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pitillogood morning01:16
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nipuLyay arnuld is unsubscribing03:05
namenloshad the same thoughts ;)03:08
namenlosanyone knows a console calendar program, to plan tasks, and so on? at the moment i only found remind:
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vektorinamenlos: pal03:41
namenlosvektori: thanks. i'll try that one out.04:01
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jaegernipuL: was the subject "mailing list problem" ?07:47
rxijaeger: opt ports problem07:51
jaegerrxi: I was joking, really :)07:51
rxii only check the web archives for laughs every now and then07:53
thrice`poor arnuld :(07:58
surrounderwoot, new arnuld posts? :D08:04
jjpkI bet he will be back.08:04
jjpkSpastic people are boomeranglike.08:04
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jjpkThe continuous distro-sailing is a good example of that behavior ffs.08:06
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surrounderjjpk: hehe so true08:10
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dromerhi all, by continueing pressure of surrounder I finally got convinced to try out crux. On an ancient toshiba laptop that is (a bit of a chalange ..)09:32
RyoShave fun09:33
dromersince the laptop has no cdrom or working floppy-drive I installed the 2.5" hd on my desktop-pc, then moved it to the laptop for first boot (I used the i568 install)09:33
j^2always fun09:35
dromernow on boot I immediately get the following errors: ACPI: Unable to locate RSDP  and Fatal: No config space access function found09:35
dromerthen it gives an error about my hda3 (/home partition) and after the "Filesystem Check Failed"-notice I'm presented with a root maintanance prompt09:36
dromerso .. anybody got ideas ? ;)09:36
j^2try booting with "acpi=off"09:37
dromerhow can I do that? lilo doesn't give me a prompt to change boot (sorry, I have not much lilo-experience ;) )09:38
j^2oh you've already installed it?09:38
j^2i got nothing then ;)09:38
dromerI have a maintanance shell atm though09:39
surrounderdromer: why the hell did you install lilo ?09:42
dromerdefault? :$09:42
dromerI didn't want to mess too much :P09:42
dromershould I go back to the install and do pkgadd? :P09:43
surrounderlilo is a POS anyways09:43
dromersurrounder: you have any ideas how to fix it? (go into maintenance-shell and mess around there?)09:46
surroundernot really, haven't touched lilo in years09:48
dromerI was thinking on using grub during the install though. but couldn't find how to activate it09:50
dromerand considering lilo was standard, I thought it might be better to try it first09:50
surrounderit's documented in the handbook09:50
dromerok, I'll try and install that then ;)09:55
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tilmannvidia users around?11:42
tilmannvidia users around who are willing to test a patch for the xorg-libx11 port?11:42
thrice`sorry, I fit neither of those11:45
thrice`well, i'm willing, but at work on a windows machine11:45
aonin case you mean nvidia driver users and not nvidia hardware using nv, no11:45
tilmanbinary nvidia driver users around who are willing to test a patch for the xorg-libx11 port?11:46
tilmanif this breaks, it's your own fault11:55
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pitillotilman, here I am using nvidia-legacy-71xx. Is this valid?12:45
tilmanpitillo: i think you qualify as a test subject12:45
pitillotilman, ok, do you have a link?12:46
rehabdollis it the updated libx11 port in xorg?12:46
tilmanprt-get update xorg-libx11 pitillo12:46
tilmanrehabdoll: yeah12:46
pitillotilman, ok, I thought it wasn't  :)12:46
tilmanpitillo: i just didn't want to wait any longer12:46
tilmani'm an impatient bastard12:46
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rehabdolltilman: what kind of issues were you expecting?13:19
rehabdolli have none btw :)13:19
pitillohere is building xorg-server non-updated deps by now...13:28
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jaegertilman: no problems here, so far13:47
pitillotilman, here the same13:52
tilmanthank you, brave souls13:52
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Romstertilman, ya i use nvidia14:37
Romsterpython import Tree < where did ElementTree go?14:37
wavefunctionRomster, do you mean : where is ElementTree lib installed and how I can import it ?14:44
Romsterimport Tree is in a peace of code and that arn't working i just found "from xml.etree.ElementTree import Element, ElementTree" works but the rest of the code needs altering too.14:45
Romsterwavefunction, preatymuch.14:45
* tilman covers his eyes14:46
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Romsterlol what.. least i'm bloody well trying to learn...14:56
treach"piece", "isn't", "I", "pretty much". :>15:01
tilmanRomster: don't worry, we love you15:01
treachsome way to go still, it seems. :)15:01
Romsterwell at least i'm not as bad as arnold lol..15:05
Romsterugh i can't type or spell this morning..15:05
j^2i'm telling you we should invite him to #crux ;)15:05
j^2then we can all /ignore :P15:05
j^2and he wont spam the ML15:05
Romstershun him if i had access too.15:05
rehabdoll-!- There is no such nick arnuld15:27
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aoni'm not sure if he has time for irc, he seems quite serious about this software stuff after all16:08
j^2I would be SHOCKED if he decided not to take the offer ;)16:10
nipuLit would be more fun to invite him there then +q him16:28
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pTRGood evening (at least in Europe): is it normal behaviour that 'prt-get search portname' stops searching after the first match? I'd like to be able to see all ports matching my query from my user repos...just wondering16:35
j^2isnt there a regex command?16:37
pTRYes. But that should be possible without using the tool's standard behaviour...isn't it? Well, I could do a find or (s)locate...but...16:38
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treachprt-get only looks for the first match listed in the prtdirs.16:40
treachanything else would be incredibly messy.16:40
pTROk. But why messy? Sometimes I'd like to match some versions of a package that lives in multiple repos etc..16:42
treachmessy? Well, consider a depinstall with 50 packages and 3 versions of a bunch of deps etc..16:43
treachif you're going to sort that out on the command line, it's going to be messy.16:44
pTR;--) you're right ...16:44
RomsterpTR, list your private repo so it overrides the rest if you like.16:48
Romsterif oyu have a custom moifyed port that you want to over ride the ones in the other repos16:48
treachRomster: shut up.16:48
treachat least until you've sobered up.16:48
Romsteri'm not drunk yeash16:49
Romsterdefen't not.16:49
Romsteri've been awake all nite though.16:49
treachand the difference is?16:49
Romstertiredness != drunk16:50
treachwell, has basically the same effects.16:50
Romsternot exactly but whats your point?16:50
pTRMe, I'm drunken..btw... same question, other point of view: maybe there exists a package of an older version in a repo parsed before but you'd like the newer one in another repo (which I did not know of)...How can one handle such a case? Stupid questions..I know16:51
treachwell, almost exactly, except for the breath I guess...16:51
treachpTR: contact the maintainer, make your own up-to-date port.16:52
pTRtreach.: thx. *sigh* Or check the portsdb to filter out the port you want...Good night (once again -> in Europe)16:55
treachI know. :)16:56
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nipuLmy portsdb script can do that...sort of16:58
j^2what about ? ;)17:03
j^2damnit, s/ts/t17:04
j^2take it easy guys17:11
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