IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-05-31

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nipuLwow squirrelmail was easy to setup +100:35
pitillogood morning01:05
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Romsterpitillo, why are you still using nvidia-x11r7-legacy there is nvidia-legacy-71xx now and it has a fix in it that that old port dosn't have.01:11
pitilloRomster, ummm taking note.... I dont understand when you told me the 71xx version. I will take a look this afternoon to it.01:12
pitilloRomster, thank you for that tip. :)01:12
pitillo(taking a look to the nvidia-legacy I see that uses the 71xx version and understanded it bad, sorry)01:13
Romstersed -i -e 's/config.h/utsrelease.h/' nv-linux.h # fix for later kernels01:16
Romsteri've renamed it since then..01:17
Romsterports -u contrib; prt-get sync; prt-get install nvidia-legacy-71xx01:17
Romsteri need to patch gl-select though as it won't work on the 2 legacy ports atm.01:18
pitilloRomster, then how do you select the correct gl libs?01:20
Romsteropen up /usr/bin/gl-select and see how it's done.01:21
Romsterbasicly moving filenames and adding symlinks01:21
pitillook, done by hand...01:21
pitillothis afternoon I will try the port and to do that change by hand too01:22
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Romstertill i make the patch, later i got other things that need to be done first.01:26
pitilloRomster, ok, no problem01:31
pitillothank you for your work :)01:31
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sepenRoomster, here?06:15
*** Roomster is now known as Romster06:33
sepen+ rm -r /usr/ports/contrib/jack-audio-connection-kit/work/pkg/usr/share06:35
sepenrm: cannot remove `/usr/ports/contrib/jack-audio-connection-kit/work/pkg/usr/share': No such file or directory06:35
sepenI found this06:36
Romsteroh hmm06:38
Romsterok odd it builds for me hmm..06:47
Romsteri must have some aditional package on my system.06:47
nipuLrm -rf works better06:47
Romsteryeah i don't really like using force.06:48
Romsteri'll sed out the crap in the Makefile i'm guessing texinfo stuff..06:48
Romsterah html stuff..06:52
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rehabdolltilman: any word on a new xorg-server release?07:33
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sepencontrib/virtualbox     really rocks!!!
rehabdolloh, have to give it a try08:57
sepenIm never used it before09:02
surroundersepen: it it fast ?09:02
sepenIm running a 1.8 processor with 1G ram only09:03
surrounderaah ok09:03
sepen             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached09:03
treach"only".. :)09:03
sepenMem:       1035264     589428     445836          0       2136     38494009:03
sepenSwap:      2216960       8416    220854409:03
surrounderI have only 512 MB of ram, so we'll see how it'll run here ;)09:03
sepenthis is my office pc09:04
sepensurrounder, I have only 256 in a amd900 at homw09:04
sepenand also it runs fine09:04
treach"When I was a kid, we were happy if we had 512kb, and that was all you had." :)09:04
surrounderlol treach09:04
surroundersepen: nice, should give it a try then :)09:04
treach..add random stuff about 6 ft snow and uphill both ways.09:05
sepencrux virtualizations are the fastest iso that I tested09:05
sepenI ported it, also I wrote a README file for it, I think it's too easy to do postinstallation tasks (imo)09:06
sepentreach, what09:07
treach"too easy"? Speaking with anselm lately? ;D09:07
sepentreach, Im spanish .)09:07
sepensorry for my poor english09:08
surrounderso ?09:08
sepenwell, are you reading the readme file?09:08
treachthat's probably true, for a limited number of "you". :)09:09
treachamusing. :/09:21
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sepenhi tilman10:03
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RyoStilman: you use openbox?12:54
RyoShi btw :>12:54
tilmanhi tim12:54
RyoSwould you share your keyboard config with me? i need a starting point (to test it)12:55
RyoSjust curious about other wms out there.. :>12:55
tilmanthank god treach isn't around12:55
tilmanmy keyboard config is pretty minimal12:56
tilmanbut maybe it's still of use12:56
jjpkHe might still read the log ;)12:56
RyoSmaybe he will *fears t3h treach*12:57
* RyoS still likes the pekwm most ;o 12:58
