IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-05-18

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pitillogood morning01:06
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SiFuhAnyone know an easy way to sort 30 gigs of files into 4.7g groups so that I can creat 4.7gig iso images for backing up to DVD?03:55
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SiFuhI will check this..  THanks vektori03:58
SiFuhi might need a windows machine for that03:59
vektoriNope, it's for Linux et al.03:59
vektoriAt least the one I'm referring to.04:00
SiFuhhave a link?04:01
vektoriIt used to be at, but it seems the link is dead.04:01
vektoriYou can probably find a mirror somewhere.04:01
SiFuhyeah i found that04:01
SiFuhnow the fun part, making it work in OpenBSD04:01
SiFuhvektori: thanks, it looks simple enough04:03
nipuLcouldnt you just use split?04:19
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SiFuhi am04:33
SiFuhbut pax seems to be doing a better job04:33
SiFuhpax -w  -B 4700372992 -f archive-0.tar mnt/04:36
SiFuhReady for archive volume: 204:36
SiFuhArchive name > archive-1.tar04:36
SiFuhI have used pax for backing up data for a year or so.. I thought i'd check the man to see if it has a byte count. :-)04:37
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SiFuhalright i'm outta here04:51
SiFuhcatch ya all later and thanks for the help04:52
vektoribye SiFuh.04:52
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dr4g_Hi Guys!05:11
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treachheh, now, let's wait for him to time out. :P05:14
dr4g_Well, guys I have a problem with CRUX.05:16
treachwe can't do anything about that unless you get more specific.05:17
RyoSHi, my name is Tim. I have a problem with alcohol.05:17
tilmanHello, Tim.05:17
tilman</aa quoir>05:17
RyoSHello, Tilman.05:17
treachRyoS: this is #crux, not #AA05:17
RyoStreach: oh snap!05:17
tilmandr4g_: so, what's your problem?05:18
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treach"My connection doesn't stay up"?05:25
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jjpkDon't tell me this was another of those "my friend told me to use crux" cases.05:32
tilmanis it the same guy as yesterday maybe?05:33
* tilman too lazy to check the logs05:33
jjpkThe ip is different, but that does not mean anything.05:33
jjpkHmm, both ips were from New Delhi, India :D05:34
tilmanah no, that was d0ze_sucks05:34
treachreally, cruxers should know better than directing their n00b friends towards it. :/05:34
tilmangod we're so elite05:34
tilmani'm lovin it05:34
jjpkAnselm, step aside rofl05:34
treachheh, well, I mean that, but not in some elitistic way.05:35
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jjpkThere was that one other person also from an Indian ip block, entr0py or something like that.05:35
jjpkThe thing I like about this community is the lack of evangelism.05:36
treachtelling someone who can't swim they are in deep water isn't being 1337 imo..05:36
jjpkYou don't get a higher karma if you convert others by the dozen.05:36
treachor rather that "the waters are too deep if you can't swim".05:37
jjpkEspecially when they have not even passed the ubuntu stages :p05:37
tilmanmy comment about being elite wasn't about this specific incident05:37
treachtilman: I didn't take it that way, but sometimes you get that kind of comments when you tell someone they're not up to it.05:38
rxitreach: id say all the time05:39
jjpkProbably, I would not be surprised if crux is topping the asshole distro list.05:40
tilmanhaha, yeah05:40
rxihope so we have worked hard enough for it :P05:40
jjpkLooks like most new users miss the point, even if it is explicit on the front page.05:40
treach"otack är världens lön". :(05:41
treach(I can't translate that.)05:41
rxijjpk: unfortuantly they seem to think a couple years in fedora constitutes ase experience05:41
jjpkIt still is experience, just no the right type.05:42
treachyeah, but fedora is probably not a good example.05:42
