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pitillogood morning01:10
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tilmanprologic: ping, let's talk about svn-perl ;)03:32
tilmanprologic: i'll fix the port, you commit the patch. okay? :D03:35
prologicI tried to say before "tilman: ok nps will do soon"03:35
prologicbut you were offline :)03:35
prologicpatch is welcome, but I'll do it if you're busy03:36
tilmanno, i'm not03:36
tilmanbesides, i fixed it two months ago03:36
prologick mail it I'll patch and commit :)03:36
prologicsure you don't wanna maintain it ? :)03:36
tilmanme maintain perl crap?03:36
tilmanno sir03:36
prologicI don't know why I do :)03:36
prologicI have perl03:36
prologicthink only because something needs subversion-perl03:37
tilmanyeah, i want to play with git-svn here03:39
tilmanunfortunately, large parts of the world have not yet realized that git is suprior03:39
prologicand tbh it is :)03:41
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tilmanprologic: so, how did we fix those compilation errors?04:00
prologicI don't remember :/04:04
prologicI can check my git logs ?04:04
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tilmanthe issue was never fixed04:05
tilmanso that won't help04:05
pitilloanyone know why apache does not build (is it replaced by another module?)04:06
prologicI'm falling asleep here04:06
prologicI need food :/04:06
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tilmanprologic: the "swig-rb" target works well, "swig-pl" blows up04:35
tilmanwhich means that ruby is superior to perl04:35
tilmanteK_: wanna figure it out?04:35
teK_why it blows up?04:36
tilmanteK_: i could upload the Pkgfile04:36
prologicyes I remmber now04:36
prologicthe perl swig bindings are broken04:36
prologicor some incompatibilty with the latest swig04:36
tilmanbut i *could* build them 2 months ago04:36
prologicI remmebr talking to #svn devs about this04:36
prologicyeah not anymore04:36
prologicI've since tried I htink04:37
prologicI might go bug #svn again about it04:37
prologicdon't compile right ?04:37
tilmanit blows up in "make swig-pl"04:37
teK_tilman: I don't have an idea how I could be helpful resolving this issue04:37
tilmanteK_: yeah, you probably can't04:38
tilmanteK_: n/m04:38
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tilmanprologic: maybe our swig is outdated04:44
tilmanmmg, it is04:46
tilmanup to date04:46
pitillowell, seems to be Sorry for that Q.04:48
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surrounderhey Husio09:04
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sepenj0oas jo0as
surroundersepen: are you on crack mkay? ;)09:59
surroundernvm ;)10:00
sepenI can't  understand you10:00
sepensurrounder, be happy, smoke and fly10:04
surrounderhaha :)10:04
jdolanjaeger, http://quake2world.net10:07
jaegerjdolan: I've looked at it before; is there something new?10:13
jdolanuh yea10:14
jdolan52 new screens, showing off recent eyecandy enhancements.10:14
jdolanlight bloom, coronas/flares, decals, ...10:15
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jaegernice. :) I'll check it out10:23
rehabdolllooks cool10:45
jaegersome of those orange shots are bright as hell10:45
jaegerlooks pretty nice overall10:45
jjpkLooks very good :o10:46
jjpkBreathing new life into an old game.10:47
rehabdolli've got friends who still play q210:48
rehabdolli got bored when q3 came out10:48
jaegerquakeworld is still my favorite, hehe10:48
pitilloyou will be in when you test q2w....10:48
rehabdolllooks really cool11:08
rehabdolli like the fast rockets :)11:08
tilmanthe fact that it's fucking impossible to build subversion-perl makes me hate it11:17
tilmanjust how hard can it be got that crap fixed?11:17
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NetUsr0hello, I am running CRUX 2.3 -- winecfg takes unusually long to start, gkrellm too11:36
NetUsr0is the problem related to hald? dbus?11:36
tilmanprobably not11:37
