IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-06-01

prologichey guys00:02
prologicproblem installing 2.3 on an AMD box00:02
prologicI just get "L" when booting00:02
prologicany suggestions ?00:02
prologicI tried "lilo -mbr" and it just goes "LILO. Loading CRUX" and that's it00:03
teK_L: The first stage boot loader has been loaded. If LILO stops here, there were problems loading the second stage boot loader. This is usually accompanied by an error code. The common problems at this stage are media problems or incorrect disk parameters specified in your lilo.conf file.00:05
teK_not THAT helpful, I guess00:05
nipuLcheck your lilo.conf00:06
prologicthe lilo.conf is perfectly fine00:06
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prologicI put root on hda200:06
prologicand there are no error codes displayed00:06
prologicit just stops at ":"00:06
prologic"L" rather00:06
prologicI highly suspect a bad disk here :/00:06
prologicalthough it's brand new :)00:06
nipuLwhat about image?00:45
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pitillogood morning01:05
schniggiegood morning :)01:14
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nipuLi wish i hade made my squid cache it's own partition, this is taking forever to delete02:18
prologicanyone know of any decent inexpsneive dedicated hosting ?02:19
prologicflexible enough to install crux on02:19
nipuLi'm running crux on a vps02:19
nipuLvery cheaply02:19
rawdoes someone here know how I can adjust screen brightness in xorg?02:20
nipuLas long as customer service isn't a requirement their ok02:20
nipuLraw xgamma02:20
prologicurl ?02:21
rawnipuL: that's for gamma adjustment, isn't it?02:23
rawnipuL: gamma != brightness02:24
nipuLworks for me02:24
nipuLlets not get into semantics02:24
rawnipuL: no _IS_ a difference wether I tune gamma or brightness. That has nothing to do with semantics02:25
prologicnipuL, who you host with ?02:25
nipuLxgamma -g 1.5 , then tell me your screen's not brighter02:28
rawbecause I tuned the green component02:29
rawor all of themm02:29
rawanyway, tuning gamma isn't the same as tuning brightness02:29
mike__nipuL: what is the exact link on that vps hosting (alowing to install a distro of choice)?02:47
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sepenmorning all!02:58
sepenhmm jack-audio-connec.... fixed, thanks Romster03:00
Romsteri was messing with sed but yeah too much effort :/03:01
Romsterso needs to learn Makefiles more.03:01
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pitilloRomster, did you read my message yesterday?03:36
Romsterpitillo, ah the one about you'll try the new port?03:39
Romsterwhat was the results of that?03:39
pitilloxD can not find logs from yesterday...03:43
pitilloRomster, works really well. Using gl-select-x11r7 (only changing the checkinstalled port and version) can be used too with your 71xx port and it did the libs changes well too.03:44
pitilloRomster, thank you for your job :)03:44
Romstergl-select-x11r7 is the old one its now gl-select03:47
Romsterand i need to edit that.03:47
Romsteronly changing the checkinstalled port and version < hmm03:47
pitillolooking to it (I dont remember wich I modified, I think you are in true and I changed gl-select from opt)03:48
pitillowhat is the meaning of hmm?03:48
Romsterhmm = thinking.03:48
Romsterits a sound. as in a virbal geasture03:49
pitillowell I explaint it a bit better: the function checkInstalled() did not find your port, changing the grep var works. And the NV_VER too... modified to pick the correct version 71xx03:50
prologicanyway to convert a pdf to an image ?03:50
pitilloah ok, sorry. I thought it can be some acronym. :)03:50
namenlosnew ati driver is out...03:50
pitilloprologic, does convert work? (I can not test it before asking you) convert file.pdf file.jpg03:51
pitilloprologic, only was an idea and it did not work here, sorry03:53
Romsterpitillo, ah i see, hmm i got a idea for a simple way to patch so it checks for all 3 versions.03:54
prologicconvert works03:55
pitilloRomster, that is the first I thougth but add a new one with nvidia fuction code duplicated is not a good way IMO. I think the best way is to modify the nvidia function to add support to legacy too (71xx and 91xx)03:56
Romsteryeah that's what i intended todo.03:56
pitilloprologic, true, here I am rebuilding imagemagick with the correct gnutls port. (it will work)03:56
sepenthe best *nix .)