jjpkFedora has created extra frameworks for just about everything.05:42
rxiwell you get the point05:43
treachif you run fedora for any prolonged time you'll have to learn stuff.05:43
treachbecause it'll break.05:43
jjpkYou could call it the Fedora way.05:43
treachubuntu/mand{ake,iva} would probably fit better.05:44
treachpeople who just point and click and then think they "know linux"05:44
jjpktreach: found the translation, there is no gratitude in the world.05:44
rximy point was hand holding distros arent valuable experience when using crux05:44
treachjjpk: that makes sense.05:44
jjpkrxi: that is what I understood from your sentence earlier.05:45
rxiahh glad my english aint that bad05:46
jjpkThe thing is, crux is just about on the other opposite of the linux distributions.05:46
treachrxi: I know, it's just that in my experience fedora pretends to hold your hand, just to pull the rug out from under your feet when you least expect it. :/05:46
jjpkThe pointy and clicky users will be SHOCKED because the support frameworks are just not there.05:46
rxitreach: hehe well as a former rh usesr i agree :)05:46
rxi<=8 that is05:47
rxialthough in them days there was less hand holding more fixing05:48
treachmh, rh < 6.2 was at least useable.05:49
rxi6.2 was the first version i tried05:50
treachwasn't that the version they shipped the broken compiler in?05:50
rxihehe i have no idea05:50
treachI kind of gave up on them at that time.05:50
rxitook  me a weekend on dual boot it with 9805:50
jjpkBroken compiler, ouch.05:51
jjpkToo many partying and too little testing apparently :>05:51
treachjjpk: here's the rationale
jjpk"Relax! it worked last time!"05:51
treachpoint was that you couldn't build a working new kernel with it. :/05:52
rxihehe i didnt even have the internet back then .. bought a linux starter kit thing with the manual i read cover to cover05:52
treach6.2 was really bad imo, and then they shipped 7.0 with a broken gcc.05:52
treachthat's when I said "screw red hat"..05:53
treachthank god I was primarily a slackware user. :)05:53
rxiive still got a copy of 6.2, 7.0, 7.2, 8.0 (which i bought)05:53
jjpkThe only box set I have was Corel Linux several years ago.05:54
rxilol this kit came with open caldera too05:55
jjpkI can't recall why it would not install properly.05:55
surrounderredhat 5.2 here (included in a book) and a set of sunsite cds my dad once brought home including debian 1.x, slackware 3.x and redhat 4.205:55
surroundergood old days *snif*05:55
treachI've boxed sets for SuSE 6.2 and slack 8.0, and Redhat 4.0 and 5.2..05:55
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treachbut I got the rehats from some place.05:55
jjpkI really got started with slack 8.05:55
treachthat's when I dropped it and switched to crux. :D05:56
rxihehe i have a whole shoe box full of linux/bsd cds05:56
jjpkThis was back in spring of 2002.05:56
jjpkI have used linux or bsd more or less constantly ever since that.05:56
surrounderstarted with redhat about 10 years ago or something05:56
treach"once you pop you can't stop" or what is it they say? :P05:57
jjpkThat probably does hold quite true.05:57
surrounderI wonder with what arnuld started...05:58
* surrounder runs05:58
treachthere's no going back to windows afaic, at least.05:58
jjpkI really enjoyed the simplicity and consistency in slack, at least compared to winxp.05:58
jjpkThe first months were difficult, but I did not give up.05:58
treachEver since I began using computers I was on a quest for something else.05:58
surrounderhehe still am05:59
jjpkEven when I first started with windows 3.x, it felt very constraining.05:59
treachSlack was heaven compared to win 3.11, which my first own computer had. :)05:59
surroundermy first computer had dos and some sort of strange interface for the touchscreen it had05:59
surrounderit rocked05:59
surrounderpushing the green squares (Y)05:59
treach"Illegal exception error in progman.exe, Abort, Ignore, Cancel" anyone..? :<06:00
