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prologicanyone played with googlearth ?04:19
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prologicwith just the free version ?04:55
aonfvwm doesn't support squeezed titles?04:55
aonugh :(04:55
rxiprologic: yeah in windows04:56
prologicit works great in linux too :)04:56
prologicI wanna try the pro version though04:56
rxiahh .. ive never really needed it for anything other than the gimmic factor04:57
prologicI do :)04:59
prologicwell need it04:59
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schniggieRomster: you there ?06:38
Romsterya cooked food and eting now.06:46
Romster( schniggie )06:47
schniggiegood lunch ;)06:58
schniggietcl moved from opt to contrib and version is now 8.4 again right ?06:59
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Romsterschniggie, yeah.07:45
Romsteri actualy got mine form anotehr source but then downgraded as it was in the new alpha and not stable.07:45
prologicit's nearly impossible to find wireless antenna suppliers in australia ;/07:57
prologicthis sucks :/07:57
jjpkWhat's wrong with DIY?07:57
prologicoh come on07:58
jjpkThose so-called wireless antennas are rip offs07:58
prologicdo I look like I can build anteannas :)07:58
prologicyeah well I woudn't be able to DIY anyway07:58
prologicI'm doing this for a company07:58
prologicI just need some wide beamwidth sector panels in 2.407:59
rxiprologic: alloy have quite a few07:59
prologicurl ?08:00
prologicfigures :)08:01
rxihehe what?08:02
rxioh the url08:02
prologicwhere exactrly are they're antennas / :)08:03
rxilet me find them08:03
prologicI see mostly wired stuff ;/08:03
rxiyeah your right08:04
rxilooks like they dont do them anymore08:04
rximight not even sell the general public anyway08:05
prologicany other ideas / :)08:06
prologicI bought one 120d sector panel from
prologicbut they only had the one08:06
prologicI need 2 more08:06
rxinot sure sorry08:06
rxiapart from the cisco, hp, etc...08:07
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blizzanyone familiar with wired-wireless bridging?09:23
blizzi have two interfaces, one is conencted wirelessly to the router for internet access and the other one is connected to a switch. i want the wired boxes to have internet access over the wlan interface09:24
blizzbridging or masquerading?09:27
prologiccan do both09:29
prologicwhat is this box you speak of that has the two interfaces ?09:29
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blizzit has a wireless card (eth2) and a 1000mbit ethernet card (eth0) plugged into a switch09:30
prologicI'm assuming it's running crux ?09:31
blizzthe wireless connection is connected to an access point for internet access09:31
blizznope, not at the moment :-/ would make things easier09:31
prologicoh well can't help you then :009:31
prologicanyway, you can 1) bridge using the bridge module and bdirge-utils09:32
blizzcan't you help me, please? it's driving me maad..09:32
prologicor 2) use NAT09:32
blizzi think NAT would be the solution09:32
blizzat the moment i have one bridge interface which is bridging eth0 and eth2 together09:32
prologicno you don't :)09:32
blizzbut as soon as i boot up the second box which is connected to the switch and thus to eth0 the AP is deauthenticating for some reason (unknown mac?)09:33
prologicjust setup your box as a router09:33
prologicand use nat09:33
blizzyep.. masquerading for eth0 -> eth2, right?09:34
prologicif eth2 is your wan interface, then yes09:34
blizznice.. thanks, i'll try that.. and i'll abandon bridges ;-)09:34
prologicyou'll want to masqerade traffic from the lan to the waln (eth0 to eth2)09:34
prologicbridges works too09:35
prologicbut you probably hav eno idew what you're doing :)09:35
prologicI normally have all my vm machines bridged09:35
blizzsomehow, no :D09:35
blizzcreated br0, added eth0 and eth2, set eth2's prio to 129, started eth0 and eth2, ran dhclient for br009:36
prologicturn stp off ?09:37
prologicmust load "bdirge" module too09:39
prologicEthernet Bridging in the kernel09:39
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surrounderheya jaeger09:53
jaegerheyo, how goes?09:59
surrounderquite ok quite ok09:59
surrounderhow about yourself ?09:59
jaegernot bad so far :)10:00
thrice`too early to tell :)10:01
jaegerblizz: I've only done the opposite direction - set up a crux laptop as a wireless AP/bridge - wired interface plugged into a cable modem or dsl router, etc... wireless interface bridged with it so that the wireless clients didn't have to use NAT10:04
jaegerwell, they still use NAT but I mean no NAT between the wireless and wired interface10:06
jaegerthe machine just acts like a SOHO router at that point10:06
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jaegerer, that's not right. there's a 3rd interface involved in my setup, forgot about it10:13
jaegerinternet interface, internal wireless and wired10:13
jaegerthe two internals are bridged10:13
jaegerI haven't messed with that in over a year and I've slept a few times since then :) it's hard to remember :)10:15
jaegerheyo, prologic10:15
prologicbridging, routing, networing10:16
prologicall fun aye :)10:16
jaegerI even saved the script10:16
prologic <-- I'm building this atm10:17
jaegerlooks a bit expensive10:18
prologicyou think so ? :)10:18
jaegerthe WRAP is a neat little box, my router is one of those10:18
prologicthis network is to support 100-200 users when it's done10:18
prologicso far only 810:18
prologic6 complexes of units10:18
prologicone of them several kms away - line of sight though :)10:19
prologicso I hope you still don't think it's still too expensive :)10:19
prologicI'm just building it for Unaccom10:19
prologicthey're paying for the hardware10:19
jaegerwell, it depends... are YOU paying for it or are they? :)10:19
jaegerok, then it's not bad, hehe10:19
prologicbefore I came along, some chinese dude (also called James funnily enough) setup a WDS in 1 complex10:20
prologicnever finished the network and it never worked properly10:20
prologicand only utilised one of the 3 DSL2+ links10:20
jaegerI hate WDS, used to use it before I got my own house10:20
prologicwell what I know of WDS, is that the bandwidth available is inversely proportional to the number of users on the network10:21
prologicand the number of APs10:21
prologiche had 5 of them10:21
prologicso no wonder it never worked10:21
jaegerthe number of APs is the bigger concern of the two, yeah10:21
jaegermy old setup only had 2 and it was bad enough10:21
prologic5 of them10:21
prologicbasically 1/5 of the bandwidth10:21
prologicis that right ?10:21
jaegerhalved each node10:22
prologiceach halves the bandwidth10:22
prologicahh yeah10:22
prologicso 0.5*510:22
prologicwell 0.5/5 :)10:22
prologicif I'm not mistaken, in theory the previous network setup (WDS) would only have had ~5Mbps available to the users10:23
prologicnot accounting for the users of course10:23
jaegerprobably would have been closer to 3, anyway, theoretical speeds being theoretical :)10:24
prologicgotta setup the admin box tomorrow10:27
prologicapache, freeradius, readiusmanager10:27
prologicand start chucking the users on that :010:27
jaegersounds like a pretty fun project, overall10:28
prologicyeah so far :)10:29
blizzmasquerading works fine now.. thanks10:35
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tilmanprologic: bump subversion-perl please17:57
tilmanmeh, we talked about this 2 months ago :x17:59
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RyoS ["Peace and Protection 4.22"-y000]19:30
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rehabdollmirc ftw :)20:23
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