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pitillogood morning01:13
pitilloummm imlib2 seems to be built with id3lib. Is it a Dependencie or may be jaeger has id3lib in his system and then the footprint shows the missing files when building? In this last case, can be added to a Recommended Deps or directly to Dependencies? (If there is another reason, can some one tell me?)01:24
pitillo(sorry if this is a stupid question)01:25
pitilloinstalled id3lib and footprint mistmatches too01:28
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prologicgreat :)04:13
prologicI just had a user email me about the fact that I did not provide direct urls to the source for limewire04:13
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rawbut isn't that neccessary in order to confirm with the BASICS?04:19
prologicisn't what necessary ?04:20
rawproviding direct urls to source packages104:22
prologicsome programs are commercial and you need to download it yourself04:24
namenloslike the jdk.04:24
prologicothers have legal reasons why we (i) can't give urls to the direct source04:24
prologicand vmware-workstation04:24
prologicoften with such apps you have to confirm and accept an agreement04:25
rawprologic: you shouldn't take sentences with the word 'BASICS' in them too serious04:25
prologicby providing a direct link (if I could) - would break this agreemment04:25
prologicraw, why are we talking about "BASICS" where did that come to play in what I said ?04:25
rawprologic: In my sentenc originating this discussion ;)04:26
prologicI was just commenting about how a user thought my limewire port was broken becuase I did not provide direct links to the source04:26
prologicwhen it is clearly intended04:26
prologicI'm confused04:26
* prologic goes back to chess04:26
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rawgood idea04:30
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sepenhi all!09:34
sepensuperwoman ??09:38
rehabdolli'd stickfight that09:39
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rehabdollmilan or liverpool? any takers?13:00
j^2liverpool :D13:01
j^2mainly because my grandparents live in formby13:01
j^2<-- cant spel13:01
rehabdollno, its called football :)13:01
j^2.... GO HORNS!!13:01
rehabdollkaká is a god13:02
j^2you mean colt mccoy?13:03
rehabdollthats such a lame sport.. lots of pads and breaks for restnig every 10 seconds :)13:05
j^2heh, it's chess..with huge men beating the crap out of each other :D13:05
schniggiesomeone tried to use ecarux's amarok port ?13:09
schniggiei used it and want to recompile it yesterday but i get nice errors ;)13:10
prologicanyone seen Cepstral ?13:39
vektoriThat's pretty good for a synthetic voice. :O13:42
prologicyeah well13:43
prologicthe only ones I thought were alright were Dianne and David13:43
prologicthe others are crap13:43
prologicthe Dianne voice might actually be worth the $30USD13:43
prologictts for me has been ihmo one of the most under developed technologies :/ and I see no reason why it hasn't gotten heaps better13:44
vektoriThe German synthesis sounds good to me.13:44
prologicenglish being my natural language I was focusing on thsoe ones :)13:45
prologicthe only 2 decent english ones are David and DIanne ihmo13:45
vektoriWhere's the Finnish one?! :P13:45
aonmikropuhe? :p13:46
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hidden1hi ppl :)15:38
hidden1i've got a question about CRUX on laptop15:40
hidden1my pad doesn't work15:40
hidden1do i have to modify xorg or recompile the kernel15:41
hidden1or both?15:41
jkrYou need the xorg driver module for your touchpad15:41
jkrAnd maybe recompile the kernel, if you forgot to configure event support the first time15:42
hidden1so i Google to know which one it is?15:42
jkrIs it a synaptic touchpad?15:42
hidden1i don't really know :s15:43
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jkrYou should check that out15:43
jkrThen look in /usr/ports/xorg for a driver port15:43
jkrWhat laptop do you have?15:45
hidden1HP xe4500 ;)15:45
jkrCheck this out:
jkrIt's for Debian though, but might be helpful for CURX too15:47
hidden1i found this one on an Ubuntu page15:47
treachCURX? ;D15:47
jkrCRUX :)15:47
hidden1"I’ve got the touchpad working completely with scroll area and such, you probably only have to install the package called “xfree86-driver-synaptics"...."15:47
vektoriI wonder where that came from.15:48
treachhidden1: that would probably be /usr/ports/contrib/synaptics15:48
treachvektori: maybe we should go for "CROOX" next time? ;)15:50
hidden1no rp.pppoe by default?15:52
hidden1oh man :D15:52
treachactually we're still not certain why pppoe was removed.15:52
hidden1so i have to compile it now?15:54
treachwell, if you want it..15:54
treachlike everything else.15:54
treachthe port is in opt though, so you don't have to roll your own.15:55
hidden1nice to hear that, thx ;)15:55
treachall you have to do is somehow obtain the sources15:55
jkrWasn't there a port in xorg some time ago?15:56
jkrAh, who cares15:56
treachfor rp-pppoe? In xorg?15:56
treachsurely you jest.15:57
hidden1well, i need web for obtaining ports in the first place, right?15:57
jkrNo, that synaptics port15:57
treachah. :)15:57
hidden1it's not a prob15:57
hidden1i'm typing this from a desktop15:58
treachhidden1: iirc there's a tarball or something with the ports.15:58
treachhidden1: I know, since you're talking to us.15:58
treachbut it *can* be a bit of a problem for people with only one computer. :/15:58