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jjpkThe very first computer my family had was some ibm from the very late 1980s, had dos naturally.06:00
surroundertreach: hehe06:00
jjpkStill remember the few games it had haha.06:00
surrounderwing commander 1!!!06:00
surrounder5 mb on our 20 MB harddrive06:00
surroundergawd it was big06:00
rxicommander keen ftw06:00
surrounderhaha yeah06:01
surrounderand red baron06:01
rxigotta love buying games on single floppies :P06:02
treachWtf are you smoking? =)06:02
tilmanxcopy ftw06:02
treachyeah ;)06:02
jjpkI even remember having at least two games that came on the 5.25" disks06:02
tilmani think i still have a copy of the copy protection paper thing for monkey island 106:02
jjpktilman: was it a layered rotating paper disk?06:03
jjpkI had two games like that, one was some winter olympics thing, the other was some formula 1 simulation.06:04
tilmanwinter games06:04
jjpkThat probably was it.06:04
surroundericeskating was hard06:04
tilmanwonder why my enter key didn't break06:04
surrounderif you had a gamepad with turbo-a and turbo-b summer games was too easy ;)06:04
surrounderalways getting 6.20m in polejumping06:05
jjpksurrounder: yeah it was pure hell with the keyboard.06:05
surrounderhehe indeed06:05
rxitreach: i didnt have friends back then :P06:05
jjpkI forget the year I received a soundcard with a joystick port, then it became much easier.06:05
jjpk*almost* beginning to miss those days :p06:12
jjpkThen again, those were the hay days of M$ slavery \o/06:13
rxilol download the only games and try to play  them just doesnt have the same zing anymore :(06:13
jjpkI have tried commander keen and hocus pocus on dosbox.06:14
jjpkThey work decently, but yeah, it is not the same as it was back in the early 1990s06:14
surrounderpolice quest worked great06:14
surrounder"get nightstick"06:15
surrounder"get gun"06:15
surrounder"c d"06:15
surrounderlearned quite some english from those old games06:15
surroundertoday they translate the games, annoying as hell06:15
treach"All your base are belong to us?"06:15
treachI'm not sure that qualifies as an english lesson. :p06:16
jjpkAggressive behavior, yes but not much of an English lesson ;)06:16
surrounderinglish is mij goodest supjekt!06:20
jjpkAi sii vii ar tokin in vormula 1 inglis egein \o/06:23
jjpkThis is a long standing joke we have about the Finnish F1 drivers when they speak in English :D06:24
rxiwhats the translation?06:24
jjpk= I see we are talking in formula 1 english again06:24
rxitheres only 2 isnt there? raikkonan and kovlakein?06:25
jjpkas far as I know, yes.06:26
treachwell, there was others in the past06:26
treachlike keke rosberg06:26
surrounder*raikkonen *kovalainen06:26
surrounderand hakkinen of course06:26
rxisurrounder: hehe was waiting for that06:26
rxicouldnt they have a name like bob or john06:26
treachsurrounder: you're still wrong. :P06:26
surrounderyeah I forget some accents I know06:26
jjpklol :D06:26
surrounderdon't have them on my keyboard and I'm too lazy todo c-a c-v a "06:27
jjpkThey are not accents, they are letters actually.06:27
jjpkRäikkönen, Kovalainen does not have them.06:27
surrounderaaah ok06:27
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surrounderwell, everything better than our former prime minister...never heard someone talk english that bad06:28
jjpksurrounder: Balkenende, or some one prior?06:28
surrounderone prior06:28
surrounderWim Kok06:28
tilmanwim cock?06:28
jjpkNetherlands people are passionate you know ;)06:29
treachI associated it with "kook" :)06:29
surrounderthat's how you pronounce it yeah tilman ;)06:29
surrounderjjpk: hehe06:29
treachtilman: I know a guy who's family name is "Assman". Belive it or not.06:29
treachPor guy.06:29
treachPoor, even.06:30
jjpkEspecially in the English speaking countries :D06:30
treachHappily he's not living in one.06:30
rxiim sure he could pickup plenty of women06:30
surrounderwho da assman!06:30
rximight not be so easy for the females in the family06:31
surrounderhehe true06:32