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ultranipuL: "ssh is only as secure as your weakest password", well, I use key authentication along with anyone else who wants it to actually be secure :)05:18
ultrabut I guess you wouldn't really turn on key auth and everything else off by default05:19
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prologicpkgutils has a bug in it05:48
prologiceither missing libarchive05:48
prologicor something05:48
treachprologic: are you kidding?05:48
prologicfresh 2.3 install and can't upgrade pkgutils to the latest version because of compile errorss05:48
prologicno I'm not05:48
prologicfresh crux 2.3 install via cd05:48
prologicports -u05:48
prologicand sysup05:48
prologicand it won't upgrade05:48
prologicI am manually installing libarchive now05:48
prologicthat fixed it05:49
prologicso it's missing that dep05:49
treachI had never expected you to make that error..05:49
treachno, it's not missing.05:49
treachprt-get depends pkgutils05:49
prologicthen why did the upgrade not work ?05:49
rxi_wasnt there something with sysup that misses it?05:49
treachprologic: because it's a NEW dep.05:50
prologiclibarchive should have been installed05:50
prologicand it wasn't05:50
prologicI installed _all_ of core form the cd05:50
jjpksysup does not install dependencies05:50
pitilloprologic, take a look to the ML, there is a good explanation/discussion there05:50
prologicno I reaqlize that05:50
prologictreach, said it just there05:50
prologic"it's a new dep"05:50
prologicI'm not even on te ml now :/05:50
prologicgot lazy with my subscription05:50
prologicand got kicked off :)05:50
pitilloarfarf xD05:51
prologicbut yeah I realize it's a new dep05:51
jjpkThe pkgutils shipped with 2.3 did not use libarchive.05:51
prologicand the cd is probably out of date :)05:51
jjpkIt came later on.05:51
pitilloprologic, you always have the choice of using the webML to at least review it.05:51
prologicwhich is why the sysup doesn't work05:51
prologichowever that's an inherent problem with sysup ihmo05:51
prologicsysup should be intelligent enough to work this out05:51
prologic*meh* :)05:51
jjpkNo it should not.05:51
treachit's an inherent problem with people who doesn't check the deps. :D05:52
prologicor check the mls05:52
prologicor get lazy with their subscription :)05:52
prologicI get too many emails05:52
prologicno time to read any of them :005:52
treacha classig boobietrap iow. :)05:52
prologicgawd I hate sf05:52
treachboobytrap, I mean. :]05:52
prologiceasily solved obviosuly :)05:53
prologicbah fuck'n :/05:53
* prologic kicks sf05:53
prologicwe should technically release a new cd05:53
prologic2.3.1 :005:53
jjpkOverkill for such a simple thing.05:54
prologicbut still05:54
prologicanyone have a working mirror list I can chuck in /etc/hosts ?05:54
prologicthis is stupid :/05:54
pitilloprologic, are you using the one provided at handbook?05:57
prologicdidn't know there was one05:58
treachprologic: works for me05:58
nipuLthat's the australian mirror05:58
pitillosorry, not handbook, at faq05:58
pitillotreach, +1 here05:58
Romsterprologic, try prdownloads.sf.net06:03
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prologicgzip: stdin: invalid compressed data--format violated06:20
prologictar: Unexpected EOF in archive06:20
prologictar: Unexpected EOF in archive06:20
prologicgah :/06:20
prologicI keep getting a corrupted .tar.gz for mysql06:20
prologiccan anyone verify this ?06:20
prologicthe sunsite's mirros appears ot have a corrupt copy06:22
Romsterprologic, uploading my copy to cancer in my home dir for ya.06:25
prologicnah it's ok06:26
prologicgetting it somewhere else06:26
prologicstop wasting my badnwidth :)06:26
Romsterlol k...06:26
Romsterwell the Pkgfiles should be altered if that one is corupt06:26
prologicwell who knows what's going on06:27
prologicbut I'm not having fun installing radius on this box06:27
prologicmysql's source is broken06:27
Romsternot here it isn't...06:27
prologichow can you download it okay, and I just get corrupted archives of it06:28
prologicworks fine now06:29
prologicdownloaded it from a different mirror06:29
prologicsunsite's is broken06:30
ultra06:08 < prologic> pkgutils has a bug in it06:47
ultraI just had that yesterday06:47
ultrait looks like they added a new dependency on libarchive06:47
Romsteris it that hard to not realise it's libarchive?06:48
jjpkIt is not entirely obvious.06:48
Romsterif a Pkg failes look at the depends on line.. for one..06:49
Romstersometimes they alter between versions.06:49
Romsterpkgutils should bailout if libarchive isn't installed really. saying missing: libarchive06:50
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jjpkhi cptn06:52
