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jjpkAnother arnuld confession on the ml \o/06:08
rxilol does that mean he is staying?06:20
jjpkarnuld shows how thinking out loud and posting to an ML have converged.06:21
treachsomeone should tell him it's a ML, not a fucking blog. <-(:|06:34
jjpkEspecially funny because Per is not even around these days :D06:34
jjpktreach: good idea.06:35
jjpkBesides, he already has his own damn blog.06:35
teK_and it rocks!06:37
treachDonkey! Balls!06:37
treachWell done.07:22
treachI would probably accidentally have fried the guy if I had tried. :-)07:23
jjpkrehabdoll++ :D07:25
jjpkAt least we have one versed in the art of aggro-diplomacy :D :D07:26
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Roomsterschniggie, the new ked thats not ready yet will use qt4 not this version :/ the problem with expect is it requires tcl 8.4.13 and optionally tk 8.4.13 not the 8.5 branch07:40
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Romsterhi jaeger07:41
treachwtf? Kde requires tcl? That's news..07:42
Romsterno expect07:42
Romsterrequires tcl07:42
treachah, I see now.07:43
rxipretty dumb name for a app07:43
Romstermaybe i shouldn't put two diferent unrelated things on the same sentance..07:43
treach<- getting tired07:43
Romsteri haven't slept since yesterday07:44
treachtcl, another of those things that just should silently crawl into some corner and die.07:44
rxitreach: whats your timezone?07:44
Romsteryeah really..07:44
jjpkCentral European Time07:45
jjpkWhich is gmt+2 iirc.07:45
Romstersadly some things use them thats fine with me as long as i don't have to mess with tcl.07:45
Romsterctcp name time07:45
treachrxi: it's 14:45 here, but I haven't eaten anything since breakfast.07:45
rxiRomster: yeah no tz info in that tho07:46
treachso I think my bloodsugar is negative atm..07:46
Romsterunless someone actually sets it out on pourpose.07:46
rxiplenty off coffee should help :)07:46
Romsterrxi, yeah should have a time zone on it..07:46
rehabdoll"This is in reference to your complaint in the mail sent to Reliance Communication."07:48
rehabdollholy shit, mailing abuse@xxxxxxx actually paid off!07:48
Romsterthats a first.07:49
Romsterrehabdoll, a spammer?07:49
jaegerheyo, Romster. morning, all07:49
jaegerrehabdoll: nice! I've never gotten a response from any abuse@ address07:50
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rehabdollnah, one of those automated ssh attempts07:50
rehabdollan indian isp too07:51
Romsteryeah i've tryed abuse@xxxxxx never got any responce.07:53
treachI tried , response. :p07:54
* treach runs of to get some energy.07:54
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Romstertreach runs of to get some energy < quite smart when running uses energy :P07:58
treach*off.. well, since I'm already in the negative *shrug*08:00
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jjpkhi cptn08:04
vektoriHey cptn.08:06
cptnhey vektori08:06
cptnlong time no see08:06
vektoriYeah. :)08:06
vektoriHow's it going?08:06
* treach throws a reunion party.08:06
cptnpretty well08:06
cptnwhat about you?08:06
vektoriI'm good, starting my summer job at Nokia Siemens Networks in a week.08:07
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cptnoh, sounds interesting08:08
vektoriIt is, I get to work on perl stuff. :)08:09
jjpkvektori: congrats \o/08:10
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cptnso perl is the new java? ;-)08:10
vektoriApparently. :D08:10
vektorijjpk, thanks.08:10
jjpkHopefully the Siemens scandals do not creep in through the backdoors.08:11
jjpkVery interesting decisions have been made by N/S Networks, especially with hearty staff cuts.08:11
cptnthe backdoors vektori will implement? ;-)08:11
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rehabdollhum.. i just noticed that i have no eth* in /dev on either of my machines09:15
rehabdollhow come my network is working? :)09:15
jaegerthat's normal09:15
jjpkI have never seen eth* in /dev.09:15
RyoS                                                                                                                blizz09:15
RyoS15:13:36 <@vektori> Hehe.                                                                                                                                 brointhemix09:16
RyoSdumb me..09:16
RyoSwell, who believes that? :P09:16
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rehabdollone can only hope09:30
jaegerI'll believe it when they're available for download :)09:30
cptnit doesn't say whether they include full 3D acceleration09:32
cptnI could imagine that they keep having the FireGL driver, and a open source one which doesn't include all the features09:34
rehabdollanyone else with issues pasting in vim 7.1?09:38
jaegernot so far09:39
aontreach: relax, she doesn't know anything about computers :)09:49
aonre: 23:2509:56
rehabdollnevermind, i suck09:58
jjpkrehabdoll: what caused the problem(s)?09:59
rehabdollvisual crap09:59
rehabdollnever been an issue until today09:59
jjpkvim's visual mode has pissed me off a few times.10:00
jjpkNot exactly the most intuitive copy/paste mechanism, but it usually works. :p10:01
aonvim's visual mode?10:09
aonyou mean you normally use something like ex? :)10:09
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tilmanwhat makes people write to
tilmanwe don't advertise that address anywhere, do we?10:19
cptnit's the sender of crux-commits10:20
tilmanhi cptn10:20
tilmani see10:20
cptnor rather the commit notifications sent to it10:20
cptnhey tilman10:20
cptnalso prtverify and the sources check use it as From:10:21
* tilman ponders10:23
tilmanis there a good reason to have it accept mail from $outside for user crux?10:23
aondid someone say crux-commits10:23
aonList-Id: Notification of crux subversion commits <>10:23
aonsubversion :(10:23
tilmanaon: prod jaeger10:23
aonjaeger: prod10:24
tilmannipuL: heh, you cannot find it? but you remember what tool i meant?10:24
jaegerremoved subversion from the description10:25
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nipuLtilman: yeah i remember it17:24
nipuLi stipped using it because i stopped using dencdency hungry ports17:24
morlenxusHow can i search for different files using `find` and -name ?17:28
morlenxusfile1|file2|file3 ...17:28
vektoriYou mean like "find -name foo -or -name bar"?17:40
sepenhi! virtualbox now on my repo, and really works fine as unprivileged user17:42
sepenI added udev rules ...17:42
sepenplease if anyone has problems with it, please notify me17:44
sepenIm planning to put on contrib this port17:44
morlenxusvektori: yes, exactly.17:46
morlenxusHwo to do that?17:46
* sepen
vektoriUmm, use the command I provided? :)17:46
jjpkman find ftw.17:51
morlenxusvektori: ah thank you :)17:53
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rehabdollfeel free to add the fedora patch to xorg-server :)20:10
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prologicrxi, your domain is up btw :)22:45
prologiclet me know what you wish to do with it22:45
prologicatm I'm just hosting it's zone22:45
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