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deus_exIs it me, or crux-commits list has gone wild? I just got ~600 messages to it, and around 20 to crux ML.08:02
aonyes, i screwed up08:03
deus_extilman: scons released 0.97 as stable, I've built ardour with it, no problems.You might want to update it( if you didn't already).08:06
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tilmanpedja: ah, i haven't seen that yet08:39
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tilmanaon: haha, lesstif. o_O :>08:59
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tilmanpedja: thanks09:04
aontilman: yeah09:07
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sepenabout 1000 email commits messages unread?14:38
aon16:03 <@aon> yes, i screwed up14:39
sepen1200 messages14:40
* vektori lights a fire under aon.14:41
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RyoSbe friendly to aon14:55
* treach beins to sing about "9999 emails auf ihrem weg zu Horizont"14:57
aonneuntausendneunhundredneunundneuzig gitballons14:57
treachI guess I'm lucky, I only got 15.14:58
sepentreach, crux-commits hheh14:59
treachI don't subscribe to that. :)14:59
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* raw lights a fire _FOR_ aon and sings candle in the wind15:25
* raw while his procmail is loosing his temper because of the work to do and beheads aon 15:26
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blizzspambots :/18:21
thrice`sepen, get fglrx working on xorg-server 1.3.0 yet?18:22
thrice`me neither :(18:22
sepencstrom had it18:23
sepenhe told me about that18:23
sepenI haven't time these days, after I finish a little work that I have I'll try to fix it18:24
sepenthrice`, a moment please18:25
sepensee this:18:25
sepen$ pkginfo -i | grep xorg-server && /sbin/lsmod | grep fglrx18:25
sepenfglrx                 646748  018:25
sepenagpgart                25520  2 fglrx,via_agp18:25
thrice`is that yours?18:26
sepenIm running
sepenLinux spn #1 Tue Apr 3 21:02:26 CEST 2007 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux18:26
sepenthis is my kernel18:26
thrice`do you know what version of drivers ?18:27
sependid you take a look of README file?18:27
sepenthe same version that contrib/ati port18:27
sepen$ pkginfo -i | grep ^ati18:28
sepenati 8.35.5-118:28
sepenwhat kind of problems you have?18:28
thrice`I remembered them not working after the xorg-server update...hrm, maybe I'll try again when I get home18:29
thrice`btw, there are newer ones available18:29
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