IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-05-26

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prologicnorhing like 2 smirnoff blacks04:02
prologicI'm soo wasted :)04:03
rxithats pretty bad04:03
prologicI can't walk straight :)04:04
prologicI shoudln't be playing chess04:04
prologiclet alone configuring netowrks right now04:04
prologicgood thing I finished earlier this arvo04:04
rxilol no04:05
Romster12 hours ago Danny Rawlins tor: -> , wtf i just comited it now so why does it say 12 hours ago, when i added and pushed it a few minutes ago? Git is just crazy..04:09
tilmanFri, 25 May 2007 21:05:59 +0000 (07:05 +1000)04:11
tilmanlooks like 12 hours ago to me04:11
Romsteri added it just now...04:11
tilmanthen your clock sucks04:11
rxiit might think its 07 not 2104:12
rxi19 rather04:12
Romsterholly fuck why is it on am and not pm....04:12
Romsterhow the f did that fuck up..04:12
tilmanso much for crazy git04:12
rxii was going to say that but i thought nah your not that dumb04:12
tilman24h notation ftw04:13
rxihehe yeah04:13
Romsteri hadn't tpuched it it's gone beserk on it's own...04:13
Romsteronly thing that hapend is my pc locked up once and i had todo a disk check04:14
Romstermust of screwed with my time...04:14
Romsteroh well for 12 hour behind commit..04:15
rxiback to the future ...04:15
RyoSopenntpd for teh win04:16
treachscrap the 12h notation and get on with the program.04:16
Romsteram/pm is jsut utter a pain in the arse..04:16
treachyes, it's stupid.04:17
Romsterinfact screw 12 hour time i'm making everything 24 hour time now.04:17
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Romsterlol did i scare acrux04:18
treachnow we're just waiting for the americans/britts to go all out metric.. :>04:18
Romsterstill no kde update :/ i'm building my own.04:18
RyoSgrow your own ;>04:19
Romsteryeah i keep telling them to drop imperial its stupid.04:19
rxiarent the poms already on metric?04:19
treachnot full out.04:19
Romsterand the notation of using a coma as a decimal place..04:19
treachnominally they are, but there is quite some resistance, because "the metric system is so difficult". :D04:20
Romsterdifficult.. rofl04:20
treachAnd you can't buy a pint or a pound of something. ;D04:20
prologicRomster, ever heard of syncing your clocks to ?04:20
prologica Stratum II server :)04:20
Romsternope :/04:21
prologicwell perhaps you should :)04:21
tilmantreach: pound works well in germany still04:21
Romsteryeah might be an idea, some crash screwed my time up :/04:21
treachtilman: yes I read so some place, but what is you get?04:21
prologiclemme know if you want to though04:21
prologicas I have to add your ip04:21
tilmanbut the dozen is dying i think04:21
treachok, that's strange..04:22
tilmantreach: 500 grams!04:22
treachdozen is quite common here.04:22
Romsterk, will think about it as i gotta go back to work before 9pm04:22
rxitilman: whats wrong with  a dozen?04:22
treachtjog, and gross is practically gone though.04:22
tilmanrxi: i think people younger than 30 just don't use the word04:23
Romsterdozen isn't imperial or metric?04:23
tilmanthat's my impression anyway04:23
treach(tjog = 20, gross 12 dozen.)04:23
rxitilman: im 2104:23
Romsteri'm 29 and i use dozen04:23
Romsterdidn't know tjog04:23
tilmanin .de...04:23
treachRomster: it's a swedish unit, but it's in the same category04:23
Romsterah that be why i don't know that.04:23
tilmantreach: the gros is totally dead here :P04:24
treachI guess so, but you're familiar with it?04:24
Romstergotta love the saying of '1 metric tonne' :P04:24
tilmantreach: i couldn't have told you how much a gros is if you hadn't mentioned the gross. i think it's the same.04:25
treachwhenever I meet one of those imperial guys I use to ask how many oz is a ton.. :)04:25
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tilmantreach: don't think i've ever heard a german use the word :]04:25
treachtilman: I see.04:25
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alanciohey people10:27
alanciowats up aon, you are from finland?10:31
alanciocool, it must be freezing there10:31
aonnot really10:31
alanciook thats about the same in here at night10:32
alanciohere in colombia10:32
aoni see10:33
alancioare you a kde or a gnome user?10:33
aonyeah, and ratpoison10:34
alancioeither you are a minimalist, or you are running on a 48610:34
aonthe former10:34
aonbeech[~]$ grep MHz /proc/cpuinfo10:35
aoncpu MHz         : 1536.85110:35
surrounderminimalistic enviroments rock10:35
aoni sometimes try kde or xfce and find it pointless to run that much stuff for running xterms10:36
alancioI used to use fvwm, and heavily editing my config file10:36