tilmani don't think wine is linked to either libhal or libdbus11:37
surrounderseems to do with gtk I think11:37
surrounderI had that problem too some time ago, don't remember how I fixed it though11:37
NetUsr0when winecfg finally loads the audio driver tab hangs too11:38
NetUsr0running an audigy sblive 24 external11:38
tilmanwhat about other gtk apps?11:38
NetUsr0everything should be configured properly.. i've been a crux user for sometime11:38
NetUsr0no other issues11:38
NetUsr0i'm running openbox 311:38
NetUsr0pypanel, tilda11:39
NetUsr0i've recompiled wine and managed to get it loading quickly11:39
NetUsr0but then after the first successful run11:39
tilmanare you telling gkrellm to grab its data from another box maybe? :p11:39
NetUsr0and after wine'ing an application it resorts to its old behavior11:39
NetUsr0the weird thing is tho11:40
NetUsr0if gkrellm loads quick then wine loads fine too11:40
NetUsr0and vice versa11:40
NetUsr0i'll check gkrellm if its loading from another box11:40
NetUsr0even as root gkrellm takes long to start --- on a fresh run11:41
tilmanyou could strace or debug it11:41
tilmanbut that might be some work11:41
NetUsr0strace gkrellm?11:42
NetUsr0out puts this  at the very end11:42
NetUsr0connect(6, {sa_family=AF_INET, sin_port=htons(7634), sin_addr=inet_addr("")}, 1611:42
NetUsr0would a missing hostname alias in /etc/hosts cause these symptoms?11:43
tilmani think i've heard people talk about problems from not having an entry for
NetUsr0and also any new gtk2 burning frontends out there?11:51
NetUsr0i've noticed the ports repos are a litle scarce on frontends11:51
pitilloNetUsr0, I think there are alternatives... if not, you can always port another one :)11:55
NetUsr0very true :)11:55
NetUsr0i will put up a repo soon11:55
NetUsr0there are some good apps out there11:56
surrounderbashburn \o/ ;)11:56
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tilmantk is b0rked, too12:11
tilmanthey reference a strange TkDisplay type in their headers12:11
tilmanbut never define it12:11
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tilmanoutdated ports for the fucking lose12:13
tilmanRoomster: bump contrib/tk to 8.4.15 please12:13
tilmanRoomster: well, and contrib/tcl12:14
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tilmangood to see the new versions have the same retarded bug12:26
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RyoStilman: are you mad today? ;)12:27
tilmanthis bullshit is just too dumb to remain calm12:27
tilmanno wonder everybody hates tcl/tk12:28
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tilmantypedef'ing them to void worked12:29
RyoSi am glad i cant code.. :^12:30
RyoSdunno, others can do that stressy work12:33
RyoSi am so selfish :(12:33
vektoriBah, coding is <312:33
RyoSwomen <3 :p12:34
RyoSjust not all..12:34
surroundercombo would be cool12:34
vektoriCoding > women, fool.12:34
surrounderprogramming your gf12:34
RyoSsome are bah :<12:34
RyoSsurrounder: a coded woman?12:34
treachme suggests that vektori has really short index fingers. :)12:35
RyoSthats not bad, indeed12:35
RyoSok thats grose12:36
tilmanbut i agree12:36
tilmancrazy ass dutch people :(12:36
RyoSi need more beer12:36
* surrounder too12:36
surroundershops are closed though12:36
surrounderwill just go to the bar soon12:37
RyoSglad i got a cube downstairs..12:37
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tilman"Hi, my name is Tim. I have a problem with alcohol."12:38
treachtilman: You're a heavy vim user, right?12:38
RyoStilman: tss :P12:38
surroundervim <312:39
RyoStilman: not with...12:39
treachI just found something cool in eclipse, I wonder if vim has anything similar..12:39
treachthe ability to browse the include files in your system in a tree, with the functions listed.12:39
tilmandon't know of something like that12:40
tilmanyou could search the scripts database on though12:40
surrounderthink I've seen something like that @ somewhere12:40
treachI'll do that. It's really handy.12:40
