warning: Can't find Tcl configuration definitions10:08
Romsterthat can't be good..10:08
schniggieyes i see that i depends on tcl8.4 and now there is 8.510:13
schniggiebut now kdelibs is important :)10:13
Romsteri see the issue..10:13
schniggiewhich kdelibs do you use ?10:13
schniggie3.5.6 ?10:13
Romsteryes the one in kde repo10:14
Romsterok i'll look at your kdelibs issue then i'll fix the expect problem i know whats wrong with it now..10:14
Romsterschniggie, do a prt-get deptree kdelibs and see if nothing is missing10:15
schniggieoh :D  there is a missing i for  pinentry ;)10:16
schniggielol pinetry has the same error with10:17
schniggieThe header file 'secqlineedit.h' doesn't include <QObject>.10:17
schniggiethat QObject is in the kdelibs error too10:18
Romsterhrmm soemthing common..10:18
schniggiesth. :)10:18
schniggiesth. with qt10:19
Romsterthat file dosn't exist..10:19
brointhemix'scuse me, but do you happen to know how to make shadow read /etc/limits file?10:19
Romsterdid you get any broken dependencys when you ran revdep?10:19
schniggienope all fixed10:20
schniggiei must go now :( i will be back at 9pm10:20
Romsterbrointhemix, add it as a include?10:20
Romsterin bach that is.10:20
Romsterschniggie, k10:20
schniggiethx for help10:21
brointhemixRomster: could you explain?10:21
Romsterbrointhemix, like add ./etc/limits to the bash file you want to include10:21
Romsterwhats with limits anyways?10:22
brointhemix/etc/limits is a part of "shadow" package thet is supposed to impose ulimits on users10:22
Romsterand why are you trying to add it to shadow..10:22
brointhemixlike max number of processess, max CPU time and such10:22
Romsterulimits is depreciated afaik..10:22
brointhemixdo you know what is it substituted with?10:23
Romstersetrlimit getrlimit10:23
Romsterman ulimit10:23
brointhemixread that, found nothing :)10:24
brointhemixnothing that would give me any hints on what to do, at least :)10:24
Romsterbrointhemix, i might look into it atm i got other things i'm trying todo here.10:25
Romstersnowed under..10:25
brointhemixnp :)10:26
brointhemixnp :)10:26
brointhemixthanks for help :)10:26
tilmanthese weird antipodes and their seasons10:26
tilmansnow in spring, imagine that o_O10:26
Romstermeh still compiling :/10:27
tilmansummer* ;)10:27
Romsterbrointhemix, i did have a short look at it..10:27
Romstera while ago like few weeks ago.10:27
brointhemixRomster, and... ? :)10:27
Romsterin spring O_O10:27
Romstersummer is even weirder.10:27
tilmani tried to make a joke10:28
tilmanand it failed again10:28
Romsterbrointhemix, i didn't see a easy way other than a healper script to execute the program instead of patching it.10:28
Romstertilman, hah :P10:28
Romsternot a very good attempt buddy.10:28
brointhemixI also thought about a script10:29
brointhemixok, will try to do it that way :)10:29
brointhemixthanks :)10:29
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Romsterbrointhemix, this might interest you
brointhemixRomster: startyng reading...11:30
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brointhemixRomster, thanks11:42
Romsterbrointhemix, not sure whats happening on that front but it sure interests me too11:47
brointhemixRomster, I've soved my ulimits problem like that:
Romsterbrointhemix, should make a wiki page on it.11:59
Romsteri should be adding stuff too.12:00
brointhemixRomster, and title it: making openBSD out of CRUX ;)12:02
brointhemixor openBSDing CRUX12:02
jjpkbrointhemix: you can set those in your shell's rc file.12:03
RedShiftrofl, a microlol12:03
brointhemixjjpk: true, but then they're editable12:03
brointhemixand I want them non editable12:03
jjpkbrointhemix: oh ok.12:04
brointhemixso that the limits can be imposed on users12:04
Romsterbrointhemix, did you patch the program?12:04
brointhemixRomster, no I did nothing like that12:04
RedShiftbrointhemix: why don't you just use quota?12:04
brointhemixit's just a plain and ordinary script12:05
Romsterthats only for disk size limit no?12:05
brointhemixRedShift, from what I recon, quota only limits disk usage12:05
brointhemixand I want to limit processes, virtual memory usage and such12:05
brointhemixI would also like to limit the CPU % usage but that's not possible12:06
RedShiftPAM has built-in limits12:06
brointhemixi think oBSD can do that, but that's oBSD12:06
brointhemixcrux doesn't support PAM by default12:06
RedShiftPAM is in ports12:06
Romsterbrointhemix, a nice daemon.12:06
brointhemixi'd have to recompile shadow, bash and some other things to make it work12:06
jjpkDon't bother with pam, use what works for you.12:07
Romsteryou can use PAM but i recken it be a bit of configuring.12:07
brointhemixright, and there are tons of options to set up12:07
brointhemixand if you break something, you cannot log in :)12:07
brointhemixwhat is a pain if you're away from your crux box :S12:08
Romsteryeah and how many security holes could PAM have or have been made from bad configuring.12:09
brointhemixthat's a point12:09
jjpkImo, pam is overkill for fixing that problem.12:10
jjpkYou could solve it yes, but with any luck, you'll get more problems later on.12:10
brointhemixi wonder if there's any way to impose ulimits on the "daemon users"12:11
brointhemixthose that don't log in but run system services12:11
Romsternot sure you want to shar process equeally.12:11
Romsterset them all to nice -n10 for all nonroot users maybe?12:11
Romsteri would think the kernel can timeslice each program if one or more decides to hog cpu12:12
