IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-06-07

nipuLa script that takes too long, gathering too much information from the portdb00:02
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nipuLah shit, i just git clean and forgot to commit a file01:04
pitillogood morning01:05
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tilmanvektori, aon: i think one of you wrote me a perl script to patch the fglrx binary driver. who was it, and do you still have that script?03:30
tilmanvektori, aon: maybe because you cannot resist the urge to collect things ;))03:30
tilmanit was in summer 2006 btw03:30
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raw__is there a legacy release of in the ports? anything <= 7.1?03:33
tilmannope, sorry03:33
tilmanraw__: would intel pre-2.0 make you happy, too?03:34
raw__I noticed it's not only intel203:34
raw__the whole xorg server is blasted03:34
tilmandid you try with xf86-video-i810 1.7.whatever?03:35
raw__no, becuase this here is a ati box03:35
tilmancan you describe the issue in more detail? :)03:35
raw__but I've virtually the same problems as on my intel (apart from the fact that xorg freezes the box a lot more often)03:36
raw__well, the display is blurry03:36
raw__speak of eyecancer03:36
raw__and dri just screws the box03:37
raw__so i've turned that off for good now03:37
tilmanyou could try the bleeding edge ati driver03:38
tilmanit supports randr1203:38
tilmanmaybe it can help?03:38
raw__isnt 1.3 rather bleeding edge? but I could, yes03:38
tilmanif it doesn't work with ati's randr 1.2, the ati developers might be able to help03:38
tilmanif keithp doesn't03:38
tilmanalex deucher is a *very* helpful guy03:38
raw__I was asking in #xorg and on the mailing list but without a respond so far03:39
tilmanwant me to make a tarball of the current ati-randr12?03:40
raw__I'm open to everything now03:40
pitilloanyone experience problems updating mesa3d and xorg-server in a updated CRUX 2.2?03:42
tilmando you use the xorg repo pitillo?03:42
tilmanwell, i guess you do03:42
pitillotilman, yes I do.03:43
tilmanwhat kind of problems are you talking about?03:44
tilmanbuild failure, segfaults, hard lockups, ...?03:44
pitillotilman, sorry my bad explanation. Building problems on both cases. I think it is related to mach64 driver and dri, but libdri was built fine.03:45
tilmanplease pastebin the error03:45
pitillotilman, did you see the msg at ML about ob? junk files and man stored in /usr/share/man (--mandir is needed at configure)03:47
pitillotilman, ok, one minute please.03:47
tilmani'm not subscribed to the lists atm, because of email fuckage03:48
tilmanseems they are right though03:49
tilmanpitillo: thanks for the pointer03:49
pitillotilman, no problem, thanks for your job man.03:49
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raw__hi ssimon03:50
tilmanhello ssimon :P03:50
pitillotilman, here is the mesa3d problem.
pitillohello ssimon03:51
pitillo(only the last part, I think isn't needed all, but I can paste if it's necesary)03:52
tilmanpitillo: grep DRM_VBLANK_SECONDARY /usr/include/drm/*03:52
pitillo/usr/include/drm/drm.h: _DRM_VBLANK_SECONDARY = 0x20000000,     /**< Secondary display controller */03:53
pitillo/usr/include/drm/drm.h:#define _DRM_VBLANK_FLAGS_MASK (_DRM_VBLANK_SIGNAL | _DRM_VBLANK_SECONDARY | \03:53
pitillotilman, here is the xorg-server problem.03:55
raw__tilman: I've found something interesting: Xorg seems to assume that my monitor is on "Port2" and that I've 2 monitors connected.03:56
tilmanshit, i forgot your tarball03:56
pitillotilman, I don't want to bore. I will read more and look for an answer at google. (yesterday I was looking and rebuilding deps but no way to solve it) I don't know what I am missing/doing bad.03:56
tilmani was sidetracked by ssimon by pitillo ;)03:56
tilmanpitillo: hang on03:56
tilmanraw__: try that with the randr 1.2 magic. if it fails, follow-up to your own thread and tell them that you have the same problem with latest ati randr-1.2 branch as of today03:58
pitillotilman, about ob with a rm PKG/usr/share/doc/{AUTHORS,COPYING,README} ,solves the junk files noticed by prtverify.03:59
tilmani will fix the junk files bug later04:00
tilmanthose XBM files shouldn't be in doc at all04:00
