IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-05-16

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pitillogood morning01:30
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Romsterhi pitillo  schniggie can only think of some file is missing that avahi needs01:57
Romsterschniggie, you defently have something wrong with pygtk02:02
Romsteri removed mine and it stopes avahi at that same error.02:02
Romsterschniggie, run this, it'll take some time though $ sudo prt-get update -fr -if `prt-get quickdep pygtk`02:03
Romsteryou could get the output and prune down the list to not worry about xorg.02:04
schniggieok i will do now :)02:10
schniggieok now lets rebuild glib :)02:11
schniggieoh damn my noteb0ook is not the fastest :D02:11
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Romsteron a notebook hmm..02:22
Romsterschniggie, if you got access to other crux pc's on a network setup distcc :)02:22
Romsterccache is handy if you plan to rebuild things many of times.02:23
Romsterand even on updates to speed them up at the cost of some disk space used.02:23
rehabdollwhere does ccache store stuff?03:22
Romsterwhere you speficy it03:27
Romsterrehabdoll, i use export CCACHE_DIR='/var/cache/ccache'03:28
rehabdollyeah, i found the manpage03:32
rehabdollhow big is your cache btw?03:32
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Romster913MB atm..03:35
Romsteri could do with a bigger size.03:35
RomsterI should probbly add a README to that port..03:35
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Romsterthe way i compile alot i could goto 2GB i think.03:36
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rehabdolli should proably leave it in $HOME then03:36
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Romsterrehabdoll, depends :/ i prfer it in /var/cache/...03:41
rehabdollyeah, but considering my partitioning /var would probably fill up quite fast03:45
rehabdollbesides, on my desktop i have a 400gig ~ :)03:45
rehabdoll11m36.043s vs. 6m32.616s03:46
Romsterah i see03:49
Romsteryeah :D03:49
Romstervery handy if you rebuild or even update alot..03:49
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sepenanyone using virtualbox?04:06
schniggiesepen: yes04:07
vektoriYep, but not on CRUX. :P04:08
schniggieworks perfect on crux :)04:08
pitillosepen, find info related to cd/dvd problem.... Permissions must be fixed under a normal user...04:09
pitillosepen, testing the ps/2 error by now...04:09
pitillosepen, running ubuntu live to be sure where is my error...04:11
pitillosepen, adding the normal user to cdrom group must fix it.04:13
pitillosepen, ps/2 problem is related to the guest kernel.... fixing things bit by bit xD04:15
sepenschniggie, are you problems with cd/dvd units also?04:18
sepenpitillo, maybe is due to the current kernel used on the crux iso04:18
pitillosepen, I am trying to fix it... creating cdrom group and adding the normal user to it must fix it... I need to reload udev cdrom rules04:18
pitillosepen, ummm is by the bad kernel compilation I think... I am using a custom one04:19
sepentry another distro before crux, Im not sure what has happen04:20
pitilloI have a good week.... breaking all and missunderstanding lot of things....04:20
pitillosepen, tested ubuntu. I am sure it is related to my custom kernel... I will use the config I have here at work.04:21
pitillolot of inspiration this week... to break things04:21
schniggiesepen: i still created a cdrom for some other applicartions, so i don't problem04:25
schniggiestill = already :D04:25
schniggieudev is your friends04:26
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pitilloudev does not like me ...04:31
sepenmmm good schniggie if you consideer apropiately please write a patch for the README file and notify me04:33
sepenpitillo, be patience04:33
sepenpitillo, are you take a look of the readme file, it shows how to use udevinfo to find devices ...04:34
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pitillosepen, yes, but I dont know how to look for cd/dvd devices...04:36