RyoS'kau pflaume'--12:40
RyoStss :/12:40
treachheh, some difference. :D12:42
tilmanspeaking of it12:43
tilmantreach: if you want to practice your german, go grab "sinnlos im weltraum"12:43
* tilman chuckles12:44
treachgermans writing english <312:48
treach"Write code und comments with a professional appearance from the beginning."12:49
loupgaroublondtreach, you mean the entire body of SAP documentation?12:49
aonwtf, SAP?12:49
treachno, just the "map" to the left among your project files.12:50
aonsomeone mentioned SAP on crux?12:50
treachs map/folder12:50
loupgaroublondit's written by germans who don't know english very well, but they don't have the time to write it in german too12:50
loupgaroublondaon, why? do you have it hilighted?12:50
tilmanomg sap != kiss12:50
loupgaroublondoh, definitely not, but when you get paid to use it, it's a different story12:50
teK_ERP = made by satan12:51
teK_names are interchangeable here, btw12:51
loupgaroublondERP = made by satan = made by germans12:51
teK_ /whois teK_12:51
aonEffective Radiated Power12:51
* aon has been configuring fvwm12:52
aoni wonder what's the hype about, it doesn't even have SqueezeTitle12:53
RyoSso who is teK_?12:53
tilmanyr mom12:53
aoni'd be SHOCKED if my mum irced on #crux12:54
treachaon: it's fast, small, stable, and you can make it look like pretty much anything.12:54
RyoStilman: impossible, she doesnt know jack about computers12:54
aontreach: but it doesn't have SqueezeTitle12:54
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aonwell, you can't make it look like twm with SqueezeTitle On12:55
treachI've no idea what that does, so I guess it's not a critical piece of functionality. :)12:55
aonthat pretty much takes care of the "z0mg it looks like everythang!"12:55
aonanyway, i only need a icon manager and it's quite good12:56
teK_RyoS: i'm german, that's enough ;)12:56
RyoSthose germans did it again12:58
teK_no, that was Britney (oops)12:58
RyoSyou have humor like my mum though ;/12:58
RyoSmaybe tilman is right12:58
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treachaon: got a screenshot with this fantastic feature? :)12:59
teK_that's a question of nationality, I'm sure12:59
aontreach: yeah12:59
RyoSteK_: got some diebels alt hier, enough? :>12:59
tilmankoelsch > alt13:00
teK_NO! I insinst on playing the german beer-game, AGAIN13:00
teK_koelsch == sissie's beer13:00
RyoSkoelsch < *13:00
tilmanaon: rofl, you're running twm these days?13:00
thrice`I have never touched fvwm13:00
treachaon: aaah, you mean like those BeOS namelists...13:00
tilmanhave you lost your mind?13:00
thrice`heh, all of the screenshots are from 2005 or before :)13:01
RyoShow come people like koelsch so much? its almost like a pissy radler, it has no character at all :/13:01
tilmani was just teasing13:01
tilmani like pils13:01
treachI've got to admit I never saw the point in cloning that look. :/13:01
RyoStss :p13:01
teK_tilman, RyoS: do you know Augustiner or Franziskaner beer? The monks know how to get drunk! :>13:02
aontreach: dunno, somehow full-length titlebars seem too much when you look at it for a while13:02
aonbut as i said, i think i'll disable them completely13:02
thrice`tilman, do you happen to have a screenshot of your fvwm ?13:02
tilmani'm openbox13:02
tilmani guess you mean treach13:02
thrice`er, treach :)  sorry13:02
treachit's changed a bit, but basically, that's it.13:03
thrice`that's not so bad13:05
tilmanexcept the kde icons13:05
treachNo, the look is ok. :)13:05
treachI don't care enough about icons to start hunting others.13:06
RyoSrugek: ping13:11
rugekRyoS: pong13:12
RyoSrugek: pekwm 0.1.6 got released today, you might want to update your port :)13:12
tilmanlolz pekwm13:12
tilmancan it get more ridiculous?13:12
RyoSlolz tilman :o13:12
thrice`yeah, 0.1.6 must have a ton of new features :)13:13
RyoSoh if tilman says so /me prt-get remove pekwm13:13
RyoSi still love it <313:13
treachtilman: what so ridiculous about it?13:14