tilmanthey should be in /usr/share/openbox/themes/common or something04:01
pitillotilman, ok, it's not important. Thank you.04:03
tilmani don't understand the mesa problem04:04
tilmandrm has that macro, but with a leading underscore (_)04:04
tilmani don't know how it can work o_O04:04
pitillotilman, I don't understand it too (with my low knowledge it's normal)... but there were lot of problems with match64 chipset...04:07
tilmanyou have libdrm 2.3.0-1, right?04:07
tilmanto be honest, i don't want to spend much time trying to solve this04:08
tilman2.2 is ancient! :)04:08
pitillotilman, ok, thank you for your time :)04:09
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sepenmorning all04:20
tilmanmorning sepen04:20
sepenI can't understant this; I've installed firefox-flash-plugin on my box but If I go to firefox_url(about:plugins) I can see     File name: libflashplayer.so04:21
sepen    Shockwave Flash 7.0 r6804:21
sepenbut my flash version is
sepentilman, hi04:21
rawYAY, my graficcard is bricked04:23
sepenshit! cat ~/.mozilla/firefox/pluginreg.dat | grep Flash ( this is ok)04:25
sepenfrom where is taken the info?04:25
sepenah! its my problem, I've an old group 'id' that I was asigned to this directory04:32
tilmanaon: can you please convert to perl?04:33
tilmanaon: actually, let me try sed again04:33
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sepentilman, this is the patch that you told me?04:35
tilmanit's a program to make ati's look for the dri driver in /usr/lib/dri04:35
tilmansepen: i will try to do the same with sed now04:35
sepenI can try it also04:36
tilmanokay, you do it then04:36
tilmanyou can use my ruby program to generate a reference "fixed" libGL.so04:36
sepentilman, padpadpadpadpa  what's meaning of?04:40
tilmanthe new string must be of the same size as the old string04:40
tilmanso i'm padding it with "pad"04:40
sepenahhh ok04:40
tilmanjust wanted to make it obvious that the padding is needed04:41
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rawwow, yhafri has 1999 ports ;)04:50
pitilloquantity or quality? :)04:52
mike_kyes, there are few people having really huge amount of ports, overlaping most core/opt... but why to ignore contrib?04:55
rawbecause building firefox from source sucks ;)04:56
mike_kah, crucify it!04:58
rawbut firefox is in an unusable state, anyway04:59
rximike_k: because people want/need their own versions of different ports04:59
rawyhafri has some applications packaged that I need05:01
rawso, why go over the wuss of building your own package when you can just checkout yhafri?05:01
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sepentilman, I read 'The sed utility is a text editor. It cannot edit binary files or files containing ASCII NUL (\0) characters or very long lines'05:06
tilmansepen: you know perl, too, right?05:06
tilmanthen you can convert my ruby program to perl and use it05:06
sepenyeah I'll try05:06
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mike__raw: I mean, why not to share(contrib.git) some subset of the ports?05:23
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rawhmm, I get snd_pcm_dmix_open unable to create IPC semaphore snd_pcm_open: permission denied05:47
rawwhere's he trying to open what?05:47
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rawbut I've permissions for that05:49
tilmanjust add yourself to the audio group and logout/login05:49
rawI am05:49
rawwait not05:50
rawactually it's semget() that returns EACCES05:51
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rawit was an rather old .asoundrc05:53
tilmansepen: cool06:05
tilmansepen: you should fix the indentation of that Pkgfile :)06:05
tilmanlooks a bit ugly06:05
sepentilman, yeah!06:06
sepenits due to my vimrc at work06:06
sepensorry the inconvenience06:06
tilmansepen: i will try your port when it's in contrib06:06
tilmanbusy right now06:06
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rawsomeone here using an asus board/nforce2?06:54
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rawah never mind07:03
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pitilloI don't know if this can be usefull for someone, but if you have some minutes, take a look to it. This is a report of a sepen's script wich uses prtverify and one tweak more to get info about ports.
