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pitillogood morning01:00
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pitillogood friday morning tilman02:46
vektoriI never though I would have trouble working because someone in the room next to me is snoring so loud.02:47
tilmanhe's snoring in the office? :D02:47
pitillosnoring and work.....02:47
vektoriYeah. :D02:48
pitilloI want some similar work... xD02:48
pitilloI will start snoring if it's needed :D02:48
tilmanomg, OSS is going to be opened02:49
vektoriLet's abandon ALSA!02:50
tilmani never liked it anyway!02:56
jkrHrm, how do I start KDE?03:03
jkrOh, forget it03:08
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sepennow on my repo: stella + 841 atari2600 roms03:57
jkrHmm, where's that damn amarok binary?04:26
sepenI whish I have one
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prologicjaeger, what sort of bandwidth does have ?06:18
sepensorry any 若瑟 here?06:57
tilmanany question marks?06:57
prologicI can't even read that06:57
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treachif you can't read it you might need increasing your fontsize.07:34
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RyoSarnuld is back \o/07:51
RyoS13:57:08 < sepen> sorry any 若瑟 here? <- nobody into uft-8? 8)07:51
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sepenRomster, I have a new funny port on my repo: stella08:23
sepennow playing tomboy ...
Viper_sepen: which window manager do you use?08:34
Romstersepen, k08:34
Viper_ah i should give it a try as it looks quite good :)08:35
sepenyeah! I m running dual screen at office pc box with xfce408:35
tilmanlooks like vista08:35
tilmancool wallpaper though08:36
sepenyeah, this is on theme that I download08:36
Viper_oh is that vista?08:36
Romsterhmm anyone know of a cool alarm clock for my pc?08:36
sepentilman, Im very happy with the ati port08:36
Viper_then vista seems to look good, too? :)08:36
sepenViper_, linsta black or something similar08:36
tilmansepen: it's cool to have a working ati/fglrx port in contrib08:36
tilmanand it works with xorg-server 1.3.0!08:37
RomsterSepen, have you got heaps of time on your hands? Or is your mission to colect humor programs. :)08:37
sepen78fps running quake2world08:37
sepenRomster, it's my real life mission08:37
sepenRomster, also I drink a lot of beer08:37
sepenwhat your opinion about all roms that I add to the stella port?08:38
sepenI think I should write a README file to advise about licenses08:39
tilmanwell, it's warez, isn't it? ;)08:39
sepenI found all rom links in one webpage08:39
Viper_tilman: what's your favourite window manager?08:41
Viper_never heard of it, a new one?08:42
tilmanhas been around since at least 2003 i think08:42
Viper_oh :)08:42
tilmanViper_: its theme engine is very simple. there are no pixmap themes eg08:43
tilman(pixmap/bitmap/image themes) ;)08:43
Viper_well right now i am using dwm.. there is no theme engine at all i guess :)08:44
thrice`tilman: in your last openbox commit, why do some of those docs exist...are they useful ?08:45
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*** sets mode: +o aon08:48
tilmanthrice`: i was sloppy. i need to check whether those xbms in the doc/ dir are read at runtime.08:50
tilmanthrice`: actually i was planning to find that out now:)08:50
thrice`or just rid of the [A-Z} stuff :)08:51
tilmanxbm = theme stuff08:52
tilmanso if its read, it doesn't belong in doc/08:52
tilmanjesus, it's way too hot08:53
rxiits nice and cold here08:54
thrice`same :)08:54
aonwe got free carbonated water at work as it was over 30°C inside08:56
rxilol i set the air con at 18 and th other guys bitched and moaned it was too cold08:57
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tilmanhahaha, doom3 owns09:49
* tilman cuts flying babies with the chainsaw09:50
rxithe pc game?09:50
tilmanno, the hair dryer09:50
rxiq4 so pwns it09:50
tilmannever played q409:54
aonthere's a quake _4_?09:55
rxihas been for like 18months09:55
tilmanaon: doom 3 engine, developed by raven iirc09:56
pitillodo you like wow? First test of ps here and seems good too. (of course can not be compared to wow, but It's a nice project)09:56
aonsince late 2005 it seems09:56
tilmanpitillo: "ps"?09:57
pitillotilman, planeshift09:57
aonps (1) - process status09:57
pitilloI made a screenshot and works "fine" with my r9250. Next week I will play a bit. Seems interesting :)10:01
aoni played Ken's Labyrinth for about 20 seconds yesterday10:01
aonit sucked, so i quit10:01
tilmantelnet nethack.alt.org10:02
tilmandoesn't need a top-notch graphics card10:02
tilmanvery challenging10:02
tilmanfun & frustration10:02
tilmanno way10:02
aoni spend enough time doing nothing already10:02
aoni fail to realize why i should have interactive nothing instead10:02
tilmanyou think playing nethack == "doing nothing"?10:03
aonor at least the output is matching10:03
aonie. nothing gets done10:03
pitilloumm both are little games... Never played anyone.10:03
tilmanaon: did you actually play nethack for longer than 5 seconds?10:04
aonbut still10:05
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jaegerprologic: basically 100mbit11:24
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treachvektori: around?16:21
treachcould you explain why portspage is acting up on my portspage?
