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prologicaon, updated01:06
pitillogood morning01:14
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sepenmorning all02:55
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namenloshi, is it intended, that libpng is missing in the dependencies of slim?06:07
pitillonamenlos, is not provided by x11 dep?06:37
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namenlospitillo: prt-get deptree xorg-server | grep libpng doesn't list anything...07:10
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jaegeranyone have a radeon 8500LE (R200 QL) working with the ati port? the 8500 is listed as supported, from what I can see on ATI's site, but X always exits with "(EE) No devices detected."07:56
pitillonamenlos, true, I was looking to x11 dependencies. May be Dependencies need to be updated.08:01
namenlosshould i send sip an email?08:01
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pitillonamenlos, I think it can be an option08:15
pitillojaeger, here with a rv280 (radeon9250) got the same error with an old fglrx version too.08:16
pitillojaeger, may be I can test it this afternoon to be sure that the error is reported with the last version driver.08:16
jaegerI'm getting it with the current contrib port08:17
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pitillojaeger, built fine, but can not test it by now... When I will arrive at home I can verify it. (But I supose that the error will be the same, like with older versions)08:23
jaegerit built fine for me as well and I generated my config with aticonfig --initial --input=/etc/xorg.conf08:25
jaegerthe file seems fine, I think the error is elsewhere08:25
pitillojaeger, true. Here the last time I checked fglrx I used and old config (wich works fine with an old fglrx version with a kenerl patch). I'll take note of that and I will try this afternoon with the generated config. But like you say, it something related to the driver nor the config08:31
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pitillojaeger, with that sentence (s|etc/xorg.conf|/etc/x11/xorg.conf) was removed my old conf and has created a new empty file... (got an arror and a backtrace...)08:41
pitilloimpressive... Reverting to the old conf xD08:43
sepenjaeger, are you dri support?08:52
pitillosepen, eing? xD08:53
pitillosepen, X doesn't start because the driver didn't detect the 8500's chipset. Do you mean the dri module loaded under xorg.conf?08:54
sepenohh now I read this, sorry08:55
sepenare you compiled kernel as I wrote in the README file?08:56
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pitillojaeger, can you paste/share your xorg.conf ?08:59
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pitillo(I want to use it like a template because aticonfig did not work in my case)08:59
jaegersure, sec09:08
pitillojaeger, got it. Thank you. Reading it and in around 3-4h, when I'll arrive to home, I will test it.09:11
aonprologic: eh, seems that it's still 0.12 here09:12
aonah, nevermind09:12
aongot it now09:12
pitillojaeger, and can you paste the Xserver log? (too see/read a bit more)09:13
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jaegerdidn't save it but it said the same thing as I typed above. no errors except that09:14
pitillojaeger, ok, I know that error but I want to see a bit more. No problem, this afternoon I will check it myself. Thank you :)09:16
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tilmannamenlos: i made a port for libarchive's bsdtar, btw (in my repo)10:13
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pitillotrying slim? xD10:15
aonnot really, no10:16
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pitillojaeger, got the same. If you want to take a look to the log
jaegerI'll check it out when I get back, thanks. just going out11:59
pitillojaeger, recommended version is 8.28.8 for both... 8500 and 9250. Contrib one is the newest.12:01
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treachok.. hmm, "tar" is almost 2 MB.. seems right on the path to EXCESS.13:08
rehabdollperhaps, but without tar you lack the BASICS13:41
tilmanrehabdoll: we're discussing bsdtar in #crux-devel13:41
tilmanit's 600 k or so13:42
rawbsdtar roKs!13:51
rawI hope it's openbsd's tar13:51
tilmanit's the one from libarchive, which is freebsd's tar13:51
aonye, openbsd's tar isn't bsdtar13:52
aonit's pax13:52
raw288K    /bin/tar13:52
rawit's written by keith muller13:53