pitilloI readed the udev cdrom rules and seems to use the cdrom group with it... but cdrom group is owned by root04:36
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schniggiesepen: i will look this evening and msg you04:40
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sepenschniggie, thnkz04:49
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sepenuea pitillo04:57
pitillocan not reload by hand udev rules... strange. Working fine the devices cd/dvd when rules reload rebooting, sepen.04:57
pitillosepen, no way to join to your irc server...04:58
sepenpitillo, umount /dev && /sbin/start_udev04:58
pitillosepen, I tried with the udev_trigger04:58
sepenpitillo, I need to use my dyndnsup script before. sorry the inconveniences04:58
sepenpitillo, look at /etc/rc file04:58
sepenif you umount /dev entirely an then use start_udev which remount /dev and populate them, it should do04:59
sepenbut you lost your X environment04:59
pitillosepen, nice to know that.... :)05:00
pitillosepen, thak you for your good job :) This afternoon I will try fbsd finally :) and about the distro you talk to me yesterday... it will not work by now, is not supported05:03
Romsteri run /sbin/udevtrigger05:03
schniggiewhich distro ?05:04
pitilloRomster, I know, find it in your safe-build  old version port :)05:04
pitilloRomster, but did not work :)05:04
Romsterthat safe-build i need to work on more..05:04
pitilloschniggie, reactos05:04
pitilloRomster, sepen has another interesting script to do that...05:05
Romstersepen, you seem my safe-build script? in my repo, you got something simaler as pitillo said?05:06
pitilloRomster, not as big as yours... its function is to make a chroot to build ports under it05:12
Romsterah well safe-build does that too. needs more work done to it.05:18
sepenmmm sorry Im late .)05:19
sepenRomster, only a chroot script for execute mount commands and something more05:21
sepenless complete than your05:21
Romsterwhats the name and its in your repo?05:21
Romstermine has a few quirks i need to solve when i get around to it.05:21
Romsterbut still works.05:22
Romsterah chrooted i've seen that one never tryed it lol05:22
sepenbut currently Im developing the exit section (after call exit on the chroot environment)=05:22
Romsterah yeah, was trying to figure how to run someting as after that it stops.05:23
Romsterso arm there is 2 commands.05:23
Romsteri mainly use it to test for missing dependencys05:24
Romsteroh yeah i'm crap with vowels05:26
Romsteri/y a/e :/05:27
sepenpitillo, $ ping -c 4 | grep received05:31
sepen4 packets transmitted, 4 received, 0% packet loss, time 3002ms05:31
pitillosepen, perfect... joining :)05:33
pitillosepen, no way.... are you sure is that your ip?05:34
sepenplease 1 moment05:40
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sepenpitillo, please rejoin to my server05:55
sepenpitillo, now running my dyndnsup on obsd after that
sepenruns really fine! better than ddclient for me06:08
sepenrecently Im updated my dns account with it06:08
pitillotaking a fast look...06:14
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sepenViper_, hi!06:34
sepenwhere I can change my repo account settings? I need to change my email direction06:35
Viper_changing the email listed in the portdb?06:38
Viper_sent me an email or query me :)06:38
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jaegeranyone know a way to check the label on an iso9660 image before burning it to a CD?09:09
rximount it?09:10
vektoriUse file(1) on it.09:10
jaegerisoinfo works, just found that09:10
jaegervektori: thanks, didn't know file would display that info09:11
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onestepRomster, do you remember issue with UID 500 and GID 500 for apache port?09:12
onestepyesterday I got the same for apache from opt :)09:13
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tilmannamenlos: please, don't notify me about every single release09:50
tilmannamenlos: i read the list myself09:50
namenlosk, will never happen again..09:50