alanciowell if you only use CLI, you could use screen10:37
aoni like to have a graphical browser10:37
aonplus some other things, too10:37
surrounderI've been using FVWM for quite some time now10:37
surrounderI really love it10:37
alanciothe only problem with FVWM were the bugs, and that transient windows don't get decorations10:38
aoni guess fvwm would have some stuff over twm that justify using it10:38
aonbut it's so much work to configure it :)10:38
surrounderalancio: haven't had a bug in years10:38
surrounderaye, ah well, you only have to do it once10:38
alancioyes, besides you can download an already made configuration10:38
alancioI can send you mine if you want10:39
aoni doubt i'd like those10:39
surrounderor you could give fvwm-crystal a shot10:39
alanciofvwm was great when I was at the univ, working on a ultra1 with 64mb mem10:40
surrounderit's also great on my xp2200+ ;)10:40
aoni think i'm quite satisfied with my current setup but smartplacement would be kinda nice10:41
alanciosurrounder: the bug that annoyed me was that sometimes moving windows with alt-mouse just didn't work10:42
alancioI am so used to it10:42
surrounderalancio: never had any issues with that...10:42
alanciobut I never cared to report that bug, it was specific to my configuration10:42
alancioyes I know, it depends on your config10:43
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alanciootoh I have filed many bugs for kde10:43
alancioand they never seem to get solved10:43
treachget something old then, or very simple then. :)10:43
aoni think i could get fvwm-1* and play with it10:44
treachevilwm shouldn't be too buggy :D10:44
aon'cuz that's what openbsd has and i don't want to get too incompatible10:44
aonor install (*hrr*) anything10:44
treachaon: Actually, 2.5.x isn't bad.10:44
aonyeah, but it's not in openbsd by default10:44
treachwell, they are using 2.4, right?10:45
alanciowhat is an openbsd user doing in the crux chat???10:45
aontreach: hmm10:45
treachmost probably.10:45
aontreach: i mean in their x packages10:45
aonthere's some version by default without ports10:46
treachyeah, I thought that was 2.410:46
aonis 2.4 gpl'd?10:46
treachNo idea.10:46
alancioyou guys must use xv to look at your pictures?10:47
treachfeh works just fine.10:47
aon2.0.46 :)10:48
treachif you feel like something gui-ish there's gqview.10:48
treachaon: urgh.. ok.  :)10:48
alancioan aalib based image viewer would be cool10:48
alancioand minimalistic too, just for you guys!10:48
treachwe *are* using X..10:48
treachat least I am.10:48
aonxenocara fvwm says 2.2.510:49
surrounderalancio: what's wrong with minimalistic ?10:49
alancionothing wrong, I feel minimalistic too10:50
treach/bin/sh: what: command not found10:50
alancioexcept for using kde of course ;)10:50
treachwhoups :-/10:50
treachfvwm 2.5.21-110:52
treachyayness. :)10:52
alancioI'm surprised anruld is not in here10:53
tilmanoh god10:53
* treach fetchs crusifix, garlic and sharpened stakes.10:53
alanciohehehe, yes10:53
treach"fetches", even10:54
alanciohe uses the mailing list as if it was the chatroom10:54
tilmantreach: "crucifix" ;)10:54
surroundertreach: lol10:54
treachtilman: aye.10:54
alanciothe new crux logo could be an exoricise penguin10:55
alancioexorcise, you know, the priest that do exorcisms10:55
treachheh, that'd be nice. :)10:55
treachsomething to counter beastie with :D10:55
alancioput that by the side of the bsd devil10:55
surrounderhaha that'd be so cool10:55
alanciook, anybody with artistic talent should do it!10:56
treachit's a really cool idea. :)10:56
alancioand we all owe it to arnuld :P10:56
alanciohe was the inspiration after all10:56
treach"Crux, purifying from BSD since 1999". ;)10:57
treachor something. *shrugs*10:57
alancioI don't think bsd people would like that slogan10:57
surrounderdetails ;)10:58
alanciowell, that would be better than the blue penguin10:58
surrounderI love the blue penguin10:59
alancioblue penguins don't exist in nature10:59
surrounderwith some spraypaint they do ^_^10:59
alancioI think greenpeace can make it happen10:59
alanciothey spraypaint some animals so that hunters don't kill them for their fur11:00
surrounderaaaah ok11:00
alanciothen they die of cancer11:00
surroundergotta love greenpeace11:01
alanciohey I was looking at the crux user map, and it must be very outdated11:01
alancioI think we are much bigger now11:01
treachyes, it is.11:01
treachit's been unmaintained for several months.. almost a year I think.11:02
alancioI was using it the day to find out which languages I should translate my packages to11:02
treachbut I'd probably dispute the claim about growth..11:03
surrounderwell we at least got arnuld...11:03
treachfinnsh usually covers all others..11:03
