IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-05-21

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pitillogood morning01:15
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Romsterafternoon, whats left of it :)01:31
teK_8:30 p.m. *sigh*01:35
nipuLis it still yesterday there!?01:40
teK_it IS a.m. sorry02:02
teK_21st May02:02
nipuLopenbox 3.4 release is looking big </ot>02:02
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pitillomorning sepen02:24
Romsterwhat the the scrollwheel on my mouse works on remote ssh vim now.02:26
Romsteryay for new feature i wanted in vim02:26
Romsteranother thunderstorm with a bit of hail stones down here now too.02:27
sepenyesterday I ported a nice figlet like application: 'cowsay'02:49
sepenreally fun! heheh02:49
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Romstersome programs are a pain to port, like look easy and turn into a pain.03:30
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Romsterholly crap i just read about rrdtool... on the ML03:44
Romsteri don't follow the ML very much since i can't even post to it...03:44
pitilloRomster, why dont you try to use another public account?03:45
Romster:/ maybe... gotta goto darts now03:46
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j^2hey all09:02
aonhi j^209:03
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treachfvwm ftw. :)17:39
* treach pokes #crux17:40
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rehabdollfvwm seems rather popular. are there any killer features that would win me away from fluxbox?18:26
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