IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2007-06-10

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tilmanheh, i had no idea that "tar" stood for "tape archive"05:43
tilmani thought it was "tar" because the files in the archive stick together like... tar ;)05:43
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nipuLheh, i still don't even know where the hell the wheel group came from05:45
tilmani never thought about that either05:45
nipuLand now i do05:45
tilmanHave you considered looking this up in the Jargon File?05:49
tilmanESR may be a Linux zealot, hold controversial political opinions,05:49
tilmanand look a bit like Quasimodo, but the Jargon File *is* a valuable05:49
tilmanresource for this sort of arcana.05:49
ultralol, who doesn't like ESR? :)05:50
tilman> I think it was Kerningham that said that given the chance05:51
tilman> to do it all over, he would have called it create(2).05:51
tilmankerningham o_O05:51
aonalmost as hard to get right as stroustrup05:52
tilmani didn't know that quote05:54
aonhe probably makes it work "behind the scenes", try an author search for eric s. raymond :)05:55
ultralol, gotta love reddit comments05:55
aonah sorry, malformed query05:56
aonshould be '<initial>. surname'05:56
aonsorry for such slander :/05:56
aonseems like he really does make the internet work after all05:56
tilmanFUBAR was itself a derivative of `foo' perhaps influenced by German `furchtbar' (terrible)05:57
tilmanaon: he claims he invented the blindfolds in nethack06:01
tilmanthey rock!06:01
tilman"Although the "author" is a noted advocate of "Open Source" (that's Free Software to you and me) [...]"06:05
tilmantime to learn that 'open source' = crap06:05
rawtime to learn that there's a difference, first.06:08
tilmanthese windows zealots who are oh so happily consuming microsofts CPL "open source" junk are just sickening06:09
tilmanmaking "look but don't touch" software smell nice by tagging it "open source" sucks :(06:09
rawthe author has obviously no fucking clue. where's that quote from?06:09
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tilmanmc esr in da house06:11
rawwell, esr06:11
* tilman writes a strange port for bsdtar from the libarchive tarball06:12
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tilmanwonder who invented that stupid "rxvt-unicode-_lite" name for the port06:18
tilmanit cannot co-exist with rxvt-unicode anyway06:18
tilmanso using a different name = stupido06:18
ultralol, I use mrxvt06:19
ultrait's got tabs :)06:19
ultraand thanks to gnome-terminal I'm addicted to tabbed terminals06:19
aonyeah, and i use xterm, but that's a bit besides the point, isn't it?06:20
ultraaon, yeah, but only cause that one isn't rxvt based :)06:21
aonbut rxvt is xterm-based06:21
tilmanyour logic is flawed, ultra06:21
ultraprolly true :)06:21
aonor xvt-based and xvt is xterm-based06:21
tilman"ouR X Virtual Terminal clone"06:22
tilmanraw: google it up, bitch06:22
tilmanoh well06:23
aonapparently xterm -> xvt and xterm -> rxvt06:23
tilmanThe name originally stood for "Robert's xvt", but was later re-dubbed "our xvt" (pronounced like the letters r-x-v-t).06:23
tilman(urxvy) It was written by Marc Lehmann, who forked it from rxvt.06:24
* tilman tips hat to wikipedia06:24
rawtilman: eh?06:28
rawtilman: what am I supposed to google up?06:29
tilmanyou're googling "n/m" now, right?06:30
rawyep06:30 to be correct06:30
rawthey got a picture of yours06:30
rawand i'm not talking about the first one06:31
tilmani'm relieved to *not* seeing my face on the first page06:31
rawit is on the first page06:32
rawit's just not the first picture06:32
raw(to clarify)06:33
tilmanhehe, that one didn't show up in my search06:33
rawthat's because I was using .de06:33
rawhow can 'all the web' be different countrywise?06:34
tilmano noes06:35
raw"Bruce Schneier's tears can burn holes through an OpenBSD firewall. Lucky for us, Bruce Schneier never cries."06:35
* tilman googles for tim alcoholic cologne06:35
aonThere is no such thing as proprietary software. There is only a list of programs that ESR hasn't written a Free replacement for yet.06:37
* raw fears the 'gewittertierchen' on his LCD screen06:38
RyoSknuth is cool06:38
tilmanraw: rightly so :(06:38
tilmanhate those fuckers06:38
tilmanand there's a dead one in my flat panel06:38
tilmanit's not visible normally though06:39
tilmanRyoS: is that siegen?06:39
RyoSomg no :D06:39
RyoSsigi for sicher siegfried06:39
rawBruce Schneier expects the Spanish Inquisition!06:41
tilmanthe inqusition, what a show. the inquisition, here we go \o/06:41
RyoSif they want to be equal, let them do zivildienst and wehrpflicht06:51
RyoSdumb #####06:51
RyoSthey are from sachsen, no more questions.06:52
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jjpkesr a core linux dev? haha07:30
jjpkApplying that logic would make anyone who has anything credited in their name a core dev :]07:31
aonwell, yeah07:32
aonand anyone who's written anything that calls connect(2) a member of the senior technical cadre that makes the Internet work07:33