surrounderraw: rofl11:03
alancioyeah, he makes the noise of many users11:03
treacheveryone speaks finnish.11:03
treachor was it english? :>11:03
alancioraw: don't you dare make something like that of mahoma11:04
alancioor you'll have a jihad against your server11:04
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* raw shrugs11:05
alancioDOSJ - denial of service jihad11:05
tilmansurrounder: \o/11:06
alanciohey I'm sorry if there are any muslims here11:07
alancioI wrote that without taking that into account11:07
surrounderdon't think there are any in here11:07
treachfrankly, I don't think anyone cares.11:07
treachand if they do, it's their problem.11:08
surrounderand besides, muslims can take a joke too as long as they're not fanatical assholes11:08
surroundersame with christians11:08
tilmanalso, mahoma?11:08
tilmando you mean mohammed maybe?11:08
alancioyes, thats it, hehe11:08
alancioin spanish its mahoma11:08
* treach hates people who puts shackles on themself to avoid offend anyone. :/11:09
alanciowell, they seem to be sensitive about their religion11:09
alanciothey killed people over a cartoon11:09
treachit's their problem.11:09
surrounderthat's because they don't evolve11:10
treachno. it's not.11:10
surroundertheir religion is hundred of years behind11:10
treachit's because some seriously twisted people lead people astray.11:10
alanciothats what I think, but so many people are behind them11:10
treachthat's what you get when you teach people to belive, rather than think.11:10
alanciolike france11:10
alanciofrance always gives their support to arabs11:11
alanciothat just makes me want to not learn french anymore11:11
surrounderI don't want to learn french because I think it's truely ugly11:12
treachdon't get mixed up in that crap. And don't just bunch up arabs and with muslims and terrorists..11:12
treachit's very wrong.11:12
alancioI think french is a sexy language11:12
surroundertilman: true11:12
surroundernah, finnish and estonian are sexy11:13
alancioI've never heard finnish, and estonian? I didn't know that language existed11:13
aonestonia is south from finland11:13
treachgood languages if you want to have a nurse looking at your tounge.. :D11:13
surroundertreach: lol11:13
surroundertreach: where are you from ?11:14
treachI guess the plaster will be difficult to apply, and uncomfortable as well.11:14
surrounderah ok11:14
surrounderthat's easier for me to learn though11:14
treachI should gues so, it has a lot in common with german.11:14
tilmansurrounder: finnish is kind of interestig and cute11:15
alanciothere are so many languages in europe, I don't get how you people get to cooperate with each other at that level11:15
surroundertilman: my german sucks though ;)11:15
surroundertreach: that is11:15
surrounderschniggie: we mostly just talk english ;)11:15
treachalancio: we learn a few languages, mostly english.11:16
surrounderalancio: we mostly just talk english ;)11:16
alanciook, but spanish, french, portuguese people mostly speak only their language11:17
treachactually, english speaking people who move here use to complain that they never really get into the society, because they never learns the languge.11:17
treachthey simply don't need to.11:17
treachalmost everyone speaks decent english, and a lot of people speak some sort of french or german. :)11:18
aonperhaps they should move to places where english really isn't spoken11:18
alancioI think the world would be a better place with one language, one currency, electric outlet, one way of driving, and of course, the metric system11:18
aonrural china seems like a good option11:18
treachaon: no internet. :)11:19
aonanyway, re: the previous logo:
treachand a bit heavy handed gov.11:19
aoni did not make this11:19
aonjust stumbled upon it11:19
aon(what was that page where the original crux logo was from? the author of that has obviously had to resize it)11:20
alanciojust get a penguin and paint it blue11:22
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alancioI see a penguin and I want to paint it blue11:22
tilmanda da daaa11:23
alancioI loved that series, of vietnam, what was the name?11:23
tilmantv series?11:24
treachM*A*S*H? That was Korea, not that it has anything with crux to do..11:24
tilmantreach: that's what i guessed :D11:24
alancioyes, of the war of vietnam11:24
aonthe var of vietnam in korea11:24
treachK O R E A11:24
alanciotour of duty11:24
tilmankorea wasn't involved in the vietnam war11:24
aonbut the u.s. was involved in both11:24
alancioI know11:24
alanciothat song was the theme in tour of duty11:25
alancioI see a red door and I wanna paint it black11:25