pitillohello cptn06:57
jjpkI have not seen any port do so, apart from internal messages about xyz missing.06:57
cptnI guess he means pkgutils the software06:58
jjpkI realize that.06:58
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jjpkBy the time the next release is done, the problem should be removed.06:59
jjpkRight now it is awkward for people who do not follow the mailing list.06:59
prologicor have no time to :/07:05
Romsteror don't look at the depends on line..07:06
prologicdont' be so harsh :/07:06
prologicI am 90% blind ya know07:06
Romstereasy thing todo a prt-get deptree pkgutils and see a dependencys not installed...07:06
prologicbesides I was merely making conversation earlier anyways - not really complaining or anything07:06
Romsteron a package that fails.07:06
Romsteri always do that as a first step unless i've made a package and go hunting for a dependency it needs.07:07
Romsterprologic, ya is ok, but i do see the trap for others.07:07
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prologichow do you do scanning with iwconfig these days ?07:28
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cptndon't think you can07:29
cptniwlist scan07:29
prologicthat's the one07:31
prologicbloody hell07:31
prologicthis d-link dwl g122 (hw c1) ain't picking up even my AP07:32
prologicin the room!07:32
rxi_lol dlink says it all07:32
prologicinstalled the latest driver and all07:33
prologicyeah well I don't like dlink either07:33
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prologicthis bloody thing isn't sending anything out07:39
prologicreally weird07:39
prologicyeah spose you want me to fix that :)07:39
tilmani hope that's just a figure of speech07:40
*** jdolan_ has joined #crux07:40
prologicno :)07:40
prologicit's in my todo list07:40
prologicmay as well do it now while you've reminded me :)07:41
prologicwtf is \o/ :) ?07:42
tilmanarm 1, head, arm 207:42
* thrice` pictures tilman's enthusiasm07:42
tilmani'm totally not excited thrice`07:42
prologicIRC is getting weird07:43
Romsterprologic, wanna see a weider channel :P07:43
prologicno thanks07:44
prologicyou still can't spell07:44
prologicoh wiat you can07:44
Romsteryeash lol07:44
prologicthis fuck'n dlink shitty driver07:45
prologicremoves the last fuck'n char of my essid setting I'm giginv iwconfig07:45
cptnIIRC you need to follow a certain order of commands07:45
cptnifconfig up / iwlist scan /iwconfig essid07:46
cptnI have one of those as well (g122 c1)07:46
prologicI have to bring the iface up first ?07:46
prologicbah :)07:46
prologicsilly me07:46
prologicyeah mine's a c307:46
prologicoh shit07:47
prologicit's interferring with my keyboard's wifi signals07:47
prologicargg :/07:47
prologicholy crap!07:47
prologichow can they be o nthe same bloody frequency :/07:47
prologicthis is stupid07:47
rxi_only some mice/keyboards use 2.4ghz07:48
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prologicthis is insane07:54
prologicI pulled ito ut07:54
prologicand it hard fronze my kdb/mouse07:54
rxi_are they both usb or something?07:56
cptnyeah, usb07:56
cptnwell, the wifi device is at least07:57
rxi_oh man no wonder your not having much luck .. dlink and usb07:57
jjpkHad a dlink AP running for for three years, and a cardbus dlink adapter.07:58
prologicthis seems to be frezing up my computer07:58
prologicwhen I brnig rausb0 up, it seme smy comptuer is just cooking voer time07:58
prologiceverything is unresponsiv e:/07:58
rxi_jjpk: you can get a good model/hw revision but most of their products suck07:59
jjpkrxi_: could be.08:00
jjpkFrom reviews I have seen good and bad fairly equally.08:00
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prologicbug with the rt73 driver I am sure08:16
prologicip link rausb0 up - and poof my computer freezes itself08:17
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tilmanprologic: subversion-perl?08:22
*** rxi has joined #crux08:24
tilmanrehabdoll: can you link me to THE PATCH again? :)08:33
tilmanrehabdoll:;a=commitdiff;h=9c80eda826448822328bb678a7d284cc43fffb17 this might be it, but i'm not sure08:33
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j^2it's chatter in the channel though...10:32
* j^2 kicks tumbleweed10:32
vektoriWhat, you think people don't have anything better to do on Friday? :P10:32
j^2exactly :D10:32
* tilman fights with latex and bibtex10:36
j^2fun? :P10:37
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tilmanyou have no idea ;)10:38
* vektori plays the Mortal Kombat theme.10:39
tilmani would like to use GOF95 for the gang of four book10:39
tilmanbut it uses GHJV9510:39
tilmanwhich isn't as leet :(10:39
j^2wow that was totally over my head :P10:40