tilman48K  /usr/bin/bsdtar13:53
rawI don't know what pax is, though.13:53
tilmanbut it loads libarchive13:53
rawtilman: this is a statically linked tar13:53
tilmanraw: "peace" in latin13:53
rawtilman: that I know13:53
tilmanpsycho drug in serenity13:53
tilmanpax psychosis is a song by grendel \o/13:54
rehabdollya, please replace gnu-tar asap. my 1TB drive is almost full :(13:54
aon-r-xr-xr-x  3 root  bin   260K May  8 07:18 /bin/tar13:54
rawthat I doesn't but that wasn't what I wanted to know, anyway13:54
aonraw: man pax13:54
aontar is part of it13:54
treachrehabdoll: we can't pass as 1337 and minimalist with such bloated apps. :P13:54
rawah, there it is13:54
rawnever heard of it before13:54
aon20644 -r-xr-xr-x  3 root  bin  265728 May  8 07:18 /bin/pax13:54
aon20644 -r-xr-xr-x  3 root  bin  265728 May  8 07:18 /bin/tar13:54
* treach suggests s/bash/dash in the same spirit.13:54
tilmanis dash bash compatible?13:55
jaegernot always13:55
rawtilman: nope13:55
treachno, it's posix compatible13:55
tilman*replacing* it with that doesn't sound sane then13:55
aondo we actually need the bash bits?13:55
jaegerpitillo: I didn't have the warning about matching the device instance but otherwise that looks pretty similar13:55
treachaon: probably not.13:55
rawaon: _that_ I was about to ask.13:56
treachaon: but some build-scripts will probably be sad.. :P13:56
aonalthough dropping it would mean altering every pkgfile13:56
rawtreach: screw the build scripts, bash will still be in ports13:56
tilmanthat's a no go then13:56
tilmani think :P13:56
treachraw: true, but what if they are hardcoded to expect /bin/sh to be *bash*?13:56
aon$ foo=(Y HELLO THAR)13:57
aon/bin/ksh: syntax error: `(' unexpected13:57
pitillojaeger, like I said, the suggested version for r8500 and r9250 was 8.28.813:57
jaegerdid you try it already?13:58
pitillojaeger, no I did not.13:58
raw% ksh Pkgfile13:58
rawPkgfile[9]: syntax error: `(' unexpected13:58
rawtreach: Programs that apply such are not worth using.13:58
treachwell, I have a feeling there's a lot of stuff that isn't worth using in that case.13:59
pitillojaeger, I belive sepen is thinking in add a port for all differents chipsets.13:59
rawtreach: yeap. it's sad, really.14:00
pitillowaiting him to talk about. But not sure what has he on mind.14:00
aon"" doesn't need any changes in pkgmk, though, iirc14:00
rawaon: BUTSECKS?14:02
tilmanquick, url!14:02
tilmani meant cyanide&happyness -> butsecks14:03
rawnopody's talking about cyanide!14:04
rawnobody, even14:05
treachyou're propably right.14:05
rawy helo thar buttsecks?? lolol14:05
aonof course, using #!/bin/sh and expecting it to be bash is one way to make sure that nobody steals your contributions to inferior non-copyleft operating systems14:05
rawyeah, those goddamned bastards14:06
rawI swear, they're giving microsoft all their code!14:06
rawI _hate_ microsoft!14:06
aonman, me too14:06
treachI bet it would give people running proprietary apps on crux some grief.14:06
rawtreach: not all proprietary apps are using /bin/bash or excepting /bin/sh to be bash14:07
aoni had to quit my day job because they made me use a microsoft keyboard14:07
rawallthough, for example sclilab does14:07
aonnowadays i fight for freedom and my beard is ablaze14:07
aonexcept on wednesdays and sundays when i shave it off14:07
treachman, sometimes I get the feeling they tied oracle together with wire and chewing-gum..14:08
aonoracle <314:08
rawaon: for a gnu dawn!14:08
tilmantreach: don't we have a certified oracle guru amongst us? :D14:08
tilmanBRAVE GNU WORLD!14:08
treachI'm sure there are plenty.14:08
treachnot me though, thank god..14:08
rawwell, the oracle of delphi would be an oracle guru14:09
treachtrying to get oracle to play nice with team center engineering is probably one of the most frustrating things I've ever done. :/14:09
rawteam center engineering.14:10
treachor rather the other way around.14:10
aoni couldn't test some oracle sql once because it was impossible to emulate the environment where the production copy ran14:10
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rehabdollbah, the safari beta does not work with wine :(15:21
treachwell, you could try kazehakaze with webcore instead.15:25
treachnot as pretty, granted, but it probably works better.15:25
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nipuL:\ Xorg -configure is still broken on CRUX22:16
nipuLeven after upgrading xorg-server22:16
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