IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-06-06

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pitillogood morning01:09
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pitilloRomster, I picked your xorg-xmessage port and I have done a few changes on it. I need it to use a port and I put it on my repo. Do you think this is a bad idea? (renamed from xorg-message to xmessage directly) If you have any problem, comment or sugestion please, tell me and I can remove it from my repo to remove dups too.01:55
Romsterpitillo, all you did is rename it.02:03
pitilloRomster, yes02:04
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Romsterpitillo, considering fvwm themes uses xmessage i've renamed it to xmessage and thrown it in contrib.02:13
Romsteris ok to use other peoples ports in your private repo still, as it is your repo, but trying to avoid duplicates is a good idea.02:14
pitilloRomster, perfect. if you think is better to use the xorg-xmessage I can use that from contrib. I think this is the best idea02:15
pitilloRomster, for me it is only a dep. Renamed and used in my private repo. Like I said, if you are more confortable with the xorg-xmessage name for me too (if you move it to contrib)02:16
Romsteri renamed it to xmessage02:17
Romsteri'll remove the one in my private repo.02:18
pitilloRomster, perfect. Thank you. :)02:18
Romsterwell considering i'm now using the archive name in most port names and the path says individual/app/02:18
Romsterbeing individual from xorg so i'll drop using the xorg- prefix.02:19
Romsterpitillo, feel free to use anything of mine in your repo but if it's possable i can modify it, and it's how i can still use it, then let me know.02:20
Romsterwhats with the revision=2 on yours? you don't need todo that unless you edit the Pkgfile other than a name change.02:21
Romsteralso change the maintaienr to yourself in the Pkgfile.02:21
pitilloRomster, do you plan to add it to contrib? in this case I will use it without problems02:21
Romsterif you do use any one's ports02:21
Romsterit's in now ports -u contrib02:22
pitilloRomster, true, I forgot that, sorry.02:22
Romsteri've forgotten sometimes but i correct it.02:22
Romsterwas a hint :)02:22
pitilloRomster, perfect, changing deps in my port to add it. Better than maintain it in my private repo, only changing the port name Thank you again.02:22
Romsteras long as there is a good reason to put it in contrib i'm happy todo so.02:24
pitillowell, it is a little port, I think it is not too hard to mantain but not sure if it's usefull. (For one of my ports it is)02:31
Romsteryeah i use it on fvwm thats the only merrit i considered to add it to contrib, else i'd of told you to just maintain it yourself.02:32
pitilloperfect, I prefer to use contrib's ports if exist. I thought in make more changes to xmessage but was not necesary. Then if you add to contrib... one more dep to trust if it is in contrib.02:43
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pitilloRomster, you finally used xmessage instead of xorg-xmessage03:34
pitilloand you can remove the Packager line if it is the same like the Maintainer.03:36
Romsterpitillo, hmm i expected the Packager and Maintainer meta fields where both required.03:37
pitilloRomster, I think it isn't correct. If both are the same, you can avoid the Packager one. If I am in wrong, someone can correct me.03:38
Romsteri'll read on the crux site but i wasn't aware of that.03:39
pitilloTake a look to the line wich talk about Depends and Packager.03:42
pitilloand about the xmessage port I think you were in true when putting the xorg prefix to it. I think it's a xorg utility.03:44
RomsterPackager can be omitted if the maintainer and packager are the same person..03:50
Romsteroh yay i was making all the meta fields as required. i thoguth the others where being lazy omititng them.03:51
pitilloif some dev omit that field... think about it. They are in true and don't make errors porting.03:53
pitillofar from be lazy IMO.03:53
RomsterI like keeping it uniform and consistant.03:53
Romstercan be omitted, so i'm not in the wrong doing what i've done.03:54