* rxi finishes installing vista and quickly runs the bomb shelter to avoid the flak*06:32
treachwhere do you run it?06:33
rximy media centre06:33
treach./bomb\ shelter &06:33
rxiwant to use my xbox360 as a media centre extender so i dont need to have 2 machines in the lounge room06:34
treachhaha, media center, that's a good place. Enjoy your Digital Restrictions Management. :)06:34
rxii havent had that issue yet06:34
rxitreach: i bet your just jealous :P06:37
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rxiis that finnish for lol?06:47
treachyer, keep telling yourself that.06:47
treachactually I think "kik" is dutch for "I can't navigate my keyboard".06:49
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tilmanhehe, clemens replied to me in english, too07:39
treachcould that be some kind of hint? :P07:40
tilmanmaybe i just have a strange name :/07:40
treachheh, or your german really suck. ;D07:40
tilmani didn't mail him in german07:42
treachoh, ok.07:42
thrice`zanyone happen to use matlab?07:45
thrice`anyone even07:45
jaegerNot I07:46
thrice`this would be so much easier if I knew ANY programming languages :-\07:46
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treachthrice`: looking for somethings special?07:48
treachs somethings/something/07:49
aontilman: i tend to reply in english to finns, too, if the correspondence has started in english07:49
thrice`I'll let you know; think I've got it :)07:49
tilmanaon: even if it's a private reply?07:49
tilmanstrange :D07:49
aonquoting seems a bit strange otherwise07:50
aondoesn't happen often, tho07:50
thrice`thanks though treach07:51
prologic_my wifi network I've setup for the student complexes I live in is going great :)07:52
prologic_just need to get 2 more 120(deg) sector panels07:52
*** prologic_ is now known as prologic07:52
thrice`treach: well, basically I'm writing a program that needs users to input positive numbers; I want the input to ask again if they type in a negative number, or a letter, and echo a derogatory message for  being incompitant07:53
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thrice`so I have basically length=input('enter a length').  I was thinking of doing a while loop, say for q==0, and then sub-if loops, but I'm not sure if that's the correct way (remember I can't program at all :))07:56
treachhm, never did any programming in mathlab.07:56
tilmaneverytime you speak of "if loops", god kills a kitten07:56
thrice`good, I hate cats07:57
treachcats are cool. :)07:57
thrice`yeah, you're right.  and kittens are so damn cute07:57
thrice`thanks anyways treach07:58
treachif-loop doesn't make sense...07:58
treachdoesn't mathlab have something like "isanumber()"?07:58
thrice`treach: I was thinking, like... if num<0, disp ('choose new number')07:59
treachmmh. C has a nice "isdigit()" :)08:00
thrice`C scares me08:00
treachas long as I don't have to deal with that farking input buffer, it's ok with me.08:00
treachif (isdigit(*some_ptr)!=0) \if *some_ptr<0; \ else blah();\ else blah();08:04
treachor something. :P08:04
treachthrice`: there even is a isdigit! :D08:06
tilmanlook for isnumber(), too08:06
tilmanor something like that08:06
thrice`ah - perfect!  thanks08:07
thrice`but, if the if statements aren't true, would that dump it back to the input?08:09
thrice`er, this is too off-topic; I'll just test.  thanks for the pointers08:10
tilmanthrice`: we can only make wild guesses too ;D08:11
pedjaAfter updating freetype, firefox menu font is huge.Web pages look normal, though.08:13
pedjaXft.dpi goes in .Xresources, right?08:14
* pedja restarts FF08:14
tilmanno idea08:15
pedjaOK, that solved it, now FF looks normal :)08:15
tilmani like the fonts08:15
pedjatilman: You use Vera font in FF, iirc?08:15
tilmanyeah :D08:16
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pedjame too :)08:17
tilmanheh :)08:17
pedjaIt looks awesome :)08:17
thrice`yeah, I've adopted your settings as well08:17
tilmanover all, freetype 2.3.4 is better than 2.2 imo08:17
tilmanthere's a few glitches (with vera) though08:18