* treach awards tilman a purple heart for valiant fighting in the war agains loss of knowledge.11:25
treachor rather, *wounds taken in*11:26
treach(joking, not being sarcastic)11:26
* tilman eyes treach 11:27
* treach smiles and waves11:27
alanciohey how come you people still have a dictatorship in europe? I'm talking about Belarus11:28
treachthat's post-CCCP.11:29
treachthey'll never get things sorted over there apparently.11:29
alanciobut I guess no other europeans countries have economic ties with Belarus right?11:30
tilmanus of a to the rescue11:30
treachRussia, Belrussia, etc. Same crap.11:30
alancioso its like a satellite state of russia?11:30
treachPeople are so used to dictatorship they can't get to grips with anything different.11:30
treachalancio: no.11:31
alanciolike cubans11:31
treachnot really.11:31
treachIt used to be part of the soviet union, but the system never fell.11:31
treachin a sense you could probably call it the last soviet state.11:32
alancioso, people can't leave Belarus?11:33
alanciothey can't cross the border to other country?11:33
treachno idea really, but I think it's at least difficult.11:34
alancioits just like Cuba, where people risk their lives to escape11:34
treachyou see, belrussia is a bit off the radar to most people in europe.11:34
alancioin Cuba people build improvised boats to get to the US11:34
alancioand many die11:34
treachwe know.11:34
treachat least the belrussians don't have to swim. :)11:35
alancioneither venezuelans11:35
alancioIm venezuelan11:35
treachI thought you said you were in columbia..?11:36
alancioyes, I didn't have to swim ;)11:36
treachyay. Volontarily going to colombia..11:36
alanciocolombia is far better than venezuela in some aspects11:37
alancioie: tomorrow the goverment is closing a tv station for good11:37
alanciojust because they don't like their criticism11:37
treachCheaper drugs, body armour slightly more expensive?11:38
alancioits the same all over latin america11:38
alanciothe only difference is that drugs are produced here, and exported to the other countries11:39
treachmmh, thats why I'd never go to that continent.. :/11:39
alanciowell, you only get to know what the news deliver11:39
alanciobut I've never been robbed, or anything, I live a normal life11:40
alancioof course I am looking forward to move to a first world country11:40
alanciothe ones that don't admit it are lying11:41
alancioall my family moved to the us11:42
alancioall my friends to spain11:42
alanciogermany, even japan11:43
treachso they left you to water the plants?11:43
treachthat must suck. "Bye, we're leaving for the US, btw don't forget to water the hibiscus."11:44
alancioit does, I miss my family11:44
tilmanwhy the hell did your family leave you there?11:45
alanciowell, they could get a green card, I couldn't11:45
alancioI am an european citizen (romania), so I think I'll move somewhere in europe11:46
alancioI don't know europe, so I'll have to spin the globe and take a guess11:46 \o/11:46
tilmanavoid great britain and french11:47
treachIf possible try to avoid post CCCP and satelites.11:47
tilmanbad food and strange dialects resp languages11:47
alanciowhy not britain?11:47
treachrain, fog, strange people and food. :)11:47
tilmanenglish food sucks11:47
alancioI like netherlands, but I read that they don't treat foreigners very good11:47
surrounderif you adjust to the locals nobody will have a problem with you11:48
treachsurrounder: is that so? I've heard quite different from exchange students here. :/11:48
surrounderI've got some russian friends and a friend from jemen and they live a completely happy life here11:49
alancioit may sound silly, but what I like about netherlands is what I have read about their actions during the WWII11:49
tilmanweed ftw11:49
treachI guess it's like everywhere else. It depends on where you go. :/11:49
alancioit makes me proud of some people which I don't even know11:50
surrounderalancio: what people? the resistance ?11:50
treachalancio: you mean like, get "drive-by invaded"? :>11:50
* surrounder bitchslaps treach 11:50
treachwhat? It's true.11:50
alancioI mean, they helped the jews, and didn't give up easily11:50
alanciothe king of netherlands even put on a yellow star, like the jew prisoners11:51
surroundertreach: - try to rad it ;)11:51
surrounderalancio: never heard that story11:51
surrounderand we had a queen then11:51
treachsurrounder: I always thought you guys should put in a swing-door at your eastern border. :P11:51
alancioit was king Christian X, of Denmark11:54
treachthat's denmark11:54
alancioI got my facts screwed11:54
alanciobut denmark is too cold hehe11:54
alancioso netherlands must be a better place11:54
treachnot really.11:55