pitillocan be is not the same that must be, that is true. But think about adding redundant info.03:55
Romsterredundent V's uniform :/04:20
Romstermaybe someone here can comment on this.04:20
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pitilloI don't understand that redundant V's uniform04:40
prologicanyone using beryl here ?04:40
pitilloprologic, here not under crux, sorry.04:41
prologichtere seem to be 4 private repos with it04:41
prologicwhich one should I use ? :)04:41
* prologic looks at jaeger 04:41
pitilloprologic, do you expect use it with gnome?04:44
pitilloprologic, with wich one?04:54
prologicdoes it matter / :)04:56
pitilloI was thinking in other :)04:56
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tilmanpitillo: maybe he meant "redundant vs. uniform"05:17
pitillotilman, now understanded, thank you. :)05:17
pitilloRomster, I prefer uniform and non-redundant :)05:18
Romsterpitillo, lol that helps, not.05:18
pitilloRomster, xD is quite difficult for me to understand you, sorry.05:24
pitillodo you mean s/non/not ?05:25
pitillo(I think you are in the same position to understand me xD)05:25
Romsteri didn't type 'non'05:25
Romsterand what tilman said05:26
pitilloRomster, I typed non, but did not understand you last not. I ask if that means a correction of my non :)05:26
pitillos/you last/your last05:26
tilman"gentoo rocks. not."05:26
tilman== "gentoo doesn't rock at all!"05:26
Romsterit's a way of scarcasim05:27
pitillotilman, thank you again. My english is worse day by day.05:27
pitilloRomster, understanded. :)05:27
Romster"gentoo rocks. <pause before the not> not."05:27
pitillotilman, yeah. And sorry my bad typing.05:28
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mike_kanyone had problems without setting shell in /etc/passwd? AFAIK, slim refused to log in user. now mc do not have a subshell. Is it a shaddow package related problem?05:57
RedShiftno shell means you can't login05:58
mike_kno shell should default to /bin/sh05:59
mike_kwhich is happening here05:59
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nipuLsweet, my portdb script now supports the search, repo and index actions06:46
nipuLit will also parse the pkgfile, and check footprints and md5sums :)06:48
nipuLheh, it's sort turning into prt-get for remote repositories06:50
nipuLsort of06:50
pitillonipuL, sepen was working on a script like that. (I didn't check yours but seems similar) Are you using the xml output provided by tillb?06:52
nipuLmine parses the html from portdb06:54
nipuLi've made it get as much data as possible now, time to write a frontend06:55
tilmannipuL: you should use the xml output ;p06:56
pitillonipuL, take a look to the bugs and look for the tillb xml output.06:56
namenlostoo slow...06:58
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nipuLoh crap06:58
nipuLcan we get other queries in xml?06:59
tilmanothers aren't implemented yet i guess07:00
nipuLas i said this script i have also reads data for ?a=index and ?a=repo07:00
tilmantalk to tillb if you need further stuff07:00
nipuLi guess i can redo the stuff in xml for port searches for now07:00
sepennipuL, also you can see an example that I was commented on the ticket07:01
sepenlook at also this;
nipuLi'm looking at that now07:02
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sepenif you find something interesting please notify me07:03
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namenlossepen: which port do i have to install to get XLM/
namenlosp5-xml-parser is already installed07:13
namenlosah, it's in the gnore repo...07:13
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sepennamenlos, sorry Im late, I was eating something08:35
pedjaprologic: I was using beryl from jaeger's repo with xfce4.I just used emerald as window decorator instead of heliodor.08:36
onestepemerald is recommended for Xfce, AFAIR :)08:37
sepenI ported it some time ago, but not now08:37
pedjaOnly problem I had was with xdtv(no fullscreen).08:37
pedjaApart from that, works like a charm :)08:38
pedjaAnd on GF4 MX440.08:38
pedjaKicks Vista's ass, without 2Gb of RAM and graphic card that costs 200+ euros :)08:40