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RyoSit just needs a more active development12:58
RyoSoh jeez!12:58
RyoSwe might want to talk more in #t3h-h!dd3n-pl4c313:00
jjpktilman: probably because git is superior to svn :D13:03
tilmani don't get that13:04
tilmanwe weren't talking about scms, were we?13:04
treachnow you're overly pedantic. ;)13:06
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jjpktilman: This is in relation to that one nameless wm you don't particularly enjoy ;)13:07
treachyou must mean dwm.13:07
jjpks/d/pek ;)13:08
treachI wonder why everyone complains about it..?13:08
tilmanpekwm uses svn?13:08
tilmanmy nameless preferred wm uses svn, too13:09
treachI don't use it now, but I never had any problems when I was a pekwm user..13:09
* raw uses wmii13:09
* treach trials dwm atm.13:09
treachaon: btw, you know that annoying and useless top bar?13:10
treachyou can turn it off. :)13:10
rawof dwm? ;)13:10
* raw doesnt like dwm at all13:11
jjpko_o the last time I used dwm and tried to change that setting, it just put the bar in the lower part of the screen.13:11
tilman"change that setting" == "edit dwm.h and recompile"?13:11
treachactually not.13:11
rawdwm is becoming too bloated!13:13
treachhowever, if you'd like to default to something other than xterm it's *drumroll*     VIMTIME!13:13
tilmanxterm is bloat13:14
rawtilman is bloat13:14
treachraw: it's 27k here. :)13:14
treachseriously bloated. :)13:14
rawI read this articel once, about a gui who stripped standard ELF .c hello world to 7 byte or so.13:15
tilman"size *does* matter" it was called13:15
tilmanbut it's not really funny13:16
treachheh, ratpoison is 117K .. :)13:16
aontreach: oh, great13:16
treachbiggest problem with xterm IMO, is that it's so slow. :/13:16
aoni don't thnk i'm going to start using it, though13:16
aonratpoison isn't even meant to be small afaik13:17
treachaon: I figured, I just thought I'd mention it.13:17
aonthe goal is to be clutter-free in appearance but very featureful13:17
aonwhich it is13:17
rawReal men don't use a window manager at all, they just startx with all the apps they need13:17
treachthe size comparision wasn't about the size of ratpoison really.13:17
aoni see13:18
treachit's just that they appear to have a lot in common, and ratpoison doesn't really have THAT much more features.13:18
aonit does13:18
treachok, I guess I'm missing something. I've just noticed dwm's disability to to hsplits.13:19
treachs to/do/13:19
rawtilman: no it's not, the source code size grew reciprocal to the size of the binary.13:20
treach(explicit ones.)13:20
tilmanraw: yes13:20
aonespecially if you compare to it some seriously bloated wm's13:20
aonlike metacity or xfwm :)13:20
treachmetacity, bloated?13:21
treachhm.. metacity barely does anything afaik..13:21
treachseems to be one of the biggest complains about it, too.13:21
rawlike all software in gnome world.13:21
aonyeah, nothing in gnome does anything but it's still bloated13:22
treachhm, I'm not sure what tinywm does in a list over "notsotiny" wms. :p13:24
aonit's there for comparison, supposedly13:24
treachand kwin is conspiciously missing.13:24
treachI guessed so, it's just a tad wrong to put it that way.13:25
aonwell, that guy is the author of tinywm13:25
jjpkFair and Balanced, Fox style.13:26
aonnobody would use tinywm, anyway13:26
aonin everyday use, at least13:27
treachif all you do is run firefox in fullscreen or something, maybe.13:28
treachobviously you wouldn't need a wm then.13:28
treachbut that's beside the point. :)13:28
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aoni've been playing around with cwm lately again, now that there's a more responsive upstream for it (openbsd) :)13:32
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ultrahmm, what's the best way to search all the repos for packages?15:12
ultradoes the site have a search... let's see...15:12
tilmanhint: /topic15:12
ultrayeh, but does portdb have a search for package?15:12
vektoriSomeone should put /topic in the topic.15:12
ultraanyways, I was just monologuing :)15:13
ultrafeel free to ignore me15:13
ultraand no, no gmail-notify port...15:13
ultraI wanna try making one :)15:13
tilmandude, if you want to monologue, go talk to /dev/null15:13
ultratilman: but then noone will comment :)15:13
ultraand I like comments15:14
tilman(22:13) <     ultra> feel free to ignore me15:14
