IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-05-15

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pitill0good morning01:57
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sepenpitillo, are you here?02:05
sepenpitillo, please join to #crux-es02:05
namenloshi, is the sendmail port deleted?02:31
namenlosah, ok, i see, exim is now the default mailer...02:34
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onestepI got footprint mismatch while building mysql :(05:56
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RedShift2hey under dnsmasq, in /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases, what do that first series of numbers mean?07:38
deus_exRedShift2: I'm using dnsmasq, but I don't have /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases.Do you use it also as dhcp server?07:47
RedShift2deus_ex: yes07:47
RedShift2well it could be different on your system ofcourse07:47
deus_exI'm using it just as caching dns server, since my isp's dns servers tend to get a bit...what's the word..flaky?07:49
deus_exIt is great :)07:49
namenlos@seen sip07:51
clbnamenlos: sip was last seen in #crux 24 weeks, 0 days, 19 hours, 27 minutes, and 28 seconds ago: <sip> Romster, what was the general advice?07:51
RedShift2yeah dnsmasq is a nice tool07:51
RedShift2I'm using it here too07:51
RedShift2man linux is so flexible07:51
RedShift2I just love home-made routers 8-)07:51
RyoSlinux is not for routers 8-D07:52
RedShift2hell you can even build switches with it07:53
deus_exLinux can run on pretty much anything, and in due time, it will ;)07:54
RyoS*BSD <307:54
RyoSjust now i realize that Han is not here anymore? :o07:54
Romsterand here goes my highlighting nick again :D07:55
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RomsterRyoS, han hasn't been here for ages..07:56
RyoSyea :p07:57
jjpk@seen Han07:57
clbjjpk: Han was last seen in #crux 15 weeks, 0 days, 19 hours, 16 minutes, and 16 seconds ago: <Han> And since it's merely a comment I take the liberty to keep it like I want.07:57
RyoSi just checked the logs07:57
RyoShahaa :D07:57
Romsteri'm using maradns07:57
jjpkNot bad, missed him by 15 weeks.07:57
RyoSi see you are suffering :p07:58
RomsterRedShift2, yeah i got my home made router here ;P even has squid on it.07:58
RedShift2I run it on a fanless VIA C707:58
Romsterdunno which is better maradns or dnsmasq07:58
Romsteri'd like to run it on a small mini atx board or something.07:59
Romsteratm its on a 667MHz P307:59
Romsterwith a 80Gb hdd.07:59
RyoS200mhz here with 40gb08:00
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RomsterRyoS, ok as long as you don't run l7-filter :)08:12
Romsteryeah a packet regex match for iptables08:13
jaegerl7 for layer 7, not 1708:13
Romsterlol didn't notice that was a 1 RyoS typed..08:14
Romsterthink jaeger knows all about it :)08:14
jaegerI know of it... but I doubt we have the horsepower to run it usefully on our entire network08:15
Romsterjaeger, ah you got a big network, it depends which matches you use.08:16
Romsterand traffic.08:16
jaegerit's not so large in physical size or layout, but it's a university network08:16
jaegerquite a lot of traffic, legit or not08:17
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pedja'distro dancing'.as in Suse fights with Ubuntu for dance with Fedora ;)08:20
jjpkWonder if rehabdoll managed to shut him up :D08:22
tnt_Is there a reason, in the last patchset for efika, not to have included the dma sound driver ?08:22
pedjajjpk: Don't count on it :) He'll be back.It would be fun if he and Ronny collide.08:24
jjpkSomehow it seems unlikely to happen.08:24
jaegertnt_: not sure if any of the ppc devs are in here, you might get a faster response by email08:24
tnt_jaeger: Ok. thanks.08:26
Romsterjaeger, ah them type of networks.08:27
pedjain the blue corner, Excess Path.In red corner, reigning champion, TEH BASICS!08:28
Romsteracrux|efika, is a ppc dev afaik08:28
Romsterpedja, lol08:29
jaegerI totally missed him in the nicks list, but yeah08:29
pedjaCow-orker asked me to recommend him distro which would be gentle introduction to Linux( lots of hand-holding etc.).Any recommendations?08:31
tnt_lfs ...08:31
pedjatnt_: :) he would run away screaming from LFS08:32
jaegerI suggest ubuntu for new users08:32
pedjajaeger: Ubuntu proper, or Kubuntu/Xubuntu variants?08:34
pedjaI used Suse years back, it was nice, iirc.08:36
jaegerubuntu proper08:36
pedjajaeger: Thanks for the tip.I just hope someone won't poison him with Gentoo until I get him Ubuntu disks :)08:38
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Romsterpedja, and show him CRUX as a steping stone above Ubuntoo :P09:32