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onestepberyl is not so stable as xfwm's compositing manager... :)08:40
sepennamenlos, you can port it easily by using another p5-* port as template08:40
onestepso I've installed it, tried it and wiped it out :)08:40
onestephmm, p5-xml-simple is in gnome-release repository08:42
jaegeronestep: it's rock-solid here, but maybe I'm lucky :)08:43
pedjaonestep: I still have it, although I rarely use it.But I'm looking forward to compiz/beryl release.08:43
pedjajaeger: I didn't have any problems with it, either :)08:44
pedjaIs there any program for watching TV which is a bit more powerful/less buggy  than xawt/xdtv, and not heavyweight like mythtv or freevo?08:48
jaegertvtime, perhaps?08:50
pedjaI tried tvtime,08:50
pedjaSomething is wrong with all channels, too much noise :(08:51
thrice`jaeger: you've used it in xfce ?08:51
jaegerI don't watch tv08:51
jaegerthrice`: beryl? not yet08:51
thrice`no, beryl :)08:51
thrice`oh, ok; I misunderstood08:52
jaegerI rarely use xfce08:52
pedjajaeger: You use Gnome, right?08:54
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pedjaWhat was that discussion about mono and gnome, are they planning to rewrite gnome to use mono or just add bindings for it?08:59
jaegerno idea08:59
pedjaiirc, I've read something about that on LWN.09:01
pedjaThen again, I haven't slept almost 30 hours, so I might be hallucinating :)09:02
namenlossepen: thx. (i already made a view p5- ports) . i only thought the port would be somewhere in contib or opt...09:03
sepennamenlos, but my script its obsolete, I plain to use p5-xml-parser now09:05
namenlossepen: ok.09:05
Romsterpedja, lol i was going a good 24 hours without sleep but i've been sleeping so i don't feel so bad now.09:09
tilmanAfter a very productive series of preview releases, Openbox 3.4 is here!09:12
tilmanthe excitement!09:12
pedjaRomster: Heh.I'm just going to town to get new contact lenses, and then I'm off to bed, hopefully :)09:14
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tilmanbleh, does anyone have an *up to date* fglrx port?13:28
RyoSoh tilman, you use fglrx?13:28
tilmanthe one in contrib looks a bit strange13:28
tilmanit grabs blah-x86_64.run13:29
tilmanRyoS: only for RE business ;)13:29
tilmanLOL, their fucking driver is 53 mb13:46
thrice`x86_64 is their universal installer13:46
tilmanthrice`: yeah, just saw it13:46
thrice`that version is outdated, however13:46
tilmanthrice`: i know, i just bumped it locally13:46
thrice`I would bump the version, as alot usually changes with compatability13:46
tilmanyes, oly the new versions works with xorg-server 1.3.0 afaik13:47
thrice`I doubt even that ;)13:47
thrice`they probably just figured out xorg 6.9.x13:47
tilman7.1 is supported13:47
thrice`I know...only kidding :)  it worked with 7.2 as well, as of the version that's in contrib13:48
mike_ksuch poeple (packaging few kilobytes driver in some xxMB package) create a real demand on network technology13:48
aonhey, they're just doing their share of stress-testing13:50
tilmanthrice`: mmh13:58
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rawuhm, how can I get dhcp working?14:57
prologicdhcpcd <interface>14:58
prologicmaybe install dhcpcd14:58
tilmanraw: FUCK14:59
thrice`which can be called in /etc/rc.d/net14:59
tilmanraw: i mean FAQ14:59
treachheh, I thought it was we were the ones who were supposed to have a national holiday, get drunk and ask silly questions.. :P14:59
prologicbah just run a pppoe server15:00
prologicand use pppoe :)15:00
tilmantreach: national holiday in .de tomorrow \o/15:00
treachreally? I didn't know that.15:00
tilmantreach: "fronleichnam", commonly called  "happy kadaver". get it? ;)15:00
tilmanfeast of corpus christi \o/15:00
tilmanso, christ, here's to you15:00
vektoriIs that the one where you get to drink beer? Oh wait, that applies to all German holidays.15:01
tilmanvektori: great, now the guys from cologne and the other guy who's not from cologne will start a discussion about whether cologne's beer is crap or whether it rules :/15:01
vektoriUh-oh. :/15:01
rawtilman: I wish this one would work15:03