brointhemixhow do you set niceness?12:12
jjpkman nice12:13
Romsterya can get nice daemons too.12:14
Romsterthere is ionice for input/output niceness aswell12:14
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treachprologic: you're aware that dia is broken?13:10
tilman"For Mother's Day, Give the Gift of Firefox"13:12
vektoriI tried, but my mom just slapped me.13:13
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treachhmm, "libSM"?13:24
* treach takes a step aside.13:24
RedShiftcome on treach we should be open for everything13:37
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aonthe gift of firefox eh?13:44
aoni bet my mum would just be like "plz n00b w3m > *"13:45
tilmantreach: session management13:45
treachI suppose that's another name on it. :p13:45
treachfirefox mmh, "when second worst is good enough" or something. :-)13:47
aon"firefox: whatever runs on my OSes of choice"13:48
RedShifta windows screenshot in a linux channel14:23
RedShiftmy eyes, MY EYES14:23
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prologictreach, am now thanks :)15:06
prologicsorry guys, bit slack atm :)15:06
RedShiftsup prologic15:06
RedShifthigh five?15:06
prologiccrucnh time with uni and assignments and exams15:06
prologicbe finished in a couple of weeks (my degree that is)15:06
RedShiftah nice15:07
prologicey RedShift  :)15:07
treachprologic: np, it's not your fault after all. :)15:07
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* treach considers telling the ff people to go fuck themselves. :/15:21
treachalmost 40 MB source code. Insane.15:22
RedShiftuse opera15:22
treachwell, that way I have to build qt, which isn't much better.15:22
tilmandon't they offer statically linked builds?15:23
tilmanopera, that is15:23
RedShiftyes they have static builds15:23
brointhemixi use elinks, only 2.5M of source code :)15:23
treachwell, I suppose they do.15:23
vektoriI use telnet on port 80.15:23
prologicfuck'n Merge branch :/15:23
tilmanif w3m is good enough for aon's mom, it should be good enough for anyone15:24
* tilman hides15:24
jjpkWell said.15:24
prologicw3m rocks ;)15:24
prologicso does elinks15:24
prologicin fact even wget is great :)15:24
tilmancan't compare them to opera or firefox though15:25
treach"Aon, haven't I told you you should use plain old vi, not emacs!? WHACK!"15:25
treachaon's mom is scary. ;)15:25
RedShifttreach: pics15:27
treachI'll start use opera when it's equivalently convinent, wrt javascript on/off, cookie-management etc.15:27
vektoriBah, it already is that, and more. :P15:27
treachNot imo.15:28
rehabdollAMD will soon deliver open graphics drivers, said Henri Richard just a few minutes ago, and the audience at the opening keynote of the Red Hat Summit broke into applause and cheers.15:28
vektoriCare to elaborate on that?15:28
treachI don't feel like diggin in their bizarre settings dialoges whenever I feel like changing something.15:28
RedShiftholy shit15:28
RedShiftrehabdoll: for real?15:28
vektoriI find I actually have to tweak things less when I'm using Opera.15:28
rehabdollwell its a promise from sales, so im not sure :)15:29
rehabdollits on slashdot15:29
rehabdollone can only hope15:29
vektoriWith FF you download the plug-in for mouse gestures, the plug-in for adblock et cetera ad nauseaum.15:29
treachvektori: might be, I just like to have handy little icons on the status bar for such things.15:29
RedShiftthat would be totally awesome15:29
RedShiftthat might even shift my preference to ATI instead of nvidia15:29
rehabdollbut i think i'll hold of on ordering a ati-card until i see something real :)15:30
RedShiftrehabdoll: yeah... duh ;-)15:31
treachwell, there's hope at least.15:32
vektoriHeh, Opera just crashed. :P15:32
treachforget about seeing anything from nvidia, ever.. :/15:32
treachvektori: good thing it recovers nicely from that ;-)15:33
treachotoh, one might ponder the stability of software that considers such additions necessary. :P15:33
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vektoriWell, at least the Linux version has never crashed.15:37
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brointhemixI just looked at openVPN .ebuild from gentoo15:43
brointhemixdamn that's crazy15:43
brointhemixthy really should imprement pkgutils and prt-get15:43
jjpkSimplicity never made their overall list of engineering goals :D15:43
brointhemixbtw, does anyone of you use pkg-get in practice?15:45
jjpkThe day gentoo implements pkgutils/prt-get would be the death of that distro.15:45
prologicwhere did docbook-xsl go ?15:45
prologicdia requires this :/15:45
prologicand it ain't in any tree I have here15:45
treachno, it was dropped.15:46
prologicin fact15:46
prologicwhere did docbook go altogether15:46
prologicwhy ?15:46
treachnobody wanted to maintain it.15:46
prologicdocbook is required by some things15:46
treachand you were MIA.15:46
prologicwho's the stupid lazy bastard ? :)15:46
prologicyeah I was wasn't i15:46
prologicsorry bout that :)15:46
prologicmy life gets complciated ;/15:46
prologicI hope they're in the unmaintained repo then15:47
prologicor attic rather15:47
prologicdoesn't anyone use docbook ?15:47
treachapparently not.15:47
jjpkDoubt it would disappear otherwise.15:47
prologicit's great for writing structured documents15:48
tilmandocbook is such a pain...15:48
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schniggieRomster: i fixed my errors18:25
schniggiedon't use qt4 ;);18:25
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