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pitillogood morning01:10
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sepenmorning all02:12
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Romsterhi sepen04:34
Romsterand pitillo04:34
Romsterhmm person i'm after isn't here atm.04:34
pitillohey Romster04:37
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sepenRomster, are you test my cowsay port?04:54
sepenreally fun hehe04:54
Romsterah no not yet04:54
Romsterrun cowsay and i typed some input yet i don't see it...05:01
pitilloRomster, cowsay message :P05:03
pitilloRomster, cowsay -help :)05:03
Romsterah i tryed interactive mode.05:05
Romsterthat didin't work.05:05
pitillohere too....05:06
Romstercowsay -f tux message heh.05:06
Romsterwell it didn't work on konsole.05:07
Romsterin interactive mode05:07
Romster-f three-eyes lol05:09
Romstersepen, where did you find this lol, must of been bored.05:09
pitilloand hotbabe?05:11
Romsterdidn't see that one lol..05:13
Romsteris big..05:13
Romsterflaming-sheep lol05:13
Romstersomeone so was bored.05:13
Romstersepen, was it you that submitted a patch for gl-select?05:14
sepensorry Im at work05:15
Romsterah ok..05:15
Romstershould set away work :/05:16
sepenRomster, what about gl-select?05:16
Romsteroh i edited nvidia-legacy-xxxx added 2 old ones instead of the 1 i had, and gl-select won't work with them.05:17
sepenI wrote a patch for gl-select for accepting ati drivers05:17
Romsteryeah i thought you added ati support.05:17
Romsteri'm looking in it thinking how best to add support for the 2 legacy drivers.05:17
sepenhmmm the only problem is doing it compatible with the other functions05:19
Romsteryeah... it's not as simple as adding ATI to it..05:19
sepenyeah surely05:19
sepenare you planning to do some symlinks?05:20
Romstermaybe nvidia-<version>05:20
Romstermake a patch to submit..05:20
Romsterafter i figure the best way to do this.05:20
Romsterthink a new case of nvidia-legacy-{71xx,96xx}05:21
sepenbe sure that revertion functions are right05:21
Romsterlooks like the easyist way.05:22
pitillolegacy includes the 96x version? (seems a it updated to keep legacy too)05:22
Romsterthere is 96xx and 71xx now i made the 96xx one and renamed the old nvidia-x11r7-legacy05:23
Romsterpitillo, there is README's for each05:23
Romsterthats got what cards they support.05:23
Romstergood one sepen05:24
pitilloI will take a look. I thought the 96x versions was to newer cards and the older 71x was for the older cards05:25
Romsteralthough i'd go with linux on that last one. not osx05:25
Romsterpitillo, yes05:25
Romsterbut each only covers some not all in the one package..05:25
pitilloRomster, I need more reading about... (I told you IU got finally your port running with your kernel version?)05:25
Romsterno but i know it works, i go ta fix for newer kernels in there now so give it  a try on a later kernel.05:26
Romsterif you like.05:26
pitilloyes of course... I finally used the nv free driver (is for my sister who will not play and runs very well) b ut when you update it I can test it with some kernels...05:27
Romsterk its been updated already :)05:28
sepenguys, what kernel version are you using?05:55
sepenI've the same version05:57
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Romsterpitillo, does the legacy driver build on that kernel?06:22
pitillo(I mean the last time I tried.... I need to downgrade to "2.6.17" if I am not in wrong)06:23
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Romsteryeah but now there is a fix that i'm hoping works on the later kernels.06:24
Romsterapplied to both legacy ports.06:24
pitilloI can test it this afternoon....06:26
Romstercool thanks.06:27
Romsterthere in contrib now :)06:27
Romsteri'm gonna have a mess with
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* sepen 's going to eat something06:55
* Romster hides :P06:57
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deus_exApart from physicly moving cards, is there any other way to reassign irqs?08:12
deus_exe.g nvidia and sound card share same interrupt08:13
deus_exHow do I force/make them to use different irqs?08:14
jaegermove the cards :)08:14
deus_exjaeger: Shuffle them :) ?08:15
deus_exNvidia is AGP, sound card is PCI.How come they use same irq?08:16
jaegermost motherboards I've had experience with share the IRQ of the AGP slot with the one directly below it, always... but that's not the case for all the pci-express ones... I just move cards until it's clean08:16