treachit didn't do that before..16:26
treach(it's the section about suetterlin.)16:26
vektoriActing up? It looks alright in Opera, I guess I'll have a look at it with Firefox...16:28
treachI get all kinds of strange errors. :/16:29
jaegerwhat makes Brutal Chess brutal?16:31
treachyou can use battlechess figures with it, or something like that.16:31
jaegerthat'd be entertaining16:32
tilman"the windowmanager from hell."16:32
treachtilman: you disagree? ;)16:33
tilmanwhy is it from hell?16:33
vektoritreach: For some reason Firefox isn't interpreting the umlaut character right...16:33
treachtilman: tried configuring it? ;)16:33
vektoriAlthough there's a meta tag saying that it really is ISO-8859-1 encoded.16:34
treachvektori: Ok, I was suspecting it was related to that.16:34
treachI guess they broke it in the latest release then. :/16:35
vektoritreach: You might want to try changing text/html to application/xhtml+xml in portspage and see if it does anything.16:35
treachwill do.16:35
treachnope :/16:37
vektoriThe problem is either the web server or Firefox. I'm not really sure which.16:38
treachI guess it's the lousy webserver..16:38
vektoriYeah. If you change the suffix the .html, it'll probably work.16:38
treachfwiw, removing the "ü" doesn't do anything.16:39
RyoSü? :O16:39
vektoriAnything regarding what? The only problem I see is that Firefox displays the umlaut as '?'.16:40
treachyep, you're right vektori.16:41
treachrenaming it to html worked.16:41
treachthanks a lot.16:41
* treach curses his ISP.16:42
treachlame M$ using biatches.16:42
vektoriIt looks like it's serving the page as application/xml although it should be application/xhtml+xml.16:42
tilmanwhat about using .xhtml?16:42
vektoriThat might work, too.16:42
tilmanthat might work16:42
treachworth a shot.16:43
vektorimindsync tilman.de16:43
treachworks as well.16:44
vektoriYeah, it actually serves it with the right content-ype.16:44
vektoriContent-Type: application/xhtml+xml16:44
vektoriI'm surprised.16:45
treachwhee. :)16:45
vektoriAlthough it won't work with IE now. :P16:45
treachwho cares? ;D16:45
treachdidn't you read the disclaimer? ;)16:45
tilmanis that meta content tag correct for xhtml?16:45
tilmani have some doubts about that :P16:45
vektoriIt isn't. It probably should be fixed.16:45
tilmanyou'd want a <xml encoding=...?> tag i think16:46
vektoriWell, that's one thing, but it shouldn't be text/html either.16:46
vektoriXHTML 1.1 is only supposed to be served with the application/xhtml+xml mime tpe.16:46
vektoriYay for being drunk and talking about XHTML on IRC.16:46
rawvektori: there's something wrong with you.17:09
treachjaeger: btw, my ultra complicated and reliable testing hasn't revealed any breakage with gnutls 1.6.3 so far. ;)17:18
jaegerhehe, ok17:20
rawhmm. I can't compile fbpager here17:53
rawanyone experiencing similar problems?17:53
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rawwhere's Han?18:10
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Octal__i forgot i open IRC18:51
Octal__so i-once again-have another question18:51
Octal__related to /etc/rc.d/net18:52
Octal__how should i configure it to support eth1?18:52
Octal__aww damn18:53
Octal__i have to go18:53
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rawvico: yeah I did that already19:00
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Octal__so... to follow up on the question that I had asked before20:25
Octal__how should i configure /etc/rc.d/net so it supports eth1?20:26
thrice`perhaps make an /etc/rc.d/net1 ?20:32
Octal__what would that solve?20:32
thrice`you want to call eth0 and eth1 ?20:32
Octal__i use eth1 to connect to the internet (wireless)20:33
Octal__so "yes"20:33
thrice`with dhcp ?20:33
Octal__sadly, I don't exactly know20:35
Octal__i believe it is static IP20:35
Octal__but not 100% (or really even 75%)20:36
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NetUsr0whats up..23:56
NetUsr0can someone point me in the right direction for vmware-workstation and crux...?23:57
nipuLthat way ->23:59

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