aontalk to /dev/urandom, then15:14
tilmanmake up your mind15:14
ultratilman: I like some people to ignore me, I don't like people shouting READ THE FUCKING TOPIC at me :)15:14
vektorijheino@luutarha:~$ echo I am lonely. > /dev/null15:14
vektoribash: echo: write error: No space left on device15:14
ultravektori: hahahaha15:14
tilmanyes, i should probably ignore you then15:14
aonif you have emacs, M-x doctor15:15
ultratilman: well, if you like shouting READ THE FUCKING TOPIC then yes, that's a good idea :)15:15
aonif you have mg, M-x theo15:15
vektoriAh, yes. :)15:15
ultraor atleast, ignore me for a little while till I start bitching15:15
ultraanyways, back to trying to make my first port ;)15:15
aonmg (1) - emacs-like text editor15:15
ultrameh, emacs15:16
vektorimg is the better vi!15:16
vektoriOr at least it's the only editor that comes with OpenBSD that's actually usable.15:17
aoni use vi pretty much everywhere now15:18
ultraheh, well, gmail-notify is done in python15:18
aonexcept xemacs on windows15:18
ultraand I don't even have fucking python installed...15:18
vektoriI ought to learn vi better. There's no emacs on some of the HP-UXes at work. :(15:18
tilmanvimtutor :)15:18
aonsee, quite effective15:18
vektorivi, not vim. :P15:18
aonvim is vi with annoyances15:19
tilmanugh, install vim then15:19
aoni actually uninstalled vim because it sucks so hard15:19
aonnow i have Version 4.0 (gritter) 3/25/0515:19
tilmanwhich bsd people wrote mg?15:19
tilmanfreebsd or netbsd?15:19
aonit was an old public domain editor15:20
tilmanthey make fun of their own leader person?15:20
aondunno how actual quotes can be making fun of someone15:20
aonor something15:21
aonah shit, no15:21
tilmansure it can be15:21
tilmanimagine i quoted arnuld...15:21
aonwell, yes15:21
aon"Linux is fucking POO, not just bad, bad REALLY REALLY BAD"15:22
aoni wish they made shirts with that on them15:22
aonso i could wear one everytime it's redhat oops-day15:22
pitilloRomster, built fine your 71xx port, thank you again for your job. And seems that with a few tricks to grep the legacy package and later the version, can be used gl-select-x11r7 (jaeger's nvidia section) to use the properly libs.15:22
vektoriI wonder how Theo knows, since he's stated that he's never actually used Linux.15:22
ultraI want some of the FUCK UBUNTU shirts people were wearing at some debian conference15:22
tilmani *really* should put you on ignore15:23
ultratilman: me?15:23
ultraam I _that_ bad?15:23
aonvektori: but he still could know something about it15:23
tilmanhow could i possibly ignore aon or vektori!15:23
aoni don't really contribute anything valuable, i think everybody should basically ignore me15:23
rawultra: whom you're talking to>15:24
vektoriaon: Well yeah, maybe some hearsay. But I wouldn't call that a good argument.15:24
tilman"gprs sucks camel dick dryer than the gobi desert"15:24
ultraraw: huh, what'd I do now?15:24
tilman"openbsd development is slow because lots of developers have shrunken balls",15:24
rawultra: who is this 'aon' you're talking to? I know no aon.15:24
aoni wonder if that is also hearsay or first-hand experience15:25
aonthat ball size thing15:25
rawtilman: actually it's because they drink too much beer15:25
ultrameh, well, I'd say crux is the most BSD-y of linux distro's15:25
ultraI love that about it...15:25
rawI'd say crux is the most linux-y of linux distros \o/15:26
ultraholy shit, python built really fast :)15:26
ultra<3 CRUX15:26
ultranow for pygtk15:26
rawultra: There's something wrong with you.15:27
vektori/invite /dev/null15:27
vektori</dev/null> Hi. I'm here to listen to all your worries.15:27
ultraraw: why do you say that?15:27
rawaon: I run around in the gentoo forums with that as signature15:28
rawaon: the poo thingy15:28
ultrawow, great, so, this is an anti-linux linux user community?15:29
ultrawow, it's like all those anti-microsoft windows users...15:29
ultraI'm really asking for a ban :/15:30
jjpkpff. If all of us hated linux that much, then why would be even use it?15:30
tilman"the default configuration is a mixture of piss, puke, shit, and bloody entrails.",15:30
ultrahehe, thanks for that point jjpk :)15:30
jjpkWe know what we like and crux provides an excellent springboard of sorts.15:30
ultratilman: lol15:30
ultramaybe on redhat :)15:30