treachI don't think it's that much different.11:55
treachWinter is hell on both places. :/11:55
alancioI've never touched snow, theres no winter in here11:55
treachyou see... that's kind of the problem there as well..11:56
alanciowhy is that a problem?11:56
treachyou get snow, sometimes. But mostly you just get rain and wind.11:56
treachand fairly low temperatures.11:56
treachlike ~5 degrees C.11:56
alanciooh ok11:56
alancioin venezuela its 15-30 C all year long11:57
treachthat's summer here. :)11:57
surrounder-5 C isn't that bad11:58
treachwinter is something like +8 to -15, or so.11:58
treachsurrounder: no, but when it's +5...11:58
surrounderthat's different here11:59
treachyou mean +5 and wind and rain doesn't suck in .nl?11:59
surroundernot really11:59
treachok, I guess it's just me who is used to the winds from the baltic sea. :/12:00
surroundermy ex-gf's mother was half norwegian, and at her wedding day family came out of norway and they were FAR MORE COLD then the people from holland12:00
surrounderit's really different in scandinavia then it is in .nl12:00
treachyes, probably because they weren't used to the moisture.12:00
treachnot really. I'm from the southern part of sweden, we have laps coming down and freezing their butts of.12:01
surrounderhaha ok12:01
surrounderyeah, scandinavia is a lot bigger of course12:01
treachthey are used to like -30 or -40 degrees C in the winter.12:01
treachbut the air is much dryer up there.12:02
tilmantreach: do you know danish, too?12:02
surrounderdanish sounds far more like german compared to swedish imho12:02
alanciocould you work in netherlands without knowing the language?12:02
surrounderalancio: probably12:02
surrounderyou get a big plus if you at least try to learn and speak the language though12:03
treachsurrounder: well.. danish sounds like someone speaking with their mouth full of porridge. :/12:03
tilmandanish is wicked12:03
alanciowell I'm off to my french lessons12:04
treachI usually have no problem with it. The only problem is when they make some interview with "Hr Landtman, fra Jylland"..12:04
treach(That's Mr Farmer, from Jutland.)12:04
treachbut otoh, a lot of native danes have problem with that. :)12:05
alanciohey, besides england and ireland, is there any other english speaking country in europe?12:05
treachnot natively.12:06
treachit's the brittish islands, but you can get by fairly well in most countrys anyway.12:06
surrounderexcept france12:06
treachand spain.12:06
alanciowell, spanish is my native language, but I don't like spanish people12:06
treachgermany, maybe, I don't know. It used to be a problem.12:06
alancioand french I am learning, so no problem there either12:07
surrounderyounger germans are np imho12:07
treachunfortunately, "getting by" usually involves people of all ages. :/12:07
alanciowhat about french? besides france and switzerland, what other countries are french speakers?12:07
surrounderlittle part of italie iirc12:08
treachswitzerland, austria.12:08
tilmani think there's a lot of "younger germans" whose english sucks donkeys balls12:08
RyoSthats right :o12:08
treachtilman: you're the expert. :)12:08
alancioI don't like the sound of "younger germans"12:08
treachor maybe it's RyoS? :>12:08
alancioit sounds like skinheads12:09
RyoStreach: no its tilman12:09
surrounderyoung dutchies are rather ok in english12:09
treachRyoS: he's the expert at bad english?12:09
tilmanalancio: o_O12:09
alancioor the expert at sucking donkey balls?12:09
RyoStreach: what ever you say, sir :>12:09
treachRyoS: j/k. I think that r- fellow takes the cake anyway. :>12:10
RyoSoh r- :> he is great12:10
* thrice` has absolutely NO idea what's going on :)12:11
* tilman does12:11
treachthrice`: I think it's called "a chat".12:11
thrice`I did study about 6 years of german, however12:11
* treach auch.12:11
alanciomy condolences12:12
treachdidn't help much in the end.12:12
treachbut at least I can read it.12:12
thrice`indeed.  My vocabulary is just getting worse and worse as it goes unpracticed12:12
treachyep. that's the problem I think.12:13
thrice`although I do think I get to go to Koeln for work in November12:13
treachyou're just saturated with english all day.12:13
treachyou never hear or read german at all. or almost never at least. :/12:13
treachforget about getting a chance to speak it. :/12:13
treachtilman: Du hast keine Schwester? ;)12:14
thrice`no...sometimes will mentally try to translate stuff if I'm bored, but...yeah.  all of my german colleagues recognize my "american" german and switch to English for simplicity12:14
tilmantreach: hehe, zum glueck nicht :P12:14
RyoStreach: ich könnte eine besorgen ;>12:15
tilmancould always try or #deutsch12:15