pedjaAnyone using Red Hat's liberation fonts?08:18
treach*chirp* *chirp*08:19
pedjaConfidential Human factors Incident Reporting Programme?08:23
tilmanpedja: what port name would you prefer for tose? :)08:23
pedjatilman: for liberation fonts?08:25
thrice`ah, matlab rounds 0.5 down08:27
thrice`that's unfortunate08:27
treachit's insane..08:27
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jiribare you able to login via xdm?13:22
jiribafter typing password it blinks and returns to xdm screen :(13:22
rawno, xdm is completely broken and works for noone but bruce schneier13:24
treachjirib: is your shell listed?13:24
treachor even set.13:25
jiribin /etc/shells?13:25
treachyes. and in /etc/passwd13:25
rawwhy not just check the logs?13:27
jiribthere's nothing in xdm.log :(13:28
rawthat happens when you don't read the manual page13:28
jiribthere's just info about starting X server13:29
rawto quote xdm(1):13:29
raw       -error error_log_file13:29
raw              Specifies  the  value for the DisplayManager.error-13:29
raw              LogFile resource.  This file contains  errors  from13:29
raw              xdm  as  well  as anything written to stderr by the13:29
raw              various  scripts  and  programs  run   during   the13:29
raw              progress of the session.13:29
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jirib:) maybe .Xauthority file13:41
jiribit works now13:41
jiribwhat is /usr/bin/xsm?13:41
jiribi don't have that file and prt-get fsearch xsm didn't find anything13:42
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rawread xsm(1)13:42
jiribman, how can i read man page of program i don't have installed? :)13:43
jiribyeah13:43 :)13:43
tilmanno need for debian13:44
rawtoday, there are no excuses to not read manual pages ;)13:44
jiribstill xdm rc file calls /usr/bin/xsm13:45
jiribxsm is some lightweight session manager/chooser13:46
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jiribanyway xdm is not in official repo... so... my problem :)13:47
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raweverything is your problem13:58
rawit's not that crux is a company for support or such13:58
jiribyou must really have bad mood :)13:59
tilmanhe usually does :D14:00
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jjpkAlways a raw deal.14:00
jiribmy collegue asked me today if i know some curses sftp client14:01
jiribi think mc can somehow do that14:02
jiribdo u know other one?14:02
tilmani *think* lftp supports sftp14:03
vektoriIt does.14:04
treachiirc it's *supposed* to..14:04
jiribbut he wanted something like mc14:04
jiribto select file by file14:04
aonwine winscp.exe14:04
jiribgftp in X14:04
tilmani don't understand how people like mc14:04
tilmanbut ok.14:04
treachsftp(1) ftw. :P14:05
jiribhehe another collegue told me, "man openbsd doesn't have mc in base installation!!"14:05
aona loser is openbsd14:05
rehabdollomg, no basics in openbsd!14:06
tilmani might have suggested it before, but if we ever get to rename crux, it will be:14:07
jiribbut i was a little shocked, as he's working on aix, hp-ux etc... and he was asking about mc :)14:07
tilmanthat's both leet (0 for zero) and geek-ish (*ix!)14:07
treach0BA5IC5 :P14:09
* treach wonders where the hell that adress lands you..14:09
tilmanMailbox doesn't exist: Lists.ruby-gnome2-develSegmentation fault14:10
tilmanmutt is a POS when it doesn't work14:10
treachahum, that should be "0xBA51C5"14:10
jaegerI'd rather stick with CRUX, it's easier to type :)14:12
treachwaah? You're not part of a small elite community? ;D14:12
tilmantreach: aha, i wondered where the 'address" was :P14:13
*** thrice` has quit IRC14:18
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treachsink the bastard!14:20
jjpkAye, commander!14:20
jjpkNow there's something you don't see, the bastard user's ip range is from cuba.14:23
RedShiftthey have internet there?14:24
RedShiftdoes cuba even have a tld?14:24
jjpkSure they do.14:24
treachI guess it depends on how well connected you are..14:24
treach(ho ho)14:24