rawyep, we hate us and we kick ourselves in the ass on a daily basis!15:31
rawjjpk: I don't!15:31
* jjpk goes look for a whip15:31
jjpkJust some minor self-inflicted wounds ;)15:32
* tilman leaps onto the springboard15:32
jjpk"I HATE LINUX *whack*"15:32
jjpk"BUT I CAN'T STOP USING IT! *whack*"15:33
* tilman flies through the *air*15:33
rawtilman: installed xp again?15:33
tilmanno, i jumped onto the springboard15:33
tilmani find that thought quite funny right now15:33
tilmani better leave15:33
vektori\o/ for tilman leaving?15:34
tilmani'm wondering, too15:34
tilmanin fact i just opened ~/black_list.txt15:34
tilmanready to type in jjpk's name15:34
* raw plays the death aria15:35
jjpkThe gallows await.15:35
tilmanrehabdoll: i'll add your patch to xorg-server tomorrow, i promise15:35
aonraw: i see, how do they like you there?15:36
rawaon: tolerance level is about -23,515:36
rawaon: But I'm not banned yet.15:36
rawaon: That said, I'm not running around there screaming 'linux sucks'. Just the signature causes major woe.15:38
aoni see15:38
* raw better gets back to work15:39
rawThat said, I would run around with that signature everywhere because I'm an asshole.15:41
rawand that said, beginning every sentence with 'that said' kinda sucks15:42
aonthat said, indeed15:42
ultrathat said, shut up15:42
aon0mg, i'm using the BASICS15:43
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o aon15:44
aonnow i'm using the EXCESS15:44
vektoriI'm SHOCKED.15:44
rawaon: so, what do you know about the Role of Platelet-derived Growth Factor and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Obliterative Airway Disease?15:44
aonnot much15:45
jjpkvektori: rofl15:46
aonmuch of arnuld's writing seems like something i'd ramble while drunk if i had interest in the gnu philosophy15:47
ultrahmm... do ya think crux ports is a valid use of a googlecode project?15:47
rawdamn, they found out about my secret15:47
aonultra: try?15:48
ultraaon: hehe15:48
jjpkaon: the grammar constructs he used certainly hint at alcohol :D15:48
rawthanks, now I can't get back to work because I'm reading the crux mail archives15:49
rawthank you very much.15:49
aonjjpk: :D15:49
jjpkSHOCKINGLY distracting.15:49
ultrayay, I made my first crux port :)15:50
raw"from last 2 months i am installing and reinstalling many many GNO OS distros"15:53
rawBSDs are not copyleft and in future if i do write any code for any BSD it or even any BASH script for it then i will get BSD implications with it15:54
rawoh dead15:54
raw*oh dear15:54
rawplease, NO BASH SCRIPTS15:54
ultraso, anyone else have something for me to package?15:56
rawHe praises copyleft becuase of 'scientist's way of thinking'? Did I miss an important link here?15:56
jjpkI fail to see the difference there.15:58
rawjjpk: are you a scientist?15:58
jjpkBSD* licenses just give you even greater freedom, but both bsd and gpl licenses promote sharing.15:58
jjpkNo :D15:58
ultraBSD licenses don't give you true freedom either :)15:59
ultrayou have to WTFPL if you want true freedom :)15:59
rawultra: Ok, I just relicense you're program _and_ declare it as my work ;)16:00
rawthen I sue you for violating my intelectual property16:01
rawintellectual, even16:01
prologicshit I'm short a network cable16:02
aoni have some spares16:03
prologicsend one over16:03
prologicneed a 2m one :)16:03
rawprologic: set up the whole net and just about powering it, noticing a missing cable? :)16:03
prologicsomething like that16:04
prologicjust this radius box16:04
prologicmissing a cable for it :/16:04
prologicI think I used it on another AP :/16:04
rawah, ok :)16:04
prologicI have 8 of them here16:06
prologicall being used on my network though!16:06
prologicwas thinking of ripping my voip cable out :)16:06
rawI have a spare 15 metres16:08
prologicis cat5 2 wires or 4 ?16:09
rawd'oh! I have to look that up16:11
ultrahmm, is there a good java package out there?16:12
ultracool, I'll make one :)16:13
rawIt wouldn't be good either.16:14
ultraprolly not.16:14
prologicjava sucks :)16:14
prologichorrible platform16:14
rawThat is, as long as you cannot bend time and space.16:14
ultrayeah, true enough16:14
prologictry python instead16:14
ultraI'm not coding in it16:14
prologicoh well then16:14
prologicgo for your life :)16:14
ultraI'm just being a user of it :)16:14
ultraAzureus :)16:14
prologicthis cable turned out to be an RJ-11 cable :/16:14