surrounderhey I could also do that12:15
surroundermight be good for my german12:15
RyoSis populated anyway?12:16
surrounder3 nicks atm12:16
RyoSlast time i was there there where 3 people, and nobody talked12:16
surrounderha! - one nick12:17
tilman3 nicks including one bot12:18
tilmanso basically it's just one guy12:18
tilmanand he keeps saying strange stuff12:19
surroundertilman: ph34r m4 1337 g3rm4n in #crux.de12:19
tilmanyes, i'm *very* afraid right now12:19
tilmani'll watch surrounder and treach practice german now12:19
* tilman goes to look for chips and beer12:20
treachthat's kind of sadistic..12:20
alancioyou people can go from one european country to another, live for a while, work, without any special visa?12:24
treachtravel is ok with most countrys.12:24
treachwork is more complicated.12:24
alancioso you need a work permit12:24
alancioyou have to go to the embassy, and have an interview and all that?12:25
treachnot sure about the procedures, I've never done that.12:26
treachI just know you have to clear some red tape, and that it's a lot easier if you're a citizen of a EU country than if you're not.12:27
tilmaninside the EU it should be easy i think12:27
treachso in that respect you're lucky to be a romanian citizen.12:27
tilmanif you want to work in switzerland, it's much more complicated i *think*12:27
alancioI guess its harder in richer countries12:28
aoni don't think you have to do anything special inside eu12:28
treachno, but the swiss isn't part of the EU12:28
treachthat's the key part.12:28
alanciook, thats strange12:29
aonthink it's like 1) get work, 2) move, 3) deal with tax paying in src and dst country12:29
tilmanhehe, src and dst12:29
treachalancio: it's not that strange. Europe != The EU12:29
aontilman: i was in university entrance exams yesterday, one question was "what changes do you have to make to make this code do blah"12:29
aoni sketched it in regexp12:30
aonor sed commands, rather12:30
tilmanhehe, nice12:30
treachthat's our aon.12:30
alanciomy teachers didn't know about sed, awk, perl, or anything different than their specific subject12:31
aoni liked it how they told us that "mark your sketch papers by writing SKETCH PAPER on them"12:31
aoni drew large X's over the contents there and wrote SKETCH PAPER on them12:31
aonand took them to the lady12:31
aonshe looked at them and said "so these are your sketch papers?"12:31
tilman:D :D12:32
aonshould've said "nah, those are the answers"12:32
alanciowhy do you have to give your sketch papers12:33
alancioI wrote my sketchs on my desk12:33
treachI wouldn't be surprised if they tell you you failed, because they can't figure out what your answers are. :>12:33
tilmanbecause he lives in a civilized country maybe12:34
treachpaper is probably rarely a problem in finland. :D12:34
jjpkFinns love their bureaucracy, therefore it is a good case to reject the answers :D12:34
aontreach: yeah, although the sketches didn't have a name on them12:34
treachalancio: they want them because they want to see how you got your answer.12:36
treachanyone can copy someone elses answear and maybe refomulate them, but it's a bit harder to copy the entire process. :)12:37
jjpkIt is dependent on the person answering as well.12:38
jjpkSome *can* get by without using scratch work.12:38
aontreach: i don't think they look at them12:38
treachdepends on what the subject is.12:38
jjpkThen there are others that are stuck without working out an answer.12:38
jjpkThat indeed.12:38
treachif you take a maths exam they do.12:38
jjpkIt is not a black and white issue.12:38
alancioat least here they are honest and don't ask for sketch papers they won't bother reading12:39
treachthere's nothing dishonest about asking for sketch papers.12:40
treachalso, another reason for asking for them is because you don't want real questions from a real exam floating around.12:40
alancioyou could also remember the questions12:41
treachtrue, but it's easier with paper..12:41
jjpkIf they were to reingest the same questions all the time, it means they are lazy and/or incompetent.12:46
alancioin my univ they did the same exact test at 7:30am and then at 9:30am12:47
alanciopeople leaving the first shift early could give away the questions12:48
treachjjpk: no, they usually don't, but basically there are only so many questions you can ask.12:48
treachAlso, they do tend to be similar, even if they aren't identical.12:48
alanciothis teacher of mine was evangelist, and he was so naive to think that people won't cheat12:49
alanciohe just left the classroom in the middle of the test@12:49
alanciohe said "leave your answers at the desk, I'll be here in 2 hours"12:50