tilmanmy boss wouldn't appreciate me doing random floss development at work09:51
tilmanthat's why updates are delayed by a few hours :P09:51
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tilmanhello jirib09:55
tilmannamenlos: mmh. actually, i missed
tilmanor i saw it and forgot to update the port09:57
tilmantilman: you rock!09:57
jiribhow can i use muttng to access newsgroup?10:02
jiribi'm totally lost10:03
tilmandid you see that page?10:03
tilmanno idea then, never tried to use usenet with mutt10:04
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j^2if i need to restart tailing a log file every day how would i do it?10:11
j^2crontab with kill then restart?10:11
j^2crap i can do that :P10:11
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tilmanRomster: so, you port *nix stuff to windows or what?10:23
Romsteri mess with ReactOS10:23
Romsteruse mingw32 to build it.10:24
Romstergot alot of directx games etc intend to use on.10:24
Romstermight port some apps to windows for others if there is a need too.10:24
tilmanis reactos fast enough to play games?10:24
Romsterhaven't got that far yet.10:24
Romstershould be useable end of this year or early 200810:25
Romsteri just build it and test it etc and see what works and what dosn't.10:25
Romsteranother words an ocasional tester.10:25
Romsterintersted in something?10:26
tilmani mostly wondered why you ported mingw10:26
Romsterah for ReactOS is the main reason.10:26
Romsterif anyhting else crops up add that to the list.10:27
tilmani ported parts of the EFL to mingw some years ago10:27
tilmanbut these days i mostly think that porting good stuff to windows is a bad idea10:27
Romsteri maintain windows computers for others. i doubt i'd touch windows anymore, other than ReactOS for gamming.10:27
Romsteryeah it gives a mroe of a why goto Linux if it ports to windows.10:28
Romsterdon't worry i'm not intending to port stuff to windows.10:28
tilmanthat's not what i wanted to suggest10:29
Romstermaybe one or too apps for friends, even then its a maybe i'd liek to convwert them all to linux but yeah :/10:29
schniggieOLE :)10:29
tilmanRomster: i might use your ports to verify stuff builds on mingw some day10:29
schniggieRomster: my avahi compiles10:29
Romstertilman, sure go for it.10:29
Romsterschniggie, see :)10:29
schniggieafter recompiling about 100 packages :D10:29
Romsterschniggie, you had something borked.10:29
Romsterheh happens sometimes..10:30
schniggiehehe but i don't know which package was fucked10:30
Romsterrevdep should of picked up on it..10:30
schniggiedidn't ...10:30
Romsterwas a preaty mean method but is effective.10:30
schniggieyes :) and i am very happy10:30
Romsterfunny how people ask about stuff when ya update it ;P10:31
Romstertilman, i added glibmm cairomm and gtkmm too. since it may be used alot.10:31
tilmani still hate them10:32
jjpkTo this day, the only program I know that uses glibmm and gtkmm is nitrogen.10:32
jjpkA program to set your desktop's wallpaper.10:32
tilmanthere's more, but inkscape is a good argument to have them imo10:33
jjpkI have heard of inkscape, never used it though.10:33
aoni personally wouldn't install extra libs for something as trivial as nitrogen10:33
tilmanit's *the* program to handle SVG these days10:33
tilmanjjpk: mmh. i think nitrogen is written by a guy who's on the openbox planet ;)10:34
tilmanhe's a gentoo person10:34
tilmanaon: full ack ditto etc10:34
Romsterglibmm and cairomm have some things that depend on them.10:34
Romsterdon't see anything for gtkmm10:34
tilmanEsetroot should be sufficient for everyone10:34
aoni like xsetroot10:34
Romsteri must of used it for something at one stage10:34
jjpknitrogen is fine, but it does reinvent the wheel too much for my liking.10:34
jjpkBesides, it does not seem that nitrogen is going anywhere these days :p10:35
jjpkStuck in -rc status the last I have seen of it.10:36
aoni wonder where it should be going10:36
aonit doesn't have tetris or an email client, though10:36
jjpkThese days I use xsetroot, but I still have it in my personal repository.10:37