deus_exYou are correct in this case.Sound card is in first PCI slot.08:17
jaegerI make it a rule never to put anything in the slot below the video card for a) that very reason and b) heat08:17
deus_exGood rule :)08:17
deus_exI'll remember that.08:18
jaegerit may not apply to all hardware but it has applied to every AGP motherboard I've ever owned08:18
deus_exI'm looking for Nvidia AGP card for a while now.No luck.08:19
deus_exIt is insane to upgrade half of the system just to replace graphics card.08:20
deus_exSo, it seems that I'm stuck with GF4.08:21
deus_exI'll rather save money for RME Hamerfall sound card ;)08:22
* deus_ex is drinking very cold Holsten beer atm.08:23
* jaeger is sitting in his office listening to a hammerdrill and saw on the wall right outside... all day long08:24
jaegerand all day yesterday08:25
jaegerand for weeks to come08:25
thrice`seems so weird seeing "drinking beer," as its' only 9 in the morning here :)08:25
deus_exjaeger: Pump up the volume ;) Atari Teenage Riot, or smth from Tilman's colection08:26
deus_exthrice`: It's 15:26 here ::)08:26
deus_exwtf...elinks is stroboscoping(no X).08:34
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sepenRomster, xDDD08:59
Romstersepen, heh hope you used a loop todo that :P09:03
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Romsteryeah i agree with jaeger on the agp and first pci slot sharing IRQ's on most motherboards and on the heat issue although sound card don't put out mych heat and gpu is on the top side of the video card.09:06
Romsterso heat wouldn't be a major issue unless you shove a video card in the pci slot aswell.09:06
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Romsterhi pedja  did you try reseting the bios PnP data and ist it cronted by PnP?09:08
Romsterand in the kernel too automaticly assign IRQ's09:08
pedjaRomster: 'No PnP OS' is sellected in BIOS.09:09
Romsterso then you have to manually set IRQ's then.09:10
Romsteri have mine set to PnP OS09:10
Romsteri think but not over sure "CONFIG_GENERIC_IRQ_PROBE=y" would help too09:11
pedjaManually set them where?In BIOS?I did.Still the same ( sound card and Nvidia share same irq, altough sound card is in PCI3).09:12
pedjaRomster: That's as boot option?09:12
Romsteras in the kernel config.09:12
Romsterand use PnP OS09:13
RomsterI haen't seen a IRQ conflict ever.09:13
jaegerRomster: more of a cooling airflow helper than to avoid actual GPU heat09:13
Romstertry resetting the bios IRQ table when you set PnP OS too.09:14
Romsterjaeger, ah i'd agree with the air flow, i have a fan there so it keep that covered.09:14
Romstersome pc cases i think arn't designedwel with the air flow tunnels09:15
Romsteryeah i have that set too09:15
Romsterthats if you use a PCI IDE card in conjunction with the on board IDE inteface.09:15
jaegerRomster: in my lian-lia cases there's a nice airflow from front to back, so leaving that space below the video card open just makes it smoother09:15
pedjaI have all that set in .config.09:16
Romstershouldn't deal with sound/video issues.09:16
jaegerlian-li, even09:16
* jaeger fails to type09:16
Romsterpedja, then try setting PnP OS on and reset the IRQ table, contrled be operating system.09:16
Romsterwoth a shot09:16
Romsterthis case what ever it is has air holes on the side but to have a propper tunnel effect they should be closed suck all cool air in the bottom and blow it out the top back.09:17
pedjaRomster: I'll try that over the weekend.09:18
jaegeryeah, that could be a pain... the lian-li ones I have are solid all across the sides :)09:18
Romsterpedja, can do it now if your prepared ot reboot and go into the bios dosn't take long to set :)09:18
Romsterjaeger, which is good, only time they should have a hole int he side is if its got a fan sucking in for the cpu.09:19
pedjaNah, lunch time :)09:19
Romsterpedja, ah heh09:19
pedjaThanks for the tip, though :)09:19
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Romsterpedja, np.09:56
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rehabdoll <- highly recommended10:17
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jaegerrehabdoll: that's close to what I have... a pc-60 and a pc-65b I think10:18
rehabdollyeah, but its a lot more refined... i also have a pc-65 i think it was10:19
rehabdolllian-li sells those hd-modules as spares.. so you can have three of them if you want :)10:20
