IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-06-02

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Romsterheh nipuL on digg.01:43
tilmanabout what?01:44
treachtilman: presumeably the link in the log. ;)01:47
tilmanthe archlinux crap?01:48
tilman11. It's based on CRUX, the greatest distro ever :)01:48
treachtilman: did you see the vimperator link? ;)01:49
tilmani won't try it though ;)01:50
treach:beep <301:50
treachstill using kazehakase?01:51
tilmannah, ff01:51
treachheh, it's still a bit too limited :)01:52
treach(but damn, it makes ff look like a slug..)01:52
treach  puritanism ftw. :/01:58
prologicI need to get a zendid02:21
prologichow do I do that ?02:21
tilmanhow about you finally fix subversion-perl02:24
prologicno :)02:25
prologicjust kidding02:25
prologicsorry I've been out all day02:25
prologicjust got back02:25
prologicI'll try get this fixed right now02:26
prologicI need to find out how to get this zendid I need for this box too though02:26
prologicso I can get a trial of radiusmanager installed02:26
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