Romstertilman, what sort of stuff did you hve in mind to test on mingw?10:37
tilmannothing serious or specific10:39
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Romsterlet me know how it goes when you do.10:40
tilmanjjpk: you didn't register you repo?10:40
jjpkI see little point in doing so, there are no original ports.10:41
tilmanexcept nitrogen10:41
jjpkImagine that, not available anymore :p10:43
tilmanso you just deleted it? :D10:44
jjpkI meant on the portdb.10:44
jjpkIt has been some months ago that I checked and one repo did have it.10:45
jjpkCan't remember the name of the repository though.10:45
tilmani know, i looked for nitrogen in the db to find your repo10:45
tilmanjjpk: anyway, just wanted to see whether you had some nice stuff10:45
jjpkMy repo has never been published as I said :p10:46
tilmanyou said "anymore". teh confusion.10:49
jjpkToo many brainfarts for one day :|10:50
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Romsterwhats with the not listing ya repo on the ports db :/11:09
jjpkThere is too much redundancy, that's why. ;)11:12
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Romsterjjpk, why so many?12:01
Romsteri have some redundency in my repo too.12:02
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tilmandoes anyone have a gcc-2.95 system at hand?13:05
tilmanaon maybe?13:05
Romsterisn't gcc-3.4.6 any good?13:06
tilmannot if i need 2.9513:06
Romsteri ment to get a 2.95 so i could compule some voice app but i didn't bother.13:06
Romsteroh some old voice talking program i forgot the name needed gcc-2.9513:08
Romsterbut i gave up, as its too unmaintained.13:08
loupgaroublondtilman, any distro is good? or does it have to be CRUX?13:09
tilmandistro doesn't matter :)13:09
tilmani'm thinking of openbsd people here13:10
tilmaniirc they use 2.95, no?13:10
sepentilman, gcc version 3.3.5 on my obsd4 box13:10
loupgaroublonddebian woody uses it, i'm sure there are plenty of vmware images of it floating around, as well as for other vm tools13:11
rehabdollsweet, stallman is speaking ~120km from my home tomorrow13:13
rehabdollhad no idea13:13
tilmanloupgaroublond: mmh, good idea13:14
loupgaroublond(debian woody)++ and it's my favorite debian version13:14
sepenpotato +113:15
loupgaroublondpotato was also nice13:15
tilmani ran potato back in the day13:15
sepentilman, any special for use gcc2.95?13:19
tilmansepen: i want to see whether it supports designated array initializers (from c99)13:19
tilmanthat's why i'm reluctant to set up qemu etc13:19
tilmanthe test will take < 1 minute13:19
sepenagainst glibc13:20
treachor maybe :P13:21
tilman"... but not on the much more limited support in GCC 2.95."13:21
treachoops :]13:29
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*** deus_ex is now known as pedja15:10
treachlooks like they're going to make gnome a runtime dep :(15:38
tilmanfucking insane15:39
tilmanif they are gonna pull that15:39
tilmani'll kill.15:39
aoni'll switch to NS415:39
jaegerthat's pretty weak :(15:39
teK_how 'bout reducing latency instead of pulling in requs ..15:39
treachThat would be a real incentitive to use opera..15:39
jaegerwonder if they're gonna be surprised when they lose a lot of users who refuse to install gnome15:40
jaegeror if they'll even care15:40
jaegerprobably not15:40
tilmanthere's still kahakahaze (sp b0rked)15:40
tilmanand probably more alternative gecko-based browsers15:40
treachI was just about to point that out.15:40
treachkahazekaze is supposedly able to use webkit now..15:41
tilmanwebkit is the kde html engine?15:41
teK_[ edit ] ~15:41
treachit still needs some work iirc, but it definitely sounds interesting.15:41
treachtilman: well, it's khtml modified by apple.15:42
treachfirefox seems to be headed down the crapper anyway, so maybe it's no loss.15:43
tilmando you know how to spell kahakahaze?15:43
tilmani cannot google the damn thing15:43
treachno. :D15:43
tilmanwhy can't it be called something sane?15:43
tilmanlike bob15:44
treach"Did you mean kamikaze browser"15:44
