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pitillogood morning01:11
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sepenmorning all02:09
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nipuLprologic: ping03:49
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prologicnipuL, PONG05:35
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nipuLremember when we did that half arsed attempt at gports?05:49
prologicI do05:52
prologicstill have the repo here05:52
nipuLand you wrote an re pattern for pkgfiles, do you still have that?05:52
nipuLyeah i know i was looking at it today05:52
prologicit's a part of my pymills.crux library05:52
nipuLin your repo?05:52
prologicin the pymills git repo yes05:52
prologiclook under the pymills-ng branch05:52
prologicI think I actually wrote something to read an entire crux repo tree05:53
prologicit's ports05:53
prologicand their Pkgfiles05:53
nipuLwhere's that?05:53
prologicyou got setuptools installed ?05:53
nipuLfound it05:54
prologick :)05:54
nipuLand yes i have setuptools installed05:55
prologicwas gonna say easy_install pymills05:55
prologicit's on pypi05:55
pT1Hi, where do I set the initializing order of my network interfaces ( it's not crux specific..I know)? The kernel sometimes adds my wireless device as eth1 and sometimes as eth2...05:59
jjpkpT1: one option is to make certain network interface drivers as modules.06:02
pT1...and then alias them in modprobe.conf with the desired "name"?06:03
pT1@prologic: well, at this point I need to know which ethX refers to which "physical device", right?06:04
clbpT1: Error: "prologic:" is not a valid command.06:04
jjpkpT1: yes.06:06
jjpkAnother option is to mess with udev rules.06:06
namenlospT1: stupid question: have you tried dmesg?06:13
namenlosi mean there you could see which nic is of which type...06:14
pT1jjpk: udev seems to be a good start06:14
pT1namenlos: habe ich. But at this point the kernel already assigned the devices...:-(06:15
jjpknamenlos: pT1 wants consistency with device names.06:15
namenlosjjpk: i once had the same problem. i then simply threw out all network drivers out of my kernel config, except those i really needed. since then i never had problems with changing nic <-> eht* names.06:17
pT1I want all of my nic drivers as modules...So, I guess, there's but udev-rules...06:20
namenlospT1: i have them as modules, too.06:21
pT1How are the modules loaded? I let the kernel do the job...(CONFIG_KMOD)06:27
namenlosi used alias in modprobe.conf06:27
pT1That's what I tried, tried not hard enough ;-)06:31
jaegerpT1: do you have kernel module autoloading enabled? you could disable that and then load the modules in the order you like in /etc/rc.modules06:35
pT1Yes, I have. But I like that part. feature of the kernel being able to auto-load modules. So that leaves me with udev-rules06:38
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ultraalong with:
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nipuLprologic: are you still actively developing that ports python module?09:01
nipuLprint p._Pkgfile__dict['sources']09:04
nipuL['$version.tar.bz2', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '\n\thosts', 'resolv.conf', 'nsswitch.conf', 'host.conf', '']09:04
prologicneed supoprt for multiple sources ? :)09:04
prologicdidn't think of that09:04
nipuLno, it's broken09:04
prologicoh k09:04
nipuLas an excercise in reinveting wheels, i'm working on a pkgfile parser too09:05
aonfirefox broke09:06
nipuLhave a look if you want, it's quite different to yours
prologic*meh* :)09:18
prologiclooks good though09:18
thrice`what exactly does that do ?09:18
nipuLit turns a pkgfile into a python object09:19
thrice`what's the purpose?09:21
pitilloaon, the built or using it?09:21
nipuLi would have thought that would be obvious09:22
aonit doesn't start09:22
pitillo(sorry if I missunderstanded the fact)09:22
aoni guess i'll recompile it09:22
pitilloaon, wich version?09:22
aonalthough it's some xul crap that's breaking09:22
pitilloaon, here is working fine... strange09:23
thrice`nipuL: I have never coded anything in my life :(  does it allow one to take Pkgfile information ?09:23
nipuLoh, yeah it's so the information can be used in python programs09:24
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jkrAhoy! Did anyone have problems with postfix after the recent update?09:40
jkrI'm getting errors like this one:  map mail.aliases: internal yp server or client error09:41
jkrOr:  Temporary lookup failure;09:41
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tilmanaon: what's the error message for the build?10:42
aoni'll paste in case it reoccurs10:44
aonwhich it'll probably do10:44
aonit had something to do with scopes and expat10:44
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rehabdollthis is really of topic, but i thought it was funny as hell :)11:41
rehabdollflash video11:41
mrksheheh :D11:53
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