jjpk1) everything is allowed unless you are caught 2) passing answers to others without anything in return is silly ;)12:50
treachthat guy would be out of his job here so fast he'd leave a hole in the air..12:50
alanciojjpk: you do get something in return, just not right away12:51
jjpkHumans are opportunistic by nature, believing otherwise is being in denial or naive.12:51
treachalancio: what if it's not a girl? ;)12:51
alancioand girls used to dress in short skirts and without bra12:52
alanciowhen they wanted help on their projects12:52
alancioit worked12:53
alancioanyway, they were so few of them (girls), it didn't really matter12:57
alancioand thats the reason it worked12:57
jjpkThe business school I attended had females in the majority.12:59
alanciothese were few, but high quality!13:00
jjpkI'm not too surprised, the typical Finnish male is a lazy, jealous and racist idiot :D13:01
treachjjpk: you mean finnish girls put some spell on you guys to stop the competition at the border?13:04
treachjust so they can make you think they are beautiful and hardworking? :P13:04
jjpkIf you look just about anywhere, you will see the woman wears the pants these days, not the men. :D13:04
aonjjpk: actually they're not13:04
treachwhat happened to the finnsh man? o_O13:05
jjpkTraditional roles have swapped in the last 20 years.13:05
treachsad times are these..13:05
aonlike, everyone talks about people being overly rasistic but they're not, it's just that everything is racism nowadays13:05
alanciohave you seen Borat? That scene with the feminists is hilarious13:06
treachaon: no it's not, it's just called that to suit someones agenda. :/13:06
jjpkPff, you encounter racism on a daily basis.13:06
jjpkIt will not be called racism, however :D13:06
treachyou will encounter twice as many things that are called racism that isn't anywhere near it. :/13:07
treachthe PC-people are taking over. :/13:07
jjpkIt's just a front, nothing else.13:07
vektoriThis is scary. I'm starting to like ratpoison.13:07
treach\o/ :)13:07
jjpkIt just covers the surface, nothing more.13:08
aonvektori: yay13:08
vektoriI only had to get rid of the horrible default escape key.13:08
alanciovektori: remember, stop eating it when you your belly aches13:08
aonalmost everything that's called racism is actually racism towards the majority :)13:08
jjpkCrack the surface and then you'll see it.13:08
treachratpoison is really nice, as long as you don't have to deal with the gimp etc.13:08
aonlike racial quotas etc13:08
aons/called/done to fight with/13:08
treachaon: please don't get me started..13:08
jjpkLook at any american tv show these days.13:08
jjpkThey always have the racial quotas filled.13:08
treachquotas must be the DUMBEST FUCKING idea EVER!13:09
jjpkIt is happening just about everywhere though.13:09
alanciowhat are racial quotas???13:09
treachalancio: if you're black you get the job.13:09
jjpkPositive discrimination.13:09
treachno matter if you're qualified or not.13:09
alancioohhh ok13:10
treachand there is nothing positive about it.13:10
aonand no matter if there are more qualified candidates13:10
jjpkIt's called that, but its a sham.13:10
alanciowell, here they have something like it, but not for black people, but for handicapped13:10
treachIt's fucking IDIOTIC:13:10
alancioand for single mothers13:10
treachs :/.13:10
alancioevery big company has to hire an amount of handicapped people, and single mothers13:10
aoneven if the handicapped people can't do the job?13:11
jjpkYet another example of political correctness gone out of control.13:11
alanciothe guy that opens the door at the local mac donalds is missing a leg13:11
treachthat's a high quality, meaningfull job. :/13:11
*** tilman has quit IRC13:11
alancioI know, thats silly, but in mac donalds theres nothing else he could do13:12
*** tilman_ has joined #crux13:12
treachpeeling unions shouldn't take two legs though..13:12
alanciosingle mothers are better at it ;)13:12
*** tilman_ is now known as tilman13:13
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman13:13
aontreach: unions eh :)13:13
treachhad to come up with something. :)13:13
treachI always mix those up. :/13:13
tilmanhave you been fighting with C today? :p13:13
* aon has13:14
aonor not fighting, really13:14
treachtilman: my fight isn't as much with C as with that farking buffer.13:14
treachI must be stupid i guess. :<13:15
tilmanuh, you still didn't solve that?13:15
treachfrankly, I've not tried that hard lately.13:15
treachI've had other things to deal with. :(13:15
treachBut I have to admitt it's a real downer, I feel so bloody stupid every time I look at it. :(13:16
alanciotreach: what are you trying to do?13:16
treachsomething very simple.13:16