jaegerbob doesn't mean much in japanese, I bet :)15:44
tilmancrazy ass japanese people ;)15:44
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treachtilman: look it even has a ruby extension! :D15:45
jaegerit's apparently named after a short story by Sakaguchi Ango15:45
treachHm, I wonder what it means.. afaik kaze is "wind".15:46
tilmantreach: i know15:46
tilmanTochigi Wagyu (beef produced at Tochigi in Japan) is very tasty! We can eat it plain with a bit salt.15:48
tilman"plain" beef15:48
treachJapanese food tends to be strange..15:48
treachnobody has a port for it. :(15:49
treachat least not listed..15:50
tilmantheir screenshot is fugly15:50
* treach looks at aon15:50
treachdidn't you use it a while ago? Or am I mixing you up with someone else?15:50
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC15:51
aonyes, you are15:51
treachok, sorry then.15:51
tilmantreach: aon is the w3m guy (*WHACK*)15:51
jaegerthat reminds me, wonder if the karma thing works again15:51
jaegerdon't remember how it's controlled15:51
jaegerah, I guess it's paying attention, heh15:52
tilman!karma jaeger15:52
jaeger@karma jaeger15:52
clbjaeger: Karma for "jaeger" has been increased 1 time and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 1.15:52
raw@karma jaeger15:52
clbraw: Karma for "jaeger" has been increased 2 times and decreased 0 times for a total karma of 2.15:52
tilmantreach: wanna try it?15:53
jaeger@karma clear #crux jaeger15:53
clbjaeger: The operation succeeded.15:53
tilmanand report? :D15:53
treachwell.. why not.15:53
treachI was just about starting a port for it.15:54
treachhehe, looks like you're not the first one to find it. :P15:55
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aon@karma aon16:02
clbaon: aon has neutral karma.16:02
tilmannow that jaeger is gone, we can wreak some havoc16:02
* tilman looks at clb 16:02
* aon looks at me16:02
aonthat was some serious brainfart16:02
treachnarcissist. :P16:02
treach"Mirror mirror on the wall" :D16:03
aoni have a mirror behind me16:03
aondunno why16:03
treachso you can watch your back while on irc? ;)16:03
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treachnow I feel tired.. apparently gtk-webcore is a bunch of stuff. :/16:05
tilmankatze needs gtk-webcore?16:07
treachno, but it can use it.16:08
tilmango with 'no thanks'16:08
treachwell, I thought it'd be nice to drop firefox completely.16:08
tilmanwhat does katze want gtk-webcore for?16:10
treachit doesn't *want* it.16:11
tilmanlet me rephrase16:11
treachbut you can replace gecko with it.16:11
tilmanoh i see16:12
tilmantreach: i doubt mozilla will make *gecko* depend on gnome16:12
treachof course not.16:12
treachbut I'm not overly impressed with it,16:12
treachso why not try something different? :)16:13
treachok, I have it running with firefox as base now, question is, what happens if i remove that..?16:14
tilmankatze will stop working16:14
tilmanbecause it wants which is in firefox16:14
tilmanfor perfect happyness, we'd want a libgecko port16:14
tilmanor libgtkmozembed16:14
tilmani think.16:15
treachok, who's up for a gecko port? :P16:15
treachwow. that's a lot of volonteers. :D16:16
tilmani'm literally SHOCKED16:29
treachyeah, me too..16:29
* treach tries again with less abusive CFLAGS16:30
jjpkDamned firefox direction....16:40
* jjpk shakes fist.16:40
jjpkThey seem to have a thing for increasing bulk without fixing other issues first.16:41
treachhm, madea a quick and ugly port for kazehakase, should anyone be willing to try it.16:46
treachit doesn't work as supposed for me though. :-/16:47
tilman1.4 mb <316:47
treachyeah. :)16:47
treachquite the difference to ff..16:47
surrounderdang that's small16:48
treacheven if you have to consider that gecko is part of ff.16:48
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treachweird.. it doesn't load any webpages for me unless I add them as bookmarks. :P16:58
surrounderseems to work fine here17:02
surrounderseems really fast17:07
surrounderonly segfaults on preferences->languages here17:08
treachI feel really stupid.17:08