j^2German even :P10:40
j^2GOF95, idea what that is10:40
j^2ohhh ok10:41
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rehabdolltilman: looks like it11:17
rehabdollyeah, its the same11:18
tilmani'm busy right now, but i'll add it later11:21
rehabdollno worries11:22
tilmanrehabdoll: compiling now11:28
*** onestep has joined #crux11:28
thrice`hehe; later meaning 2 minutes? :)11:28
tilmanthrice`: i just fixed my latex/bibtex problems11:29
thrice`ah - nice :)11:29
tilmannow the remaining problem is that my text is full of bullshitting11:30
rehabdollMISSING   -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/lib/Libidn.dll <- what kind of file is that?11:31
RedShiftlibidn: Description    : Implementation of the Stringprep, Punycode and IDNA specifications11:34
RedShiftDescription    : Implementation of the Stringprep, Punycode and IDNA specifications11:34
rehabdollyeah, but the .dll file11:34
tilmanyou missed the point i think11:34
rehabdollits the only one thats not being built11:35
rehabdollgoogle only returns windows/mono stuff11:35
tilmanmono sounds right11:35
tilmani mean it might be mono ;)11:35
rehabdolloh, i thought it was in opt.. its a contrib port11:36
thrice`isn't there a mono repo as well ?11:36
rehabdollits not a dependancy for libidn so it should not be included in the footprint11:37
rehabdolli'll ask romster when he gets online11:37
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tilmanrehabdoll: ports -u xorg11:53
*** Romster has joined #crux11:53
thrice`tilman: sure you pushed ?  nothing here11:54
tilmantry again11:55
tilmanthe export takes a few seconds11:55
thrice`there it goes :)11:55
tilmanthrice`: if you don't have issues atm, you don't need to upgrade11:55
tilmani think it's only needed if you run nvidia11:56
thrice`ah; i'm using the radeon driver11:56
tilmandon't bother then11:56
thrice`eh, it'll go at a sysup anyways11:57
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Vincent_hello xD ?13:18
Vincent_who got some nice crux screenshots :) ?13:18
Vincent_do you have tilman?13:19
tilmanyes, but my website is down13:19
RedShiftVincent_: I got a nice one13:19
tilmanit looks like any other desktop13:19
Vincent_redshift: where ? :)13:19
RedShiftVincent_: press ctrl+alt+f1...13:19
Vincent_tilman: is it nice?13:19
Vincent_nothing happens xD13:20
RedShiftthat's it :p13:20
Vincent_woooh :|13:20
Vincent_is it like this?
tilmanah, i've got stuff todo13:21
Vincent_than dont react :)13:21
Vincent_but i dont gonna install something, what i dont now how it looks13:22
jaegerit looks how you want it to look13:22
tilmanif you install gnome, it will look like gnome13:22
tilmanif you install kde, it will look like kde13:22
tilmani could go on13:22
RedShifttilman: what's wrong with /dev/vc/1 :\13:22
Vincent_im gonna download CRUX 2.3 from :) and just look what it is:)13:23
Vincent_dude there a 10000000 people in this room and its fucking boring here xD13:27
Vincent_but i see ya13:27
*** Vincent_ has quit IRC13:27
tilmanhe didn't get it, did he?13:28
j^2interesting fellow that :/13:35
RedShiftI'm missing that 10000000 people13:39
RedShiftwhere did they go?13:39
j^2....all invisible, idlers :P13:40
jaegerbit of a spaz13:44
*** treach has joined #crux13:44
j^2just like treach :P13:45
treachhmm.. doing a bit of backbiting, j^2? :>13:46
j^2only out of love ;)13:47
treachj^2: QOTD for you; "Those who speak ill of others in your presence, will speak ill of you in your absence."13:52
treachSeems fairly accurate too. :]13:52
*** aon_ is now known as aon13:53
* aon removes ipv4 freenode from irssi's list13:53
jjpk10000000 people in this channel? I have to blind because I do not see that at all :D13:54
*** aon has quit IRC13:54
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* j^2 starts tearing up because no one like him 13:54
jjpkAdvice, do not base your self-worth and image simply on that criteria ;)13:56
j^2but CRUX is life, and without #crux i have no life blood :D13:57
RedShiftdamn, I wish I was OP so I could kick j^2 now... would make a great quote...14:00
treachheh, you're setting yourself up pretty well with that statement. :D14:01
*** rugek has quit IRC14:03
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j^2treach: :D14:03
tilman... <-> *munch*15:00
tilmanworst pacman ever :(15:00
vektoriUgh, digg.15:00
j^2that looks more like a duck :P15:00
vektoriOr like Dizzy the anthropomorphic egg.15:01
j^2 anthropomorphic egg = pacman!15:01
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ultrahi Sprinky16:51
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nipuLj^2: heh, had to comment on that one18:51
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