IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-05-29

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pitillogood morning01:03
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pitilloRomster, yesterday I tried the nvidia-legacy port again with and got errors again....01:04
Romsterwhich one the 96 or 71 series?01:08
Romsterpitillo, thought that patch would of resolved that.01:09
Romsterpitillo, can ya pastebin the compile log?01:09
pitilloRomster, I think legacy are 71 series. I can not paste it.01:09
Romsterpkgmk > tee build.txt01:11
Romstererr pkgmk | tee build.txt01:12
pitilloI prefer something like this.... date && time pkgmk 2>&1 | tee make.log && date01:14
pitillobut the problem is that the computer is powered off :)01:14
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rxinipuL: you know if anyone with an opteron is/has used your x86-64 ports?05:12
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rawthe sky09:16
vektoriHey cptn.09:18
cptnhey vektori09:19
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LithiumFXHey all. Anybody having problems compiling pkgutils 5.30.0?09:48
cptnyou may have to install libarchive09:49
cptnthis is a new dependency09:49
LithiumFXYou Sir are a genius09:49
LithiumFXMay I offer you an e-Beer09:49
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cptnheh, offer it to the person on the CRUX ML who answered it a couple of days ago :-)09:50
cptnjjpk IIRC09:50
cptn(^^ try repeating that three times in a row)09:50
LithiumFXWorks perfectly09:51
espogot the same problem here :) after installing crux :)09:51
LithiumFXI tried Arch Linux in Qemu to see what the fuss is about09:51
LithiumFXI wasn't impressed, but maybe that's because I'm biased09:51
espohehe :) i leave a couple of month after 1 1/2 years using it09:51
LithiumFXI moved from Win XP to Slackware, got fed up with the lack of packages in the repos, so I moved to CRUX one and a bit years ago and don't intend to go anywhere09:52
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LithiumFXThanks for your help cptn09:54
cptnyou're welcome09:54
LithiumFXI'll post you a real beer somehow09:54
LithiumFXCiao everybody09:54
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mike__cptn: hope, you still in software business?09:55
cptnyeah, why do you ask? :-)09:55
mike__nice to know you are doing something interesting after leading this project09:57
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espohi tilman10:24
tilmanwhat's up?10:25
esponothing :)10:25
espoinstalled crux on my "new" laptop10:26
j^2hows it hanging tilman ?10:26
tilmanj^2: it was my first work day after a long weekend. guess.10:26
j^2same here :D10:26
espoi got holidays *g*10:27
espohehe :D10:27
espo1 1/2 weeks to go10:27
espogreat feeling :D10:28
j^2i just discoverd *chan.org10:28
j^2i totally missed out on it10:29
tilman* o_O10:33
j^ et al10:33
tilman"... nudity or mature images..."10:34
tilmani see10:34
tilmanyou mean eg10:35
thrice`er, does tilman's comment mean not safe for work ?10:36
j^2thrice`: there are filters10:36
j^2that's just some of them10:37
aonthat's not CATS, that's cats10:40
aonthat list lacsk
tilman7chan serves as an off-board for those banned from 4chan or fed up with 4chan's moderation and rules10:41
tilmansounds totally amazing10:41
aonfinnchan isn't there either10:41
aonexcept now10:42
tilmanthat's so retarded10:43
j^2:-/ i think it's funny10:44
j^2there are some nasty pics, but still some really funny things10:44
tilmanmaybe it's because i haven't been lobotomized yet10:44
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aonyeah, i wouldn't think about browsing those things voluntarily10:47
aonjust in the context of previous links to them10:47
aonlike now10:47
jjpkStaying informed ftw...10:54
tilmanprologic: any news on subversion-perl?10:55
prologicbeen flat off my feet atm11:00
prologicdoing this network :/11:00
prologicsorry :)11:00
prologicwill do soon11:00
prologicI mean it's 2am atm, have a presntation tomorrow at 9am11:00
prologicso gimme a day or two :)11:00
tilmangood, cause having a broken port in contrib sucks11:00
tilmanespecially if the problem has been known for ages11:00
prologicgotta buy another $2500 worth of hardware tomorrow :)11:01