ultraso, are there any java packages out there?16:15
prologicin opt16:15
rawuse with caution, though.16:15
prologicos there was16:15
prologicand jdk16:16
prologicinstall either16:16
prologicI'm using the jdk16:16
ultrayeah, I'll grab jdk16:16
ultraooh, e17 packages :)16:18
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treachO.o top stpry atm on one of the most serious newspapers here.. "Dachshounds most prone to die in accidents".16:39
* treach rubs his eyes16:39
j^2stop the presses!16:40
treachs /stpry/story/ btw.16:42
jjpkHappens all the time on mainstream mass media.16:43
jjpkThey have time slots to fill.16:43
treachapparently they are going down the drain.16:43
treachthey are also employing at least one journalist who can't sort out his pronomina. :/16:44
treach(he mixes up they/them)16:44
jjpkQuantity > quality ;)16:46
treachmmh, I want to spontaneously stangle people who fuck that up. it looks so incredibly stupid.16:46
treach"Har du smakat kakorna?" "Ja, dem var goda"  *ugh*.16:48
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger16:51
treachahh, new roadsigns.. higly intuitive as well.. :)16:52
j^2a dip and a one way street?16:53
treachWell, the first one made me think "Warning, skateboard ramp ahead" :p16:54
j^2damn wipper snappers, them and their rock/roll and skateboarding16:54
treachwhat it does mean is "warning, obstacle ahead". (to make people drive slower)16:55
jaegerconcave road ahead16:56
treachthe second one then? Any guesses what to do, or not to do when you see it? :)16:56
prologicstop ?16:56
jaegerdrive in parallel with the next nearest motorist16:56
prologicroad ends16:56
treachnope. "No parking on days with even dates". It's obvious, isn't it?16:56
prologicyou're joking!16:57
treachI swear, I'm not.16:57
treachthey must have gone nuts..16:57
prologicwhat stupid country has these ;)16:57
j^2that's...not right16:57
j^2no parking?!?!16:57
prologicon even days16:58
prologicof course ;)16:58
treachj^2: yeah. needed in some places to make it possible for the "garbage truck" (if that makes sense) to get through, etc.16:58
j^2yeah yall over there park anywhere right? like in england, on the sidewalks and all17:00
treachno.. but you know, in general our citys are all built before the car was invented.. ;)17:01
j^2:-O you crazy bastards :P17:01
treachso there are parking spaces along the streets, or you're allowed to park along it, sometimes on both sides.. which sometimes makes passing a bit exciting.17:02
treacheven if you're driving a fiat.17:03
jjpkI have heard the situation is relatively bad in certain areas of Stockholm that you have to pay a toll to enter with a car.17:03
jjpkSince it already exists, won't be long for Helsinki to copy it17:04
j^2new york is about to do it too17:04
treachit makes sense.17:04
jjpkcars and city centers... no :D17:05
treachbut trying to make people take the subway or some other way of masstransit does.17:06
treach(I guess it does to anyone this side of the atlantic at least. :o) )17:07
jjpkTo quote Tuomov, those infernal machines and the motor-terrorists :D17:07
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC17:07
jjpkI have no problem with cars on highways, cars in packed city centers piss me off.17:08
treachright, longer transports when you have to bring a lot of gear with you, it's great.17:08
treachcircling around in the city to find a parking place just plain sucks.17:09
jjpkIndeed, such a waste of time.17:09
jjpkA relative of mine once said it is cheaper to mispark your car and pay the fine than pay the parking fee itself.17:10
treachhmm? Is that so?17:10
treachI guess it's cheap to mispark where he lives. :)17:11
jjpkHard to say.17:11
jjpkThis was somewhere in Helsinki. I can't confirm it because I don't live there.17:11
treachI think the parking fine in stockholm is around $115 or so.17:12
jjpkNor do I plan to live there either.17:12
treach(depending on where you mispark a bit)17:12
jjpkProbably the same in helsinki.17:13
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ultraw00t! I have e17 working!17:25
treachwoot, fvwm working here! \o/17:25
thrice`does e17 run decent yet ?17:26
ultraI'm not creative enough for fvwm >.>17:26
ultrait runs well for me17:26
ultraI'll see how this CVS goes17:26
thrice`I don't have enough patience for fvwm17:26