pitilloif you think this isn't usefull ignore it and sorry :)08:04
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pitillocomments, sugestions and opinions are welcome08:06
pitilloI think missing dependencies isn't working properly... Tries to look under core/opt/contrib and didn't find some that are there (first problem)08:10
rawand X is gone again *sigh*08:10
tilmanpitillo: yeah, you should include the xorg repo08:10
pitillotilman, nice point... Thank you :)08:10
pitilloare FAQ and Makefiles (lot of sources at some ports) junk files too? I grep them and there are some. May be adding to prtverify can be a clue to remove not necesary files if they are junk files.08:21
aontilman: are usr/share/doc/openbox/{AUTHORS,COPYING,CHANGELOG,COMPLIANCE,README} absolutely necessary?08:37
aonand, uh08:37
aonany of that share/doc stuff, actually08:37
sepenaon, sounds that he missed it08:41
rawwhy does gimp depends on cups?08:45
tilmanaon: the xbm's in there are needed i guess. i should move those to /usr/share/openbox/themecrap and then rm -rf /usr/share/doc08:48
aonsepen: O'RLY08:50
aonthis is what i made today:08:50
tilmanaon: nice08:55
tilmanjaeger: gl-select ftw09:03
tilmansepen: okay :)09:03
jaegertilman: :)09:03
tilmananyone who claims that fglrx is slow should just compare it to the free r300 driver09:04
tilmani had NO IDEA that my card could run doom3 with full details and even 2x fsaa at 1280x102409:04
RyoSthere seems to be at least one fglrx fan here :p09:04
tilmanwith decent fps09:04
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pedjajaeger: Could you add to opt/nvidia README?Page lists which cards are no longer supported with regular driver.09:29
pedjaAnd which legacy driver you should use instead.09:30
pedjaiirc, there was some confusion with this while back.09:30
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rawsome latexgurus here?10:17
RyoSis this some kind of kinky question?10:18
aonjudging from the all-small letters, what else could it be?10:18
tilmanraw: i use it, but i'm not a guru10:19
aoni wonder what's the point of these stock spams10:19
aoni got one in german now10:19
aonder mineralbusiness entwickelt sich schnell!10:19
* aon is interested10:19
rawnever mind10:20
tilmanstock spam ftl10:20
rawrunning udpmap fixed my problems10:20
rawaon: 'we are therefore we spam'10:21
rawand now to some violence and bloodshed10:22
raw[playing] Manowar - Fighting The World - Violence And Bloodshed (1987) 04:0210:22
tilmannp: Amon Amarth - Bloodshed10:23
* tilman fires up doom3 again10:23
pitillotilman, one question about that game... do you have a port? (or isn't needed to install that kind of games wich provides a installer?)10:26
pitillo(sorry but I don't understand, the installer add not needed stuff and I don't understand if the unistaller will remove all well, and it is not ported...)10:29
raw[playing] John Williams - The Star Wars Trilogy - The Cantina Band () 02:4610:31
tilmanpitillo: my /usr partition is small - so i install games using the installer to ~/games10:42
tilmanpitillo: so a port wouldn't make that much sense for me10:42
pitillotilman, ok, I was thinking that when looking for ports and didn't find anyone. Thank you for your confirmation :)10:43
sepentilman, what driver are you using now¿?10:57
pedjaDo you need any files from windows DOOM cd to play it, or is installer enough?10:58
tilmanyou need the data files of coruse ;)11:07
tilmantilman@hammerfest [~] > du -sh games/doom3/11:08
tilmansepen: atm i'm using r30011:08
sepenwith libGL patched?11:08
tilmanno, i'm using the free driver from mesa11:08
tilmannot fglrx11:08
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pedjaI might have that CD somewhere[tm]. ;)11:12
pedjaI'm in a mood for some violence and bloodshed :)11:13
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rehabdollhow usable is the r300 driver?.. good tv-out support?11:32
rehabdolli read that there were some issues with r300, that it was far from as stable as r100, r200 etc11:33