prologicyeah apologies for that11:02
espotilman: i think the url for libmad have to changed11:02
espothe main ftp is down or the source is not availble there11:02
tilmanseems to be down atm11:02
espoahh okay11:02
rawtilman: [consider oold.jpg here]11:14
tilmani will11:15
rawis anyone here running a laptop and an external monitor?11:15
rawwith a intel(4) grafics chip?11:16
tilmanrxi i think11:16
tilmanhe's using xf86-video-intel 2.0 too11:16
tilmanhappily, btw11:16
rawbecause I've serious issues with xorg/intel and my external lcd11:16
j^2tilman: :D11:16
tilmananyway, upstream ftw11:16
rawthe lcd doesn't switch to the correct resolution AND I can't turn the laptop lcd off11:17
cptntilman: lolcode looks nice11:17
rawwhat's funny: that's a linux only problem11:17
cptnI wonder if Pkgfiles should be lolcode11:17
tilmanraw: did you try to force a certain mode using xrandr(1)?11:17
tilmancptn: yes, maybe11:18
rawtilman: I think upstream is the reason it broke. Grek K-H seems to have the same troubles as me with intel 2.0.0 ;)11:18
rawtilman: nope11:18
rawtilman: doesn't work anyway11:18
tilmanasking random users in here will not help you i think11:18
rawtilman: it seems that xorg is using the lcd planel but the size of the display is that of my lcd11:18
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rawtilman: for example: if I start mplayer in fullscreen mode it gets only 1024x768 (that's the resolution of my laptop lcd)11:19
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tilmanfullscreen means "fullscreen on one display" i think11:19
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tilmanat least on openbox11:20
rawtilman: well, it's a bit weird: on the external lcd the display spans the whole screen, but is horribly blurred because it just stretches 1024x76811:20
tilmanotoh i don't know whether the xv overlay supports sizes > 1280x102411:20
tilmandid you even set up non-clone mode?11:20
raw. o O ( I should note that it is _NOT_ possible to have either the ext. or the int. lcd, they're both running at the same time)11:21
raw. o O ( I don't know why I can't switch off the int. lcd, it works on other operating systems )11:21
tilmanxrandr --output name-of-external-thing --right-of name-of-internal-thing11:21
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rawback to the original topic: So I have this stretched 1024x768 on the ext. lcd, right? the int. lcd however just shows the 1024x768 _PART_ of the display. So if I start mplayer in fullscreen mode it's 'fullscreen' on the int. display but only the 1024x768-fraction on the external11:23
rawfunny thing is: I can do in xorg.conf what I wan't, it's _every time_ this setup11:25
tilmando what i said11:25
rawthe ext. lcd stretching the display and the int. just showing a fraction11:25
tilmanand stop lamenting ;)11:25
rawyeah I'm reading11:25
rawI just wanted to get clear on this ;)11:25
rawtilman: yeah, it's not cloning11:27
tilmanmake it clone with the command i gave you11:27
tilmannot clone11:27
tilman= good ;)11:27
tilmanraw: so you have one large desktop that spans across two physical screens?11:28
rawspans accros the physical screen of the int. display11:28
rawthe ext. display is just massively blurre11:28
tilmanrun xrandr without arguments11:28
tilmanand check out which mode the ext. display is currently using11:29
tilmanit's the one marked with an asterisk i think11:29
rawthe right one11:29
tilmancurrent 1680 x 1050, maximum 1680 x 168011:30
rawI wonder where this blurr comes from11:30
tilmanVGA connected 1680x1050+0+011:30
tilmanso your desktop is *only* on the VGA11:30
rawyeah, 1680x1050 is the optimal resolution of the ext. lcd11:30
rawtilman: No, the LCD of my laptop is on as well ;)11:30
tilmanxrandr --output VGA --right-of LVDS11:31
rawxrandr: screen cannot be larger than 1680x1680 (desired size 2704x1050)11:31
rawwhat the hell, where's that resolution coming from?11:31
tilmanwe asked them to be next to each other11:31
tilmanso total width:11:31
rawah ok11:31
tilman= 1680 + 102411:31
rawyeah, makes sense11:32
tilmanraw: vim /etc/X11/xorg.conf11:32
tilmango to the Screen section11:32
tilmanin the subsection "display", add:11:32
tilmanVirtual 2704x105011:32