RedShifteh eh eh14:25
treachjjpk: lol, that's a nice tld.. :D14:25
*** thrice` has joined #crux14:25
jjpkWonder if that is a coincidence ;)14:25
Romsteranyone bored the ps3 cell processor is a joke
RedShifttheinquirer <- says it all14:32
*** majyk has quit IRC14:32
treachthey can't even write..14:35
treach"steak in the heart"14:35
treachdid they hire you Romster?14:36
Romsterlol no..14:36
treachthat's not an article, it's a joke.14:38
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j^2obvious observation ---> there are messed up people on 4chan.org15:41
loupgaroublondless obvious conclusion ---> maybe you aren't messed up enough ;)15:41
* j^2 looks shocked15:42
aonaround here it's SHOCKED15:43
aonecho shocked|tr a-z A-Z15:43
* loupgaroublond runs15:44
treachaon, speaking of SHOCKED, emacs depends on xorg.. o_O15:45
j^2....truly EXCESS :D15:46
treachseems a bit strange at least. :)15:46
treachI'm sure there's a reason though.15:47
aonwell, uh, yeah15:48
j^2xemacs probably15:48
treachj^2: no..15:49
aonthe x in xemacs has nothing to do with X15:49
aonshould be a fairly useless dep there, too15:49
j^2i used to know the --configure= to build emacs with out it15:49
aonit autodetects15:49
aonwell i'd think so, at least15:49
aontreach: i'll see if they build without footprint mismatches with no x15:50
treachaon: it's not a problem really, I was just surprised, since I never associated emacs with X.15:50
treachor rather, I was SHOCKED. :P15:51
aonwe all are15:54
aoni'll remove the ports to SHOCKmacs and xSHOCKmacs15:54
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*** jdolan__ has quit IRC15:55
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*** treach has joined #crux15:55
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC15:56
aonotoh i'm rather sure even without testing that the xpm's won't get installed without X15:57
aonso this is balancing between two SHOCKs, really15:57
aonthe depSHOC and the footprintSHOCK15:57
jjpkoh noes!11115:59
jjpkthe horror!15:59
aontbh emacs is quite EXCESS15:59
aonarnuld uses emacs, so i guess it's part of the path15:59
jaegerbruce lee uses emacs16:00
j^2<enter chuck norris joke>16:00
jjpkIf bruce lee uses it, it must be cool.16:00
jjpkNo time like the present to join those stupid bandwagons \o/16:02
tilmani think i need to read the backlog16:02
*** vico has joined #crux16:02
brointhemixany idea how to build gnupg port without X ?16:19
brointhemix'cause pientry dependency doesn't want to build without the X collection16:19
jiribprt-get --ignore pinentry depinst `prt-get depends gnupg` ?16:24
jiribmaybe? :)16:25
jiribor just install deps and gnupg via pkgmk16:25
brointhemixbut will gnupg build if I ignore pinetry...16:25
jiribtry 2nd way16:25
jiribpkgmk doesn't check deps (i think)16:26
jiribor make your own port16:26
brointhemixbut i think the new gnupg won't build without pinetry (or pinentry)16:26
jiribi don't know16:26
brointhemixok, acrux got the gnupg 1.4.7 port which doesn't require pinetry :)16:27
brointhemixonly the gnupg 2 does, wich is bad imo16:28
jiribi think gnupg can be build without X16:30
jiribgpg doesn't depend on any X library16:30
brointhemixyup, but pinetry does16:31
jiribYou also need the Pinentry package for most function of GnuPG; however16:31
jiribit is not a build requirement.16:31
brointhemixI mean, I didn't find a ./configure option in pientry that would let me disable X presence checking16:31
brointhemixor maybe I did a bad search ;)16:31
jiribwell it works16:36
brointhemixwhat works? gnupg without pinentry?16:36
jiribsee :P16:37
brointhemixthe question remains - is gnupg usable w/o pinntry... :)16:38
jiribdependencies in crux are 'bonus'16:38
brointhemixyup, i know16:38
jiribjust try, why it wouldn't be usable?16:38
brointhemixit is prt-get that supports deps, not pkgutils :)16:38
jiribgpg --help16:39
jiribso if you know it's prt-get your questions were silly :P16:39
jiribyou could install it via pkgmk16:39
jiribwithout pinentry16:39
