IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-06-12

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nipuLi've been asked to set up a billing system for a hotel's wireless internet access, anyone care to recommend a tool for monitoring bandwidth usage?00:54
nipuLi've found a few on freshmeat, but i don't really want to spend too much time doing trial and error on them all00:55
pitillogood morning01:00
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nipuLipfm looks like the money01:13
nipuLhmm, code hasn't been touched in 2 years, not sure if that's a good thing01:19
RomsternipuL, depends if it's stable or not.01:44
treachRomster: take a look at your deptree for gpgme02:01
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Romstertreach, whats wrong with it?02:41
treachnothing really, but it looks like you *really* like libpth, right? ;)02:42
Romsterah that..02:42
treachbtw, I wonder if there's a bug in prt-get there..02:44
treachsince it doesn't say it's been seen before.02:44
Romsterdunno jsut cleaned it up with findredudentdeps02:45
namenloshi, anyone tried to update fcron? on my system it checks for sendmail:
Romsterfindredudentdeps should be merged in prtverify.02:51
* treach falls off his chair.02:58
treachthat actually made sense. :P02:58
* treach gets the feeling tilman could cut some deps. :P03:04
Romstertreach, Is it pick on port maintainer day? :P03:24
pitilloRomster, the maintainer day must be all days :P03:26
treachRomster: sorry if you felt picked on, that wasn't the intention.03:40
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Romstertreach, nah i didn't, em a bit lazy on my ports.05:12
treachactually I should thank you, I had forgotten all about "findredundantdeps"05:13
treachturned out I had a few myself. :)05:13
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treachundrar vad den där dd grejen som körs hos dig är...09:20
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loupgaroublondis that danish or norweigen?09:47
aonneither, probably09:49
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namenloshi, anyone ever tried to use lighttpd with php?11:29
jaegernamenlos: sure, it works pretty well11:29
namenlosjaeger: you are using your php port?11:29
jaegeryes, that's exactly what it's for :)11:30
namenlosjaeger: i configured my server according to the wiki, but it doesn't work: (mod_fastcgi.c.899) bind failed for: unix:/tmp/php.socket-0 No such file or directory11:30
namenlosi made a similar port, without the image generation thing...11:31
jaegerpastebin your config?11:31
jaegerhrmm, doesn't look like anything's wrong to me11:35
namenloshm, that's some kind of good news (i already thought, i'm really dump)11:36
jaegertried strace yet?11:37
namenlosnow i tried the first time, but it might take a while until i decifer the output...11:39
jaegerpastebin that too if you want, I'll take a look11:40
jaegerI wonder if it's because of the chroot11:45
namenlosmaybe it is because it chrooted into /var/www?11:45
jaegerfrom my experience chrooting is more trouble than it's worth11:45
namenlosyes. it seems, that it was the chroot.11:46
namenlosnow i'm getting another failure11:46
namenlosit can't find /usr/bin/php-cgi *gg*11:47
jaegerI just assumed after looking at the config file that you'd copied everything into the chroot11:47
pitillonamenlos, but is it in the chroot enviroment?11:47
namenloswhat do you mean with11:48
pitillolike jaeger said... you need all in the chroot enviroment....11:48
namenlos"everything" the whole php port?11:48
jaegereverything that the server will try to open11:48
jaegerlike /etc/group, /usr/bin/php-cgi, /usr/lib/php11:48
namenlosok. thanks for your assistance.11:48
namenlosi'll try that tomorrow.11:49
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tilmanbsd persons around?12:47
tilmanlike, nipuL aon others?12:47
aoni am12:47
aoni dunno if i count as a bsd person, though, i have one machine that doesn't run bsd12:48
tilmancan you check whether __bsd_ is defined on your bsd boxes?12:48
tilmanand which system is it, exaclty12:48
rawtilman: yep12:49
aonand not even __bsd__12:49
tilmani meant __BSD__, sorry12:49
rawit's probably __[flavor]BSD__ anyway12:49
raw__OpenBSD__ is defined here12:50
tilmanno easy way to find out whether i'm on a bsd-ish system?12:50
aon#if defined(__OpenBSD__) || defined(__NetBSD__)12:50
aonetc. is the common way12:50
rawtilman: uname?12:50