aonManowar - Sign of the Hammer - 02. Animals11:33
aonthis is my favourite album <311:34
aon(favourite manowar album, that is)11:34
sepenkill of the hammer11:40
sepenhail and kill of the hammer11:41
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pedjaPhishing, DDOS, spam, botnets... these are cyber-crimes( more or less), but hacking?wtf11:53
pedjaWhat would it take to public/media realize difference between hackers and (crackers|script-kiddiez)?Or is anything that is not black/white too complex to comprehend?11:58
teK_public == more than 10% of interested people I guess; in general to most people computer means dark voodoo11:59
pedjaOr BSOD11:59
teK_It's simply sad12:00
pedjatilman: wicca? As in 'charmed' the tv series? :)12:00
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tilmanpedja: dunno, i'm not a follower of charmed :P12:53
pedjatilman: Three 'witches' fight crime/monsters, using 'Book of shadows' as HOWTO of sorts. I mostly watched it because of Alyssa Milano :)12:59
tilmani know the series12:59
tilmanmostly because of alyssa milano12:59
tilmanpedja: mmh. is wicca == witchery?13:00
tilmani thought it was some kind of voodoo13:00
pedjaBook of shadows is actual wiccan...Bible, for a lack of a better word.13:01
pedjaIIRC, wicca 'religion' is a combination of witchcraft/new age.13:02
pedjaYou know, (crystal,aroma}therapy, dancing naked in the woods etc.13:03
tilmanseems you're right13:03
surroundernothing wrong with gorgeous girls dancing naked in the woods o//13:04
pedjaRemember first story in 'Four rooms'?13:04
jjpksurrounder: they probably are not all gorgeous13:04
rawthe only reason 'charmed' exists: TITS!13:05
surrounderwell, I think men will create a mental filter for the ugly ones eventually, same as I have a filter for bad music13:05
raw. o O ( I never watched it longer than 5m though. )13:05
jjpkteK_: ignorance is wonderful, especially to those useless politicians.13:06
jjpkThat anti-hacker German legislation is bogus.13:07
jjpkpedja: to the ignorant public it is just that simple, hacker = always bad13:15
jjpkThe other terms probably mean nothing relevant to them.13:16
jjpkcracker = white person, script kiddie = nerd? :D13:16
jaegerpedja: sure13:21
raw[playing] Axenstar - Absolute Power Metal 2004: The Definitive Collection - Blind Leading The Blind (2004) 04:4113:22
pedjajaeger: Cool :)13:22
* surrounder is listening to Soilwork - Wherever Thorns May Grow13:25
pedjajjpk: So educating the general public is out of the question, then?It's nice to be leet, though :) 'leet=having a clue when technology is concerned'13:28
tilmansoilwork ftl13:28
pedjaI don't listen to metal, but I'm amazed by titles of the songs ;)13:29
* surrounder slaps tilman around with some big fishy fish13:29
rawwho want's to by raw a HH2L'onaire?13:29
pedja'sound of oblivion departed'13:30
* surrounder is listening to God Dethroned - The Iconoclast Deathride13:30
raw[playing] AC/DC - The Razors Edge - Got You By The Balls (2001) 04:3013:31
RyoSstop that now playing crap Oo13:31
RyoSthats so annoying13:31
rawRyoS: why, are you getting pregnant? is my np line pillaging your apartment?13:31
pedjanp Faith No more -We care a lot ( no, not really remix)13:32
RyoSi am not discussing on that niveau, sorry for you raw13:32
RyoSit seems you are used to such arguements from home13:32
pedjaDefinition Niveau 1:The area of a surface is a measure of how large it is.13:38
tilmanthat's a great definition13:39
RyoSnow playing is just like away messages13:40
jjpkNP messages are less annoying than away messages imo.13:46
rawRyoS: yes you are correct! basically I live in a dumpster with my 23 siblings. you might already know what now comes in inevitable, but because of this cirumstances, I'm unable to withhold your high level of academic reasoning. I'm terribly sorry. :(13:47
RyoSi guess you are..13:47
jaegerjust filter them out and move on14:08
tilmanraw: man, you could be a *little* nicer14:12