Romsterand LFS above CRUX :D09:32
pitillokaro ese09:38
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tilmanrehabdoll: how badly does that bug piss you off? ;)10:08
raw[ ] very - tilman will fix it [ ] it's annoying but nothing serious - tilman will yell at a random person until this person fixes the bug [ ] it doesn't piss me off - noone will do anything and the bug will still be unresolved in 10 years time.10:11
tilmanraw: it's fixed in git...10:11
raw. o O ( note: I don't even know what you're all talking about, just throwing in some random lines )10:11
tilmanso your random lines made some sense10:12
rawthree cheers to that10:12
tilmanblindes huhn, korn10:12
rawwell, I call it 'm4d sk1llz'10:12
rawand now for some m4d music!10:17
rawnp: Modern Talking - You're My Heart, You're My Soul on The Power Of Love 2 (3:50)10:17
rawYAY \o/10:17
jkrI'm just wondering where all the locales are on my server10:17
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jkrIs there a port for the locales?10:18
* raw seeks forward...10:18
tilmanbofh would have a nice answer10:18
jkr/dev/null maybe?10:18
jkrIs there also a useful answer?10:19
tilmanif you want fancy locales, you need to generate them yourself10:20
tilmanjkr: core/glibc10:20
tilmanfrom the top of my head, i don't know which locales are shipped with the port10:20
jkrHe, thanks10:20
jkrI only need LC_CTYPE=german for my mails10:21
tilmannot german10:21
jkrIt IS german :)10:21
jkrI had de_DE some time and it didn't work, and we discussed for hours in this channel until I found out that I need german10:21
jkrWell, not hours, but minutes10:22
tilmanjkr: i've never heard of anyone using 'german'10:23
tilmanyou could say i'm SHOCKED10:23
jkrI was, too10:23
tilmanutf8 ftw10:23
aoni've heard someone using 'german'10:23
tilmanso de_DE.utf810:23
aonthat took place in 'germany'10:24
aonehm, use10:24
tilmanthat's what you get from not being precise10:24
jkraon: All superstition10:24
jkrThere's no such thing called "germany" in real life10:24
tilmanthe uberbrains released gcc 4.210:24
tilmanjkr: are you confusing germany and bielefeld?10:25
tilmani mean, everybody knows bielefeld doesn't exist.10:25
jkrI should have known that was coming10:25
tilman(17:25) -!- raw []10:25
aontilman: i wonder when arnuld will start being SHOCKED about crux not having it10:25
tilmanaon: you could beat him to it10:26
aonbleeding-edge gcc is what defines a way-of-excess *hacker* distro, i think10:26
jkrtilman: I discussed about that with my sister some time ago, and she insists on having been there10:26
aoni typed rpm -qa in crux10:26
tilmanjkr: i passed through a city that was where BF is according to the map, but there was no sign or anything10:27
tilmanjkr: it was very strange!10:27
jkrtilman: Why didn't you plant your own sign there? If it's not belonging to someone already, it's yours10:27
jkrTilman Town10:28
tilmanFree Software City10:28
tilmanBad Tilmanhausen10:28
tilmanthat has a nice ring to it10:28
jkrHehe, some people would be happy about that name and state that the city was stolen :)10:29
tilmanjkr, raw:
tilman> Wir resümieren. Laut Hilf werden die meisten kommerziellen Distributionen nicht von Freiwilligen, sondern von... kommerziellen Distributoren erstellt.10:30
tilmani'm SHOCKED10:30
jkrMicrosoft: Don't move to Free Software City - they have stolen about 240 attractions from Microsoft Town and we will attack that city soon, unless they sign a contract with us :)10:30
jkrNew Novell York already did pay 40 million to us and we're happy to build a railway from MS Town to New Novell York in exchange10:31
tilmanthat bill hilf guy looks a bit strange10:32
tilmankinda scary10:32
tilmanThe Free Software movement is dead. Linux doesn't exist in 2007. Even Linus has got a job today.10:33
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jjpkA hefty dosage of Microsoft F.U.D.10:35
jjpkOpen source is dead the day when all of their respective licenses are terminated.10:37
tilmanit's kind of funny that he claims free software movement == bedroom hackers/hacking10:38
jkrLocales don't work :(10:38
jjpkThat is just pigeonholing and misinformation.10:38
tilmanHilf said that the Linux phenomenon had nothing to do with Linux, but rather it had a lot to do with Apache, MySQL and PHP.10:38
jjpkIt does not matter whether it is a corporate paid coder or a spare time hacker.10:39
jkrexport LC_CTYPE=german|de_DE... has no visible effect10:39
tilmando you have the de_DE locale?10:39
jkr"locales" still shows LC_CTYPE=POSIX, even after new login10:39
jkrYup, it's in /usr/share/i18n/locales10:39