ultrathis one has desktop icons :)17:26
ultrayeh, exactly my problem17:26
ultraif you like reading man pages the size of a book: FVWM!17:26
thrice`which ports did you use for e17 ?17:26
treachthrice`: set it once, forget about it. ;)17:26
treachthe problem is how to arrive to that state though. :D17:27
thrice`I thought Han had the only e17 ports17:27
ultragetting a decent fvwm config is hard17:27
jjpkI suppose fvwm's problem is its unlimited configurability :D17:29
treachbut it's not unlimited. Apparently you can't get the critical "Squeeze titel" functionality. ;D17:30
jjpkI have looked at a few random fvwm rc files and they are very messy :s17:30
jjpkProbably possible by combining a few functions or hacking the source code to provide whatever is wanted.17:31
ultraI used han's ports17:32
ultraseem to work great17:32
treachsome people just have too much time..17:33
jjpkIt does look impressive.17:34
jjpkTook an impressive amount of time most likely to get to that stage :D17:34
* jjpk can barely imagine the overkill .fvwm2rc file for that :D17:36
ultrahey, anyone have a binary package of firefox
thrice`han maintained the port17:36
pitillotreach, I am using han's e17 ports17:37
treachultra: you can probably just bump the version number in han's binary port.17:37
pitillosorry, thrice` not treach17:37
treachautocomp ftl17:37
thrice`do you just gunzip all of the footprints ?17:37
treach :P17:37
jjpkgunzip them, or let it create it :p17:37
jjpkBetter yet, rip the port and maintain one yourself ;)17:38
pitillothrice`, I talk to han I to tell him I dont understand the footprint with E... too many changes in a few time... I remove always footprint17:38
ultragreat, in this enlightenment, I can't add applications :)17:39
ultranice and broken :)17:39
pitilloI only use footprint in modules... always are created the same... (but a little talk with han too about modules port...)17:39
treachit's not broken. the tools are there, iirc, but mostly commandline stuff.17:40
pitillos/but/but I had17:40
treachI don't really like e17. Too much binary configuration files and shit like that.17:41
ultraI know what you mean17:41
ultraI broke it and had to rm all my config files17:42
jjpkI still have not tried e17 out.17:42
ultrait's nice to look at and play with17:42
ultrabut not too permanent... yet17:42
ultraheh, how about binary gnome or kde?17:42
jjpkProbably won't either, it may look nice but it does not compel me at all.17:42
ultrajjpk: well, it's worth a shot to use it :)17:43
treachultra: this *is* a source based distro. Now be a good boy and fire up your compiler.. :D17:43
ultraperforms nice and fast too17:43
ultratreach: yeah, but for such big things...17:43
treachyep. indeed..17:43
ultrameh, fine, I'll build  fucking gnome17:43
ultraand firefox.17:43
treachI was a KDE user for quite some time.. but I gave up when an upgrade took all day. :/17:44
ultraalso, why does pkgutils always fail to build?17:44
treachlook at the error17:44
treachit's quite obvious isn't it?17:44 error: archive.h: No such file or directory17:44 error: archive_entry.h: No such file or directory17:44
ultraI'd say that's the problem :)17:44
ultrasome library must be missing17:44
ultrabut what...17:44
jjpkprt-get depends pkgutils...17:44
treachwhee.. We have a winner here.. :D17:44
ultralol, ok17:45
jjpktreach: orly?17:45
ultra[ ] libarchive17:45
jjpkVery typical problem lately ;)17:45
treachwell, he came to the correct conclusion at least. :)17:45
ultrathat explains something.17:45
* ultra makes mental note to actually read error :)17:46
ultrammh, why doesn't sysup automagically fix the dependencies? :)17:46
treachbecause it's up to you.17:47
jjpkcrux is very much DIY, it does not hold hands.17:47
treachand it doesn't force your hand, for good or ill.17:47
pitillotreach, .desktop supports makes configuration easier.17:47
pitillotreach, do you mean the old edj?17:47
ultrabut it should atleast use the dependency checks it's capable of...17:48
treachultra: no.17:48
treachwhat if I don't like the deps that are presented?17:48
ultrathen you don't upgrade? :P17:49
treachin this case it's ok, but otherwise? I don't particulary feel for a total install of gnome because I use evince or something like that.17:49
ultraI'm having that problem!17:49
ultraI can't install gedit without installing half of fucking gnome becasue of all the dependcies :)17:49