treachwe already passed our funnily named chistian holiday, "Kristi-flygare" ;)15:03
tilmanthis what?15:03
rawtilman: I wouldn't ask if the handbook would explain how I get things to work.15:03
treachso today is our national day.15:03
rawtilman: dhcpcd just hangs here and does nothing15:04
tilmantreach: it's "christ's drive to heaven" in .de o_O15:04
tilmanmaybe you could even translate it as "ride"15:04
treachtilman: haha.. :P15:04
tilmanpretty funny indeed :D15:04
tilmantreach: did you burn a swedish flag yet?15:04
treachtilman: I would have guessed something like "Himmelfärdskommando Jesus" or something. ;)15:04
tilmanraw: i think i saw that before15:04
tilmantreach: haha15:04
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treachtilman: it's real name in swedish is "kristihimmelsfärd". (No need for translating that I guess.)15:06
tilmansame in german15:07
treachI guess so. :)15:07
tilmanso is it drive or ride? :P15:07
tilmanno, f"ard15:08
treachit means "flyer" or "aviator".15:08
treachfärd means "travel"15:08
treachbut it's related to "fahren", so you have the right idea.15:09
tilmanvektori: fyi, beer only plays a minor role on christmas ;)15:09
tilmanat least where i come from15:09
treachbeer, a minor role? In germany?15:10
treachis this possible?15:10
treachor is it the day wenn es alles um die Wurst geht? ;)15:11
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tilmansausages are a common dish for the 24th ;)15:14
rawtilman: so?15:21
tilmanraw: try google. it was in the top 5 iirc15:22
rawtilman: I wonder what that means "DHCPNAK with no active lease."15:26
rawtilman: he get's the offer from my dhcpserver but doesn't like it obviously15:26
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rawtilman: but I've no idea why15:26
tilmani'm not really familiar with DHCP at all :/15:26
rawtilman: me neither15:26
tilmanany more information in the logs?15:27
tilmanthat message just says "failed" basically o_O15:27
tilmandoes the server work with other clients?15:27
rawtilman: yep15:27
treachstrange really.. dhcp usually is one of those things that actually "just works" :/15:27
rawthis one here for example is fine15:28
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RedShiftraw: dhcpnak usually means the DHCP doesn't have any addresses left in the pool15:33
RedShiftcheck your dhcp server configuration15:33
RedShiftor you assigned a static dhcp address but a lease for that address has already been given out15:34
rawRedShift: 100 - 25015:35
rawthat's more than enough15:35
RedShiftraw: what DHCP server are you using?15:35
RedShiftdnsmasq? isc dhcpd?15:35
rawI just restarted it, now it works15:35
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rawgah, why is my widescreen display under linux so blurry?15:55
vektoriBecause it lacks the BASICS.15:55
rawyeah probably15:56
vektoriMore likely you are using something else than its native resolution,15:56
rawnot according to xrandr15:56
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tilmanraw: no love on xorg@lists* ?16:10
*** jdolan_ has quit IRC16:10
rawtilman: nope16:17
rawyeah :'(16:17
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nipuLdo you have the correct horizsync and vertfrefresh reates?16:44
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tilmansepen: hey, can you please update contrib/ati to the latest version?17:18
sepenand kernel?17:19
tilmani'm running
sepenfirst of all I suspect that I need to upgrade my kernel17:19
tilmanyour ati-2.6.20.patch doesn't apply any more17:19
tilmanso i guess fglrx now works with 2.6.2017:19
sepenwell Im going to try with one of the lastest kernels17:19
tilmani mean, without having to patch it17:19
sepenwell, noted17:20
sepenI need some time to install and configure ck4up, seems to be niceful17:21
tilmanyeah, it's working very well17:21
sepenand it can avoid this kind of later updates17:21
tilmanfound the first bug17:22
tilmancat: /lib/modules/*.h: No such file or directory17:22
tilmani only have "version.h"17:22
sependownloading ...17:22
tilman./ line 525: [: =: unary operator expected17:22
tilmannow idea what that crap is about17:22