treachchicken/egg problem. :/15:59
jkrI like both, chicken and eggs16:02
jkrAbsolutely no problem16:02
jkrEven together they're really tasty16:03
jkrE.g. with chinese noodles16:03
hidden1chicken sucks16:06
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jkrYou got a problem with chicken, you got a problem with me too ;)16:08
hidden1and if i got a problem with CRUX? :P16:08
jkrThen you got a problem with tilman and the others :)16:09
vektoriYou're either arnuld or the BASICS guy whose name I already forgot.16:09
vektoriAh, yes, the beloved Ronny.16:09
vektoriUnfortunately, CRUX doesn't have the BASICS so it's not suitable for use. :(16:10
hidden1i'm kiddin ppl16:10
hidden1i like crux so far16:10
jkrDamn, I knew CRUX was missing something important, I just couldn't figure out what it is 'til now16:10
hidden1i just don't get why they missed rp.pppoe16:11
treachMy guess is as good as yours, but I guess someone made a mistake.16:11
jkrWhat's wrong with rp-pppoe?16:11
treachit's not on the iso.16:12
treachthat's what's wrong.16:12
treachwvdial isn't either iirc, but presumeably that's less of a problem16:12
jkrThere's a lot not on the ISO I was desperately looking for when installing 2.3 on my laptop16:12
jkrI don't remember :)16:12
jkrBut I think it was really BASIC stuff that everyone needs right after installing :)16:13
treachrp-ppoe is a problem because if you've got one of those sucky connections, you're basically stuck.16:13
treachunless you have the ports and rp-ppoe sources handy on some other media16:14
jkrAh right16:14
jkrIs wpa_supplicant on the ISO?16:14
treachno idea, I don't do wireless.16:14
jkrLucky you :)16:14
treach10/100 Mbit, yeaahaaa! :D16:15
hidden1where so u live?16:15
jkrIt would be great to have wpa_supplicant and some drivers on the ISO, so I don't have to run around with my USB drive16:15
aondoes that mean you have 10M downstream and 100M upstream?16:15
hidden1lucky you16:15
treachaon: of course not. the other way around obviously.16:16
aonthought it was some kind of a torrent-seeder special16:16
treachat least according to rtorrent, up is first..16:16
vektoriUsually it's the other way around.16:17
aonhere it tends to be the other way around16:17
vektoriOr maybe it's us Finns.16:17
hidden1ok, lemme try if net works16:17
treachvektori: I know, it's confusing the hell out of me as well.16:17
hidden1does it have a text based browser?16:17
treachin the ports, yeah16:17
hidden1u r kidding me, right?16:18
treachit takes about 2 minutes to download and build..16:18
aonyeah, cd /usr/ports/opt/netcat&&pkgmk -i;echo "GET / HTTP/1.0\r\n\r\n"|netcat host.tld 8016:18
aonsry, echo -e16:18
hidden1that's not the point16:18
hidden1obtain arch base cd16:19
aoni won't16:19
treachthis isn't arch16:19
hidden1and check packages located in there16:19
aonwe have a graphical browser on the cd16:19
aonwe're not that much into the KISS thing, anyway16:19
treachhidden1: obtain the suse live dvd.16:19
treachcheck the packages located in there.16:19
hidden1c'mon man, u know what i mean16:20
treachyes, and I do partly agree, but on the other hand, as I already pointed out..16:20
jkrelinks wouldn't hurt on the ISO, I guess :)16:20
vektoriw3m FTW!16:21
hidden1thank you16:21
treachsure, but it takes about 30s to download elinks and 1 min to compile on this POS..16:21
treachso why bother?16:21
jkrI'd rather do all my browsing with echo & netcat than using w3m ;)16:21
aonyes, w3m16:21
aonplease, no crap like *links when w3m is available16:22
aonlynx can be somewhat accepted, it's quite good at gopher16:22
treachpoint still stands, and hey, linux is about choice, right? ;)16:22
jkrHe if you put w3m on the ISO, I'm gonna fork CRUX :)16:23
j^2lynx is BASICS16:23
jkrnetcat is BASICS16:23
jkrlynx is NICETOHAVE16:23
treachI heard aon had a fork in the works, it just boots up emacs. ;)16:23
aoni don't use emacs very much nowadays16:24
jkrWho does? :)16:25
vektoriWork is hell when you can only choose between vi and emacs on HP-UX.16:26
jkrWhat about ed? ;)16:26
aonvektori: hpux rules16:26
treachvektori: no vim? :(16:26
vektoriNah. :P16:26
jkrOr cat & sed :)16:26
aoncan't you compile your own <whatever_nonstandard_editor>?16:26
vektoriProbably I could, but I'm too lazy.16:26
aoni see16:27
vektoriI go for the HP-UX experience. :P16:27
aonaren't you allowed to use cde?16:27
aonthere's some sort of a notepad in that16:27
vektoriI'd have to install Cygwin/X on my workstation for that.16:27
aonwhen i worked with hpux, i had emacs running on a rh development server and edited there on nfs16:28
aonthen just ran build commands on hpux16:28
aonthat was fairly decent16:28
aonnever got around to mounting the shares on my local machine, that'd have made it a bit nicer16:29
aonthe windows-based dev guy whose screen i looked at ran some commercial X server on windows16:29
aonhe had the cde bar on top of the windows bar16:29
aonand used that nasty cde editor16:30
vektoriExceed, probably.16:30
vektoriThe X server, that is.16:31
aonyeah, could be16:31
aonor starnet x-win3216:31
aonthink it was that, actually16:32
vektoriHmm, never heard of that one.16:32
hidden1ah, no time to mess with this nonsence now16:33
hidden1maybe tomorrow :/16:33
hidden1bye guys, u've been helpful16:34
vektoriBye hidden1.16:34
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jkrGood night16:37
vektoriGood night jkr.16:37
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