treachI enter an url, press enter and then it opens a new tab with "about blank". :]17:09
surroundernice builtin gestures and kb shortcuts17:10
surrounderI'm loving it (tm)17:10
surrounderseems a lot lighter than FF too, maybe finally a browser which I can use on my lappy17:12
tilmanI'm building it17:13
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surrounderso far I'm impressed17:14
treachseems like it has potential at least.17:14
treachit's still a bit too buggy imo.17:15
surroundereverything seems to work, mplayer-plugin and flash at least17:15
surrounderand it feels fast17:15
tilmandoes it have adblock or something like that?17:15
treachyou could use privoxy or something for that.17:16
tilmankatze's icons look a bit strange17:19
tilmanand why the hell does the About dialog have that calendar?17:19
surrounderhah indeed17:19
tilmanctrl-l doesn't focus the url bar :(17:20
treachit hates me. :/17:21
tilmanoh right17:21
tilmantreach: i can enter urls and browse the sites :D17:22
thrice`I'd be lost without ctrl+l17:22
tilmansurrounder: did you find out how to hide the "internet search" bar?17:22
tilmanand does it support keyword bookmarks (quick searches) like firefox?17:22
surroundertilman: set it to beginner ?17:23
tilmanno, expert17:23
surrounderthere's no bar when you set it to beginner17:23
tilmanSalamander is a web browser for Linux (and possibly Unix) written in C, that uses the Gnome2/GTK2 libraries. It also uses the Mozilla engine Gecko for ...17:24
tilmansurrounder: oh, indeed17:25
tilmani haven't seen a tripod homepage in ages17:25
tilmanLast Version Released: 0.5!!!! (12/13/2003)17:26
tilmansalamander0.5src.tar.gz (108 Kb)17:26
treachok, I think I know what the deal is.17:37
treachI guess I've made some customizations in firefox wich somehow gets read by kazehakase.17:38
treachand it doesn't like them.17:38
treachbut it's the only explanation I can come up with since it works with another user.17:39
tilmanmmh i just realized i use UserContent.css for my ad-blocking17:49
tilmanso maybe it works in kaze ootb17:49
treachtilman: It *was* my .mozilla folder that was acting up..17:51
treachI just tried to rename it to something else, and lo and behold..17:51
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thrice`anyone use pidgin?  if so, get a footprint mismatch w/ dbus ?19:51
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thrice`jaeger: I'm getting a pidgin footprint mismatch, missing some dbus files20:32
thrice`and a few other files, actually;
jaegerlooks like dbus and avahi missing20:35
thrice`indeed, but they aren't deps of pidgin?20:35
jaegernot strictly, no. I'll see if there's a way to explicitly enable or disable them20:36
thrice`just didn't know if they should or shouldn't be.  It built fun and runs without them20:37
jaegeryeah, they're just optional feature addons20:37
thrice`ok, thanks20:37
jaegershould be able to talk it out of building that stuff with a combination of --disable-X and --with-dynamic-prpls20:57
jaegerI'll mess with it a bit20:57
thrice`not a big deal - I'm bulding dbus :)20:58
jaegerI expect most users won't want those features, I intended to remove them and forgot about it, to be honest... might make separate ports for them20:59
thrice`like the usr/bin/purple-* stuff?21:03
jaegerdbus and bonjour (avahi) stuff, I mean... features that only a handful of users might ever mess with21:03
jaegerin the case of your footprint mismatch, that's what those correspond to21:03
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jaegergrrr... my gnome session is fucking up again for no reason I can spot21:18
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jaegerI wish I knew what the hell caused it or how to duplicate it21:22
thrice`odd :-\  I'm using fluxbox + gtk+ themes :)21:29
*** lasso|qt has quit IRC21:36
thrice`jaeger: could be the libpng update?21:44
jaegernah, it was happening off and on before that21:45
thrice`ah; just a guess :-\21:45
jaegerappreciate the try :)21:46
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