sepentilman, ok Ill try to fix and upgrade the port17:23
sepen(after upgrade my kernel)17:23
tilmanit built17:23
tilmani'll reboot and try it17:24
sepenwhy not depmod -ae && modprobe fglrx?17:24
sepenraw, Im often use 'import -pause 2 foo.jpg' as alternative to scrot17:27
sepenusually I have imagemagick installed on my system17:28
rawI don't have imagemagick installed17:28
rawthe effect doesn't show up anyway17:28
sepenyeah, scrot rocks17:29
rawno, I wanted to scrot the blurry fonts on my monitor17:29
tilmansepen: because i had the "radeon" kernel module loaded17:31
tilmansepen: i want to spy fglrx, so it's best to not mess around with the free driver first17:31
nipuLi can't use xmlsearch for my script17:33
nipuLwell i can, but it doesn't give all the information that the html search does17:33
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tilmansepen: libGL error: dlopen /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri/ failed (/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory)17:38
tilmansepen: i once wrote a port for fglrx, and used a binary patch to fix that path17:38
tilmansepen: do you symlink it into that old direcotyr instead?17:38
sepenwhat? symlinked?17:39
tilmanATI wants to load the DRI driver from /usr/X11R6/...17:39
tilmanbut the "new" xorg doesn't provide that directory any more17:40
sepenIm working on the new ati version ...17:40
tilmanand the ati port installs into /usr/lib/dri17:40
sepentilman, $ prt-get cat ati .footprint | grep X11R617:40
tilmanthat's my point! :)17:41
sepensometimes I've problems to understand all words in english17:41
sepentilman, I have a radeon 9600, I planed to port 8.37.6 version of ati driver17:44
sepenwhat yours?17:44
tilman8.37.6 with a x800 gto17:48
rawmd5sum mismatch zsh-lovers, /usr/ports/opt/zsh17:48
tilmandoom3. free driver, arb renderer: 9 fps17:51
tilmanfglrx, arb renderer: 8 fps or so, less than 9 anyway17:51
tilmanfglrx, arb2 renderer: 37 fps17:51
sepenneed a serious upgrade17:54
tilmanme or you?17:54
tilmanor what?%)17:54
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*** Sprinky_ has joined #crux17:57
sepentilman, the port17:57
tilmani just removed the patches17:58
tilmanand it worked17:58
tilmanmodulo the /usr/lib/dri vs /usr/X11R6 path17:58
sepenusing my Pkgfile?17:58
tilmanbut i can make a binary patch for it17:58
tilmanyes sepen17:58
tilmanit doesn't work at all for you?17:59
sepenI using the older version yet17:59
sepenbut I suspect that not all chipset are supported17:59
sepenthe ati support page tells me that I need the 8.36.718:00
tilman9600 is r300-class, it should be supported18:00
sepenwell, my kernel compilation is going to finish in a while18:02
sepenthen Im try to pkgmk the new version18:02
sepencan I obtain you patch?18:02
tilmanit's probably best if i just upload my modified Pkgfile18:03
tilmansepen: for now, i think the port should just "mkdir /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri"18:04
tilmanand do18:04
tilmanln -s /usr/lib/dri/fglrx_dri.so18:05
tilmani can provide a patch to make that not necessary anymore later18:05
* sepen reading18:05
tilmanie tomorrow :D18:05
tilmansepen: i just removed the patches :))18:05
tilmansepen: but we can remove support for x 6.9, too18:06
tilmanline 15-18 in the Pkgfile18:06
sepenyeah crux not mantain any 6.9 port not?18:06
tilman6.9 is gone forever18:06
sepenIm according 200%18:06
*** Sprinky has quit IRC18:07
sepentomorrow I'll stay at work at 09.0018:07
sepenwhere are you from?18:08
sepenhere 01:0818:08
tilmani'm in germany, same time zone18:09
tilmanbut tomorrow/today is a public holiday :))18:09
treach"corpse-day" or what was it? ;)18:09
* treach looks in backlog18:09
treachyup, "happy cadaver" :)18:10
treach(only in germany.. :P )18:10
nipuLmust be the international long weekend18:11
nipuLmonday is a public holiday here18:11
nipuLqueens birthday18:12
nipuL(it's not really her birthday)18:12
nipuLher birthday falls on another public holiday, so we just changed the date18:13
nipuLonly in australia18:13
treach"Sorry Queenie, you birthday is on a holiday, you've got to get another". ;D18:13
nipuLus aussies take public holidays very seriously18:14