brointhemixtrue, but i trust that if the Crux Core Team put the pientry dependency into gnupg, there had to bea a reason16:41
brointhemixthat's why i was curious about it :)16:42
*** thrice` has quit IRC17:15
*** RedShift has quit IRC17:17
nipuLis it just me or does arnuld get dumber time he posts to the ML?17:23
nipuLeach time17:23
jiribarnuld is popular even on openbsd-misc :)17:25
aonhe should post to tech@17:26
treachdude, are you calling me a liar?17:26
treachprologic: that's for you.17:27
treachprologic: never mind, I think I found the problem17:27
aon"Is it much difficult to write Serial-ATA hard disk  drivers for HURD ?"17:32
aon"no, pls go ahead"17:32
nipuL"i think i have some free time for writing drivers. i am no programmer17:33
nipuLbut i can try."17:33
aonwriting a hurd sata driver as a first project is surely a milestone on the path of EXCESS17:34
treachit would certainly be 1337 though. :D17:34
*** thrice` has joined #crux17:35
RyoSfear the arnuld17:35
nipuLoh, can we PLEASE make him the new mascot!?!17:36
aonphysically he doesn't seem very excessive17:37
aonpropably under 100kg unlike us truely enlightened ones17:37
jiribdo i have to always keep name of PREROUTING for my redirects? or am i able to call it like TO-LOCAL-NET ? :)17:38
jiribi love openbsd pf :P17:38
jiribchain in iptables17:39
tilmannipuL: i'm SHOCKED17:39
aoni'm SHOCKED about the attempt to start something on-topic17:39
treachI'm < 0.1 k²g. I guess I can stop debug my c programs now. I just have to eat more. :/17:40
aon(think EXCESS)17:42
rehabdoll <- enjoy :)17:49
tilmanarnuld \n arnuld \n arnuld17:50
thrice`Being a rational-thinker, i have built a deep-insight into my character17:50
* thrice` rolls eyes17:50
thrice`(from arnuld's blog)17:51
tilman"Gentoo and KISS ?"17:51
thrice`gentoo can use KISS, if you do -* in your USE flags17:52
*** treach has quit IRC17:56
* aon suggests #crux-arnuld18:04
*** Viper_ has quit IRC18:05
*** rxi_ has quit IRC18:08
tilmanBeing very true18:09
tilmanI never understood 'C'.18:09
tilmanwhat he says?18:09
aon"ask how many students understood the concept of18:10
aonprogramming in 3 years, only 2 out of 42"18:10
nipuL16:10 Channel #crux-arnuld created Fri May 18 16:09:58 200718:10
nipuL16:10 Irssi: Join to #crux-arnuld was synced in 0 secs18:10
nipuL16:10 @nipuL> i BEING confused, how my is depp-insight make good PROGRAMMER of me?>/!?18:10
tilmanhis english just rocks18:13
rawtilman: is there a list of methods. supported?18:13
tilmanit puts a smile on my face:18:13
tilmanAfter graduation I did not get any job so I became a18:13
tilmanSALESMAN and started selling.18:13
tilmanraw: what?18:13
tilmanAfter 2 years In 2005 I18:13
rawfor src/plugins18:13
tilmanwatched a movie 'HACKERS' and was very much impressed18:13
tilmanby the individual talents shown in the movie,18:13
tnt_tilman: Time to go "hack the gibson" ;)18:14
nipuLarnuld> that hackers MOVIE wasn't a documentary!?!18:14
rawtilman: I mean in the device drivers for xmms2 you have to define methods, e.g. = xmms_foo_new; and so on.18:15
rawtilman: I want a list of these. ;)18:15
tilmanraw: well, see the definition of xmms_output_methods_t :)18:15
tilmanin includes/ somewhere18:15
rawtilman: Ok, I was hoping there was some nicely formatted list on the web somewhere18:16
tilmantry that18:16
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majykports -u will update my ports collection, ports -d will tell me what is newer, is there a command to recursively build all updates?20:06
majykI can't find anything in the handbook to do this20:06
majykforget it, got it... prt-get is the answer20:16
prologicI think you want to use prt-get instead20:31
prologicprt-get diff20:31
prologicprt-get sysup20:31
prologicyou should only ever need to just "ports -u"20:31
prologicuse prt-get for everything else20:31
prologicI just have a cron job for ports -u20:31
prologicthe use of prt-get should be in the handbook20:40
majykyeah it was but I was only looking at ports and pkgmk20:41
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