RyoSwho cares?14:13
aonnice? o_o14:15
aonnice (1) - execute a utility with an altered scheduling priority14:16
aondoes not compute14:16
jjpkoh noes14:18
rawtilman: I'm always nice.14:35
tilmanprologic: please either fix you-know-what or remove it from contrib. having a totally broken port in contrib sucks.14:39
rawnice -n -15 prologic14:40
tilmanprologic: no need for hurt pride if you admit that you have been defeated by perl & swig madness :)14:40
tilmanThe mobile-ITX" board measures 3 x 1.8 inches. It's half the size of pico-ITX, which was half the size of nano-ITX, which, in turn, was half-the size of mini-ITX — which was already small.14:43
rawso it's goes like this now? mini-meter - nano-meter - pico-meter - mobile-meter?14:45
* raw will measure nuclei-radii in mobile-meters from now on!14:46
aonactually it should be femto-itx :)14:46
aonbut perhaps mobile is some imperial fractional unit14:46
rawyeah, but mobile-meters sounds oh so web2.0 omg pass me the spoon14:46
RedShiftwoot web2.014:47
RedShiftI want it!14:47
RedShiftI want it now!14:47
* raw gives plenty of web2.0 to RedShift 14:48
RedShiftI want web 2.0 hosting14:48
RedShiftwhere can I find that14:48
rawin your basement14:48
vektoriI run "prt-get sysup" but I didn't get web 2.0. :(14:48
* RedShift actually runs a hosting company...14:48
aonvektori: ;(14:48
aoni think you might need to set --prefer-excess14:49
tilmanweb 2.0 should be BASICS these days14:49
aonwell, yeah14:49
rawRedShift: As I said14:49
aonlynx w/ web2.014:49
RedShifttilman: yeah links and all the other good browsers already have it if you compile them with --with-bloat14:49
rawwait, that means lynx is web2.0!14:49
aonit is14:50
aonpoplar[~]$ lynx -version14:50
aonLynx Version 2.8.5rel.4 (25 Oct 2005)14:50
aonactually, it's way past 2.014:50
RedShiftomg you have web 2.0!14:50
rawLynx Version 2.8.6rel.5 (09 May 2007)14:50
rawI've web2.1 already!!!!!!!!!!!14:50
RedShiftraw: what's new??14:51 can now use the browser via your keyboard!!!!14:51
RedShifthow do they do it14:51
jjpkUnthinkably SHOCKED.14:52
rawI don't know! It shure is magic!14:52
RedShiftyou probably need a fast processor to use that kind of shizzle14:53
aonand it's mostly TEXT instead of GRAPHICS14:53
RedShiftthe internet has text these days??14:53
RedShiftI've been living under a rock!14:53
rawRedShift: indeed. I use a ultra-extended-multi-quadro-hyper-core14:53
rawwith one bazillion herz14:53
RedShiftraw: my 1.8 Ghz won't make it :-(14:54
rawhell, I can even outshine a whole galaxy with my processor!14:54
jjpkFlash and javascript infested sites :(14:54
jjpkToo much to put up with.14:54
*** sepen has joined #crux14:57
sepentilman, $ glxinfo | grep rendering14:58
sependirect rendering: Yes14:58
rawlos incrediblos14:58
tilmanhooray sepen :D14:58
sepenIm going to install true-combat-elite to benchmark14:59
sepenyour patch really works fine, thanks14:59
tilmanoh, you're playing tce?15:00
pedjaThis explains a lot... "yes i came from selling into programming, the day i watched "Hackers"on HBO".15:23
pedjaHe is a colorful character, isn't he? :)15:25
*** Romster has quit IRC15:33
rawI vouch for syslogd -m 0 in /etc/rc15:33
*** Viper__ has joined #crux15:36
*** Romster has joined #crux15:38
*** Viper_ has quit IRC15:50
pitillotilman, I play tce :) with a low framerate but I can play....15:55
ultra_fucking ftpsync script16:03
ultra_I just delete all my packages with it :/16:04
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jaegertilman: I'll install doom3 again if you want to play sometime =)16:53
jaegerif I can find it16:53
tilmanis its multiplayer mode any good?16:54
tilmani'm playing sp atm16:54
sepentilman, quake2world 79fps with the new contrib/ati port16:54
tilmangetting a heart attack every 10 minutes16:54
sepenalso true-combat-elite16:55
tilmanhow many fps did you get before the upgrade?16:55
sepentilman, no dri16:55
jaegertilman: honestly, I don't remember, it's been a long time since I played it16:55