tilmanthen you failed at setting the variable o_O10:39
jjpkYou need to set it in your shell's rc file(s) to make it permanent.10:40
rehabdolltilman: it makes me still use 1.2.0 :)10:40
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > export LC_CTYPE=olol10:40
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > locale|grep CTYPE10:40
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] >10:40
tilmanrehabdoll: okay, i'll ask people whether they want to release 1.3.110:40
jkr[jkr/nex:.../locales]# export LC_CTYPE=olol10:40
jkr[jkr/nex:.../locales]# locale | grep LC_CTYPE10:40
tilmando you run a shell that doesn't like export?10:41
jkrAnd it works fine on my other machine - even with german instead of de_DE10:41
tilmanas i just showed you, it has nothing to do whether the locale is available10:41
tilmanthat was my point, ffs10:41
jkrWhen I export LC_ALL instead of LC_CTYPE, it seems to work10:43
tilmanmaybe i don't tinker with locales often enough10:44
tilmanno idea what's going on there10:44
jkr[jkr/nex:.../locales]# date10:44
jkrDi 15. Mai 17:44:02 CEST 200710:44
jjpkYou can set them individuall, btw.10:45
jkrHmm, I can't set LC_TIME back to POSIX separately - only LC_ALL seems to work10:45
jjpkI do that because I do not want my system purely in Finnish.10:45
jkrjjpk: That's what I'm trying10:45
jkr(setting them individually - not finnish)10:45
jjpkHmm, my keyboard is very unresponsive, need to find the battery charger.10:45
jjpkProbably lost it two weeks ago when I moved. argh.10:46
jkrThat's exactly what I'm telling people when I do a lot of typos10:46
jkrOr I pretend to be drunk10:46
jkrif needed10:47
jkrIs there another way to set locales beside exporting the vars?10:47
jjpkHaha. Sometimes you need lessening circumstances :>10:47
jjpkI assume there is no other way.10:48
jkrIn this case I want my money back!10:49
jkrAnd my HAT!10:49
jjpkI think many of the larger distributions that use utf-8 put those locales in /etc/profile.10:49
jkrYup, I experienced that sometimes you need to relogin for the locales to come into affect, but I already have that in my zshrc10:50
jkrAnd it doesn't work10:51
tilmani suspect zsh is messing with you10:52
tilmanit's a plain env var.10:52
jkrI'll try bash10:52
jkrHmm, bash works10:53
jkrOn that other system it works fine with ZSH10:54
jkrI think I'll look for another way to make mailx support umlauts10:57
tilmandoes mailx show umlauts in bash?10:59
tilmanif you set LC_CTYPE first :)10:59
jkrI'll try10:59
jkrAnd I just realized that in Bash my $EDITOR is ed :D11:01
tilmangoogle export locale zsh11:01
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schniggiehi Romster :)11:20
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Romsterhi schniggie11:22
schniggieok i heard bad news for my expect :)11:23
Romsteracrux, if you haven't noticed yet boost is in contrib.11:23
acruxRomster: thanks!!11:24
Romsternot so bad, i managed to make a addon old version of tcl but not get tk to compile right yet.11:24
Romstergave up as i had other things todo and might get stuck into it again.11:24
Romsteracrux, whats up with acrux|efika ?11:25
acruxit's a ppc SoC11:25
schniggieok Romster thx :)11:25
schniggiethen i will wait11:26
acruxi'm testing cruxppc on it11:26
acruxSystem On Chip11:26
acrux(ultra embedded..)11:26
Romsteracrux, oh i see11:27
acruxRomster: no more jam for boost ?11:27
Romsterah its in there still11:28
Romsterthey made a configure/make setup11:28
acruxgreat news11:28
acruxeh eh11:28
Romsteryeah they simplifyed it11:29
Romstercompared to the last version, i was shocked..11:29
acruxi go away, thanks for the hint!11:29
Romsteri was like wonder how much messing around this will be.11:29
Romsterlater acrux11:29
j^2if i wanted to put a log file and manipulate it into a better read stream what should i use? perl? sed+awk? i'm stuck11:34
jjpkWhat are you trying to achieve j^2?11:37
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jkrHrhr, I made LC_CTYPE work :D11:38
jkrReally strange11:38
rawhe want to ascend to get more power and become j^311:39
jkrI found out that I also exported LC_CTYPE=german in my zshrc, but _before_ I export LC_CTYPE=de_DE11:39
raw_without_ the 1/311:39
jkrSeems like only the first export counts and all following are ignored11:39
Romsterraw, DBZ?11:40
jkrAll wrong11:40
Romsteri would of thought the last one wins?11:41
jkrIt's LC_ALL - you have to "unset LC_ALL" before you set anything else or it will use LC_ALL over all the others11:41
tilmanah :)11:41
Romsterand tilman had the penny drop11:42
jkrOk, gotta write mails with umlauts now :)11:42
rawRomster: what's DBZ?11:42
Romsterdragon ball z a cartoon11:42