treachget input from keyboard, store the input and then return at a later point and repeat it.13:17
treachtilman: feel free to call me an idiot.13:17
treachit's not like I haven't done it myself.13:17
tilmani'm ffs'ing at my irssi13:17
tilmani miss my goddamn shell13:18
alanciotreach: you are starting with C?13:18
treachbasically, yes.13:18
treachI've been starting for a looong time. :/13:18
treach"liten tuva stjälper ofta stort lass".13:19
treachin fucking deed. :/13:20
tilmanyeah, that's what i wanted to say13:20
treach"a small turf often tilts a big wagon", or something.13:20
tilmana tall smurf?13:21
treachyeah, lots of them, all over the hardrive.13:21
tilmantreach: that code there is working13:22
treachI'll look at it.13:22
treachhmm. any particular reason you flush *stdout*?13:23
tilmanthere's no \n in the printf above it13:23
tilmanso if you want to actually see the prompt, you need to flush output13:23
treachhmm... I think we're on to something.. maybe.13:24
alancioyou could also avoid the n variable, by doing: if (1 == scanf("%i", &input)) {13:24
treachwhat would happen if you just printf:d a "\n" instead?13:24
treachwould that cause problems?13:24
tilmanwell yes13:24
tilmanatm you get:13:25
tilmangive me a number: _    (underscore == blinking prompt)13:25
tilmanwith \n you get:13:25
tilmangive ma a number:13:25
treachI know, I wasn't clear, sorry.13:25
alancioit looks like a BBS prompt: _13:25
treachI meant if you add a printf("\n"); after the scanf() call.13:26
tilmanalancio: yes, but that's ugly imo13:26
alancio[1] Forums [2] Files [3] Doors   Select: _13:26
tilmantreach: why would you want to?13:26
tilmantreach: you enter:   5\n13:26
tilmanso when you hit enter, you advance to the next line anyway13:26
treachin order to get the screen output right.13:26
alancioyes, but advancing to the next line is your confirmation13:26
tilmantreach: you think it's not right with the original code?13:27
treachno, I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong.13:27
treachwhy I'm getting these huge problems.13:27
treachbecause, I'm a n00b, so I my original soulution was "printf(stupid message)" \ scanf(some shit); \ printf(\n);13:28
treachAnd I think that's why I get problem.13:29
treachjust trying to get a confirmation on that.13:29
tilmani don't know really13:29
treachI'll just give it a try then.13:29
alancioI didn't find a problem13:29
treachthanks a bunch for this clue.. I've never seen anything about flushing output.. :/13:30
alancioI think that if you use filedescriptors directly, you don't get buffering13:31
alancioI mean, fd 1 for stdout, instead of FILE *13:32
alancioalso, there is no buffering to stderr13:38
alanciowhat was the program to check for /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow correctness?13:41
*** acrux has joined #crux13:46
*** tilman has quit IRC13:53
*** tilman_ has joined #crux13:54
*** tilman_ is now known as tilman13:54
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o tilman13:54
tilmanthis new driver has issues :(13:55
treachI was just wondering what all that bouncing was good for. :)13:55
tilmanxf86-video-ati from master dies in 2d after some time13:55
treachheh, that's bad.13:56
treachit doesn't even die in 3d. :>13:56
tilmanwell, it is13:57
tilman2d is much easier than 3d13:57
tilmanplain old boring register writes vs dma ringbuffer crap13:57
treachI know, just another bad joke.13:57
tilmani disabled DRI now, hope that fixes it13:58
treachdeath usually is a 1d thing AFAIK. :)13:58
treachor N-d maybe. :)13:58
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treach (swedish)18:29
treachDN is really taking a historical view on traveling. :P18:31
aon_never_ play an incompletely downloaded flv video when wearing headphones18:33
aondidn't sound very nice :)18:33
rehabdoll1015 years of airtravel, nice18:33
treachIndeed :D18:33
aonthat's quite a lot18:34
tilmanbørk børk børk18:34
treach"been unable to keep up with the huge changes that have occured in the travel business the last 1015 years".18:35
rawnp: Knorkator - Ich verachte Jugendliche on TRIBUTE TO UNS SELBST (4:19)18:35
treachthat's pretty harsh IMO:18:35
treachs :/.18:36
tilmannp: Tactical Sekt - Syncope18:36
tilmanalso harsh18:36
*** PazO has quit IRC18:38
aonnp: Tasavallan Presidentti - Milky Way Moses18:40
*** treach has quit IRC18:49
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nipuLnp: The Silver Mount Zion Tribute Orchestra & Tra-la-la Band - God Bless Our Dead Marines20:54
* surrounder is listening to Dream Theater - Repentance20:55
rxinp: Hall and Oates - Maneater20:55
rawnipuL: oO20:57
*** mrks has joined #crux22:33
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