jaegerI found the discs... wonder if I have the key still :)16:56
pitillotilman, do you play tce?16:57
tilmani usually don't play at all16:58
tilmanmaybe once or twice a year16:58
pitilloand if you like fps... take a look to jay's quake2world...16:58
pitillotilman, not much... I play a bit more.... but I am very bad :)16:58
SprinkyUnreal Tournament is native on Linux... <.<16:58
tilmanpitillo: i'm *really* bad too :D17:00
pitillojdolan too at q2w... he doesn't let me shot him....17:01
pitillodid you see his work?17:01
tilmani had a quick look at the sshots17:01
pitillotilman give a try to the game...17:02
*** sepen has quit IRC17:02
*** sepen has joined #crux17:02
pitilloif you have time, of course...17:03
tilmanwhat's so cool about it?17:11
pitilloperformance and high detailed visuals... the source is awesome. I think jay are working hard on it and it is a very good job.17:13
pitillos/are/is working17:13
pitilloI think is similar to CRUX philosophy.... but this is only a opinion or point of view17:14
tilmancrux quake ;p17:14
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tilmanfor x haters:17:32
jaegerinteresting solution17:33
jaegeranyone in here a Pinker Tones fan?17:42
jaegerfound the video for "Karma Hunters" on youtube and it's amusing me greatly :)17:44
*** Viper__ has quit IRC17:44
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namenloshi, today i installed crux from scratch. when i make a prt-get sysup, it fails while updating pkgutils. the error log is here: . could anyone please tell me where the problem is?17:53
jaegerinstall libarchive17:54
namenlosman... i just began to search the .footprint files. thanks (this time my fingers where faster, than my brain, again...)17:55
namenlosso libarchive is not in core on the install disk... is this on purpose?17:57
*** Sprinky has joined #crux17:57
jaegerpkgutils wasn't built with libarchive until after the release17:57
namenlosah, now i remember, i think it changed in 5.30, or something, like that...17:57
*** Octal__ has joined #crux18:09
tilmanmy timing sucked on that release18:10
Octal__i have a quick question on crux.18:10
tilmanbut i didn't want to delay 5.30 till the next crux release18:10
tilmanhello Octal__18:10
jaegerperhaps we should make a new ISO18:10
Octal__what window managers does crux come with?18:10
Octal__if any18:10
tilmanthe install iso has blackbox only iirc18:11
jaegerthe ISO contains blackbox only; there are plenty of others available in the ports tree after installation18:11
tilmanbut we have most of the good stuff in ports18:11
Octal__blackbox is basicaly fluxbox if i'm not mistaken?18:11
jaegerit is similar18:11
tilmanfluxbox is based on blackbox18:11
tilmanbb is less fancy18:12
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SprinkyFVWM <318:14
Octal__i'm downloading the ISO right now18:14
tilmanSprinky: wow, with you it's now 3 fvwm lovers in here!18:14
SprinkyMake sure to read the guide :)18:14
SprinkyThere's me, surrounder, and who?18:14
SprinkyWell, I met surrounder on #fvwm18:15
SprinkyAnd I found him here :P18:15
*** pitillo has quit IRC18:15
*** Octal__ has quit IRC18:15
SprinkyI love making my own Pkgfiles in Crux18:40
SprinkyI wish Crux has a larger userbase though18:41
SprinkySo that more programs can be available without having to make Pkgfiles18:41
tilmanporting stuff can be annoying sometimes18:43
tilmanespecially if the program is from 95 and doesn't have a sane build system18:43
SprinkyI love Gentoo, though Crux is blazingly fast18:49
SprinkyGentoo has a huge userbase, and Portage contains tens of thousands of programs ready to be installed18:49
SprinkyBut I love BSD, and Crux to me is just like FreeBSD but with a Linux kernel18:50
SprinkyI tried Arch for some time, but not long enough to get Xorg running18:51
Sprinkyprt-get > pacman :P18:51
SprinkyA mix of Portage's massive amount of programs/customizeability and prt-get's simplicity would make the greatest package manager known to earth18:58
