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nipuLarg! couldn't resist01:13
nipuLhmm i think this computer might have some bad ram02:20
nipuLrunning nothing but blackbox and a few xterms...using ~950mb02:21
nipuLpull a stick out, 50mb of 51202:26
nipuLit's probably a timing error, one was 333, the other 40002:26
KyKoMemtest that pile.02:26
KyKoAh, or that.02:26
nipuLi wonder what speed memory is in the wife's computer... >:)02:31
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nipuLarg! qt3 still won't build03:22
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nipuL:\ getting internal compiler errors all over the place now04:21
nipuLmore of an uhhhh than an uh-oh04:28
tilmanwell, it's a bad sign04:28
nipuLswapped the memory...again. fingers crossed04:32
surrounderstarcraft <305:00
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vovanechello all08:59
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brinstarhi everyone10:46
brinstardoes crux come w/ a DE?10:48
brinstarim reading the wiki, but it doesn't say except for being to add kde or gnome from ports10:49
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brinstaris xfce in the ports db?10:49
brinstaror on the ISO?10:49
aonin ports10:51
brinstarwhats the default DE?10:51
aoncrux comes with windowmaker or something, i think10:51
brinstarok thanks10:51
brinstarim on zenwalk atm, was thinking about trying somehting else out10:52
aonoh, 2.3 has blackbox10:52
aonbut anything else can be installed, of course10:52
brinstarok nice10:52
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brinstari like the 'keep it simple' motto, it seems like it really is like that :)10:53
brinstarand i thought xfce was minimalist ;)10:53
treachit has a separate repo.10:54
tilmanyou can install gnome and kde after the installation, too10:54
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brinstarno i dont mind , i like minimalist :) its why im using zenwalk10:54
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aonxfce is quite excessive :)10:55
squeeky88hi, anyone using CRUX with RAID?10:55
squeeky88(hardware RAID)10:55
brinstarhm it has problems, shall we say ;)10:55
treachaon: yeah, everyone could just use fvwm :p10:55
aoni've been running twm for some days now :)10:55
jkrHas anyone noticed any changes in the perl syntax support of vim after update to 7.1?10:55
brinstarlol u guys r extreme10:55
treachsqueeky88: if your controller is supported by the kernel you should be good to go.10:56
brinstardoesnt crux have a user forum?10:57
aondunno, a friend of mine ran a default twm for a year or so because he was too lazy to install anything else10:57
aonthen he got fed up with windows launching bigger than the screen and resizing them being hard10:57
treachbrinstar: no, we prefer irc/mailinglists.10:57
aonand switched to qvwm, think he's on some ancient openbox now10:57
brinstartreach, thats cool w/ me10:57
treachthere was a forum, but basically nobody used it.10:57
brinstari see10:57
treachaon: some people are just too lazy. :D10:58
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brinstaris it fairly easy to install stuff from sourc w/ crux?10:58
aontreach: think he's still running the debian woody i installed for him on his server10:58
treachyes, that's how things work..10:58
aon18:59 [IRCnet] CTCP VERSION reply from <censored>: irssi v0.8.4 - running on Linux i58610:59
brinstarbut u generally use the ports thing for that , dont u ?10:59
treachbrinstar: maybe you should have a look at and even look in the faq.10:59
treachports are used to install from source.11:00
brinstaryes, but it does come with the basic tools i.e. glibc, gtk2, wxwidgets, perl, etc11:00
brinstarok, nice11:01
aonheh, and his clock is off by 13h11:01
treachbut not wxwhatever..11:01
aonwhich is certainly an improvement since it used to be in 1994 or something, now it's in the right day11:01
brinstarok, thats fine, i can get that one myself11:02
brinstardoes that show all the packages in the ISO?11:02
treachI guess so, I'm not sure there's such a list. But otoh, most packages would have changed anyway..11:03
brinstari see, makes sense11:04
brinstarwhat kernel does 2.3 use?11:05
treachwhatever you chose to use.11:05
aoni believe you'll find that on the fourth line of the changelog11:05
aonthe default, that is11:06
aonoh sorry, fifth11:06
brinstaroh ok11:06
brinstargo it11:06
brinstargot it11:06
tilmanaon: did you twm?11:06
treachbut that's just what's on the iso. You don't have to stay with that. :P11:06
brinstaris the 2.6.22rc in the ports repo yet?11:06
brinstarya i know11:07
treachno, it's not in ports.11:07
brinstarok np11:07
Romsterbrinstar, prt-get depinst ketchup; man ketchup11:07
treachthe kernel is your own responsibility, and there's little need for a port for it.11:07
brinstarim using zenwalk atm11:07
brinstarjust scoping out crux ;)11:08
treachsome people use ketchup, but that's just because they are lazy.11:08
brinstarit looks alright to me so far11:08
Romsterlike me :P11:08
treachso we've noticed.11:08
brinstarso does it use *exactly* the same ports method from fbsd, just ported to linux?11:09
treachcrux ports are much more simple11:09
brinstarin what sense11:10
treachjust look at the stuff in the portdb you find at crux.nu11:10
brinstaryou mean less choice?11:10
Romsterbrinstar, have you even read anything on the crux website or what?11:10
brinstari have read a bit, yes11:10
