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pitillogood morning01:08
teK_hi there01:09
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sepenmorning all02:49
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nipuLerlang is certainly flavour of the month on programming.reddit04:28
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namenlossomehow i can't connect to the downloadserver of p5-xml-parser (
namenlosit seems not to be there any more...07:47
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pitillocan anyone give me a hand with sed? [ sed -e "s|tr \n|tr ' ' '\n'|g" -i file  ] I am trying this but there is no way... (tried backslash before the inside ', double backslash, ", changing separators ...) I can't find the way to solve this08:06
teK_new line character?08:08
namenlosi am not sure whether the \n would work...08:08
pitilloI want to change the tr and new line char by a new well done tr... changing the new line by space08:09
teK_merge lines?08:09
teK_google for merge lines sed faq .. afaik there is (sadly) so such easy solution as yours. I tried this once, too08:10
pitilloteK_, it is only one change.... at one line in a file... that makes a bad tr and I want to make it well08:11
pitillothe bad tr only get 1 option and needs 2. I will try to look better at google and I will make more tests. Thank you for your time :)08:12
pitillos/thank you both for your time :)08:12
teK_please show me an example for: old line and new line08:16
teK_maybe then i can help you :)08:16
pitilloFILE=`echo $FILE | tr '%' ' ' | rev | tr \n | cut -b 2-99 | rev | cut -b 2-99 | tail -n 1` this is the old one08:18
teK_lookes weirdish ;-)08:19
pitilloFILE=`echo $FILE | tr '%' ' ' | rev | tr ' ' '\n' | cut -b 2-99 | rev | cut -b 2-99 | tail -n 1` this one which I hope08:19
teK_ok, give me a second or two08:19
pitilloyes of course08:19
pitilloif with sed can not be done or if it will stole you too much time I will make a patch08:20
pitilloI think the easiest way to do it is with patch... but I need to add another file to the port.08:22
teK_pitillo:  sed -e 's@ tr \\n@ tr '\'' '\'' '\'' '\''\\n'\''@g'08:50
teK_at least this works on a ZSH with NetBSD sed ;)08:50
pitilloummmm I will test it here08:51
teK_and with its /bin/sh, too08:51
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teK_and with Gentoo's bash and GNU sed, too08:53
pitilloteK_, here too...  sed -e 's| tr \\n| tr '\'' '\'' '\''\\n'\''|g' -i  file (I removed one of the '\'') Thank you a lot08:54
teK_you're welcome09:00
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pitilloteK_, "found good", thank you :)09:08
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schniggiehi all anyone know how to modify the mtime of symlinks ? i tried touch but that only works for files and irs as i can see13:26
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teK_does not seem towork out of the box, a quick look at google revealed: look fo "lutimes"13:29
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teK_no 100%, btw.13:32
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jjpkcyclers ftl14:27
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tilmanOpenbox 3.4.1 is released, the frogs are still in captivity.14:36
treachUh, I guess that made sense.. on some other planet..14:36
tilmanWe've just relesed Openbox 3.4.2:14:37
treachthe frogs won't get released until openbox 95 is stable?14:39
aonuntil that it's Openbox Chicago14:39
treachcompletely run by gangsters, iow. :D14:40
namenloshi, could anyone, who is using the nvidia port post me hit xorg.conf?14:40
tilmanholy shit, that new Onyx theme in 3.4.2 has serious contrast14:43
namenlosjaeger: thanks. as i thought: it seems, that my module path is not corrcect...14:50
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maroprologic: there?17:17
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thrice`jaeger: have you seen the mplayer security issue / patch on their homepage ?17:42
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jaegerthrice`: I had not, thanks for pointing it out17:46
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prologicmaro, ping18:24
thrice`prologic: have you tried sonata ?18:31
prologicwhat is it ?18:32
thrice`an mpd client18:32
thrice`I noticed your repo had a few in there18:32
prologicwell no I haven't tried sonata18:33
prologicI use mpc and gmpc mainly18:33
prologicgmpc is especially nice on the gui18:33
prologicI also use ncmpc18:33
thrice`I like sonata a little more than gmpc...does most of what your plugins do out of the box :(18:34
thrice`er, :)18:34
prologicah k18:34
prologicI might try it18:34
treachcmus ftw. ;)18:38
prologicmpc ftw :)18:38
treachmp* ftl. :P18:39
prologicstfu :)18:39
prologiccall me an l18:39
treach"l" ?18:39
prologicgawd we're expressed so much in so few chars :)18:39
treachah. got it.18:40
thrice`speaking of mpd, there is another release18:41
treachwell, I still think it's amusing that you interpreted my "iih", which was meant as a phoneomatic thing, as "if it helps". :D18:41
prologiceh wtf ?18:43
prologicno you said mp* ftl :P18:43
treachprologic: not now, another time, in the past.18:43
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Octal__in the crux handbook, it says i have to upgrade a kernel afterward20:19
Octal__but when you run setup, it says it installed linux 2.6.something20:19
Octal__why is this?20:20
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loupgaroublondOctal__, i don't know, but when i installed crux, i had problems with compiling a kernel, so I just copied the one off the live CD wholesale, and ran the first boot with that20:30
Octal__i never thought of that20:31
Octal__i've done something like that before20:31
Octal__i've installed a diffrent distro, but used the kernel from the previous distro20:32
thrice`Octal__: are you sure you weren't reading the upgrade section instead of install ?20:35
jaegerOctal__: the install uncompresses the kernel source for you but does not build it or install an image or run grub/lilo20:38
loupgaroublondOctal__, i went and compiled a new kernel when I was in the new install though, although i started with the config from the liveCD just in case, though i stripped it down20:41
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