rugekRyoS: i check the svn from time to time13:14
rugeklet me see13:14
treachat least it never hung my system every now and then unlike some other wm I tried to use a while back.. :>13:14
rugekmaintenance release13:14
rugekRyoS: give me some minutes ;)13:16
rugekand thanks for the hint13:17
aonyeah, this is quite good now13:20
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treachthe revenge of pekwm. :)13:28
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tilmangfx card locked up13:28
treachfun. :/13:29
thrice`probably crappy xorg ports13:31
rawgtk applications are slow by design13:33
rawthere's nothing that can be done, except rewriting gtk sane from the scratch13:33
rawand including the useful stuff in it, instead of putting each fart in one of a bazillion libraries that people don't use anyway because they just copy/paste the code in their application and you end up with 3 million implementations of (e.g) a toolbar.13:34
rawthat counts for gtk2 too13:34
rawjust so, btw.13:34
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RedShiftgtk is teh suck13:35
RedShiftgnome is teh suck too13:35
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tilman_oh boy13:48
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treacha bit too close to the bleeding edge, I guess. ;)13:49
tilmanmock all you wish :>13:50
tilmantreach: btw, i think pekwm is the worst wm ever ;)13:53
aonwhy is that?13:53
tilmanit's ... strange13:53
tilmani don't recall details :]13:53
aontreach: any idea how to get resize working properly in this thing (so that you don't have to drag the mouse to the border to resize)?13:55
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pitilloaon, where? (alt + middle mouse botton)14:04
treachaon: I think you should look at "ResizeInWindow"14:05
aonwhat's that?14:07
aon(i don't find it in either 2.5 or 2.4 manpage)14:07
treachhm, maybe I'm wrong then. :) I haven't got a round to implement that feature yet. :)14:08
tilmandoes --disable-xinerama do what i think it does? (pekwm)14:09
treach"Key J           A       CS      Move keep w-1 warp" is the closest thing I have, so far.14:09
treachaon: just put in something like Key R           A       C      Resize w"14:20
aonnah, i concluded that i won't bother more with it14:21
treach(it does work)14:21
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jjpkImpressive :o15:57
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nipuLthis guy uses ms paint16:52
RedShiftbah it's one of those "tuned" cars16:53
RedShiftpretty impressive though16:53
rehabdollthose tuned cars are so sad.. there's a dodge pickup with alloy wheels and a spoiler parked near here16:59
rehabdollpickup with a wing.. how useful17:00
nipuLheh there's a whole heap of ms pain speed paintings17:00
nipuLimho they're more impressive because of the limited set of tools they work with17:01
rehabdollyeah, but the cars themself suck, no matter what you paint them in :)17:01
RedShiftrehabdoll: rofl17:02
RedShiftyeah I find it so sad...17:02
RedShiftyou should see them at speedbumps17:03
RedShiftI gave my throttle a pad... you should have seen their faces when I passed them...17:03
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ultrahi all17:45
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ultrahey, can anyone help me get a background in xfce? :)20:18
ultrait seems the thing refuses to manage the desktop20:18
ultramaybe I need to install something else?20:19
ultrameh, got it building more crap20:20
ultraI'll just see if this thing works...20:20
ultradon't worry, I do lots of monologues like that thrice` :)20:25
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nipuLif no one's talking to you, you might aswell talk to yourself21:35
nipuLnipuL: shut up you idiot21:35
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RomsternipuL, ya bored :)22:23
nipuLnot really, only boring people get bored22:27
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