treachbrinstar: look here ->
Romstercux has its own pkgutils package manager, thats simple and works.11:11
treachfind the corresponding freebsd port and compare.11:11
brinstari see, it looks a bit like netpkg TBH11:12
brinstarromster, if u have a problem with me asking questions then u can set ur client to ignore me11:12
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Romsterits not that, its the fact your asking all the same questions everyone else askes... time and time again.11:13
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brinstarok, but my questions are now answered, and what did that take like 30 mins? not even that?11:15
brinstarlike i said im just scoping11:15
brinstarand the website *is* a bit dry11:16
Romsteri guess.11:16
thrice`the crux site ?11:16
Romsterhmm guess it could do with more information..11:16
brinstaryep that one11:16
RyoSthe one11:17
brinstari dont really mind though, im used to starting from a small foundation and building my own stuff on top11:17
brinstarso if its missing stuff, no big deal, eh?11:18
Romsterthere is the install guide if you read that too.11:19
thrice`ports are very easy to develop11:19
brinstarmy main concern is the few libraries that i like to have from the start bcos its annoying to always have to do those from scratch11:19
brinstari will have a look at it, thanks11:19
thrice`have you serached the ports database ?11:20
brinstarit seems a lot like zenwalks build system, so it looks alright to me11:20
brinstarno i havent yet11:20
thrice`perhaps the website seems dry because you haven't hit the right spots yet :)11:20
brinstarsorry is there a link to the ports db bcos im having a bit of trouble finding it?11:21
brinstarthrice`, maybe11:21
treachyes, there is a link.11:22
treachit's conspiciusly called "Ports".11:23
brinstaroh i just  found it , embarasing :)11:23
brinstari didnt expect to find it there11:24
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treachhm, anyone who knows if there's a setting for .gtkrc to hide those stupid text labels on buttons in the toolbar?11:27
tilmanafaik usually the app controls that11:27
brinstaris jfs better than xfs? ZW doesnt come with jfs so ive never tried it?11:29
tilmanxfs doesn't handle power outages (unless they fixed that in the mean time, which i doubt)11:30
brinstaranything else?11:30
treachxfs should not be used without ups.11:30
treachext3 or jfs, I don't think the choise there matters that much nowadays.11:31
brinstari have my ups, errrr, laptop right here :)11:31
treachwell, I guess you'll have to hope the battery never drains then..11:31
brinstarheh yeah11:32
treachwrt jfs, I don't think there's much people who use it, at least not unless they are migrating from os/2 or so.11:32
brinstarapart form handling power outages, is there any reason to jfs instead of the other usual suspects11:33
treachIt's said to use little cpu11:33
brinstarthats a plus11:33
brinstardoes crux really only take 1gb hd?11:37
brinstarthats awesome11:37
treachwell, that's up to you in the end..11:37
thrice`perahps the base install.  It doesn't magically compile stuff to be smaller than others11:37
brinstaryeah, but i mean initially11:37
brinstarthe more space you have after install, the better imo11:38
treach/dev/sda1             244M   23M  221M  10% /11:40
treach/dev/sdb1             244M  6.1M  238M   3% /tmp11:40
treach/dev/md0              742M   58M  684M   8% /var11:40
treachtmpfs                 1.0G     0  1.0G   0% /var/build11:40
treach/dev/md1              2.9G  1.4G  1.5G  48% /usr11:40
treach(no kde, no gnome)11:41
brinstarwell thnx for the help, bye 4 now11:43
thrice`good luck11:43
brinstarcheers , cya11:44
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ono_crux 2.3 -- nvidia problems18:05
ono_FATAL: Error inserting nvidia18:05
ono_any help would be appreciated - thanks18:05
ono_quadro4 750xgl card..18:06
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nipuLholy crap19:27
nipuLwaking up to 999 emails is fun19:28
aonyeah, /me made a big fuckup19:28
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jaegerthere would be more but I killed the MTA19:33
aonhow many were there?19:33
jaegerthere are still 3061 messages in the queue but I don't know offhand how many subscribers19:34
nipuLto make it worse, i use the commit notifications to keep my x86_64 opt repo in sync19:50
nipuLas the repo is a subset of the official one i cherry pick relevant commits19:51
nipuLnow i have to sort through all this crap :(19:51
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majykis pkgutils-5.30.0 broke, it won't build on my newly installed Crux 2.3 system20:05 error: archive.h: No such file or directory20:05 error: archive_entry.h: No such file or directory20:05
nipuLnew dependancy libarchive20:08
majykapparently prt-get sysup doesn't automatically do a dep check20:09
nipuLno it doesn't20:09
majykthanks, I looked at the Pkgfile20:09
nipuLwould be nice if it did though20:09
majykall is well now20:09
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nipuLsome of these are old commits, whath happened?20:17
jaegerseems like a full recommit of 2.3 to master, I'd guess20:18
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thrice`what spawned it ?21:00
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jaegerI don't know, some broken push21:05
thrice`ah :)21:05
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