rawno, I was talking about integrating j^211:42
namenlosnaruto is the only one ;)11:42
Romstersayens that assend to super sayens then theres level 2,3,4,5 etc.11:42
jkrHmm, looks like LC_ALL is set to POSIX by default - you have to "unset" it explicitly11:44
j^2jjpk: it's a "dans guardian log file" i'd like to make it better readlble11:44
jkrHe, does anyone use dcron here? I asked that before, but forgot the answer11:45
vektorij^2: I'd go for perl, but that's only because I know it best.11:46
j^2vektori: thanks :D11:46
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Romsterpython/ruby/perl take a pick11:47
Romsterthere might be a log file parser that does that already listed on freshmeat11:48
jkr /exec -out perl -e 'print "PERL! 'x100 :)11:49
rawjkr: u r a h4x0rdude11:49
j^2i've learned alot of sed recently11:50
jkrNope, I just want j^2 to use Perl :)11:50
j^2i'm scared of perl :P11:50
jkrj^2: But when you know Perl a bit, raw thinks you're a h4x0rdude ;)11:50
jkrSo I guess it's worth it :)11:51
j^2well i guess this is finally the excuse i've been looking for to use perl :P11:51
vektoriYeah, getting raw's indivisible respect is the only goal in learning new languages. :)11:52
jkrThat was also the excuse of Larry Wall for inventing it11:52
rawvektori: that's so very true11:54
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tilmantreach: want to maintain rtorrent in contrib? ;)12:54
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treachtilman: me, going into contrib? I'd have to think a bit about that.13:09
treachI'm not very confident about git, for instance, and I'd hate to pull a Romster out of sheer ignorance.13:10
pitillo_treach, you are ready :)13:10
tilmanhehe, pull a romster13:10
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Romstertreach, ...13:15
schniggieRomster: now i have a last problem with avahi update :)13:17
Romsterschniggie, you don't have pygtk installed13:18
Romsterit should be listed on the dependencys of prt-get deptree avahi13:18
thrice`@seen jue13:20
clbthrice`: jue was last seen in #crux 3 weeks, 1 day, 2 hours, 3 minutes, and 14 seconds ago: <jue> np13:20
schniggieRomster: i recompiled it since yeterday ten times, always wth success ;)13:21
schniggiepygtk is installed ;)13:21
schniggie §4: prt-get listinst | grep pygtk13:21
Romsterdunno then look at configure.log13:27
thrice`hrm...samba needs bumping for a few security fixes13:28
aonanybody using ipv6 on crux?13:29
jaegernot recently, used to13:29
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aoni wonder what exactly is lacking support here13:36
RyoSaon: i have the same issue on my crux box13:38
RyoSi have it for a loooong time actually13:38
aonuh huh13:38
RyoSnever looked into it to be honest13:39
aonlet's see if google knows the answer13:39
aonafter shower though ->13:39
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j^2in perl what's the equaliavant of sed /foo/d ?14:23
schniggieRomster: now i have the fuck config.log read but i cannot find why :)14:24
vektorij^2: $var =~ s/foo//;14:25
j^2it doesnt take out the complete line though :(14:25
vektoriIf your goal is to stop printing lines with foo, you can always see if the matches with foo and just not print it.14:26
Romsterschniggie, i don't know...14:27
schniggiewho can help ;)14:28
Romsterschniggie, rebuild pygtk's dependencys in order14:29
Romsterthen pygtk then retry14:30
Romsteris my only guess.14:30
Romsterwill compile foe me..14:30
schniggieok ;) let's try14:30
schniggieui :( that deptree is bigger then i dreamed :D14:32
Romsteri'm gonna get some sleep..14:35
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schniggiegood n814:41
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sepenwell, virutalbox is released now on contrib15:01
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j^2 tail -f /var/log/dansguardian/access.log | gawk '{print $1," ", $2," ", $5}'15:19
j^2| sed '/varm3/d'15:19
j^2why doesnt that work?15:19
j^2tail the file, have gawk move it, and take out anything with varm3 in it15:19
j^2nothing gets printed :(15:19
j^2i take out the tail -f, and it works if i gawk it...but i need to follow the log :-/15:20
j^2no takers?15:25
plundra#/foreach channel /eval "/lastlog -15:27
plundraWrong window :]15:27
plundra/"/lastlog -file ~/nic_irssi/#crux -yes"15:28
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j^2linux doesnt like me :(15:43
j^2tail: warning: following standard input indefinitely is ineffective15:43
j^2just like my girlfriend...alway ineffictive :-/15:43
teK_one cannot always blame the user ;)15:44
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