rawtilman 's lame \o/12:52
aon#ifndef __linux__ ?12:52
teK_The Hurd!12:53
tilmanhurd hurts!12:53
aonwell, they're quite different12:53
aonso i can't see why you'd want to do that12:53
tilmanit's about struct tm12:53
tilmanglibc and bsd have the field tm_gmtoff and tm_zone12:54
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tilmanno idea whether solaris, the vaporhurd and msvc/windows have it12:54
rawThe Hulk uses Hurd!12:54
rawwell, we could just switch to plan9 anyway...12:55
aontilman: that's why you use crap like autoconf12:55
tilmanit's not crap, and this project doesn't use autoconf yet and i'd like to avoid introducing it12:55
aonbecause it's hard to detect every aspect by ifdefs12:55
rawautoconf is  crap.12:56
aononce it's tested on solaris and windows you can add ifdefs for them, if necessary12:56
tilmanthat's the plan[tm]12:56
aonis the plan from outer space?12:57
tilmandon't think so12:57
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jjpkI hope that does not conjure the return of that one space cowboy from a month back.12:59
tilmanwe had a real space cowboy here?13:00
jjpkProbably not.13:00
jjpkiirc, maeki13:00
tilmanah, the crazy guy13:02
jjpkYeh, the one who's mind was out there.13:02
jjpk...which reminds me of another one13:03
jjpkThe odd parent who claimed to indoctrinate his children to use linux / open source in general13:04
jjpkMight see more whenever 2.4 is pushed out :>13:05
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treachjo tack, jag vet. *huvudvärk* :(13:24
treachjo tack, jag vet. *huvudvärk* :(13:24
jjpkYour irc client is acting up :p13:25
treachit suddenly decided to send the output here.. no idea why. :/13:26
jjpkWhat are you using?13:27
treachirssi, actually.13:28
jjpkodd, normally it does not give problems.13:32
treachhmm. well it did this time. *this* time it wasn't me screwing up. :/13:34
tilmanmaybe your keyboard is broken and it decided to send alt-w <n>13:34
treachno, not afaik.13:35
treachI've got two windows stacked. I was happily typing in the on on top, when suddenly you guys got that crap.13:36
tilmanah, those stacked windows are *strange* :D13:37
jjpkStacked windows, as in split windows?13:39
treachtilman: speaking of strange.. are you using esmtp with gmail?13:39
jjpkNever bothered using that particular feature.13:39
jjpkPrefer having 1 channel per window :p13:40
treachI hate flipping around and not being able to follow stuff.13:40
tilmantreach: no, i'm suffering from their craptastic web ui13:40
treachok, I was kind of hoping it was me who screwed up. :/13:41
treach"StartTLS extension not supported by MTA" is what I get when I try to send mail via esmtp -> gmail13:42
treachI think I got it right otherwise, because I can send mail via my normal isp.13:44
jjpkgmail is a weird implementation however you look at it.13:47
treachlol bush shakes hand with albanian locals, and suddenly notices that his watch is gone. ;D13:48
rawwill do good price on streets of akrahbahr!13:48
jjpkBush's secret service must have been snoozing on the job :>13:49
treachjjpk: what's so weird about gmail? plain pop/smtp with some encryption sprinkled on top.13:52
treachI wish I knew what that damned StartTLS error was about. :/13:53
tilmanmaybe your isp blocks the port13:54
tilmanyou said it worked with the other isp13:54
treachno, they don't do that.13:54
treachit works if I use sylpheed.13:54
tilmanssmtps, tcp 465 is what we're talking about13:54
rawnot I.13:54
tilmantry 46513:56
treachwell, I could but I kind of doubt it will do any good. :/13:56
tilmanit's a 3 char change, you have nothing to lose :D13:56
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treachmmh, no good.14:08
treachgets stuck on "sending message"14:09
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treachsom jag sa, finlir. :P16:33
treach*squeezes eyes shut*16:33
jjpkbitchin' irssi :D16:34
treachtbh, it was my own fault this time. getting tired.16:35
treachbtw anyone who got bitlbee typing notification workning in irssi?16:38
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treachnp: Mungo Jerry - In the Summertime16:59
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nipuLgot my i686 and x86_64 running off the same ports tree :) yay for multiarch :P21:15
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nipuLif only prt-get wasn't written in c++ spaghetti :)23:30

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