treachpitillo: I have no idea what you're talking about, but I haven't used e17 for several months.17:49
nipuLso don't use gedit, it's not a very good editor anyway17:50
treachwell, blame it on gedit then, or your own ignorance about the actual deps.17:50
treach(chose whichever fits best)17:50
ultrasorta both :)17:50
treachyou see that's the point.17:51
ultracause gedit actually requires 1/4 of gnome :)17:51
pitillotreach, the old binary configuration way was with the old edj files. I asked if do you mean that.17:51
ultraanyways, I'm sticking with a lighter solution cause I don't wanna build fucking gnome :)17:51
treachif you're well aware of the actual deps, you can leave stuff out without problems.17:51
treachbut it's all up to what you know. prt-get won't force you either way, and that's what's great about it.17:52
treachpitillo: I probably do, since it's been almost 6 months or so since I last gave it a try..17:53
*** tilman has quit IRC17:54
treachautomatic deps are fine as long as you agree with the packager, but if he turns out to be a moronic retard it quickly turns sour..17:54
pitillotreach, I think aroud 6 moths ago they were using binary, then moved to .order (plain) and now playing with .desktop (standard)17:54
treachok, that seems sane.17:55
pitillotreach, yes of course, sane and easier than the binary way.17:55
treachpitillo: I guess you mean moNths. ;)17:55
ultratreach: well, then, that's sorta the nice part about crux pkgfile's :)17:55
ultraif you don't like the deps, fix 'em17:55
pitilloxD yes of course, I did not notice is, sorry.17:55
pitilloarf s/is/it17:56
pitillomy bed is calling me.... :)17:56
treachyeah, I know, or make a port yourself.17:56
treachthe point is that it's easier to use your head than fight with some automatic tool anyway.17:56
ultrahmm... I wanna make more packages :)17:57
treachget going then, "the source is out there".17:58
nipuL"use the source, neo"17:59
ultraI need things to package :)17:59
ultrayou people list while I eat dinner :)17:59
ultraok... I'm back and ready to generate more useless channel activity18:21
ultrahmm, I didn't really get the whole user-choice over just doing what the fuck the user told it to, but it sorta makes sense18:27
ultraI just installed the nvidia drivers.18:27
ultrait made me use -f to overwrite libGL18:27
thrice`bad idea!18:29
thrice`did you use the readme for gl-select ?18:29
ultraof course not :)18:31
ultradoes it really matter?18:31
thrice`maybe not...but it's proper18:31
treachpeople just write those readmes because they think it's so much fun.18:31
ultratreach: lol18:32
thrice`too much time on their hands18:32
treachnext time you install something, look at what it says at the end.18:33
treachlike for instance, "Installed x ports with readme's" or some such.18:33
treachalso, respect the guy who wrote that readme.18:34
ultraheh, I read the readme's for e17 and such...18:35
ultrabut didn't think I needed to for that...18:35
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ultrahmm, can anyone tell me how to make sshd work?18:54
ultrawhen I try to ssh myself I get:18:55
ultrassh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host18:55
ultrahmm, should prolly google that...18:55
jaegercheck the handbook18:58
jaegerI think that's in there somewhere18:58
ultragoogle wasn't getting me too far...19:00
jaegercheck /etc/hosts.deny /etc/hosts.allow19:01
ultrammh, don't see anything in the handbook..19:02
ultraand that's sshing from localhost!19:02
ultraALL: ALL: DENY19:02
ultrathat explains something.19:02
ultrait's default deny...19:02
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nipuLultra: secure by default is a good thing20:38
ultranipuL: yes, but denying all hosts ssh...20:46
ultrassh is secure by default :)20:46
ultrawell, fairly secure atleast...20:46
ultrasecure enough that efficincy should be taken in most cases I'd say20:47
prologicit'a as secure as the cipher you use20:56
*** majyk has joined #crux20:58
ultraheh, but that's secure by default :)20:59
ultraI'm off21:00
ultracya later everyone21:00
prologicwell you can use no cipher :)21:30
prologicthen ssh is secure no more :)21:30
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nipuLssh is only secure as your weakest password22:25
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