tilmanrestart x, try that xrandr command again11:32
rawok, now I have them next to each other on my ext. lcd11:36
rawthe ext. is still massively blurred11:37
rawok, his problem is a bit different from mine11:46
tilmanraw: go watch linus talk about git instead11:49
rawi think I rather spam ubuntuforums with this ;)11:49
tilmansounds like fun, too11:49
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pitilloraw, did you try FN+Fsomething to power off laptop's lcd and did not worked?11:54
rawFN-something doesn't work under lunix11:54
rawin other words: turning the int. lcd via the fn-keys is not supported under linux.11:55
pitillointeresting... sorry for that comment then.11:55
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pitilloraw, here fn+F4 works fine if it founds a crt... (tried on ubuntu)12:13
pitilloraw, does your fn key work properly? (I tested with fn+bloqnum and works too)12:14
rawfn works yeah12:18
rawbut particulary turning off the lcd does _not_ work under linux12:18
pitilloraw, I think under linux works.... here I have configured only laptop's lcd (never tried to add a second one) and when I switch, laptop's lcd is powered off. I think is the X server configuration. (only one exit on in my case and 2 in yours)12:21
rawAre you using a thinkpad?12:21
pitilloraw, compaq nx12:21
rawit doesn't work on thinkpads ;)12:24
pitillounderstanded with that question :)12:25
rawwell I crossposted in ubuntu and gentooforums12:25
tilmandid you create all new accounts just for that question?12:26
rawlet's see if I can get the guys busy12:26
tilmanso WHY exactly do you have accounts there? :D12:26
rawbecause I created them?12:26
pitilloraw, did you try to ask directly in a official channel?12:26
rawhaving accounts on the two biggest linux forums is handy if you have specific questions12:27
rawpitillo: Yeah, but IRC sucks when it comes to complain complicated things12:27
rawwhat's more, you always have those guys screaming 'you're wrong'12:27
rawand you explain it the 5th time and they still go 'you're wrong' on you12:28
rawdid I actually write 'complain complicated things?;12:28
rawI meant 'explaining complicated things' ;)12:29
tilmanuse the xorg mailing list12:29
tilmanit's a bit difficult to get keithp's attention though12:29
pitilloraw, wich thinkpad model?12:29
rawI'm writing an email while you was typing this tilman ;)12:29
rawpitillo: t6012:29
tilmanyou could try something like this:12:30
tilman"randr 1.2 looks very exciting to me, but unfortunately, ..."12:30
tilmanthat might catch his attention12:30
rawwhat's about 'you're code stinks even more than you keithp?'12:31
rawyeah, I can hardly see what I type12:31
rawthe time was all wrong in that sentence further up, too12:32
rawyes, please12:32
rawI'm awake since 5 am after ~4 hours of sleep12:33
rawall lazy slackers 'cept me12:36
thrice`I want to build a new desktop, but fluxbox never slows down on my 2100, so it's hard to justify :-)12:36
rawwhy is there an email 'Ach, auch ich bin alt geworden.' coming from the xmms2 list?12:37
tilmanbecause it's not subscriber-only12:37
tilmanwhich is because anders is ... strange12:37
pitilloraw, another point... (sorry if this can confuse too), Do you have enabled acpi ibm thinkpad extras on your kernel?12:39
treachthrice`: just build firefox a couple of times in a row. :P12:39
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thrice`was there ever a crux64 distributed for 2.3 ?12:40
jaegernone yet, as far as I know12:41
thrice`it appears lucas was trying to push one, but I can't find anything solid12:41
rawpitillo: yeap12:41
pitillocan not find any more clue...12:42
thrice`jaeger: do you run 32-bit crux on yours, or is that your gentoo install?12:42
tilmanso, basically.12:44
jaegerI don't have any currently active 64bit installs12:44
tilmani really need subversion-perl12:44
jaegerbut I did run crux64 when danm maintained it and gentoo afterwards12:45
tilmanso if anybody in here is bored12:45
tilmanand willing to help, please fix it.12:45
tilmanmy eternal love & gratitude is guaranteed.12:45
thrice`liar =]12:45
tilmans/eternal/this week's/12:45
tilmani tried swig 1.3.24, 25, 2712:45
thrice`jaeger: ah, alright...just starting to consider CPU's.  thanks12:45