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jjpkesr ROARing haha, well probably so because he is very vocal and prominent.07:34
jjpkProbably nothing more than a bitter little man with the infamous napoleon complex :D07:45
ultrahehe, anyone see ? :)07:59
aontoo bad that firefox is almost as bad as ie08:08
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aonprologic: btpd-0.13 has been released08:29
tilmanwonder why google mail still has this 'invitation system'08:39
tilmanwhen anyone can just sign up themselves08:40
tilman(invitations are limited)08:40
aonwell, a lot of pages have "send link to this as e-mail!1" although anyone can find them from the web theirselves08:44
aonperhaps it's something like that08:44
aonas for the limit, dunno08:44
tilmanyeah, it's just the limit that makes this silly08:44
Husiowhat's the diference between madwifi and madwifi-ng ?09:34
schniggieHusio: i think madwifi is OBSOLETE, take the ng10:22
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WTFmanhey I'm trying to get crux on my laptop, but when I try to configure xorg it gives me "FATAL Module savage not found"  but I have xf86-video-savage installed12:46
tilmanpaste the full log /var/log/Xorg* at or wherever12:47
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thrice`tilman, can openbox use fluxbox styles ?13:15
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RyoScan jesus make water to wine?13:20
vektorijesus@cana:/home/jesus$ make wine13:22
vektorimake: *** No rule to make target `wine'.  Stop.13:22
RyoSreligion is bad for your health13:26
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treachif you got kicked, that would be prophetic.. :P13:27
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jjpkThat's a good one :D14:12
jaegerseemed fitting14:12
RyoSlol.. :P14:12
jjpkI would love to see the reaction by wearing that somewhere in the US bible belt states :D14:13
jaegerA friend game me the Penny Arcade "Jesus is F'ing Metal" shirt, but I've never gotten any comments on it14:13
jaegerI live in oklahoma14:14
jjpkThat's not exactly blasphemous, and it does not seem offensive at all.14:14
aonfinns: related, if you have a tv:14:14
aonpoplar[~]$ tvguide teema|grep 23.25 23.25 Elävä arkisto: Hevi on saatanasta14:14
aonwhy does my newlining fail like that?14:15
aonanyway, the relevant stuff is from the second 23.25 on :)14:16
jaegerjjpk: perhaps not enough to bother people14:16
jjpkjaeger: iirc, you worked for a university right? That might explain something as well14:18
jaegerI also wear my RTFM and STFU shirts to work regularly, my boss enjoys them14:18
RyoSi work for 2 weeks in a rehab clinic14:19
RyoSi wear that "rehab is for quitters" tshirt there :p14:20
RyoS:^ though i'd like some of that jinx stuff :P14:20
aoni sometimes wear the openbsd 3.7 t-shirt, i also have one that has tux on it14:22
aonthe others are quite blank14:22
vektoriI usually wear my robe and wizard hat.14:23
aonoh, and i have one that says "Microsoft", "Dell", "F-Secure" and "Cisco Systems" on it, but i can't wear that one14:23
aonexcept with another shirt on top of it14:23
aonwhen it looks like a plain red shirt14:23
treach /away14:51
treachA friend of mine, working for our version of the IRS used to wear one that said "I can't be fired, slaves must be sold".  :)14:53
tilman"lawful good is lawful great!"14:59
tilmani so need that15:01
aoni was thinking that a black shirt that just says 'EXCESS' on it would be cool15:06
aonsize XXXL or something15:06
tilmancloak of invisibility?15:06
treachhmm, "Save Arnuld" might be more appropriate. :>15:06
tilmanerr, robe15:06
tilmanif crux had a cool logo/mascot, someone should open a cafepress shop15:07
aonthere could be a similar shirt that said 'BASICS' on it15:07
treachwell, there was the idea of tux exorcising bsd daemons.. :P15:08
treach*all* we need is someone to draw it. :>15:08
tilmanseems a bit weird, since crux is flirting with bsd-isms15:09
aonthat'd be a good shirt for some countries15:09
treachtilman: well, if you have crux, why would you need bsd? ;)15:10
* treach takes cover15:10
tilmanresp. theo.c15:11
aonbut it's been ported over15:11
tilman(han & yhafri) ftw15:12
aonhan actually ported it15:12
tilmanhan ftw15:12
aonhalf a year after i ported it, though15:12
aonbut i don't think he knew about mine, and his is probably less hazardous anyway15:13
tilmanaon ftw!15:13
aonit even has a configure script15:13
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aonand i even sent him some patches15:14
aonand started a hp-ux port15:14
aonbut that didn't quite work out15:14
treachheh, crux ports on hp-ux. I guess that's what they call a "niche". :D15:28
aonnot really, no15:29
aoni tried to make mg run on hp-ux, couldn't care less about how it's packaged :)15:30
treachah, ok, sorry. :]15:30
aonbut there were some terminal handling differences and it seemed to take over 5 minutes15:30
aonso i got bored15:30
treachI got a bit confused there I guess. Han's porting of pkgutils played a mind trick on me.15:31
aonit tends to do that, yeah15:31
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