nipuLif it happens on a weekend, we just take monday off18:14
nipuLif there is a conflict we just change the date for one of them18:14
tilmanif public holidays happen on saturday or sunday, we swear18:15
tilmanhytter med naven etc18:15
sepentilman, what you opinion about harcoded values inside the ati Pkgfile? Imo, I think we should avoid them, but are there any alternative?18:15
tilmansepen: what values do you mean?18:15
sepenmarch, xversion18:15
treachtilman: were did you pick up that "hytter med näven" thingy?18:15
sepenI removed them18:16
sepennow, aren't usefuls18:16
tilmantreach: probably in #xmms218:16
tilmantreach: i was the first non-swede to contribute18:16
*** Sprinky__ has joined #crux18:16
tilmanthose bitches talked swedish all day18:16
treachok, that'd explain it I guess. :)18:16
*** Sprinky_ has quit IRC18:16
treachdu har väl inga problem att begripa svenska? ;)18:17
tilmani can roughly guess the meaning sometimes18:17
luxhhm. det blir så fel i huvudet när man ser svenska i en engelsk kanal :P18:17
treachoftast ses båtar i engelska kanaler. :)18:18
surrounderof we kunnen natuurlijk ook nederlands gaan praten18:18
tilmanook ook! ook!18:18
treachsurrounder: there's nothing natural about dutch..18:18
tilmansurrounder: have you heard about that programming language?18:18
sepenIm need a reboot in order to test my new kernel, later18:18
surroundertilman: ook? :-/18:18
tilmanbye sepen18:18
*** sepen has quit IRC18:18
surroundertreach: to me it is ;)18:19
* tilman chuckles18:19
treachI doubt.18:19
nipuLsurrounder: read much pratchett?18:19
tilmanwhat the hell, they remooved the Ook! article in wikipedia18:19
* tilman hytter med naven18:19
surroundertreach: natuurlijk is "natural" or in this case "of course" ;)18:19
luxhdutch looks funny :)18:19
surroundernipuL: nope :(18:19
treachsurrounder: I got that. That's why I expressed my self that way.18:20
treach"Naurligtvis" in swedish, same word essentially.18:20
surrounderrofl tilman18:20
surroundertreach: aaah ok, cool :)18:20
surrounderswedish is so much cooler18:20
treachNot sure how, but it's definitely less messy than dutch. :)18:21
surroundermaybe more consistent18:21
tilmanmmh, there's a .net compiler for Ook!18:21
tilmanmaybe i could surprise my manager on monday18:21
*** sepen has joined #crux18:21
treachhow you get dutch: Take one german wordbook each of german, english and a few pages of french. blend until satisfied.18:22
tilmantreach: being stoned might help...18:22
surrounderI think you're a little confused treach18:22
nipuLor a prostitute18:22
surroundershut up y'all or I will kick you with my wooden shoes!18:23
treachsurrounder: I seem to detect some influences that can't be explained by german/english.18:23
sepennow fakerooting pkgmk ati, xDD I need a bier18:23
treachso, if in doubt, blame the french. :D18:23
surroundertreach: quick! bring the knäckebrod! tilman: get the beer and sausages!18:23
surroundertreach: lol18:23
treachsurrounder: "knäckebröd"18:24
surrounderdang, almost ;)18:24
surrounderlol @ antje18:24
treachbut it's not season for that now.18:24
surrounderthere's always time for knäckebröd!18:25
treachit's more like the "sill och päror" season now. ;)18:25
surrounderdang, forgot to water my tulips18:25
surrounderkik :<18:25
treachdon't you have a windmill to do that for you?18:25
tilmandamnit, cannot write umlauts here18:25
tilmanircing from a shell on a crappy swedish box :P18:26
luxhü? :P18:26
tilmannothing, i should just set LC_CTYPE i guess18:26
surroundertreach: nah, my windmill is busy generating power for my weedgrowing-utility18:26
nipuLthat would probably explain why i can't read them18:26
surrounderhah! even I can read/write umlauts18:27
treachtilman: I'm sure you could, If you knew how. :)18:27
tilmanand my .bashrc is owned by root on that box18:27
surroundernipuL: tsk, who's dutch here? ;)18:27
nipuLwell they do work that way, but i couldn't resist the futurama quote18:27
treachnipuL: ok, got a better name for them? I guess "mill" is a bit questionable, but I didn't know what to call them.18:27
surroundercall 'em joe!18:28
surrounderno! jack!18:28