rehabdolland those rubber thingys that suspend the drives really kill of the noise10:20
rehabdollalso, theres no fan in the roof \o/10:20
jaegerneither of mine have fans in the sides or top, just the front and back10:21
rehabdolloh, mine did10:21
rehabdollsounded like a jet :)10:21
rehabdollthere are springs on the side panels wich kills of any vibrations10:21
jaegerI'd replace one of mine with that one if it were cheaper :)10:22
rehabdoll <- thats the other one i have, not pc-65 sorry10:23
jaegerI have one of those and a black one, will find it10:23
rehabdollan older revision with 8cm fans10:23
jaegerpc-61, sorry. mixed it up with the 6510:24
jaegersilver pc-60, black pc-6110:24
jaegerbut neither of mine have top fans, probably earlier revisions. I've had them a long time10:24
RedShiftrehabdoll: I have one of those too, but in black10:26
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livewire86i'm working on setting up an IR remote w/ CRUX 2.3. The remote is working fine.11:40
livewire86However, when I press certain buttons (for example the CH+ button, it passes several keystrokes to the PC.)11:40
livewire86in this case, it would be ESC + [ + 5 + ~11:41
rawyou're running a remote control with linux?11:41
rawhow insane11:41
rawwhat your arch? mips?11:42
livewire86no, the remote is setup on my laptop as an input device11:42
livewire86sorry if i gave the wrong impression11:42
rawand I was thinking you build a remote control for you tv running linux11:42
livewire86that would be insane.11:42
rawas I said11:43
raw'dead, can you please switch the channel?' 'wait, I've to wake up the remote...'11:43
livewire86no, i'm hoping this is much simpler than that. see, the program i'm trying to work with is expecting a single key (like 'w') for play11:43
rehabdollwhat software are you using?11:44
raw'oh shit, X crashed again, now I can't click on the channel switcher button using gtk+'11:44
DaViruzwhy is it no longer possible to view the files in the ports at portdb?11:44
livewire86as of right now, a perl script i wrote to cntrol CMUS.11:44
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DaViruzin the rsync ports that is11:44
rawbecuz u got da viruz!11:44
livewire86in the end, MythTV11:45
DaViruzthat might be it, thanks!11:45
livewire86so what i'm trying to do is find a way to convert those several keystrokes (ESC + [ + 5 + ~) into 'w', but only when they come from the remote (instead of my keyboard.11:47
livewire86any ideas?11:48
jaegerno idea here, sorry11:48
jaegerI used a remote with mythtv back when I had cable but I don't remember having to do anything weird to throttle signals11:49
DaViruzlivewire86: how is the receiver connected?11:50
livewire86i have a usb ir receiver hooked up.11:51
thrice`mm...fuel up to $3.65 / gallon11:53
livewire86@ thrice`: woah where do u live?!11:53
clblivewire86: Error: "thrice`:" is not a valid command.11:53
rehabdolland how many litres is a gallon?11:53
rehabdolldamn imperial measurements11:53
livewire86woah that's insane11:53
tilman@google 5 gallon in liters11:53
clbtilman: Search took 0.12 seconds: Solar Shower 5 Gallon (18.9 Liters ): <>; Conversion Factors: <>; Simple 5 - gallon processor: Journey to Forever: <>; WEIGHTS AND MEASURES: <>; Cubitainer Combination Package with Cube Inserts - 5 (1 more message)11:53
tilmanah crap11:54
tilmani keep forgetting11:54
tilman@google calc 5 gallon in liters11:54
clbtilman: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.11:54
DaViruz@google calc 3.78 * 511:54
clbDaViruz: Google's calculator didn't come up with anything.11:54
jaegergoogle's broken :/11:55
DaViruz$6.3/gallon here11:55
rehabdollus and uk gallons are the same, right?11:57
livewire86wow. i'm at like $3.19/gallon.11:57
rehabdollno.. how nice11:58
DaViruzus gallon = 3.78l, uk gallon = 4.55l11:58
rehabdollmetric-system ftw11:58
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espohi i got a problem wit alsa under crux i cant compile alsa-driver :( got a message that something in /lib/modules/ is missing13:15
espodid i miss something?13:15
rawaber bislang sind yep13:16
rawyou're missing /lib/modules/
raw+something in13:17
* tilman kneels before raw13:17
espohi tilman13:17
* raw opens his trousers13:17
espowhy the hell the Pkgfile is searching for kernel sources in /lib?13:18
tilmanhello espo13:18
vektoriespo: Well, the path where the source lies is usually symlinked in /lib.13:19