jaegerI think if I were buying a new one today I'd get a core 2 duo, for what that's worth12:46
jaegerwith that said, I'm happy with my amd64 x2, just not using it to its full potential12:46
thrice`c2d are 64-bit as well, aye ?12:46
rawok, mail's off to the list. let's wait...12:59
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rawInstead of informative output you can enjoy a nice splash screen with progress bar during the suspend and resume process. For this to work you will need to have the splashy package installed. Show splash screen? <Yes> <No>13:07
rawyay, sounds like fun!13:07
RedShift-do splashscreens have any use?13:13
RedShift-sounds like bloat to me13:13
rawIt is so I hit <No>13:13
RedShift-what distribution is that?13:13
RedShift-ubuntu or something?13:14
tilmanoh, hi RedShift-13:14
RedShift-sup tilman13:14
tilman20:35 <  RedShift> gtk is teh suck13:14
tilmanjust wanted to say13:14
tilmanyou suck13:15
raw^^^^^ that's the name of the distro, not some random noise I just made ;)13:15
rawRedShift-: I'm on your side.13:15
rawRedShift-: wanna share gpg-keys?13:15
RedShift-raw: eh why?13:15
RedShift-I don't use gpg by the way13:15
rawRedShift-: isn't that the default way of being 'buddys' in the unix world? ;)13:16
RedShift-lol :D13:16
RyoSstereotypes \o/13:16
tilmanHi Tim13:16
RedShift-well usually that's adding to my msn messenger or jabber contact list...13:16
RyoShi tilman13:16
RyoSwant a beer?13:16
rawoh, well, It will be done with all speed and a lot of ceremony13:16
aonmsn messenger is definitely not a way of being buddies in the unix world13:17
rawI was talking about the jabber part ;)13:17
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treachhm.. ?14:05
*** j^22 is now known as j^214:05
treachtoo much cola.14:05
treachgoing from being squared to ^22, what do you mean "supersize me"? ;>14:06
rawtreach: He seems rooted. ;/14:12
j^2ohh clever... stupid lag on the machine i'm on14:18
j^2i added 2 hours in idlerpg because of that shite :P14:18
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ultrahi everybody14:29
ultraI fixed my xfce, I had to configure dbus properly...14:29
j^2always fun14:38
ultraindeed :)14:38
ultraI just googled the error :)14:39
rawso basically it comes down to: "google solved my problem."14:40
ultrayeah, google gets very scary14:41
ultraI didn't ask on irc about that problem though raw14:41
ultraI'm not stupid :)14:41
ultraI asked why the fuck my xfce was broken, then found out I didn't set it up correctly, did that, still got nothing, google this random dbus error I got when I tried to run xfdesktop, ran a few commands to set up dbus properly, and tada14:42
ultraworks :)14:42
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j^2vicool must be too cool for crux :P14:51
tilmanvico has been around for ages :P14:53
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rawnp: Gamma Ray - Send Me A Sign (4:04)15:03
rawnp: AC/DC - Hells Bells on Live (Disc 2) (6:01)15:07
* raw wants to send music via irc15:07
* aon doesn't want raw's music15:07
rawI mean playing it15:07
* raw doesn't care15:07
aonnp: Barbara Dennerlein - Satisfaction15:09
tilmanraw, jjpk: does one of you have marduk's cover of paint it black?15:11
rawnp: Gianna Nannini - Bello E Impossibile on Maschi E Altri (4:42)15:11
vektorinp: Amorphis - Tuonela15:12
rehabdollWhite Stripes - Icky Thump15:29
ultra... fucking now playing scripts15:30
ultramake me flip over to this channel just to read what song they're playing.15:30
ultralike, do I really care what shitty music other people listen to? not at all.15:30
ultranow I'm on another fucking monologue15:30
vektorinp: Ultra - Another Fucking Monologue15:32
j^2yay me15:35
j^2i'm learning perl15:35
ultraj^2: lol, have fun, I <3 perl :)15:37 ... just smashed your hand into the keyboard?15:37
j^2more or less :D15:38
j^2i'm just too lazy to type anything else15:38
j^2i want to log into my server i just type aoeu15:38
roberthnice and easy.15:39
roberthJust configure kb correctly first.15:39
roberthabout perl:
roberthis taken?15:39
j^2dunno :-/, i'm left handed though :P15:40
roberthseems to be available.15:40
tilmanj^2: oh, dvorak15:41
tilmani guess.15:41
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