surrounderso you can say "hi jack"18:28
nipuLi'd call them chazzwazzahs18:28
surrounderkik :<18:28
treachnipuL: Ok, I guess you're the expert. :P18:29
* surrounder is listening to VNV-Nation - Liebestod18:29
tilmanvnvn \o/18:29
treachafter all, if we're to belive the telly, all aussies have one in their backyard to pump up water.18:29
surrounderhey guys btw, do you know a distro called CRUX? it rocks!18:29
nipuLwhat's linux?18:29
surroundersome sort of cheese from nigeria iirc18:30
*** Viper__ has quit IRC18:30
treachsurrounder: yep. In fact it's so amazing we never have any reason to talk about it.18:30
surrounderso true!18:30
surrounderI think we need to celebrate18:30
* surrounder gives everyone in the channel a beer18:30
surrounderawww btw18:30
surrounderwhat about arnuld? :(18:30
tilman"The distribution CRUX is a linux system used by and named after the awesome CRUX people."18:30
nipuLso sad to see him go18:31
* treach suspicously eyes the beer.. "Is this made on tulips?"18:31
luxhhe's gone?18:31
surrounderlol treach18:31
treachoh, wait, you're dutch, not belgian.18:31
surrounderthank god I'm not18:31
surrounderthey talk funnay ^_^18:31
treachyou can't trust those guys.18:31
nipuLluxh: yeah, trying to think for himself got too difficult18:31
treachyou never know what they decide to brew beer on. :)18:32
nipuLi put chilli in my beer18:32
surrounderI'm so hoping you are joking18:32
treachapricot beer..?18:32
treach(yup, the belgians have it iirc.)18:33
sepentilman, ./ line 525: [: =: unary operator expected18:33
sepenthe same18:33
surroundertreach: strange peeps those belgians18:33
tilmanbelgian, dutch, where's the difference?18:34
surrounderthe language? the mentallity?18:34
treachthe habit of serving "french fries" with mayonnaise?18:34
rawand the obligatory X11 freeze hits my box.18:35
rawI so _HATE_ unix18:35
rawit's unbelievable18:35
surroundertreach: lol18:35
surrounderraw: I think you'rea little confused18:35
rawsurrounder: no, I'm not.18:35
* surrounder passes raw a wintendo XP cd18:35
surroundertry that for a week18:35
treachyeah, BSOD is so much nicer. ;)18:35
rawX11 is the greatest heap of shit I've ever used18:35
treachhah, you haven't used a lot of systems then.18:36
*** Sprinky__ has quit IRC18:36
surroundernah, X and my fvwm-config are really getting along <318:36
treachespecially not win 3.11...18:36
sepenoho ho18:36
*** Sprinky__ has joined #crux18:36
sepen*** glibc detected *** aticonfig: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer: 0xbf97ee1b ***18:36
sepen======= Backtrace: =========18:36
tilman*fglrx* is a pile of shit18:37
tilmanat least it's fast18:37
* surrounder pets his nvidia18:37
treachsurrounder: yeah, works pretty well, until nvidia decides you should buy a new card. :(18:37
surrounderah well, all works nice on my fx520018:38
* surrounder is listening to Apoptygma Berzerk - Shine On18:38
treachmmh, my perfectly serviceable gf2 is declared dead by them. :/18:38
surrounderbuuh :-/18:38
tilmantreach: nouveau to the rescue :)18:38
* sepen init 618:39
*** sepen has quit IRC18:39
treachyeah. I was just trying to figure out how to spell it.. :D18:39
surroundereek french18:39
surrounderstop it guys, you're scaring the kids! :O18:39
treachyou use a lot of french words every day.18:39
treachat least do I.18:40
surrounderno I don't18:40
tilmanplease, think of the children!!!111118:40
treachof course you do?18:40
treachs ?/.18:40
surrounderI'm typing this on my l'ordinateur!18:40
treachsurrounder: in dutch, what do you call a "sidewalk"?18:40
surroundertreach: stoep18:40
surrounderreally :)18:41
treachI was walking on the stoep..?18:41
*** sepen has joined #crux18:41
treach*shakes head*18:41
surrounderfrench schmens18:41
sepentilman, using fglrx now18:42
treachok, here it's called a "trottoar". I'm sure you can follow the lineage of that.18:42
sepen$ glxgears18:42
sepen865 frames in 5.1 seconds = 170.839 FPS18:42
surrounderwe also have that, but more commonly it's called stoep18:42
treachwe put our clothes in "garderober".18:42
treachone "garderob"18:43
surrounderI just put them in my "kast"18:43
surrounderor "klerenkast"18:43
tilmani just put them on the "ground"18:43