espothen the link was missing here13:20
espohmm there are still problems now something about /lib/...../build/alsa-kernel13:25
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j^2so i tried giving up caffiene14:37
j^2day 3, already broken14:38
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livewire86hello again.15:56
livewire86got another little issue going on, so I figured I'd pop back in.15:56
livewire86I have my PC setup so that crux mount /dev/hda2 at /15:58
livewire86and /dev/hda3 at /home15:58
livewire86i am using reiserfs for both of these.15:58
livewire86when my PC reboots after a power loss, it does not mount /dev/hda3 at /home.15:59
livewire86it says that it does, shows up properly when i run mount, but it does not load it.16:00
livewire86if i run umount /dev/hda3, it tells me that it is not currently mounted.16:00
livewire86when i do that, it also removes then entry from mount.16:01
sepenlivewire86, is the first time that you run linux*?16:01
livewire86i've messed around with knoppix, red hat, suse, fedora core, and ubuntu in the past.16:02
sepentoo many lines ... use and paste your fstab16:02
livewire86never did much with any of them though.16:02
sepenlivewire86, /etc/inittab tells your system to load /etc/rc which mounts all your filesystem in /etc/fstab16:03
sepenwell, not exactly16:04
sepenthe /etc/rc boot script mounts all that you need (see; $ grep mount /etc/rc)16:05
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sepenlivewire86,  are you sure yout /etc/fstab is right?16:07
livewire86i believe so16:07
livewire86i'll paste it in one second here.16:08
livewire86it works normally16:08
livewire86just fails to mount after power loss, such as holding power button down for 10 seconds instead of using shutdown.16:08
livewire86ok, it's available at
sepenseems to be right!,  also check that your partitions are formated with reiserfs correctly16:10
livewire86ok, I just ran reiserfsck on /dev/hda3; it says there are no corruptions.16:13
sepenlivewire86, whats the result of executing mount -va ?16:15
sepenI've no idea what has happen on your box16:16
livewire86ok, i just annotated my paste. i'm now going to kill the power to it and redo the command.16:18
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livewire86ok, i ran several commands this time and made another annotation.16:35
livewire86what i also don't understand about this whole thing, is why df shows hda3 and hda1 as if they were hda2.16:37
sepenfdisk -l /dev/hda16:38
livewire86annotated. =)16:40
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livewire86i guess as a temporary solution i can just whip up a script that does umount and mounts hda3... just wish i could figure out what was causing the problem in the first place.16:57
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livewire86ok.. one thing after another. i've been having a lot of fun with crux so far.17:32
livewire86i love the challenge of figuring out how to get everything up and running on my build here.17:32
livewire86but this one is stumping me.17:33
livewire86i'm setting up MythTv; I got everything complied and tried running setup, when lo and behold, I had compiled Qt without the MySQL driver.17:34
livewire86So i did a prt-get remove qt3.17:35
thrice`livewire86, ah; you could have edited the Pkgfile and done prt-get update -fr qt3 :)17:35
livewire86dang it i knew there had to be an easier way17:35
livewire86so anyway, prt-get kept failing back when i installed mysql, I kept getting a corrupt package for some reason,17:37
livewire86so I downloaded it and compiled it by hand.17:37
livewire86b/c of this, prt-get doesn't recognize it as being installed.17:37
livewire86i'm sure there's an easy way to change that, but i couldn't think of any at the time,17:38
livewire86so i edited the qt3 Pkgfile to always install the sql driver instead of checking to see if it was installed (just commented out the if / fi)17:39
livewire86the problem i'm having is i've tried prt-get install qt3 about 4 times now, 3 of those with edited Pkgfile, 1 w/ the original, and every single time, my system hangs during the install, and I have to manually turn off the pc.17:40
livewire86is there some place i can go to look for error logs on prt-get or something to track this down?17:40
livewire86i've noticed that it hangs at different points during the make, not at a specific line..17:44
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