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*** sprinky has joined #crux19:40
ultra_sprinky: prt-get isn't even the great part :)19:45
ultra_pkgutils is :)19:45
ultra_prt-get is just some hacked up apt clone :D19:45
*** sprinky is now known as Sprinky20:55
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*** Octal__ has joined #crux21:30
Octal__hello again21:30
Octal__i'll probaly be visting here often for questions on crux21:31
Octal__so i'll go straight to my question21:31
Octal__when I need to edit the /etc/rc.conf file, what services should I load in by defualt?21:31
Octal__this computer isn't going to be a server21:32
Octal__but i'm mainly going to be doing some coding/basic networking/other basic uses21:32
jdolancron needs sendmail, and then net.21:35
jdolanthose are the basics.21:35
jdolani would recommend running sshd (perhaps after locking it down a bit) just to get at your own stuff remotely.21:35
Octal__i'll look into locking sshd down21:36
Octal__another quick question:21:37
Octal__in the handbook, it says for SERVICES in /etc/rc.conf, that I should use "start" and "stop"21:37
Octal__can someone please elaborate?21:37
jdolan/etc/rc, the main boot script, sources the rc.conf file and iterates over what you define as $SERVICES.21:38
jdolanit calls start for each of them on boot.21:38
jdolaneach entry in $SERVICES is the name of a script file in /etc/rc.d21:39
jdolanin other words, service names are just shell scripts.21:39
Octal__so let me see if i got this correctly21:40
Octal__if i put SERVICES=(sendmail)21:40
jdolanso if you define SERVICES=(cron sendmail net sshd), /etc/rc will execute /etc/rc.d/cron, /etc/rc.d/sendmail, and so on at boot.21:40
jdolanit's much simpler than full sysv init, where you have all of those symlink directories..21:41
jdolan/etc/rc.d/rc5.d and so on..21:41
Octal__so then where does start and stop fall into this?21:41
jdolaneach service script should handle 2 (3) actions: start and stop.21:41
jdolanthey are called as $scriptname start or $scriptname stop.21:41
jdolan(restart is perhaps unofficially supported as well)21:42
Octal__thanks once again21:42
jdolancheck out /etc/rc.d/net, you need to edit it anyway.21:42
jdolanit will give you a good idea of what a typical init script should look like.21:42
Octal__yes, I have another question21:52
Octal__i curently run Ubuntu (which sucks by the way), and the /etc/rc.d/net file doesn't exist21:53
Octal__so I can't look at an example for this on my own system21:53
Octal__and this is on a laptop21:54
Octal__how diffrent, if at all, would the /etc/rc.d/net file be compared to the example file given in the handbook?21:55
Octal__i beleive that was a stupid question21:55
Octal__the /etc/rc.d/net file sets up the eth0, eth1, and such network devices in use21:56
Octal__which I can configure with iwconfig21:56
Octal__correct me if i'm wrong21:57
jaegeriwconfig for wireless, but yeah22:03
jaegeryou put the commands you want to run to configure whatever networking device you want into that script22:03
*** user____ has joined #crux22:09
user____my internet just died22:09
*** user____ is now known as Octal___22:10
Octal___can someone please follow up on what I had just said?22:12
*** Octal__ has quit IRC22:17
Octal___how often is that updated?22:18
jaegerevery 5 minutes, I think22:18
Octal___then i'll try again in a few minutes22:18
jaegerwell, what's there isn't going to change22:19
jaegerthat's what was said22:19
Octal___it just updated22:20
Octal___my biggest concern is installing a new kernel23:01
Octal___i have done it before23:02
Octal___it's my second biggest concern23:03
Octal___i think i should be able to install the kernel fine23:03
Octal___but more of if my wireless card is supported23:03
Octal___it wasn't when I ran slackware, and after installing a 2.6 kernel, i needed to install drivers which I can't find anymore23:04
Octal___ohh well23:04
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