surrounderbut indeed, "garderobe" we also have18:43
surroundernot that commonly used though18:43
surrounderlol tilman btw18:43
treachit's ok, I think I still get my point through.18:43
*** thrice` has quit IRC18:44
surroundernaaah treach18:44
tilman"please explain again."18:44
surrounderwe just have dutch words for those horrible french words18:44
treachthere are lots of words like those, I'm sure you don't think about half of them.18:44
tilmanyeah, cause that would make me feel bad18:44
*** sepen has quit IRC18:45
surrounderomelette au fromage!18:45
treachtilman: hehe, "think of the french words" ;)18:45
tilmanshut it surrounder18:45
treachsurrounder: indeed.18:45
tilmanwe don't have any frenchies around here, do we?18:45
treachfood isn't my forte though. :)18:45
treachhmm, we used to have.18:45
tilmanvnv nation - testament \o/18:46
*** thrice` has joined #crux18:46
* surrounder is listening to Machinae Supremacy - Rise18:46
tilmani should go to bed18:46
surrounderI should go to the bar18:46
rawtilman: 'i wasn't build for comfort, I was build for speed'18:47
tilmandid you just quote meat loaf?18:48
treachI thought germans were built to wear uniforms and shout. :/18:49
*** sepen has joined #crux18:49
rawtilman: yep, that one's for fglrx or rather x11 in general18:49
prologic21835 frames in 5.0 seconds = 4366.940 FPS18:50
tilmanraw: yes18:50
sepenthe same results18:50
tilman<god> glxgears isn't a benchmark18:50
tilman<god> stop using it to post numbers18:50
prologic<god> yeah people!18:50
treach1137 frames in 5.0 seconds = 227.219 FPS ;)18:51
treachI guess it says *something* at least. :D18:51
sepen$ export LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose18:51
sepen$ glxinfo18:51
sepenname of display: :0.018:51
sepenlibGL: XF86DRIGetClientDriverName: 8.37.6 fglrx (screen 0)18:51
sepenlibGL: OpenDriver: trying /usr/lib/dri/fglrx_dri.so18:51
sepenlibGL error: dlopen /usr/lib/dri/ failed (/usr/lib/dri/                                   undefined symbol: __glXFindDRIScreen)18:51
prologicfunny thing is, my desktop is in the highest res the monitors and card can supports18:51
tilmansepen: pkginfo -o ?18:52
tilmanwhere is the so installed?18:53
* surrounder is listening to Apoptygma Berzerk - Cambodia18:53
tilmani mean, in which directory is :P18:53
sepenrwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/lib/dri/fglrx_dri.so18:54
tilmangl-select ati18:54
sepenI need sleep18:54
sepenthis bier makes me too happy18:55
sepenhere, cerveza18:55
surrounderand sangria! \o/ ;)18:56
* treach pours sepen some strawberry beer.18:56
surrounderlove sangria18:56
sepentypical spanish18:56
surrounderhad some spanish people living on my corridor so I had a crapload of sangria18:56
sepentreach, also paulaner18:56
* treach googles18:57
sepenI need a Xreboot18:57
*** sepen has quit IRC18:57
tilmancrappy bavarian beer18:57
surroundermaybe he should try screen+irssi18:57
surroundergraphical schmaphical18:57
*** jmvr has joined #crux18:59
tilmandamn, it's serious bed time18:59
tilmannighty ;p18:59
*** sepen has joined #crux18:59
surroundernn tilman18:59
sepenlibGL: OpenDriver: trying /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri/fglrx_dri.so18:59
sepenX11R6 xD18:59
sepentomorrow ... tilman-binary-patch19:01
*** mavrick61 has quit IRC19:04
*** Dudde has quit IRC19:04
*** mavrick61 has joined #crux19:05
*** Dudde has joined #crux19:06
*** treach has quit IRC20:02
*** Romster has joined #crux20:08
*** jmvr has left #crux20:55
nipuL./ tillb:gxine20:55
nipuLPort: gxine 0.5.10-120:55
nipuLDepends on: dbus spidermonkey xine-lib gtk20:55
nipuLDownload Command: httpup sync gxine20:55
nipuLlucas@lucas-desktop:~/dev/portdb$ ./ tillb:gxine20:55
*** sepen has quit IRC21:02
*** thrice` has quit IRC21:29
jdolanhey can anyone ID this font?  i somehow lost it during some x11/gtk update:
prologicnipuL, being ?22:23
*** MzOzD_ has joined #crux22:38
*** MzOzD has quit IRC22:52
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:05
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:05
*** Sprinky__ has quit IRC23:24

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